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Busty Britney Amber gets deep fucking from a huge black cock
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Our evening was a tense one with me being pissed off about now being drug mules without our knowledge. The girls keep me from doing anything now since we're gonna be in Texas in a matter of hours and after a good night's sleep. Problem is my phone goes off with a text message from Lana of all people, apparently she's wondering where I'll be staying and I tell her I don't know in a not very playful mood. She asks that if I give her a little time if she could come down and reward me properly, I tell her that she doesn't have to but I give her the city I'm in and say that if she is in town I'll give her one night.

I get a smiley face and show Katy who chuckles at the messages. We all settle down for bed and I hear whispering among my girls about what to do when we get to the house, Kori and Imelda are keeping things on the quiet side so that we can surprise everyone with the sheer awesomeness that is the Delauter estate.

We sleep and we wake up a lot later than I'd like and I start to formulate an idea with how to handle the drugs in the septic tanks that we're hauling as I see we're hitting the city limits and start the last leg of the journey. "Hey Vinnie, do me a favor man," I ask quietly as I get to the front of the RV," Could you bring us home first then take care of the vehicles?" "Yeah sure kid, we cool with yesterday and the whole not telling you thing," Vinnie asks as I start to head to the back of the RV.

I nod but I know better and I have back up from the girls as we cross town and take the through town routes as I send a text message to Loretta asking if she's home. The response is enthusiastic to say the least and now I'm seeing three of my girls with a little apprehension about meeting the parents part two. Kori and Imelda do a wonderful job calming the other three down.

It's about ten in the morning when finally we pull past the gate and I am watching Mathilda, Katy and Rachael's faces go from okay to holy shit as they see the estate. I notice there are a few new additions but it's the assembled people on the front that have my attention. Loretta has the whole family out front and I can see she's sporting the doting mother look with a simple skirt and top.

The vehicles get stopped and I step out first leaving my girls behind me. The rest of the crew hasn't even bothered to disembark as I approach and get a hug from 'Mom'. "Oh my god I didn't even believe that you'd come down on your own," Loretta says squeezing me tightly. "I needed to, I had to get away and this is the best place to get away and feel at home," I tell her getting an appreciative smile.

I wave my crew out of the vehicles and greetings go around as I see that my girls are still inside. I almost get back inside when Kori and Imelda exit first and greet Loretta getting a hug each before Loretta looks confused.

"I thought there were more, are they not coming," She asks concerned. "Well Mother Loretta we want you to brace yourself for our sisters," Kori says with a sweet smile. My remaining girls disembark and I hear a low whistle from behind us and see it's Mark admiring my girls, gonna have to break it to him gently later. Loretta is smiling happily and the introductions go around before I see Vinnie and Marcus start to get ready to leave when I catch them outside the vehicles.

"Oh don't worry guys, we're gonna take care of the rides," I say getting a shocked look from them both. "Its okay kid, we'll do the last bit ourselves," Marcus tells me trying to press the issue and get away with the stash. "Is there a problem here," Mr. Delauter asks standing next to me. "No sir, the drivers were just grabbing their luggage and leaving. We can hold onto the vehicles for a bit longer if that's okay with you sir," I ask getting a blanched look from Vinnie and Marcus. "Of course, you're making my wife happy so if this keeps things going I'll be more than happy to hold them as long as needed," Mr.

Delauter says before stepping forward," That will be all gentlemen, on your way please my family and guests need to get unpacked." I know Vinnie and Marcus are pissed and I watch as they debate about taking the rides anyway but the long driveway capped off by a brick wall and metal gate have them reconsidering. I let them go and keep my phone on standby for when I get a call as I head back into the RV to start grabbing bags.

We leave the girls to start to look around while the men do most of the heavy work save for Masha who is right beside Devin as we start hauling bags inside. Loretta has already done the arrangements for sleeping and I get directed by Kori to a different room than the one I used last summer and I can see why as soon as I enter.

The bed is fucking huge, I could fit all the girls on it and myself and we could lose each other as we sleep. There is also a computer set up and at flat screen that could double as a picture window built onto the wall with a couch under it. I get our bags in and let the girls start unpacking in the full closet with built in drawers.

I turn to see everyone getting settled in Ben and Hanna are getting rooms upstairs while Lilly and Jun along with Devin and Masha take rooms down stairs. I get my own stuff unpacked and when I notice the quiet in the room I turn to see that all my girls save for Rachael are staring at Natsuko as she stands in the doorway.

"Jun and Lilly want their own room and I can't find space with anyone else," Natsuko says with some fear. I'm grumpy about being put in this situation and honestly I am about to lose my cool when Imelda and Katy cut me off. Natsuko looks like she's ready for whatever I can do to her but its Mathilda and Rachael who make the decision for us.

"You sleep in here on the couch till Guy says otherwise," Mathilda says helping Natsuko with her luggage. "But Guy doesn't look like he wants me here," Natsuko says like I'm not there almost. "Guy does but with what's going on he's in pain, some of us are still in pain from what we heard but when your time comes I'll make sure everyone listens," Mathilda says sitting Natsuko down.

"We both will," Rachael adds sitting next to Natsuko on the couch. "Well what about me," Kori says moving in front of Natsuko," Guy's not the only one in pain here." "Kori it'll be fine," Rachael tells her calmly. "We've been friends since before Guy, I don't think that you'll do anything to us while we're all in the same room together," Kori says pausing to chose her words," But I will let you know that IF you try to come at me alone or I find you trying to corner Guy alone I will never for…" "Enough Kori," Matty says backing Kori off," She understands and she's had the chance to fuck with us and she hasn't so we need you to not do this right now." My girls in a confrontation with each other isn't a good thing for me right now and thankfully Kori steps back and Matty covers the distance to her and hugs her in a level of understanding.

I watch them hug before Kori turns back to the unpacking. With seven of us in one room the only problem with the unpacking is negotiating the area and while the girls are coordinated I'm not so I head out and down stairs to find Mark Jr. talking on his cell phone in the den. I lean by the door and wait till he's off the line, sounds like a woman he's talking to, when I finally let him know I'm there. "Hey man, good to have you back. And thank god you brought all those women with you," Mark tells me a little too excited.

"Really got eyes on anyone in particular," I ask jokingly. "Oh man I want to take that big titted girl Katy and fuck her against a wall and see if those things can hit me in the face," Mark tells me holding nothing back. "Except she's one of my girls," I tell him with a smirk. "Really, well then I can hook up with that fucking tall girl. She looks like she could give me a work out," Mark says switching girls. "Again she's one of mine man," I tell him watching his face turn sour. "Fuck man which ones aren't yours or your friends," Mark asks with his hope dying out.

I think about it for a second, I could offer up something to the guy but really I'm not sure where I stand with Natsuko and Hanna doesn't need his 'I'll fuck anything with a slit' mentality to turn her straight back to being a lesbian. "Well honestly the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend is Hanna," I tell Mark getting a smile before finishing," But she's not usually interested in men so I'm guessing you're gonna be out of luck with the girls I brought down man." Mark literally looks like I just ruined his summer but with the way he goes through women I figure that he'll get over it sooner than later.

I let him mope for a minute before I get to the reason why I came down to see him. "All the women issues aside I have a favor to ask," I tell him getting a puzzled look," I need to handle some not so friendly business soon and I could use a hand from someone who knows their way around a machine without asking a lot of questions." "Well I guess I can help but it still sucks that literally every piece of tail you bring in the house I can't touch," Mark says disappointed.

"Okay well what happened to Vicki? You two were going fine last I heard," I ask him as we head off to the kitchen. "Yeah we're on an off period for us, she's mad at me because I accidently broke our arrangement," Mark tells me as we look head into the kitchen.

"What arrangement," I ask confused. "Well we have an open relationship and she told me that she'd be busy but would let me know when I could come around. I got drunk and went over to her place and saw her with another guy and flipped out and she isn't talking to me now," Mark explains," I was drunk that should give me the opportunity to at least apologize." "Well I don't know what to tell you man," I say a little sorry for the guy," I just don't have those problems." We sit down and I wait for my friends as they get done unpacking and we start to look around the grounds and house.

My girls note the bathrooms and pool where as the guys are checking out the space save for Jun who is still wondering if he can hook up his system to the house lines and not get in trouble. My biggest problem is Imelda has a look on her face like something is wrong and I get that feeling she needs to tell me something. I get her pulled aside with Kori and can tell she's torn with what's going on.

"It'll be okay girl just tell him, he'll understand," Kori tells Imelda. "I don't like asking for anything and this is a bit much," Imelda starts in but I cut her off. "You don't ask, you tell me you need something and I make it happen," I tell her plainly," This is how we do things in this relationship. Now what are we doing?" "I wanna go see mom, I've been sending her money and it's been so long now that I just miss her," Imelda tells me quietly," I know you just got in but could I head out in a couple hours?" "No fuck that and no," I say getting a shocked look from both girls as I turn to the rest of the crew," Devin help me get the bikes out of the truck, I gotta handle something quick." "Guy what are you doing," Kori asks concerned.

"We are not waiting a couple hours so that Imelda can see her Mom, her and I can go right now and we'll be back after they catch up," I tell Kori," Can you get me my coat babe?" I watch as my first girl heads off for me and Imelda is following me a little shocked as Devin and I roll the bikes out. I do a quick check but Imelda still looks concerned. "My bike isn't ready to go, I've been repairing a part on the trip," She tells me still concerned.

"Then for the first time in the history of ever you get to ride behind me for a change," I tell her getting a grumpy look. "No, I'm your woman but on a bike you're my bitch," Imelda tells me finding her fire again. I give Kori a quick kiss and hop on my bike behind Imelda and she heads out like a bullet down the road. For me it's been a year but for her it must have felt like a lifetime being away from her whole family. It's a bit of a drive considering it's almost the opposite side of town but with the way my Latina is driving I'm sure we made it in a new record for her.

We arrive in front of her old home and see its a little worse for wear on the outside and there is her mother's old car in the driveway thankfully. We head up the walk way and Imelda knocks on the door tentatively and I can hear someone calling in Spanish from inside when the door opens and I see Imelda's mother in what appears to be her work clothes but her face lights up when she sees Imelda.

I watch two of them hug and speak in Spanish to each other and I let them have their moment when the mother turns to me and finally addresses me. "What is wrong with you boy, you don't even say hello to me after I let my daughter come to live with you and your other girls," Mrs.

Ortega says to me with her thick accent. "Hello Ma'am, it's nice to see you again," I reply smirking as she grabs me by my wrist and leads me inside. "I see she isn't cooking for you or you wouldn't be so skinny," Mrs.


Ortega says before leading her daughter into the kitchen and they continue their conversation. I still speak no Spanish but I can tell Imelda is getting a bit of a lecture as her mother starts to pull food out of the fridge and starts cooking up some already prepared items and Imelda starts to help when her mother checks the clock and starts issuing more orders before grabbing her purse and addressing me. "You eat what my daughter makes and I want my daughter to come see me at home tomorrow after my shifts," Mrs.

Ortega tells me before heading out the door. "Okay so apparently I have to make you food because mother said so," Imelda tells me taking her riding jacket off.

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I sit and casually watch as she starts to cook and I realize that I've never even seen her in a kitchen to do anything save for pick up or put away a plate. She's got tight jeans and a white t sleeveless t shirt on that is showing off her figure very well.

I see her start to panic about what to do as I move up behind her and take her hips in my hands. Imelda stops at my touch and I can feel her soften as she backs up against me. "I don't hear any of the other girls around and I think you still have a bedroom here," I tell her quietly in her ear.

"Mom will be mad at me if I don't feed you something," Imelda says trying to cook but barely. "And I can't eat after," I say reaching past her and shutting off the stove. Imelda puts down her attempt at cooking and turns in my hands before wrapping her arms around me and giving me a soft kiss. I back her against the stove for a brief bit as we kiss when she breaks it and grabs the front of my jeans leading me to her old room.

It's a lot different than I remember most everything is folded up like she was moved out and never coming back and I can see her freeze at the sight of it. "It's packed up to keep it clean baby," I tell her as she sits on her barren bed," See everything is in the closet." "Mom didn't know if I'd come back," Imelda says to me with some sadness. I can't bear to see her like this and I pull my coat off and drop it to the floor, she's a little emotional as I get on my knees on the floor in front of her and between her legs.

Imelda looks lost right now and I move in and kiss her again softly and tenderly. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me up off the floor and onto her as she leans back on the bed. We take our time slowly exploring each other's mouths and bodies like we're remembering the first night together almost a year ago.

Soft and tender turns to more emboldened touching and I break away from Imelda and start to peel off my clothes with assistance from Imelda before we strip her down till both of us are bare to each other.

Imelda backs up the bed further and I crawl up after her. Imelda spreads herself for me and gingerly starts to stroke my member with her hands helping me get harder.

I kiss Imelda again with a little more eagerness and she replies in kind as our bodies press together. I don't need any guidance from Imelda as my head finds her slit and we gently press against each other. "Mmmm maybe this time Rachael won't barge in on us," Imelda jokes quietly.

I smile and press myself inside her and we both lock up at the sensation of me invading Imelda's warm folds. I take my time slowly pressing till my length is buried deep inside and I rest my hips against hers.

Softly we grind against' each other kissing and exploring as we grind together finding a deep and steady rhythm. It's a slow and tender thing but I back up a little pulling just a few inches from Imelda before sliding back in and feeling Imelda tense up as I get rooted again.

I take slow and short thrusts in and out of her making sure to savory her body wrapped around me. I am savoring every single thrust and Imelda is responding to me with approving moans and I feel more anxious about the feeling burning its way through the base of my cock. Imelda feels it as well and we grip each other tightly as my thrusting speeds up and my body feels more intense as we press harder against each other.


I want to release so badly but love making is trickier than sex, you have to feel it out. Imelda can feel my swelling inside her and to my surprise she stops moving herself all together and just lets me do the work. I feel her hands gripping my ass and our mouths locking together as I work myself in a more anxious pace when I feel Imelda's body, more specifically her pussy just relax around me.

The whole thing catches me off guard and my body betrays me by making me cum hard into Imelda. The first shot goes off in her and suddenly she locks up around me holding me in, milking me for everything that I have.

I break our kiss and groan out my orgasm and Imelda kisses any part of my flesh she can find till I relax on and inside her spent. We lie there for what feels like hours but is probably minutes when Imelda starts kissing me again sweetly.

I kiss her back and we separate our bodies and head to the bathroom to clean up. Cleaning up isn't easy when we're both pawing at each other and kissing but I feel just as spent now as I did with Kori the night at the motel.

We dress and head back to the kitchen where Imelda looks at her new problem, making me a meal because her mother told her to.

I'd like to say it was an easy fix for my Latina girlfriend but let's just say I know baking soda can put out a fire and once I started helping her things went a little smoother. It's nothing fancy mind you but it's spiciery than hell and while she's loving it I'm drinking more milk now than I would in a week just to survive.

We get done and she locks up her old house before hopping back on my bike and cruising back to Loretta's home. We've only been gone for a few hours but when I get in Mark is ready to go and apparently Devin moved the tour bus and the RV around so that their access points are facing each other. Imelda takes one side and Mark takes the other as they start taking the panels off and get into the more disgusting portions of the vehicles. The smell along is enough to make us gag and even with masks I watch Mark nearly puke on the drive.

It takes us almost twenty minutes but we get all the bags out and Mark is staring at me with a level of shock on his face. "Dude you smuggled drugs down here," he says dumbfounded. "No our drivers did and we found out about it after we were almost here," I tell him as we bag it up," now we put these back and go about everything like nothing happened." "Except I know a couple guys from college who will pay for that man," Mark tells me as I look at him with some shock," Dude it's college if you don't know people who are getting drunk and high you are doing something wrong." I shake my head and take the bags into me and the girls' room before stashing it under the bed for safe keeping.

I'm almost out of the room when I notice Natsuko sitting up from the couch. She's hesitant to say anything and I have nothing to say yet. "Do you need me to step out," She asks quietly. "No but for all intents and purposes you should at least try to socialize with the locals," I tell her starting to leave.

"I want you to hurt me. Not because it'll make you break your word to my mom but because I just want to feel something," Natsuko says almost begging. I move in front of her and crouch down to her eye level. She's a little afraid but I can see she's accepting of what I could do next. I have never wanted to hit a woman before and right now I still don't.

I back up and sit on the bed across from her. "I remember a little Asian girl who came in my room one day when I was pissed off and talked me down before screaming in Japanese while we had sex," I say keeping my head downcast," I remember handing her a bat and letting her 'execute' someone who wanted my blood and she seemed to enjoy herself and even surprised me a little then. You're close to me Natsuko, so I need you to understand why I can't talk to you about this now.

I want to forgive you and I want to let the girls turn you into paste on the pavement and I want to put you against the wall and wrap you around me right now." "I'd like those too, except for the paste thing," Natty says trying to make a joke. "When I'm ready to talk to you and I want your explanation I'll let you and all my girls know.

Your brother doesn't get to be there because this is about you and us," I tell her getting a nod of acceptance. We head down stairs and I see all the crew talking with Loretta, Abigail and Bethany in the den and when I approach with Natsuko I get a look from Kori which I shake off and smile at her. I figure out they are talking about relationships, particularly mine.

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"So really there are five of you and all of you just share," Bethany says getting a nod from Kori," I can't get one of my friends to share a phone and you share Guy." "Well you gotta understand it wasn't Guy's idea in the first place which is why it works so well. It came from a woman," Kori says nudging me as I sit next to her on the couch.

"Well I can understand why you all like him. He's nice but not a push over and he just doesn't give up on anything," Abigail says getting looks from around the room," Hey he could have ruined Carlos and me but he didn't because he was being nice." "Why did we never hear this story," Mathilda says a little grumpy. "You did, it's the one where he met me," Imelda says smiling big. Everyone has a good laugh at that and we mostly spend the hours stretching out from the road trip down and talking with the family.

I find out that Carlos and Abigail are still going strong since the last time we chatted but Bethany broke off her relationship with Tyrell.

Apparently when an athlete gets injured they turn into a major asshole to their cheerleader girlfriend and even though they could have worked it out Beth is over being his trophy girl. I learn the Loretta has consolidated most of her charity work combining a few of the houses so that she has more of the same forms and less hassle when she takes care of the girls. I think about Jackie for a moment and want to ask what's going on when my phone goes off to a familiar number.

I step away from the room and answer my phone. "Hello you've reached Guy Donnelly," I say cheerfully into the phone. "You know who this is kid so cut the shit," I hear the Old Man over the line," Where is my delivery?" "Delivery, I didn't know about any delivery sir. You were helping me get down here on a road trip by supplying me with a few drivers.

Did they not make it back to you," I ask innocently. "You know damn well what delivery I'm talking about boy so don't play around with me," he says getting annoyed. "Well here's the thing, I might have learned about how someone I trusted to help me did something to betray that trust.

I also might have gone on my own and taken care of matters involving things that should have been brought to my attention and discussed with me before I was put into a position where I felt I needed to protect myself and those close to me," I tell him turning my tone from happy to a quiet rage. "Boy you better not have done anything stupid," the Old Man says almost warning me over the phone. "What we've got here is a failure to communicate. So tomorrow here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm going to finish out my first day down here and relax with my family and friends and tomorrow morning after breakfast I'm going out on a drive to see about an addition to my tattoo. Now if you want to talk to me like a person then I'll be more than happy to sit down and we can both complain about who wronged who, sound fun," I ask at the end. "Peachy fucking keen.

I'll be here tomorrow but you better show up and have a damn good explanation for this shit," the Old Man says hanging up. I shut my phone off and turn to see some of my girls are watching me, they know I was not having a pleasant conversation but I wave them off like I'll be okay and smile as I head back in as we ride out the day with catching up and everyone gets to know everyone else.

Dinner was nice and we had to eat outside because there was no room for everyone inside the dining room but we made it work and everyone headed off to relax when I get waved over by Bethany.

I follow her for a bit and make a mental note that denim shorts and a bikini top on a tanned blonde cheerleader are a very nice thing to watch as we get away from the crowd. I can tell she's got some 'permission' style questions and I lean up against one of the trees in the back yard and wait for her to find her courage.

"Okay so I've got some problems Bro and I need to run them by you first," Bethany says as I choke on her words. "Bro, I'm Bro now," I chuckle. "Well yeah, I mean you're back down here again and we're pretty much family," Beth explains. "Okay but what about the times we were having sex and you let me finish in you," I ask making a joke. "That's part of the problem, I've got people asking me for some 'not so quiet' time and some of them I'm pretty sure are gonna get me in trouble with you," Beth says nervous.

"Well first off who's asking and who are you interested in," I ask taking note of her reactions. "Well there's that big guy Devin, I just think he'd be a great lay but his girlfriend scares me a bit so I was wondering if she's okay with it like your girls would be," She asks a little hopeful. "No Beth, Masha doesn't share and they are very in love," I tell her getting a small frown and shrug for my answer. "The other problem is I have two people wanting to get in my pants.

One is your girl Katy with the big boobs. She says she wants to hear me cheer while we have sex, I told her I like guys but she said that if you were there then I shouldn't say no," Beth says with a little curiosity. "Remember the video from last summer, Katy wanted that. Sometimes that girl just likes to have really hard sex," I say enlightening her to Katy's nature.

"Okay but how would she and I have sex, I mean with you there I can have you but what is she gonna do," Beth asks almost getting me to laugh.

"I'll talk to her but if we can find a time I promise you that the two of us will make sure every itch gets scratched," I say getting a bit of a smirk from Beth. "Okay and finally that guy Ben," She says and my face must show signs of disapproval," I'm guessing you're not okay with him or the little Asian girl? You seemed really tense with both of them and she seems scared." "What happened with her is not your concern first and second Ben is a bit of a problem.

What did he tell you," I ask waiting to hear the new story. "Well he said that he was in a break up a before the trip and that he wants to settle things with her when they get back if possible but since he was free he thought that we could fool around," Beth tells me making my blood boil a little," I'm guessing that red head he was touching isn't his exgirlfriend." "No Hanna is just a friend in the group and she usually prefers girls but as for his girlfriend," I say leaving the ex out," she's my other sister.

From up in Washington." "So he's down here fooling around on her and making up stories," Beth says moving next to me against the tree," Now that just puts me off something fierce, and to think I wanted to try something new." "Yeah well my other sister, Elizabeth, knows and said to let him play and I was to let her know everything when it happened so she could do whatever she has planned," I tell Beth letting her in on the secret.

"Okay, I want to talk to her," Beth says holding her hand out for my phone. I hand it off to her and watch as she finds Liz's number; I follow the conversation a little bit as Beth paces and talks with Liz after an awkward introduction. I figure if Liz had come down here the two of them would be friendly considering they've got a lot in common but as Beth tells Liz about Ben's story.

I can tell that Liz isn't happy but she's not shouting. They continue to talk and for some reason exchange email addresses before saying goodbye and Beth hands me my phone back. "And do I even want to know what you two talked about," I ask curiously.

"Well it's a girl thing but she understands and she said if I want to then do it but she had a few terms and I offered to get him into some more trouble and she said that it would make things easier when he got back home so since I'm a third party and a girl she was cool with me setting him up since you two are friends," Beth explains as we slowly walk back up to the house.

"So you are gonna go for it," I ask as we hit the door. "Not tonight, gonna let him wait a bit first," Beth says shaking her ass at me a little. I give her a playful slap and she jumps as we get inside. The sun goes down and everyone heads off to their rooms, I see Beth and Ben talking a little and while he pushes she points downstairs and says later. No love for Benny boy tonight but the women have a plan and I figure I'll be hearing about it soon enough. I see the girls have the TV on and are in bed clothes and are sprawled out, I pass Natsuko on the couch and see she's awake but just laying on the couch alone.

I motion to Matty to help me and we move the couch, with Natty on it, over to where she can see the TV. I get a quiet thank you from her but I don't respond as I get stripped down and into bed. We all relax and chill out and I watch as one by one every other girl falls asleep until it's me and Katy still awake. I pull her over to me and put an arm around her as we continue to watch the some old action movie.

"So your Step brother wants to fuck me," Katy says quietly resting her head on my chest. "I know he told me so today," I tell her continuing to watch. "I think he wants to fuck all your girls," Katy says still looking at the TV. "Probably, he's having relationship problems with his girlfriend," I tell her as she rubs my stomach with her fingers.

"Do you want me to do him a favor," Katy asks looking at me questioningly. "Not that favor, remember what I told you a long time ago," I try to remind her as she looks confused," Mine!" Katy smiles big and I get a happy girlfriend on my lap and Katy and I kiss her softly as I feel her shift around for a second and her bra come off. I let her lean back and move my lips down from push her large and wonderful breasts up so that I can kiss and suck on them.

Katy takes my hands off of her breasts and moves them to her ass using her own hands to hold up her breasts for me. I take a nipple in my mouth and suckle softly eliciting a groan of satisfaction from Katy. I'm enjoying her grinding against me and I know she's feeling me get hard against her when she starts to calm down and pull her chest away from my face. I've never had Katy put the brakes on with me so quickly for no reason and I can see she's thinking about something deep.

"Okay I'm getting that feeling that you want something now," I ask holding Katy in place on my lap. "I'm thinking we should see other people," Katy says before smirking," together." "Okay so aside from the minor heart attack what do you propose," I ask recovering from her statement and getting back into boyfriend mode. "I want to prove why you're THE male around here, I want to take a girl in here with you and I want us to fuck her silly.

I want the other girls to watch and be amazed as we cause her to lose all bodily control," Katy tells me expectantly. "Okay but I know that you are interested in Bethany," I tell Katy getting a surprised look," and she's not a girl on girl fan." "She's not yet and besides I'm thinking about you and me having some fun with her," Katy says sliding down my body.

All the way down Katy is kissing down my body and when she gets to my underwear and pulls the waist band down with her teeth. I get kisses around and on my hardening member and while I'm used to more this is still nice. Katy stands my cock up and starts taking me deep in her mouth and throat in long tight strokes.

Katy is the most adept at taking me down and only time I ever hear her make a noise is when we're being rough and she does it for mood and fun. I can feel her tighten her lips as she works me over with a slow and methodical purpose. I stretch out and start to relax as Katy is less taking her time with me and more making me feel every single stroke as she bobs her head up and down with me buried in mouth.

I get a little greedy and decide to watch my bad girl work me over and I move her hair for a better view. It's always a nice thing to watch a girl take you in her mouth but some movement not involving us catches my eye.

It's Natsuko on the couch, she's all wrapped up in a ball under her blanket but we are staring right at each other and I can see she's got a few tears in her eyes as my gaze trails down and I can see a rhythmic movement coming from where I can only guess is her hand rubbing her pussy. I am a little turned on by being watched but I'm still not pleased with what's been going on between her and the girls and me.

I know I should say something before Kori finds out and gets pissed. "Baby I'm…," is as far as Katy lets me get as a hand covers my mouth. Katy looks up at me with her pretty green eyes and I can feel her humming as she speeds up. I'm groaning on the bed and I take Katy's hands in mine and feel her going all out. I'm hard and her mouth is wet as she keeps fucking me with her mouth more than giving me a blowjob. I can feel my orgasm building and I look over to see Natsuko is still staring at me and covered but she's going at herself frantically.

I really want to fuck her, not like I fuck Katy or the other girls. I want to fuck here and let her feel used, I'm feeling really dark imagining me pounding her out while she's begging me to be gentle as I hit my orgasm. My body tenses and I groan as Katy keeps just the my head in her mouth and jerks me as I coat the inside of her mouth with cum. I'm making a bit of noise and see Natsuko go rigid in the corner of my eye. I'm breathing heavy and I see Natsuko roll away from the bed as Katy finishes taking the last little bit out of me.

"Mmmm, baby that was really hot," Katy says after swallowing. "Yeah I usually don't get 'that' far into a blowjob," I tell her as she crawls up next to me. "Well maybe we can show the girls why I'm the BJ champ in the group," Katy jokes as I turn the TV off.

I cuddle up to Katy and sure enough she is off to sleep before I am. I almost want to just do it but there is a nagging in me that keeps me in bed. Nothing seems right with the situation and I shouldn't be thinking about punishing her like that, exile maybe but not a hate fuck. These are my thoughts as I drift off to sleep. We left Washington on last Thursday and I wake up for the first time in Texas on Wednesday the next week feeling wide awake and ready for the day.

I rouse the girls and we head down to find that breakfast is in buffet form and Loretta has decided to start us off for our first day big. We get fed and I discover that I'm gonna be by myself as Loretta has some errands to run and wants to take the girls shopping.

Devin and Masha are looking to head out and see the sites and Jun and Lilly decide to go with them. Bethany on the other hand decides she wants to head out on her own and Ben 'volunteers' to go with her. I shake my head at it when I realize that the only person to help me with my meeting is Natsuko until Rachael says she wants to bring her along.

We get everyone set up and I discover that the girls got cars last year and while Abigail is driving the smart Prius Bethany is rolling around in a Ford F-150. I watch as everyone heads out and I get goodbye kisses from the girls and head back inside to see Mark getting ready to head out himself. "Hey man I'm gonna go hit the gym and try to figure out what I'm gonna do for the next couple days," Mark tells me as he heads out," If parents ask just say I have my cell if they need me." I almost want to stop him from leaving but it's too late as his Charger peels out of the driveway leaving me in a house all alone.

I'm at a loss for what to do, I can't carry two large bags on my bike down there and talk to the Old Man and I can't just take a bus or cab either. I'm scrambling when I remember I do have a couple solid friends down here and grabbing my phone shoot a text message off to Hector. He responds with a welcome back and asks how I'm doing, my response of I have troubles gets me a where are you and I tell him the house and he replies to stay put.

I'm waiting for about an hour when the gate buzzer goes off and I see Hector's car come pulling up with a few trucks and almost twenty of his homies all over the place. I almost want to laugh but the situation has me being thankful for last summer.

Hector exits his vehicle and I see some familiar faces and some new ones as I get a handshake and hug from Hector. "Man it is good to see you back. Really glad you decided to come down again," Hector tells me breaking the hug. "Hector you are a mind reader man," I say looking at his crew," Carlos is with Abigail I take it?" "Yeah he still runs the show but people got a little bit more respect for me now," Hector says showing me the stabbing scar.

"Yeah it's funny how people try to kill you and when you come back others just fall in line," I joke. We both laugh and he has his boys relax for a minute when I tell him about the bags of drugs and we head up to see it with a skinny little fucker who I almost mistook for a chick by the face.

I let them see and the skinny guy lets out a low whistle. "Dude you are holding Union goods, that Old Man is gonna skin you alive. Patch or no you stole from them," he tells me as Hector dismisses him.

"So what are we doing," Hector asks falling in line for me. "I need to talk to him but just me and him so I'm gonna head to the tattoo parlor and do that but I need you to stay nearby and hold the bag as it were," I explain getting a nod," If everything is cool then we give it back and everyone goes about their lives. If not you get out and you take it to the police." "You want me to get you in trouble with the cops," Hector asks as we get outside with the bags. "Either the Old Man and I come to an understanding and things are cool or he guts me and I am dead," I explain," I just don't want him profiting off my death." Hector doesn't like the plan and I can tell but with him and almost twenty boys hanging around I figure the bags are safe enough.

I watch as both get loaded into Hector's car and got my coat and helmet on as I lead them assembly out and into town.

It's a bit of a drive and I wave off Hector to break from the line with his boys and watch as he does before I cover the last couple blocks and park my bike in front of the tattoo shop. I see Vinnie and Marcus out front waiting for me and both are not happy to see me.

I have my hood up and tip it towards them as I step inside. It doesn't take me long to figure out everyone knows who I am as I'm staring at what looks like a slow day in the shop as is see nobody but Smitty and the Old Man. I pull my hood back and as my eyes adjust I can see the Old Man sitting in his chair for a moment before standing up and heading towards me. "You really bothered to show up but I don't see what you were supposed to bring," the Old Man asks a little impatient.

"Yeah well after yesterday I figured we'd talk first and then if things were fine I'd have it brought to you," I explain calmly. "That shit isn't for you kid and this isn't a fucking game. Return what you took right fucking now," the Old Man growls.

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"No we talk and then I will decide what to do," I say looking to Smitty," Can we be alone please?" "Kid I'm not leaving you alone with my father after the shit you pulled," Smitty says with a bit more anger than I've seen in him. "Boy head out, I'll be fine," the Old Man says heading back to his seat. I watch as Smitty nods to his Dad and bumps past me out the door. I let it get closed and head over to sit down in front of the Old Man when I hear a familiar clicking.

I slowly look and see he's got a fucking hand cannon of a piece casually gripped and aimed right at me. I put my hands up and see him smirk a little. "You wanted to talk so we talk but this is so you realize that I've got six little friends and they are a lot faster than you are," the Old Man says waving me to a chair," and put your damn hands down kid this is for my safety." I lower my hands and sit down slowly and the both of us are silent as the only thing I can seem to stare at is the large firearm pointed right at my chest.

It's really the only thing I can focus on as he starts talking. "Kid I like you, I trust you more than I should which is why we're talking but you are pissing me off by taking from me," the Old Man starts," Now I figure you have a counter argument for why you took MY things?" "You hid it from me, that's lying. You put my girls and my friends in danger, that's you being careless with MY people. I respect you a lot and when I asked you for a simple favor you hid a giant bulls eye on my back without me knowing.

What if I came in here and was carrying Vicki in my arms as she bled out on your floor. Or if I got Smitty busted because I decided to play fun and games and the police found an illegal fire arm on him," I say as I watch the barrel of the gun before looking the Old Man in his eyes," That is the very real threat you put my girls and my friends under.

You had Marcus and Vinnie hide it from me because you thought it was best. So what would you have done if something happened to us?" "Shit kid I don't know, you're a paranoid little shit but fuck you have a point," he says as he lowers the barrel of the gun," It wasn't planned from the start it was an opportunity and I needed to take it, it's complicated but it's a peace offering for some friends and a little something for me." "I get that but we're both in the shit with each other from where I stand until something gives and we can agree," I say looking down at the gun and back up," Or you can shoot me and this gets a lot worse for everyone." "Yeah well worse is my three marriages, better is the Union so I wronged you and you get some petty revenge against me and that's supposed to make it even," Old Man asks plainly.

"No, you were wrong and I don't steal from people I respect. It's in holding but if you respect me then I need something from you.

Not the Union or your family, just you," I tell him getting a raised eyebrow," And I need safety from what I did, I know that there are probably people who know outside of us here so I want no blowback since I'm giving everything back and clear." "Kid the only people who know in the Union are here now," He tells me laying all his cards out," Personally kid you're an odd negotiator, you could ask for a payment or a handout.

Hell you could ask to get patched in honorary and I'd go for it but a favor from me, not the union?" "Yep and sadly I have no clue what it will be but I swear that I can turn it all over and that's it," I say being as honest as I can.

"Deal kid, worst you can do to me personally is knocking up my granddaughter and run," He says laughing. The noise of him laughing brings Smitty back in the shop and he's confused but his Dad explains what will happen and the two of us make arrangements to have things moved quietly. It's another hour of waiting and hand off done elsewhere when I get a message from Hector saying it's cool and I tell him to head on home.

The Old Man gets a message and breathes a sigh of relief before smiling at me. "So when am I going to meet all these girls you have running around you," he says as we finally breathe easy around each other. "Soon actually, I need touch up work done and an addition and I know for a fact that more than one of my girls wants a matching tattoo," I explain leaning back in the chair. "I'll do those but it'll take time," Smitty says shifting his large tattooed frame against the counter.

"It'll be a treat boy, you keep earning that patch the more we deal with each other," the Old Man tells me," And I'll tell the boys that you talked to that cop friend of yours down here and knew something was up so you did us a solid and it'll be squared away." I nod and we chat idly as the business starts to pick up a little, Marcus and Vinnie get pulled aside and are given a good job for what they did and both give me a curious look before they head out on their way.

I'm just watching the work and bringing the Old Man up to speed on Johnny's farm in Washington when I hear someone very familiar. "I knew that was your bike outside," I hear come from the side door. I turn to see Vicki in all her glory, about 5'8" and lean but with some firm breasts held together by a tied up flannel shirt and her obvious black bra.

I watch her put her stuff down and that shows me the firm ass that I remember from last year in a denim short skirt and her long legs end in tall socks and boots. She comes over and passes me handing a cold drink to her Grandpa a before hopping on my lap. "What brings you back here," she asks putting an arm around my neck. "I was helping out your family and making an appointment for me and a few of my girls," I tell her as she rubs up against me.

"Well do you need him Grandpa cause I want a bike ride," Vicki asks hopping off of me. "We're done here girl," the Old Man says chuckling," Take care of my Granddaughter out there." "I would but I really can't," I say in a serious tone before standing," It's too messy and personally I'm not getting into your dirty laundry." I pull my hood up and say bye to Smitty as I head out to my bike.

I can barely get my helmet on when I hear the door to the shop slam shut and boots come stomping towards me. "Explain to me why the fuck I can't go on a fucking bike ride with you for fun," Vicki almost yells at me. "Because you need to get your shit in order and I'm not going to get knee deep in problems I don't have to," I almost growl at her pulling my helmet off. "What the fuck do you mean get my shit in order," Vicki asks still being louder than I care for.

"How about Mark walking around like a wounded puppy because he made one mistake and you decided to punish him for it," I say getting in her face," Or maybe the fact that I have all my girls down here and maybe I don't need to be fucking around with you just because you want to. Contrary to how Mark feels the world does not revolve around you." "Don't fucking tell me about what's going on in my relationship with him okay? We had a rule and he broke it right before breaking down my door and throwing a guy off my balcony," Vicki says explaining the incident.

"Wow, you get fucked and he's drunk and you're pissed because he forgot and got jealous," I say mocking her anger," You don't give him the chance to apologize or even work shit out, just a fuck you and get away from me. How long ago did this wonderful event happen?" "Three weeks ago and what the fuck does all of this have to do with me and you on a fucking motorcycle," Vicki finally asks lowering her voice.

"Because with you Vicki it's never just one thing. First you want a ride, then you want to come over, then you want to have sex. You don't quit trying until you get your way and I'm not doing that at Mark's expense," I tell her before attempting to put my helmet on.

"Okay fine I get it but can I just go for a ride with you for a little while and we talk somewhere private then? I swear no bullshit from me," Vicki says keeping me from putting on my helmet. This is bad fucking news and I know it, Vicki is hot and fuckable in the ways you want a lightly tattooed girl to be but she's still making Mark's life miserable with what she's doing to him. I've got a pair of expectant brown eyes locked onto me and I know she's planning something but either I figure out what it is and turn it or she keeps making Mark miserable.

I pull my helmet out of her hands and get it on before hopping on my bike and starting it up. She's confused until I look at her and nod, she doesn't smile like she won anything special. She gets her own helmet on and I head off.

I'm not going anywhere in particular and I figure about an hour worth of riding is enough as I pull into a gas station and park the bike in a stall and wait as Vicki hops off and I kill the engine. We both pull our helmets off and she's a little apprehensive about what she wants to say to me since her adrenaline has come down.

"Can you understand why I'm pissed at Mark," She finally asks. "Honestly I'm more wondering why you didn't like the fact that when he saw you with another man he busted down the door and threw the guy off a what, two story balcony," I say with a little bit of questioning in my voice. She nods and we sit in silence again as she contemplates what to do next.

I know she's gonna ask for something and I'm ready with a 'No' on my lips. "Can you take me to my place please," Vicki asks putting her helmet back on. I get the bike started and helmet on before heading out and down the road again. Vicki gives me directions on where to turn by tapping my shoulder with her helmet when I need to turn and I know I got turned around once when we finally pull up to a white stone building with only two floors of open apartments.

It's not cheap but Vicki isn't rolling deep in it as I park the bike and let her off. I can almost see her wheels turning as the helmet comes off. "Can you come inside for a minute so we can talk more," Vicki asks trying to hide and obvious plot from me. "I said we are not doing this," I tell her annoyed. "You can come inside now and we can figure this out or I can just come over to the house and break things off with Mark tonight," Vicki says trying to pressure me.

"Maybe that would be best for him," I say getting a shocked look," You're not interested in him by your actions and you don't care about him like he does you so I'll do you a solid. I'll go find him and I'll let him know that after you tried to fuck me that you don't want him to come around ever again and you two can get on with your lives." I pissed her off with that and I can see there is something in her that might actually have real feelings for Mark but the bullshit cloud is still in effect.

I watch her move over to her steps and sit down, I'm being baited but I need to see where this goes to try to figure out a plan for Mark. Although I should just tell him to man up and tell her to fuck off.

I step over and take my hood off waiting for her to say her next piece. "I just want you to come inside and we can talk about this," Vicki asks standing up," I promise if you don't like what I have to say I won't try to stop you from leaving or do anything stupid." I shrug and follow her ass up the stairs to the second floor, we get inside her apartment and I can see that it's cleaner than I thought it would be with some nice furniture and hand drawn and painted wall art.

"Nice place, whose work is that," I ask pointing to the pieces. "Mine, Daddy does tattoos and I draw them for him," Vicki says pointing out a painting," that one was the only one my Dad had done that he didn't come up with himself because I drew it." "Well it's nice but I'm here and you want to talk so either we get to the discussion or I'm out," I say not taking a seat. "Okay well yes I'm pissed about the rule breaking but I used to have guys in a bar who would try to pick me up and now they're afraid because one guy got thrown out of a window and while he's been hooking up with women I haven't had a single bit of attention and it's been going on weeks now," Vicki says embarrassed," I am really needing some and that's where you come in." "And here we go with you wanting me to fuck you again," I say exasperated," Can we please not do this for Mark's sake?" "No that's exactly why you can do this.

One time today, you have sex with me like I was one of your girls. Don't fuck me or slap me around in some kinky rage. I mean sex like you were trying to get invited back for a second time," Vicki says laying out her master plan," You do that and I will go back to Mark today, I will apologize and I promise you that I will let you mediate any fight we have incase I'm not being fair to him." "Ya know what, no," I tell her getting a shocked look.

"Please okay I don't want to be the girl who comes crawling back and tries to get her boyfriend to take her back by having sex with him," Vicki pleads. "Maybe you should, he is hurting and you want to fuck me before you go back to him," I say with the subtlety of throwing a brick in a duck pond.

"No I want to have sex with someone and I can't seem to get any now that he screwed that up for me so you're my only option. Just once, simple basic sex and you treat me like one of your girls for the time. After that I will apologize because I didn't think he was hurting and I will make things right," Vicki pleads once more. I hold my hand up and take out my phone, Vicki is confused and I step out the door and motion for her to wait there while I make my call.

I figure she'll be trying to listen in so I head back to my bike and wait for my call to pick up. "Hey Guy how did everything go with your friends," Matty asks picking up the line. "Baby it went great and we're all clear but I have a new problem," I tell her before starting my story. I explain it all leaving no details out about what I learned between Vicki and Mark.

Matty is a great listener and doesn't interrupt me as I get to the heart of the matter which is 'saving' Mark's relationship. I tell her the deal and I can almost hear her thinking when she decides to come back on the line. "I'll let the girls know what's up and I am saying do it," my Amazon says shocking me a little. "Are you sure honey," I ask confused. "Mark hit on me yesterday while you were talking with Bethany, he was being sweet and lonely but when turned him down he didn't press and that doesn't seem like him from what Imelda and Kori have told me.

Now if he's hung up on her and she's just doesn't want to look weak then that's fine and after that you need to clear anything with her through us because she's tricky," Matty says explaining her point," And I want something special for me since you're doing this." "Okay honey I will give you whatever you want just name it," I reply curious about her wanting something.

"No I'll tell you when I want it and you'll do what I say because I said so okay," Matty says more than asks. "Alright I feel kinda used taking one for the team but I'll get it sorted and see you girls back at home," I tell her as we end the conversation. I head back up the stairs and see the door is still closed but a turn of the handle gets it open and I can see Vicki is pacing when I enter.

She stops and looks to me expectantly. I put my phone away and it takes me a moment to get my head around Matty's order. "First off I have to wrap my head around the fact that you want me to treat you like you're one of my girls and my girls wouldn't do this to me or jerk me around like that but I'm gonna figure out how. Now when you mean like a one of my girls you need to clarify what you think that is because what I do with them can change by the hour," I explain taking my coat off.

"Okay well I want you to kiss me, I don't want to be fucked or have really rough sex I want something nice but I want to feel it, a LOT," Vicki tells me losing a little control over her excitement.

I am spinning a bit as Vicki takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom; it's nice and has a full queen sized bed. I drop my coat off and pull my shirt over my head as Vicki waits patiently for me to make the first move. She wants a freaking seduction and everything, I pull her against me softly but with purpose and I watch she closes her eyes expectantly.

I kiss her gently at first letting her adjust as she presses herself against me; I lift her up to my mouth a little by grabbing her ass and pulling up gently. My soft kisses change into a small mouth war as our tongues battle and our bodies grind against each other. We're going good and I'm just focusing on making sure to give Vicki everything she's going to be paying for. I back her up to the bed and lay her down slowly still keeping our lips locked onto each other.

I get her all the way down and go from kissing her lips to her jaw and slowly working my way down Vicki's lightly toned and very tanned body. I get her tied up flannel open and as soon as that's done I watch as Vicki undoes the clasp for it in the front exposing her very firm breasts to me. I take my time kissing around the sides and trail my tongue around her nipples before gently sucking on one then switching to the other. She is moaning at my touch and I like the receptiveness but I wish it were different circumstances as I nibble her nipple a little getting a yelp of surprise.

I stop and back Vicki up the bed to the top before restarting my journey down her body kissing a trail as I go. I finally get to her denim skirt and while the whole way down she smelled and tasted a little salty from sweating it's a much sweeter smell as I pull her skirt up and see a pair of black panties covering her tight mound. I pull them to the side gently and can see a tattoo just below the top of her panty line and above her slit that says 'Rub for Service'.

I would laugh normally but now I'm just trying to get through this as I push my face against her slit, slowly licking her clit and folds eliciting a moan for my efforts. The only times Vicki and I had sex were last year and they weren't about me making her feel more than I wanted to give her but now I'm face deep in her wet folds taking my time licking a path up and down her slit.

I grab her ass and pull it to the edge of the bed so I can rest on my knees and continue to work. I'm working over Vicki's box and clit as much as possible trying to see if I can get her off quickly enough or hard enough to plan a quick exit when I imagine something I didn't think I could, Katy coaching me.

"She wanted the girlfriend treatment then you fucking give that shit to her! We love it when we see bitches who can't live without you have to fucking stare because you are our fucking sex god," Katy is screaming at me in my head as encouragement," Now be a fucking sex god and make this bitch cum and when you are done we will want details." My internal pep talk has me gripping Vicki's hips tightly with my hands and furiously start to suck her clit.

My vigor is having an effect and I can feel her start to tense up and she's panting hard as I refuse to let her relax after what I believe was a small orgasm.

I can feel her getting wet on my chin and I'm damn near to the point of using my teeth to help me hold on as Vicki's hands grab my own and I hear her talking to either me or herself. "Oh fuck me I'm cumming, I haven't cum this hard in months…,' is about all she says before repeating the word fuck more than most.

I am in a vice of Vicki's legs as her big orgasms hits and stop sucking her clit and take to licking her as she recovers. I finally look at her and see she's slowing her breathing down but has a smile on her face that reads satisfaction and not manipulation. I stand up and she can see that I'm not making a break for it after her first orgasm which causes her to hop off her bed and finish stripping out of her clothes.

I let her get naked and she looks at me curiously as I only kick off my boots and wait in my jeans. "Well my girlfriends usually aren't so damn shy when we're having sex," I tell her coyly. I get a big grin and Vicki could have set a record for getting my belt undone and my pants off before she sees the bulge in my black boxer briefs.

She looks me right in my eyes as she pulls my underwear off of me and turns me to the bed before having me sit down. I'm half hard and the whole time she is just staring at me as I let her spread my legs and watch her move in between them before using her hand to gently take hold of my cock.

Only time Vicki gave me a blow job I was pissed and it was a face fucking that would have made Katy cream her pants but now I'm patient as Vicki slowly licks the head of my cock and gently trails her tongue down my shaft.

I feel her other hand start to massage my balls and I am starting to enjoy myself as I feel my cock harden as she works me over.

I don't get the blow job I was expecting as Vicki is mostly using her hand to jerk me hard but she's more enthusiastic about what we're doing and I smile at her which gets me a big grin back and finally she stops working me up and moves over me forcing me to lean back as she kisses me with an impassioned purpose. We slowly crawl up her bed kissing the entire way with me underneath her till I get to pillows and feel as Vicki moves her hips to where she's straddling me. I'm actually curious what this will be like and Vicki can feel how 'eager' I am as she takes me in her hand and starts and starts rubbing me against her slit.

As wet as she was when I was eating her just her rubbing my cock head has me lubed up and ready for the main event. Vicki starts to press herself down onto me but I stop her and get a questioning look. I pull her hand off my member and pull her face down to mine kissing her deeply, the sensation of which causes her to relax and I feel my cock head press into her tight hole.

We both tense up at the new sensation and we go from kissing to mouth warfare minus tongue as Vicki gets me all the way inside her. I feel her body press down against mine and we wrap our arms around each other as we grind together hard. I break our kiss and Vicki gasps for air as I start to kiss her jaw and neck, she gives us a little separation and keep my hips still as she goes from grinding to moving half of my eight inches in and out of her tight pussy.

I can feel her move her hips in a circle as she fucks me with long slow strokes up and down the lower half of my cock. It's a first rate job she's doing and I'm trying not to disappoint her for at the very least now Mark's sake and that of my reputation. I feel a distance between our bodies but Vicki is still working me as I open my eyes and see her bouncing on me while holding her breasts in her hands.

"Oh Christ this is so good," Vicki says gasping. I grip her hips with my hands and let her ride me out as she seems to be enjoying herself, can't say I'm not but I am starting to feel bored of having her do all the work.

I let her push down against me before holding her hips in place and letting her feel my whole girth inside her. I watch as she bites her lip and moans but I'm not letting her move and when she opens her eyes I pull her down over me again and give her a light kiss before putting her arms behind her back and holding her up off me. Vicki starts to object to the being held until I back my cock all the way till only the head is inside her and slam it back inside.

I grunt at the sensation and Vicki groans as I repeat the process making long hard thrusts in her wet hole. I'm starting to feel like she could cum again as she starts to clamp down on my member as it repeatedly invades her wet hole.


I feel her feet lock around my legs in a weird grapevine and it spurs me into moving faster as I'm fucking her from below. Vicki's mouth is open in a wordless scream and I can feel her want me to let go of her arms but I hold out for a bit longer till her eyes open and we start slamming our hips together in a good hard fucking.

I'm almost on auto pilot and I take the time to appreciate the little things. The tattoo of a paint brush behind her left ear, the subtle blue highlight in her hair, the flowery skull tattoo on her right bicep.

I'm noticing all the little things when she snaps me back to reality with loud groaning. "Baby I'm gonna cum again, you're making me cum with your big cock," Vicki tells me loud enough to be heard in the whole apartment.

"Then cum for me, you're my girlfriend right now and I wanna hear you appreciate the good sex you're getting," I tell her smiling. I start to kiss Vicki's neck and I hold her hair tightly as she groans against me cumming hard for her second time. I feel her body contract against and around me and I slow us down to help her ride out the rush of feeling in her body. She kisses me again softly and with a warmth that I'm used to from my girls, it's still a little odd feeling but I accept it and when I start to move Vicki pulls herself off of me and I move her into the spot I was in on her back and spread her legs wide before lining my ready cock up and pushing back inside her deep.

We both groan at the reconnection of our hips and I prop myself up with my hands next to her waist as I take to her again with long hard strokes. I'm feeling every single thrust and Vicki is as well by her contorted face that screams pleasured to me. I can feel Vicki bucking against me and it's helping me along as I feel Vicki start to squeeze down on me in an attempt to get everything she asked for. I figure out one last thing to get her going before I finish and stop my movement altogether causing her to check me to see if something is wrong.

"Guy what happened," she asks concerned at the stopping. "I wanna cum in you," I almost beg her but not really in my head," Can I cum in you Vicki?" "Please give it to me, I wanna feel you cum in me," Vicki tells me as we resume our movements.

I'm almost there and I move my arms up under Vicki's shoulder and she wraps her legs around mine as I start to thrust in and out at a pace that is only good for finishing hard.

I can feel it over take me and I arch my back allowing Vicki to kiss and lick my neck. I hit that spot and I can feel my cum filling up Vicki's warm pussy.

In my bliss I can feel her clamp down and her hand moves my head so that she can kiss me one last time before the end. We continue to grind and I feel every little movement as she milks me with her now worn out pussy before I pull back for a breath and out of her. I only get a moment of separation as she pulls me back down and gives me several appreciative kisses on my face and neck.

I don't know how long I was lying over her but I roll off and stare at the ceiling for a few moments and process what just happened. I feel a little used still but I go back to my girls and they will make me feel better emotionally and probably give me a little reminder why the love me so much.

My cock twitches at the thought and I hear a quiet gasp before looking at a shocked Vicki. "Are you getting hard again," she asks almost concerned. "No, it's just the aftershocks," I tell her keeping my thoughts to myself," So was that everything you were hoping for." "Other than Mark you are the only man I let cum in me without a condom. It's really a thing I only like on special occasions," Vicki tells me getting up and cleaning herself.

"So I'm a special occasion," I ask getting off the bed gingerly and starting to get dressed. I get back in my clothes and get my coat on as Vicki comes out of her bathroom in a robe. I can see she's still got that 'girlfriend' mentality rolling around in her head but all I get is a quick kiss on the cheek which I'll take gladly. She walks me to the door and I open in almost running into my new problem, Mark. I don't know how long he's been here but I can see that my being here has told him more of the story than I'd want him to know.

I can' t understand how or why he'd show up out of the blue like this then it hits me, I was on the phone and so was Vicki apparently. I'm waiting to get punched, I won't defend myself if he does I figure he deserves it and I can see his body register the shock of it all when I see something I never expected, fear and sadness. "I'm sorry Vicki, I fucked up again and with Guy over too," Mark says almost choking out the words," I'll leave you alone." "Oh god Mark don't leave its okay baby," Vicki calls to him as he heads down the stairs.

I'm pissed off would be the metric ton of understatements and I guess the look on my face says it as I look at Vicki and watch her back away from me. I've got her afraid and Mark almost in tears as I address her first. "Put some fucking clothes on, sit on your fucking couch and do not fucking move," I growl before bounding down the stairs.

Finding Mark in the late afternoon is pretty easy, big white guy in a sleeveless t-shirt with a gloom could over head. I catch up to him and finally cut him off when he doesn't address me. He's like a big hurt puppy and while a girl would find it cute I'm fucking done with moping Mark.

"Turn your big ass around and get back in her apartment now," I order him getting a defeated look. "I fucked up again man, I get that you can have a good time with her and that's okay but I came over too soon man," Mark tells me quietly.

"Either get back in the apartment or I call Matty," I tell him getting a puzzled look," I will have her come down here and explain to her what you don't want to listen to and when she hears all of it you will find out that she's descended from the ancient Viking village of Slap-a-ho on the peninsula of Cunt-punt in the sea of Choke-a-bitch." I can hear the other people in the alley Mark was walking down chuckle and the thought of Vicki getting her ass kicked at my request has him thinking which is a start.

After a moment he turns and I follow him back up to Vicki's door and open it for him, guiding him inside. "Oh my god Guy I'm so sor&hellip." Is all I let her get out of her mouth as she hops up off the couch.

"Plant your ass on the couch now," I order Vicki who is in the same thing she wore before our sex. I get Mark sat down on one end of the couch and Vicki is at the other when she decides to start talking again.

"Guy listen I'm really sorry I didn't&hellip." Vicki starts again before I have to cut her off a second time. "I said 'plant', plants don't talk they just sit there," I tell her with more venom than I've had it a while," Now this is how this will operate, I will ask questions, you two will answer them.

If I haven't asked you a question you will keep your mouth shut. Do you both understand me?" "Yes," I get from both of them. "Wonderful you two can follow simple instructions. Now Mark, Why did you come down here man," I ask calmly. "Vicki sent me a text," Mark tells me pulling out his phone and reading," Listen we need to talk, things have been really shitty and I want to see you but not immediately.

Come by at four so we can talk." I check my clock and see that it's almost five and just shake my head at Vicki before turning my attention to her. "Why tell him four if you KNEW I was still going to be here," I ask her. "I just got the times wrong, I planned to talk to him and I sent it before you agreed to anything," Vicki says but I can see she's holding back.

"And what else, I know you did more so tell me now or I am going to make what Mark did look like a fucking lesson in modern home redecoration," I growl at her. "I just wanted him to know that I was still getting some to see if he'd get pissed and break the rule again," Vicki finally admits. "So you manipulated him to come here so he could find me and you together just too fucking test him, that's one Vicki.

I get to three and I promise you you'll never get a man in this city again," I tell her hotly before turning my attention to Mark," Why did you come down here so late man." "I figured she was having sex and didn't want to interrupt but when I didn't see anything for a while I figured I'd try knocking," Mark says as he starts to break down," But then I heard you two talking and I knew she had been enjoying herself with you and I tried to walk away before the door opened but I couldn't move and then you saw me…" If you've ever seen a 6'3" and 240 pound wall of muscle break down and cry in front of you then you have the idea of what I'm seeing now.

I've seen my girls cry, I've seen my family cry, and I even saw my Grandpa cry but this is just fucking sad and I almost wanna slap him but Vicki is trying to step out of turn and I shoot her a withering glance. She moves back to her spot and waits as I try to calm Mark down.

"Mark I need you to focus buddy and listen to me now, okay? I'm here because I know Vicki likes to get just a little bit more out of every situation.

It's just who she is, now you made a mistake. An honest mistake and got jealous because you saw your woman with another man," I tell him more than ask.

"Right here on this couch," Mark tells me but I let him talking out of turn slide. "And you got jealous because when you drink you have no filter for how you feel, you saw the woman you love," I tell him getting cut off by Vicki. "Wait, love," Vicki asks but I'm letting that slide too before continuing. "As I was saying, the woman you love have sex with someone else. It made you mad and you wanted to prove this was your woman and not his right," I ask getting a nod in response," So you busted down the door grabbed this bar hopping jackass and threw him off the balcony in the kitchen." I get a nod in response and Mark is starting to think and calm down as I move in front of a nervous Vicki.

"You like the attention don't you Vicki," I ask with a sinister tone and get a nod in response," You like games so much that when you make the rules you just have to rub Marks nose in it when he fails?" "He threw someone off my balcony and I had to pay damages.

Add to that that nobody would touch me because they were afraid of him," Vicki tries to defend herself but I'm not caring. "Answer my question or when I leave neither of us is ever coming back," I tell her quietly.

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"I get punished when he randomly hooks up with a girl so if he breaks the rule he should get it back," Vicki says quietly. "When has he fucking punished you," I ask exasperated. The silence between the three of us tells me more than she ever could and I can finally see some real guilt coming over her face. I start to shake my hands out like I'm trying to get blood into them and both Mark and Vicki are like scolded children and I have to remind myself to my humor that I'm the youngest person in the room.

"Vicki how many real boyfriends have you had," I ask before clarifying," Ones that were actually around for more than a month." "I guess eight since high school," Vicki answers confused. "Mark I know you've had a lot of women but how many actual relationships have you had," I ask keeping my calm.

I hear him mumble and get very ashamed, I'm not normally concerned but with Mark crying and scared instead of angry and fighting.

I try to calm him down and what I hear next honestly shocks the shit out of Vicki and me. "One. This one," Mark says embarrassed. "One, you've only been in one relationship all this time baby and it's with me," Vicki asks stunned into speechlessness. "I fuck things up and girls get pissed when I am talking with other women so it never lasts long so I never tried then we started dating and I didn't think we needed the rule with other people but I thought she was giving herself an out in case she got jealous," I hear Mark say to me but my shock is still in effect.

"Baby I like fun and you like fun too, it was just to give us some space so we didn't get jealous and bored," Vicki tells him moving over to Mark on the couch," I just wanted us to have fun together and apart." "Well that didn't fucking work now did it," I say finally bringing the conversation around to the real problem," And as of now you to are gonna make up, put on your big kid underwear and have a real relationship.

No more fooling around with other people for either of you, that shit caused this problem and it has to go." "But Vicki still wants to do a threesome," Mark says making me groan audibly. "Maybe later baby, He's right and he's got better luck with his relationship then anyone I've ever heard of," Vicki says quietly. I let them talk it out for a few and stay quiet as wounds get mended and hearts get put back together.

I get a handshake from Mark that turns into a hug and I almost need to tap out before he lets me go. Vicki chuckles a little and gives me a hug before whispering in my ear 'threesome or group sex with your girls' as a question. I calmly break the hug step outside and down the stairs as they close the door after me. I get to the bottom and send Mark a text telling him to smack her ass hard and in a few moments I hear Vicki yelp and start to raise her voice at Mark.

I don't wait for the questions as I hop on my bike and head back home. The drive is long but I'm feeling good, sex with Vicki was good and I was able to get her and Mark to settle up. I also got the Old Man to listen to me and we're still friends which makes me feel alive and happy as I pull into the driveway and park in the garage. I get inside and see all the girls are in the den with Loretta talking but all eyes are on me as I approach.

Matty gets up to ask me if everything is okay and I give her a surprise kiss and hold it till she starts to melt before breaking it. "That is for being a strong and thinking woman," I tell her getting a dopey grin. I turn to Katy and she looks confuse from her spot on the couch and I gently tackle her and force a nice hard kiss on her.

My hood gets pulled over my head and we're in the dark listening to cat calls from the rest of the girls and I remember something very important, breathing. We break the kiss gasping and I get off her letting her sit up again. "What did I do for that," Katy asks confused but happy.

"You are that hard ass bitch who knows just what to say to help me do 'everything' that makes things better," I tell her getting a playful smile. All of us start to relax and I find out they were out shopping and Loretta took them by her work and to more than a few stores.

Apparently Kori, Matty, preordered prom dresses for next year, Rachael got something very private but I have a feeling that I'm gonna find out much to my delight sometime in the future what it is. Katy went craft shopping and is decaling all of the girls new hooded jackets. Imelda went and saw her mom who is doing well but tired from too much work. I listen intently at their events of the day and remember the girl's homes they visited. "Hey when you girls were out did you meet Jackie at all," I ask curiously happy.

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Ever get that feeling that you are now going to get some bad news. As soon as I mention Jackie everyone in the room stops laughing and gets really quiet. I can tell Loretta has something important to tell me and it's been weighing on her apparently since I got here but it's Kori who moves over to me and sits on her knees in between my legs facing me. "Guy we found out today and don't get mad at your Mom, she did all she could but it's just the system," Kori explains quietly.

"What happened to Jackie," I ask as Kori takes my hands to calm me down. "Jackie got pregnant, she was facing eviction if she didn't terminate the pregnancy and instead she left the home," Kori tells me as I start to fume," We talked to the girls and she isn't with the baby's father.

He turned his back on her and she can't go back to the home now that she filed out." Jackie is pregnant; Steven got her pregnant and shut her out. It's a spark really, the fuel of my rage is already there but you take the first person to accept me down in Texas last year and you not only dishonor her by turning her away when she's pregnant but you but you leave her homeless and out on the streets? Meltdown and explosion to go off in 3… 2… 1…