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Albuquerque Amateur Pornstar Ruth Pussy Rubbing on Live Sex Cam
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Most of this story actually happened to a friend of mine. The names have been changed obviously, but I thought it was so hot that I wrote it all down. I mean, this is the kind of thing that you'd only see in pornos. If anyone has had a similar experience, feel free to message me and tell me about it. It had been a long couple months waiting tables in California heat for ungrateful people, so when her mom suggested they take off to the condo for a week to unwind, Robyn jumped at the opportunity.

They had a time shared condo just across the border and her mom was usually a lot of fun.


Now that Robyn was legal drinking age, they could go into bars and clubs together, dance and karaoke and get shitfaced together. Robyn always thought of her mom as the "cool" mom. Her family always took her friends on trips and her childhood was always the portrait of perfection. Her dad was hilarious and her parents loved each other very much.

About a year ago, Robyn had gotten married and they couldn't have been happier for her. They threw the wedding on the golf course to which her dad was a member and flew all of her friends down and partied the night away. Her mom was there in the thick of it all night, dancing and drinking just like one of the girls. Of course it wasn't until this trip that Robin realized just how "cool" she was. They had been down in Mexico for only the day so far, enough time to unpack and go to the beach and as the evening hit they decided to go out to the nearest bar so they could get an early start on their relaxing.

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The bar had karaoke and a decent crowd and after a few drinks, Robyn decided to get up on stage. Her mom stayed in the audience at their table and cheered her on. As she got on stage, she noticed two guys come over to the table and start talking to her mom. It looked as though she was inviting them to have a seat and by the end of the song she looked like she was flirting with them, laughing and smiling. Robyn knew her mom was very friendly and even a bit of a flirt.

It was part of what made her so much fun to hang out with. As she approached the table she noticed that both men were in their early thirties which put them about ten year older than herself and about fifteen years younger than her mom. Both were of average looks and seemed fairly built. She sat down and her mom introduced them to her daughter and both smiled politely and said how nice it was to meet her. They seemed nice enough and Robyn quickly decided that there was nothing wrong with some harmless flirting and it would be nice to hang out with her mom like they were girlfriends.

After a few more rounds, the two men asked if they wanted to dance to which both women readily accepted.

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It felt odd to be on what was basically a double date with her mom, but Robyn knew they were both adults and both happily married. The two men, Rick and Bryce, were tourists as well and were only staying for the weekend. The conversation was becoming stale at the table, so jumping onto the dance floor was perfect! Robyn loved to dance and although her mom wasn't a great dancer when she was drunk, she could hold her own. Both guys were good enough to keep up on the fast songs and eager to get close on the slow songs.

Still, it was nice to get this much attention and Robyn drifted away in Bryce's arms not really thinking about anything, just enjoying the feeling. As they turned around, Robyn opened her eyes to the sight of Rick's hands all over her mom's big ass! He was openly groping her and slobbering all over her neck right there on the dance floor!

Her mom didn't seem to mind or maybe she was just too drunk to notice or even know what was going on. It was then that she realized that Bryce's hand had also moved down onto her butt and she hadn't even noticed until he gently squeezed one of her cheeks.

She didn't know what to do. After all, she and her mom were kind of leading these guys on weren't they? She tried to think back to any time that they had mentioned that they were both married and couldn't think of one. Wasn't it implied since she was here with her mother? Of course that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was how much her mom looked like she was enjoying it and how despite herself and her marriage, she was excited to get the attention.

It wasn't as though her husband wasn't attentive or satisfying, but still this felt good. She felt so guilty in the pit of her stomach. As the song drew to a close, Bryce attempted a clumsy kiss on Robyn's lips holding her close. She froze and accepted the kiss but tried not to reciprocate in any way. This had gone too far. As they parted, she smiled and excused herself and walked over to her mom and Rick who was still fondling her mom. Even without music they still swayed back and forth and Robyn knew then that they were both too drunk.

She tapped her mom on the shoulder to get her attention and pulled her aside much to the chagrin of a disappointed Rick. "Come on mom, we should go. I think we've both had a little too much to drink with these guys." Her mom smiled, "Oh come on yourself Robbie! We're just starting to have fun!" Robyn had already made up her mind that they were leaving and decided that even if she was going to be a bitch about it, they were going to go now.

Her mom had seen the look on her face a hundred times before and conceded. "Oh, alright. Let me just say goodbye." Running back to the boys, she said a few words and the both of them looked over and smiled. Robyn smiled back and waved goodbye apologetically. They seemed understanding and really nice about the whole thing and after hugging them each good night, her mom returned and they left. Robyn was relieved as they stumbled the few blocks back to their condo giggling like school girls.

Things were returning to normal. "Did you see Rick's arms?

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He could just pick you up in the air and…" Before she could finish her sentence Robyn cut her off saying, "Oh my god! Shut up!" and pushing her mom away. "Fuck off, like you didn't think Bryce was cute?" She looked right through her daughter.

"Yeah he was hot. He had his hand on my ass!" It was weird talking to her mom this way, but they were still drunk and this was a weird night. "Yeah? So what? Big deal!" Her mom chided her. "My little girl is all grown up now and men are going to want to put their hands on you.

You just have to behave like an adult about it." "Well I did, didn't I?" Robyn thought this was an odd conversation but she felt good. Her mom had just referred to her as an adult, even if it was with weird connotations attached to it. "And what about you?" she said jokingly, "that guy was all OVER you, mom! He totally wanted you and you let him grope you!" "You did handle it the right way.

And yes, I let him 'grope' me, but that doesn't mean I don't love your father very much!" They were a couple houses away from the condo now and Robyn was feeling like this crazy night was coming to an end. Her mom loved her dad and all was right in the world. Then it suddenly hit her… "Shit!

We forgot to pay for our drinks!" Being a very honest person, this was something she would never do and she was prepared to go right back and pay when her mom said, "Don't worry, they offered to pay.

And you can thank them yourself." What was that supposed to mean? Robyn was still thinking about it as they came up to the stairs of the condo and saw the two boys waiting on the porch grinning. What was going on now? Her mom ran ahead exclaiming, "You found it! Great, I'll give you the tour!" They entered the house. Everything was going too fast for Robyn now to even think about anything. Her mom poured drinks for them all while she just smiled to cover how pissed off she was.

Why had her mom done this? She was still wondering why her mom was doing this when she stood up and offered to show Rick the rest of the house. They walked off straight to the bedroom and left Robyn and Bryce on the couch together. She didn't want to believe what was going on, but once she heard her mom moaning in the other room, she couldn't deny it. Her mom was fooling around with a stranger in the next room! Her mind raced. She didn't want to be here in this situation, but she couldn't very well leave could she?

First off, this was HER place! Where was she gonna go? Of course she also didn't want to seem uncool and ask the guy to leave or tell him she didn't want to do anything. I mean, if this was something her mother was doing, maybe it was something that all adults did? She didn't really believe that, but she also knew that she couldn't leave her mom here alone with two horny guys and her drunk as a skunk. So when Bryce moved forward to kiss her, she opened her mouth and let it happen.

More than that, she participated! Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth. She twisted her body to allow his hands to roam all over her, from her breasts to her legs and ass, she was completely open and accessible. His hands rode up her thighs and tugged at her panties. She lifted her ass off the couch without thinking and he slid them down to her ankles.


Moving his hand between her thighs again, she parted them and allowed him into her. She was shocked at how wet she was! Working his hand against her, she moaned gently in sexual relief and lay back ready to let him please her. His fingers played with her, getting her even wetter, but she was now feeling guilty again. She was cheating on her husband and it meant nothing to her! Bryce was just a stranger. Why was she letting this happen? Then she heard her mother in the other room let out another deeper moan of pleasure.

That was why she was letting this happen. And she was 'letting' this happen as well, wasn't she? She wasn't actually doing anything aside from kissing, right? He was doing everything so far. She was just… enjoying it! Suddenly she realized that he had her dress hiked up and his tongue moving across her pussy lips gently. It was nice and sweet at first, but soon he was pushing his tongue into her and eating her out loudly and messily.

She could feel it building up inside her as she breathed harder and harder, biting her lip. She didn't want to cum! But soon it became inevitable as her body betrayed her. Before completely giving up, she heard the two bodies slap together hard, over and over again from the other room and her mother begging to cum and then screaming that she was! That was it! Surrendering to his mouth and her desires, Robyn's body shook into an intense orgasm!

Was it the guilt, the feeling of doing something bad and wrong? Was she getting off on cheating? Did she cum listening to her mom cum?

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Was that sick? Dirty? Was her mom being a whore, validate the way she was now feeling? Was she really this perverse? Most of her life she was pretty conservative and now here she was, drunk, on her back and cumming on some guy's face. Before she could even start to think of answers to any of these questions, Bryce was on top of her and pushing his cock at her swollen, sticky wet pussy lips, trying to get in.

She listened again to what was going on in the other room and she could still hear fucking.

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Her legs parted again and let him in. He was big! A full grown man, it now occurred to her that she was fucking a man in his thirties who, judging by his performance a moment ago, had plenty of experience.

Her own husband had laid claim to plenty of conquests but she had never met any of them and she had never cum like she just had! He worked himself inside her, which took a moment or two. Despite how wet she was from having just cum, he was much bigger than she was used to and it was tight. Once inside, she again let him do all the work as some kind of justification for trying to not feel guilty. What could she have done?

If she had walked out on this twisted ordeal, would her mom now be satisfying both men? Oh my god, she was getting close again! Ripping her shirt off of her, Bryce sucked at her tits as another wicked orgasm rocketed through her loins and left her panting and sweating on the floor.

She was starting to feel bad that she wasn't doing any of the work but Bryce didn't seem to care. Aside from that, with the blood pumping through her veins now, the alcohol was really starting to hit her hard and after two earth shattering orgasms she was feeling dizzy, but in a good way.

No longer caring what he wanted her to do (as long as she didn't have to do anything herself), she obliged him in every position he bent her into, ending up in doggy style on the floor. Robyn on her hands and knees in the middle of the living room floor completely naked, her head hanging down and swaying back and forth while he pounded away at her now sore pussy.

She had cum so many times it was all starting to blend together now and she just felt good and dirty at the same time, glad she was being fucked like this. She didn't usually like doggy style because it hurt a little and she felt it was degrading, but she was enjoying being degraded now. She'd earned it. As she lifted her head from time to time, she came inches away from a wine glass that sat on the edge of the coffee table.

Maybe it was the alcohol running through her, making her see things or imagine them, but she thought she had seen her mom in the reflection of the glass.

Once, it looked like she was standing in the doorway while Rick was pounding her from behind as she watched Bryce fuck her daughter's pussy raw. Another time it looked like she was on her knees and sucking Rick off, his cock looked even bigger than Bryce's and she thought for a moment that she was glad that her mom had chosen Rick because she didn't think she could handle it.

Rick had his hand on the back of her mom's head, guiding her as he watched Robyn's open sex be exposed and defiled. Maybe she was just imagining it all. It was so perverse it crossed a line for Robyn that she just wasn't ready for.

Of course she came again anyway. She felt as though she must be the dirtiest skank to think about these things, but she wasn't alone was she? By the time she lifted her head and twisted it in the direction of the door, there wasn't anybody there anymore. She could have just imagined it, but would that have made it any better?

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Her head was spinning pretty fast now and before she passed out she could hear her mom in the other room moaning again, but louder, until she realized that it wasn't just louder, the door had been left open! In the morning the two guys were gone.

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Robyn didn't talk too much with such a big hang over. In fact, she had no idea what she was going to say to her mom. She thought she might let her mom take the lead on this one. After all, if there was anything she had proven last night, it was that that's what she was good at it.

She didn't remember what happened at the end of the night, but she knew the guys were gone and she woke up in her bed with a sore ass. She guessed that Bryce had rolled her over after she passed out and kept on fucking her silly, eventually taking her in the ass.

She didn't really mind too much given everything else that had happened and if she had been awake, she didn't even know if she would have stopped him. Then again, for all she knew, Rick could have had a turn at her too, which was both sick and exciting but it didn't really seem to matter at this point.


From Rick and Bryce's perspective they had scored a mother/daughter team up, like in a porno and would no doubt tell all of their friends! She and her mom were just an urban legend now. Watching her mom make breakfast cheerfully she wondered if she felt any regrets about what they had done. For her part, Robyn wanted to be back with her husband now and completely forget about the night of debauchery.

She had to accept that her parents had some kind of arrangement or open relationship although she couldn't imagine her father doing something like this. Her mom was a slut, plain and simple and she had just learned how very "cool" she could be!