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Three weeks now and Mrs.

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Lucy Harper, (43), the school teacher, was incessantly forced to submit to the gang's pitiless orders to perform. She had no choice; she had to pay her teenage son's $20,000 gambling debt or else!

At 20% interest per week! Poor Lucy had already lost 10 lbs from fear, stress and humiliation. Four times each week they forced her to debase herself by having sex with their "clients" in a luxury hotel; after school, during lunch break, after supper. She never knew when the dreaded call would come.

They had utter disregard for her feelings, her emotions. The clients ranged from foreigners like the Arab prince and the French count to a local mobster, Fat Tony.

They used her body in the most degrading ways, sometimes violently. Worse, they had gotten her addicted to a terrible drug that caused her body to get pleasure from the depravity. The pain from missing her drug dose was excruciating. Lucy's husband had refused to speak to her since discovering she had shaved her pussy and had it tattooed with a garish eye.

Not her choice; the gang did it. She was sure George believed she was having an affair. The phone rang. It was John; the student was the gang member who had tricked her son into gambling with gang money.

The gang had put the sleaze-ball in charge of her and he regularly helped himself to her "services". He was worse than the others. "Good morning Mrs.

Lucy Harper. How are you?" John was so polite. "Please, not today." Lucy begged. "Thought I'd come over and keep you company. Your son, Brian, is at soccer practice and you're probably feeling lonely. Besides, we need to discuss the loan payments, you're falling behind." John laughed. "Please, no. Just give me the drug and leave me alone.

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I've done everything you've demanded. Please." Lucy Harper was very distraught. "The loan payments; It must be almost paid off by now?" "Paid off? Are you kidding? Look here you old bag, you have to work harder. We have expenses, the drug costs money, there's sales commissions.

You're way behind! The loan is up to $25,000 now. I'm coming over right now to collect another payment. See you, honey." John hung up.

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Lucy wilted; the loan had gone up? She almost fainted. John was coming to her home! Thank god George was out of town on business. John arrived minutes later; obviously he had called from just around the corner.

Lucy was wearing the peach-colored business suit she often wore to school. John just had a red bandanna, black t-shirt and old jeans. He sneered while looking her up and down.

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"Here take your medicine and let's go upstairs. I haven't seen your bedroom yet." John shoved a cup of coffee, laced with the drug, into her hand and pointed at the stairs. Lucy's hand trembled as she downed the drink. Her muscles became weak as they walked up the stairs, John's hand squeezing her bottom. He smelled of booze again.


In the bedroom, John snickered as he opened the curtains and turned on the light. "Please. Close the curtains. My neighbors can see in. Please don't do this." Lucy pleaded hoping John would, for once, show some compassion. "Good. Let's entertain them." John looked at poor Lucy with derision as he took hold of her shoulders and yanked her suit jacket down exposing her pretty pink blouse.

Lucy just stood there trembling knowing it was no use struggling. Besides, the drug was starting to take effect; her nipples had started to stiffen. John's sneering face looked into her eyes as one hand forced her chin up so she had to look at him. The other hand softly caressed her cheeks. Gently pulling her to him, he roughly kissed her lips forcing his tongue in, pushing her own tongue aside as he callously searched her mouth. One hand now clutched her ass hard forcing her into his crotch while the other hand unzipped her skirt.

Suddenly he pushed her onto the bed while grabbing at her pretty pink blouse; it ripped right down the front. The buttons flew off.

Lucy's 36C breasts heaved in the restrictive black bra. Fear mixed with a warm sensation between her legs as the drug made her body once again start to betray her.

Grabbing her skirt he just yanked it down and off, paused to gaze at her white cotton panties then stuck his fingers in the panty tops and ripped them off too. Lucy tried to squeeze her legs together to protect her naked, shaven, tattooed mature pussy. She felt wet; the hated drug again. John's contemptuous face laughed at her as he reached down, grasped her bra and tore it off too, breaking the clasp at the back.

He ogled her up and down taking in the hard red nipples at the tips of her trembling breasts, her arms laying weakly at her sides, her pretty, smooth, bare legs ending at her hot looking, wet hairless cunt. "Lucy my sweet school teacher; take my clothes off and fuck me as if I was the last man on Earth." John sneered yet again.

As her arms reluctantly and weakly started to obey, the phone rang. "Answer it, but don't stop undressing me. Talk to whoever it is while we fuck." John seemed to get more excited.

Lucy was appalled. Answer the phone while John had sex with her!! She answered the phone, "Hello?" "Hi Honey! It's George. I've been thinking about the last few weeks. I want to be with you again." "George!" Lucy felt sick.

She had yearned for George to talk with her again, but with John here?? Oh gawd! John's tongue licked her ear as he whispered, "Undress me old bitch. Let him listen to our fucking." Lucy's shaking hands continued to undress John, pulling his t-shirt over his head, unzipping his jeans and letting them slide down. John's cock leapt up. As usual he had no underwear.

"Lucy. Are you still there?" George asked. "I, I'm still here. I love you George. I have to go now. Bye." Lucy tried to get George off the phone. John grabbed her nipples and twisted cruelly, "You don't get off that easy. Make sure he stays on the phone, bitch." His hot throbbing cock slid along her tummy toward her tits. "I want to talk with you, Lucy. What are you doing that's so urgent?" George's voice was plaintive.

"Just marking some papers." Lucy watched John's cock slip between her breasts. His hands squeezed her tits on his throbbing member. She gulped.


"You sound nervous. Is anything wrong? Something you want to tell me?" George sounded concerned. "George. I…mmph!" Just as Lucy started to speak, John suddenly thrust his pulsating cock between her lips and into her mouth. He pumped hard causing a wet slapping sound as Lucy's tongue tried in vain to push his cock out. "Lucy! What's that sound?

What's going on?" George was startled. The wet fleshy sound continued mixed with the noise of John's large balls slapping on Lucy's chin.

Just as he felt himself ready to burst, John pulled out and quickly slid down to Lucy's wet, bare pussy. He dragged the phone down too and promptly began licking her cunt making sure there were lots of loud slurping sounds.

"Lucy! What's happening?!" George called with growing alarm. John paused and spoke into the phone with a jeering voice, "Hi George. Lucy's real wet. I was just fucking her face. Now I'm eating her cunt. Next I'm going to fuck your wife's brains out.

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She really enjoys it. Here, let her tell you." He handed the phone to white-faced quivering Lucy whispering, "Say: I love the way he fucks me. Or you won't get anymore drug." John resumed his cunt-lapping. Just as he sucked on her hot button, Lucy gasped into the phone, "Uuh, ooh!

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I love the way he fucks me." All she heard was a banging sound as George slammed the phone down. John stopped licking. His fingers continued to squeeze her wet pink button causing her body to shudder as he chortled, "Gee, I hope George enjoyed that as much as I did." He sat on her tummy letting his cock again rest between her breasts as he grasped both hard, red nipples and tweaked till she cried out in pain.

He enjoyed watching the tears flow down her cheeks from her watery green eyes. The way her weeping curled her lips turned him on all the more. One hand massaged Lucy's left breast while the other repeatedly slapped the right one until both breasts were bright pink from the abuse. Lucy's erect mature nipples throbbed from John's tweaking, yet he would not stop. John dragged his balls and cock down below her tummy until his throbbing member felt Lucy's soft, smooth hairless slit.

It was juicy, wet.

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First he rubbed his balls on her sticky cunt then aimed his hard rod and slowly slid it into her defenseless pussy until every inch had disappeared. The phone rang again. John picked it up, heard George's voice and put it to Lucy's ear as he started pumping for all he was worth. Lucy heard George's voice, "Lucy, who the fuck is that?


Get them the hell out." Lucy could only respond, "Uuh, ooh! Aah, aah! Aaaah!" John's long, hard rod rammed her tender hole fiercely as the drug robbed poor Lucy of all resistance. As John's rigid shaft finally erupted, Lucy let out a final scream of ecstasy and again heard the slamming of the phone. John forced Lucy to walk naked with him to the front door, holding his sticky, limp rod.

The door burst open. Brian said, "I'm home Mom." Then his jaw dropped and his eyes popped wide. John grinned, "Hi Brian. You missed a good fuck. Bye." George flew home that night and he and Brian immediately moved out.