Hot mff threesome with two raunchy blondes group sex cumshots

Hot mff threesome with two raunchy blondes group sex cumshots
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Chapter 2: What a night I thought. I'm pretty sure I had more sex last night than I have had all year. As I crawled out of bed I noticed Emily still passed out sprawled across the bed. I decided to head into work early so I could go for a run. I threw on some sweats and a T-shirt, packed my bag, and headed out of the house. I haven't gone for a morning run in ages. It was a beautiful morning, and with the night I had last night, I was looking forward to clearing my head a bit.

There is a great trail right outside my work that follows the shore of a lake. Thankfully, traffic was a breeze. I jumped out of the car and started running towards the trail head.

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It was such a strange sensation. As I ran, I could feel my newly enlarged cock and balls sway between my legs. I've never felt this before. My cock head brushing my thigh with each sprint I took.

Balls hanging low and out of control.

Needless to say, this somewhat excited me. There I was, running down the trail sporting ample bulge watching the girls run by me with their eyes fixed upon it. I don't think I will be wearing briefs again anytime soon… After a solid 7 mile run, I felt great. Why did I ever stop running?

I made my way back to the office. It was still early, there were just two other cars in the lot. I grabbed my pack out of my car and headed into the office to take a quick shower and change.

One added perk to this job is that there are quite a few runners, including our CEO. A few years ago he re-modeled all the unisex bathrooms with nice glass walled shower stalls. I walked into a free bathroom, undressed myself and hoppin in the shower. As I started soaping up my torso I began to explore my new cock without any external stimulus. I wanted to feel it grow in my hands. This got me thinking to how much cum I stuffed Emily with last light. I was curious as to how much I actually produced.

My right hand grasped my shaft and slowly began to jerk my cock off. I sped the process up and willed myself to cum, aiming myself towards the glass wall a few feet away. As I cam, huge spurts of cum ejected towards the wall. As I was half way through emptying myself, the door suddenly opened. Amanda, a good friend and co-worker, also a runner, walked in on me. Soon as the door open I watched her eyes dart towards my cock. Face beet red.

She froze for a few seconds, then suddenly jumped and proclaimed, "Oh fuck! Sorry Kyle!" and promptly turned around and closed the door. This could be interesting I thought.

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Amanda is a pretty good friend, we go out to lunch and hit up happy hour a few times a weeks. She's in her early 30s and going through a divorce.

Not too sure on the details, but damn she is fine. At just over 5 feet, she's thin and toned. She has long brown hair she normally wears in a ponytail.

But when her hair isn't up, its flowing down past her voluptuous coconut sized breasts. I wash down the shower walls and dried myself off. I got dressed and headed back towards my office, mind racing. I hopped back on my computer and opened up Master PC. -- Welcome to Master PC -- Enter Subjects Name: -- Amanda Davis -- Every time you see Kyle today your lust for him will increase by a factor of 1. -- Every minute you're with Kyle your lust for him will increase by a factor of 1. -- Increase baseline sexual arousal by 10.

-- Next time use the restroom you will remove your bra. -- Once bra is removed, bust size will increase two cup sizes. -- No one but me will notice the new growth. -- -Apply- I had the biggest smirk on my face. I didn't want to just make her have sex with me.

I wanted her to long for me, lust after me, want me so bad it would drive her crazy. She knows I'm married and that I won't be easy to seduce. -- Amanda's Point of view -- I couldn't help but stare. I have honestly never been with a guy who's cock is larger than 6 or so inches. Nor have I ever seen one in person. My girlfriends are always talking about the guys they fuck and how great they fucked, always comparing sizes and stamina. I never thought Kyle had something like that tucked away.

It took me a moment to regain my posture and poise. "Oh Fuck, sorry Kyle!" was all I could get out before turning around and closing the door. I could feel the heat in my face, I knew I was beet red. Returning to my desk I continued some of my well overdue paperwork.

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I couldn't get the image out of my head. I began to daydream of me in the shower with him. How much I would love to feel my body against his. -- Back to Kyle's point of view -- Have a pretty good view of Amanda from my office.

I can see her but she can't see me. I got a little bit of my work done and decided to go grab a cup of coffee. I walked past Amanda's desk, and couldn't help but notice her blushing. Walking towards the kitchen, I noticed her standing up, following me. I poured myself a cup of brew and grabbed a glass for her.

As I poured her coffee, She couldn't help but apologize about what happened earlier. "No worries" I said, 'It happens." "Maybe we should start going for runs in the morning together" she stated, "I've been looking for someone to run with, I didn't know you ran." "Oh yeah, for sure.


Normally I'm here by around 6am if you want to join." I replied. "Coolio." she replied. "Oh, you have any plans for lunch today?" "Nope!" I said, "Regular spot at noon?" "Sure! I'll come find ya then" she said in a somewhat grateful tone. I made my way back to my office, working on some department budgeting I was behind on. Couldn't help but watch her throughout the morning, she seemed somewhat fixated on my office, constantly looking back.

As noon hit, I watched her run to the restroom to tidy up. A slight smirk crossed my face. When she returned, she walked up to my office and asked if I was ready to go. It was impossible not to notice her incredibly tight top swaddled against her firm breasts. Nipples standing proud, front and center. Damn she looked good. While we walk to lunch, I couldn't help but her slowing walking closer and closer to me.

God, I can only imagine what's going through her head right now. Walking into the bar, the bartender greeted us and asked what we wanted to drink. "Double Mojito!" amanda proclaimed! "One of those days eh?" I said laughingly, "I'll just take whatever IPA you have on tap." We continue to talk about how our week as been and how her divorce has been going.

By the time we were done with lunch and two rounds of drinks in, she somehow had slowly moved her seat closer to mine. We were as close as two horny kids at a loud college bar. As we paid, she 'accidently' dropped her credit card on the floor. The little show she put on while reaching for said card was something else. As she bent over her pants tighten up around her perfect ass, waistband dropping just enough to show the top of a bright lacy pink thong. Reaching for the card she quickly spun herself around giving me a great slo-mo view down her shirt.

Her two perfectly firm breasts bouncing side to side.

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As we walked back to the office she seemed rather getty. Parts of the walk we were practically shoulder to shoulder. Her hand wandered, slowly brushing across my crotch. I could see it in her face how badly she wanted me. Walking back into the office building, she insisted we take the elevator.

As soon as the elevator doors closed she threw herself on to me. Her warm lips met mine, attacking me. Her hands quickly reaching down my pants, feeling my warm member. I let it go on for a few seconds, but quickly put my hands on her shoulders and push her away. "I can't do this" I said, "I'm married… I have a loving wife at home. I'm sorry Amanda." Utter disappointment, frustration, and humiliation waved across her face.

"I haven't been close to my husband for months…" she said in a mournful tone. "I just need to feel what it's like once again…" "You will" I said with a slight smirk, "Just not with me Amanda. You'll find someone…" as the the elevator door opened. Quickly making my way back to my office, I looked back at her and closed the door. God this is great I said aloud. I went back to my computer and opened up the Master PC console once again.

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I typed the following command. -- You will not let Kyle leave the office until he fucks you. -- Increase natural lubrication production by a factor of 5.

-- Increase vaginal and clitoral sensitivity by a factor of 7. -- Tighten anal & vaginal walls by a factor of 5 while increasing elasticity by a factor of 7. -- -Apply- Fuck this is going to be fun I thought. I wanted to leave it up to her as to what she would try to do. How desperate she would get. It was about three in the afternoon when Amanda knocked on my office door. Without a word, she closed the door and pulled her soaking wet panties out of her pocket and laid them on top by desk.

With that, she grabbed a pin from desk and wrote, "basement, 3:30". After setting down the pin, she gave me sensual kiss upon me cheek, while whispering in my ear. "You can use me however you please, our little secret." I waited until about a quarter to four, just long enough for her start to wonder if I would really come. As I walked down the stairs into the storage room, there she was, sitting on the floor, biting her nails, waiting. As soon as she made eye contact with me, she darted up and made her way towards me.

Closing in on me, he lips pressed against mine, tongue shooting in towards mine. Her hands made their way down towards my waist. Wrapping my hands around her, she started unzipping my pants. "God I need you&hellip." she moaned reaching for my cock. "Stop" I commanded with my cock hanging out of my pants. "Undress. Now." She had her shirt and jeans off a matter of seconds, her pussy dripping wet down her leg.

"Please… Please… I need you inside me" she moaned. I quickly shoved her up against a tall filing cabinet, metal creaking as her back hit up against it. Hands cupping her breasts in the process. I could feel her wetness on my leg. "What is it you want" I asked.


"I need you… I need all of you. I need to feel you inside me. I need me to use me&hellip." she responded. I forced my lips against hers, my hand sliding down towards her warm saturated crotch. I forcefully slid a couple fingers into her sultry cunt. Letting out a moan of pleasure her teeth nibbled my lip. I pushed in a third finger, while my thumb swirled around her clit.

The room reeked of sex. I withdrew my fingers from her and forcefully turned her around and leaned her against the cold metal wall of drawers. Her hands grasping the bar pulls. Her legs spread and perfect ass in the air. I aligned my cock to her luscious lips ready for my entry. I grabbed her hips and with one thrust embedded my cock halfway within her.

Deep moans of pleasure shot out of her. "Deeper!" She yelled. Her cunt swaddled my cock in tight hold as I pushed myself further in, thrusting slowly.

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Her pussy held onto my cock like wood in a vice grips. As I increased my pace, her body trembled. "Im&hellip. Cummmming.!" she moaned. Body rattling, her pussy tightened its grip on my cock even more. The feeling of her pussy emploding around my cock made me trust as deep as I could as I unloaded my seed deep within her womb.

With Amanda still spasming, I grabbed ahold of her, shoving her to the floor. On her knees she looked up at me. I offered my still hard cock to her mouth. She devoured it like a starving child. Talking the palms of my hand around her head, I shoved her further onto me. Only being able to get about half way in, she took her hands and wrapped them around my cock, milking it with all her might. After a few minutes, i pushed her off my cock, falling to the floor banging the back of her head against the floor in the process.

I walk around her, and knelt down in front of her head. My cock protruding over her face. A twinkle of sexual submissiveness shoot through her eyes knowing my cock would soon enter throat deeper than she's ever taken any other dick. Her mouth open, welcoming my cock, I slid myself into her. I could feel the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.

Forcing her head back further, I plunged deeper sliding further down her tight throat. WIth my full length almost fully within her, I looked down surprised to see the head of my cock bulging out from within her esophagus like a large adam's apple.

I reached for her throat, seizing her as I continued to thrusting myself. Struggling for air her legs twisted along the floor.

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At that moment, I withdrew my self half way only to force myself as far as I could, slapping my balls against her face. Her clenching throat welcomed my loads as if she was compressing it out of me. Cum shot of of the edges of her mouth, dribbling out of her nose. Removing myself, she gasped for air while trying to swallow as much cum as she could.

Standing up, I gazed upon her weary body. I picked her back up, leaning her up against an old desk. "Leg's straight!" I commanded. "Let me see that ass of yours." She quickly straighten her legs, her ass reached for the sky. I reached my hand around towards her face, saturating my hand with the cum stuck upon her face. I took my cum saturated hands and slowly slid my middle finger up her ass. "God your ass is tight" I said as she squealed. "Please put it in me! I need to feel you inside me again!" As she rambled, I aligned glistening cum covered cock with her tight asshole.

Slowing pushing in, I watched as her anus stretched to accommodate the side of my head. Pushing further, her anus collapsed around my shaft. Amanda released a loud wail of intertwined pleasure and pain as her fingernails scrapes along the concrete floor. I grasped her hips tighter and begin thrusting rhythmically gaining pace.

With about 7 inches in, I withdrew my shaft, leaving just my head pinned within her. Quickly shoving as much in as I could, I held myself within her for a few seconds before repeating the process.

After a few dozen deep thrusts, with one final push I propelled my whole cock into her. As I bottomed out, my hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her up from the desk, legs dangling in the air. While still deep within her, I twisted her around my cock. My lips met back up with hers as I moved her back to the desk. With her back resting on the desk, I held her legs up. I continued to deeply push my cock into her, balls slapping at her ass.

The deep thrusts created a pronounced bulge beneath her belly button as I bottomed out. I quickly moved my hand towards the bulge to feel myself within her. As soon as my palm made contact, she looked down to see what I was feeling. "You see me?" I said with a grin on my face… "Oh My Goddddd!" she screamed!

"God I feel soo full&hellip." I release my seed deep within her once again. Her hand now under my palm, feeling the spurts of cum being released within her. The feeling of fullness, and seeing and feeling the bulge within her caused Amanda to enter a deep state of ecstasy. Violently she began to convulse.

As she trembled, I withdrew my cock and quickly re-aligned it to her convulsing pussy. As I entered her she set off another scream of jubilation causing another orgasm on top of her already prominent one.

After a few minutes of ecstasy she recovered and I withdrew myself from her. I helped clean herself up and get dressed back up. I pointed her back towards the stairwell and we made our way back up towards the office. Waddling up the stairs, she was drained both sexually and physically.