Wife getting it in her mouth

Wife getting it in her mouth
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She was not very tall. Her thigh high leather boots laced up her lean legs made her look a lot taller than her five foot two stature. What she didn't have in height, she made up in beauty. Something she inherited from her Thai born mother. She had a small oval face with dark almond shaped eyes.

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A small nose and pouty lips. Long, jet black hair parted in the middle framed her cute face. But her attitude. Her attitude was all from her American father. Strong willed, head strong and fiercely individualistic. She was used to getting her way, every time, all the time. She wore a pair of black leather high cut, bikini style bottoms. Her small breasts were covered with a black leather halter exposing her toned midriff.

A black leather cape adorned her slim shoulders.

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She stepped forward towards the kneeling female figure in front of her feet. The figure's head was encased by a black leather discipline helmet. Blindfolded and gagged. Only sign of life was the noise of the air being sucked in and out of the nostril tubes inserted up into her nose allowing her oxygen.

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Much needed, but limited oxygen. The rest of her body was covered in a tight, black latex catsuit. Her arms were encased behind her back in a single leather arm binder. Her forearms were pulled crushingly together beneath the leather enclosure.

Leather straps at her wrists, above and below her elbows, buckled tightly and pad locked, ensured that her arms would stay trapped. Another set of straps pulled under her arms, across the tops of her breasts and back over her shoulders to buckle back on to the top of the arm binder to ensure the arm binder had no chance of slipping down off of her arms.

Her shoulders ached in pain as they were pulled back harshly.

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Almost to the point of dislocating. No amount of shifting around allowed for any relief. The extreme position of her arm binder forced her to thrust her breasts outward against the latex material she wore.

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Though fairly large in their own right, a set of straps buckled tightly around her breasts at the base, ballooned them out to appear even larger than they were. A leather corset had been applied to her body crushing it several inches smaller than natural. The half cups of the corset also pushed her breasts lewdly upwards.

A leather strap attached to the bottom front of the corset ran down between her legs and pulled up to attach to a ring at the base of the arm binder. The strapped pulled tightly between her legs adding extra pressure on the base of two large dildos planted in her sex and ass.


Any slight movement by her encased arms caused the dildos to shift uncomfortably inside of her. The woman's legs cramped painfully as her feet were set into thigh high leather ballet boots with extremely high stiletto heals.

Walking would be extremely painful for the wearer as they would be forced to do so on the tips of their toes with their feet held in the en point position.

Luckily for her, she did not have to worry about that at this time as her legs were folded and fused to her thighs with thick leather straps.

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It forced her to sit on her heals with her knees spread wide as she knelt in front of the woman who had entombed her in this fashion. The Dominatrix stepped closer to her victim. The left hand reached up and began playing with the nipple of her left breast through the leather halter top as her right hand gripped the ring in front center of her leather bikini bottoms and pulled it down. Opening the long zipper exposed her sex. Her pussy was already wet with anticipation of what was to come.

She stood there for several minutes looking on at the female form kneeling in front of her. She was tugging on her left nipple all the while her right hand rubbed herself between the lips of her sex until she could wait no longer.

She grabbed a fist full of the long blonde hair protruding from the top back of the discipline helmet and yanked the head downward against the wide collar around her neck as her other hand reached behind the head and unbuckled the straps holding the gag in place.

Pulling the head backwards by her hair, she took the wide panel gag and pulled. The thick rubber phallus came out of her mouth with a plop along with a large amount of drool. She stepped over the female's right shoulder with her left leg and forced the woman's recently freed mouth against her exposed sex.

The woman's tongue slipped from her mouth and began to explore the unseen world between the lips of the pussy pressed against her face.

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She knew she had to lick without ceasing until she was told to stop. Her tongued licked long and deep as possible with each and every stroke.

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The Dominatrix rolled her hips and ground her pussy against the woman's mouth and wondered what her father would think if he knew. Would he be proud or ashamed of her? How would he react if he found out that she had enslaved her younger step sister. The daughter of the American whore he had cheated with on her mother. Producing this bastard of a child. One that will now serve her as her rubber slave until she got tired of her and then.

and then she will auction her off to serve another Dom. She didn't care if it was a male or a female that her step sister would serve as a slave as long as it was harshly.

But for now, her mind began to turn to bliss as her step sister was bringing her quickly towards an orgasm. Maybe, she should send him some photos of his bastard daughter anonymously. Yes, that's what she'll do. That will punish him for his indiscretion. He needed punishment.


Just like his slut daughter. After all, she was the Dominatrix.