Delightful babe is using blowjob to tame hunks naughty hard boner

Delightful babe is using blowjob to tame hunks naughty hard boner
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Part 1, if you like it, Ill write part 2 :) Looking back I can see that I was conditioned for this life, in fact the word trained comes to mind. I grew up in a very loving home, very protective and very controlling. I was never allowed to dress trendy or like a teenager, I was always dressed by my nanny as if I was still a child. I was most certainly never allowed to spend the night out, even for slumber parties.

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When I would ask why I was different, my parents would simply say I was being raised for better. I lived in an expansive home on the water, with every luxury imaginable. By the time I was 14 my body started to develop. I was 5' and about 95 lbs with light blond hair and green cat shaped eyes. I had always been dropped off at school by a nanny or my mother but as soon as I asked if I could go to the movies with a boy my age, my father absolutely changed the house rules.

I was to now only be driven to school by a new name driver but he was to supervise any after school activities. I quickly realized when Scott spoke to me on the field one day that this "driver" was more of a body guard.

He quickly escorted Scott away from me and not only did he not try to speak to me again, but no other boy did as well. When I became a Junior in high school I was approached by the cheer coach to join the squad, I went home and asked my father. To my surprise he said yes, with one condition.

I was to never go on the school bus to games and had to always be attended by my driver. I was so relieved to be able to have some normalcy that I agreed and was happy for the distraction. I had always been a straight A student, except for math and since I was a good girl My parents informed me that I was going to have a lavish 16th birthday.

I quickly gave my parents my list of friends I would like to attend and I couldn't wait for the big day! When I walked into my party I was thrilled and elated to see all my school friends and family. My parents had some of there usual friends from the yacht club along with some associates of my father I had never met.

My father brought me over to meet them and as I walked up I quickly noticed one of the men, he was very debonair, 45-ish with dark hair and piercing eyes. He was introduced to me, as I gave him a kiss on each cheek as I was taught, I thought for a brief moment that he smelled my hair. His name was Emanuel, he was from Mexico City and he had a strong accent that sounded more french then anything.

I went back to my friends and after cake I opened up my pile of presents. When I thought I was done, I stood up and made my rounds hugging everyone and thanking them, I went to my parents table to thank them for this unbelievable night. When I got there Emanuel was standing and my Father told me his partner had a very special gift for me, I turned towards him with a smile.

He simply held up a small box, I walked over to him and opened it. The box contained one single key, looking similar to my moms Mercedes laser key, I quickly put two and two together. He had bought me a car, this complete stranger with the menacing eyes. He took me by the hand and said he would show me himself. There in the four seasons valet driveway was the most beautiful car I think I had ever seen.

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He put his hand to my lower back and kissed me on my cheek, I said thank you sir. He very quietly whispered in my ear "Its my pleasure".

As I sat down in the car, I realized it was a 6-speed manual transmission. Emanuel had sat down in the passenger side and my father was standing outside the drivers side door. My father poked his head in and said looks like my friend will be coming over to give you driving lessons, if its not too much to ask Emanuel? No of course not, he quickly said, how about Saturday morning, we can make a day of it.

That night as I fell asleep I couldn't help but think about how wonderful my 16th Birthday had been. Saturday came very fast, I kept visiting my new Aston martin in the garage, I couldn't wait to get behind the wheel.

My nanny dressed me in a very pretty pink polo dress with green flat shoes and a green cardigan sweater tied around my shoulders in case I got cold, my hair was up in a pony tail with a ribbon. I am not sure what time Emanuel arrived at our home, but when I was dressed and came downstairs he was there with my parents having coffee and discussing something that stopped the second I came into the dining room.

I quickly bounced over to my parents and gave them a kiss, and when I got to Emanuel I stopped in my tracks "Is it time to go, I asked" I'm very excited I told him. Yes, my dear anything you want, we shall leave and not be back until you are ready.

I looked over to my father thinking he was going to have something to say, instead I found a smile on his face and he simply said "Have fun baby" When we got to the garage to get in the car I realized my driver was no where to be found, I must have looked distressed because he asked me what was wrong, I told him how my father didn't allow me to leave the house without my driver, and he just laughed and told me to get in the car.

We had a day full of him driving me around, telling me the basics, we had a picnic on the beach and watched the sunset over the pacific. I grew to enjoy my Saturdays with Emanuel and he never missed one, always spoiling his baby and he called me and when I would thank him he would always say the same thing "Its my pleasure". By the time I was about to graduate I had gotten very close to Emanuel and spent almost every moment of the weekend with him.

He always had a full agenda for us and there was never a dull moment, he even let me pick a home for him to buy, it was perfect and he told me I could decorate it. I had finished Cheer practice and asked my driver if I could please stop at Emanuel's house so I could help pick out the kitchen counters and he took me directly there, secretly I think I wanted him to see me in my cheer uniform.

As I walked in, threw down my backpack and started towards the office I think I surprised him, as he didn't speak for a moment. I ran over to him and sat down on his lap "Are you happy to see me?" I asked with a smile.

Or coarse baby, he said and then I felt something I never had before, as I did, I froze staring at his lips. I cant tell you exactly what happened next, it was all such a blur. Emanuel picked me up and placed me on his desk, he then stood between my legs and with one hand on my lower back and the other behind my neck he kissed me.

His breath was sweet with mint and liquor. For the first time in my young life I was getting wet. He kept kissing me, more and more deeply. Then he guided my body so I was laying back and with one swift movement his pushed aside my cheer bloomers and my panties.

My hairless pink pussy was being licked by his strong tongue. I let out little moans of pleasure, I didn't know what was happening to me but I did know I liked it very much. All of a sudden my body started to squirm and just then he stopped, fixed my panties and returned me to his lap, this time in a straddled position. I felt like I was sitting on a huge rock, I could tell I had excited him beyond his control. I moved forward to kiss him again and he stopped me. He simply asked me one question, "Do you love me?" Yes I said; without even thinking.

He smiled and said "Would you like to marry me?" I was shocked.

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I'm only 17, I cant get married I said. He was very serious and said, you will be 18 in two months and then you graduate in June, you will marry me in July and come here and be my wife. I will speak to your father tonight and it will all be settled. He then placed me back on my feet and said, I don't want you to play with yourself, I am the only one who can give you pleasure. Do you understand me? I nodded, still in shock. He then said he would see me in the morning for our usual Saturday date.

I was like a zombie the whole way home and that night, I could hear my father in his study and I knew what was happening. The next morning my nanny bathed and dressed me and this time I was dressed like a women, not like a girl. I was dresses in white small shorts and and very expensive top with Louis vuitton tall sandals.

As I came down my parents where there with Emanuel and I very slowly said my good mornings to them all. My father was acting like his 3 year old thoroughbred just won the Kentucky derby! My mother was the first to speak, "Oh darling, I'm so happy for you, we have so much planning to do". With that Emanuel walked over to me, gave me a soft kiss on the mouth, he had a black box and asked me to sit down, I did, and he said "I thought you would like this" inside the box was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

It looked to be around 10 carats, it was enormous on my hand and even thought I didn't say so, I really did love it. The next few days went by very fast and we where going to be married at the Hotel Del Coronado, my parents had been married there as well and my mother was in planning heaven. My driver had stopped picking me up from school and now Emanuel was doing the honors.

I was kept after class for my last period, my dreaded math class and within 15 minutes in walks my fiance to class to see what the problem was. My teacher assumed this man was my father and started to tell him how I was struggling in his class and that I hadn't turned in my homework, with this he got very close to Mr. Brown the math Nazi and said something that made the man sit down in his chair very quickly.

He took me by the hand and we walked out of there. I was very amused until I realized all my school friends where looking at me holding this 47 year old mans hand. As soon as Emanuel noticed this he pushed me up against a tree and gave me a deep wet kiss. Every time he kissed me it had the same hypnotizing effect on me. He then took me to the front of the school where his limo was, when I got into the car he took my top off for the first time to reveal my full C cup breast with puffy pink nipples.

He sucked them and nibbled them, I was in Ecstasy. When we got to his house he told me to put on my top and to walk out to the pool where he would meet me. I did as I was told, when he came out to the pool he was wearing only a robe. He walked over to the pool and let it fall.

He was very well built, I would have never know just how muscular he was when he was dressed. His olive skin only exaggerated his body, his dick was hanging down between his legs and looked to be about 7 inches flaccid, I hadn't touched it but didn't think I would have been able to wrap my hand around it. He jumped into the pool and told me to get naked and join him.

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Again I did as I was told, I was now 5'6" my blond hair was to the middle of my back, I was only about 117 lbs and my waist was tiny. I got into the pool and when I swam over to him he kissed me and took me over to the pool steps, he stood up so his cock was in my face and told me to suck him, he said if I made him cum I would taste a warm salty liquid and I was to swallow it, If I made him cum, I would be a good girl and if I did a good job I would be rewarded.

I took his large cock into my small hands and began to suck and stroke it up and down, it choked me a little and he grabbed my head and made sure I took more of it into my mouth, it tasted salty and I enjoyed playing with his foreskin in my mouth, he told me to use one hand to softly caress his balls and I did. I sucked with my full lips and used my tongue as much as possible, about 10 minutes later he started to make noise and I felt his huge cock grown in size, I felt the hot blast of cum hit the back of my throat and as hard as I tried, some of it spilled out of my mouth and fell down onto my perky tits.

Once he finished and realized that had happened he told me to come into the house, I was a little scared. When I got close to the house his maid was there with a towels, I went to reach for one since I was very embarrassed she had seen me naked and he barked an order to her in Spanish and she began to dry me off herself, she even had me spread my legs so she could dry my wetness.

He took me by the hand and lead me to the library, he touched a sconce on the wall and the entire panel slid to one side revealing a passage way to what looked like a dungeon, he lead me to a device that looked very old, all of a sudden I realized it was a medieval stockade. He told me to kneel down, and he secured me into the device. My ass was way up in the air and I was scared about what he was going to do to me.

When he spoke it was with a very harsh tone, one I had never heard from him before. He told me I was never to disobey him again, spilling his seed was unacceptable to him and if I couldn't obey my master maybe I shouldn't be his wife. He then asked me if I was sorry, I said yes and that I tried to swallow his seed but it was so much and it all happened so fast.

He seemed satisfied with my answer and told me he could trust it wouldn't happen again but that he needed to make sure I remember this and that he was going to teach me a lesson.


He went over to this wall and grabbed two things the first was a pair of nipple clamps and as he put them on me it was excruciating, My nipples where screaming and then he placed the chain in my mouth so if I dropped it, my nipples would be pulled by the weight of the chain, I felt like a dog with a toy in my mouth.

Then he walked to the back of me and with the second object he spanked my young tender ass with what looked like a ridding crop. I wanted to cry out but was scared of dropping the chain, he beat me until my ass was bright red and my nipples where raw. He then came to the front of me and told me he would let me out If I could show him what a good girl I was. He took his again rock hard cock and shoved it into my mouth causing the chain to fall and my nipples to be tortured.

Watching this must have really excited him because he came fast and hard into the back of my throat, I swallowed every last drop. He bent down and unlatched me from the stockade, when I stood up he placed me on the table and started to make out with me and told me what a hot little fuck I was going to be.

The next day was my medical examination he had demanded to make sure I was pure and able to give him sons. He would often have me come to his home and suck his off, before I knew it, it was to be our wedding, that day I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Emanuel and my father came to my suite as I was getting ready for the big day to have a little talk with me. My father started with telling me what my wifely duties would be to my new Husband, Emanuel interjected with his ground rules.

First of all you may call me Daddy, as I am in charge of you now, Secondly you are to always be available to me, and third you must bare me children, if you do not produce a son I will have to take another women. I couldn't believe he was speaking to me this way and my Father was allowing it. I was also scared because my "daddy" was going to have me all the time and I knew he was going to fuck me raw with every waking moment, part of me knew I wanted to be fucked but didn't know how much I could take.

After the reception we went directly to the airport and boarded his plane. It was unbelievable that I was a married women, his family had all flown in for the wedding and his three brothers all had young wife's too, not as young as me, but maybe in there 20's. Two where pregnant and one had just had a baby, Emanuel's father was some sort of medicine man who everyone revered, he was friendly enough.

I over heard one of my new sister in-laws asking the other pregnant one, if she had gotten the fathers "Blessing" over this child. When we got on the plane I was told to get some sleep, I put on my pajamas and snuggled up next to my husband. When we landed in France I woke, Daddy was speaking to people in french and as I got dressed he told me we where headed to our home here. I had no idea we had a home in France but who was I to argue.

When we got there he picked me up and carried me over the threshold, it was all so romantic, he took me up to our room and put me on the bed, and waked out of the room. In a moment later in came two women who didn't speak English, they started to undress me and I realized what they had been sent to do, I allowed them to undress me and they opened a huge box that had my white lace nightgown that my mother had bought me for my bridal shower and I slipped it on, it hugged every inch of my firm body and only covered as far as my nipples.

The women then went to the shelf where there was a shallow bowl of creamy liquid, I saw her dip her fingers into the bowl and she then rubbed the liquid on my virgin pussy.

In the next moment they where gone and my husband appeared in the doorway. He walked in and dropped his robe, his huge cock bounced out and was sticking straight in the air. he came to the bed and told me to lay downhe took my arms out of the straps and pulled down the front to expose my nipples. I let out a little moan as he took them in his mouth.

Then he was between my legs I could feel his manhood pressed up against my hot little hole. With a push he forced the tip of his dick into me, he chuckled and said I was even tighter then he expected, and how much fun he was going to have braking me in. As I held my breath in anticipation he kept pushing, even with the lube the women had put at my entrance it wasn't going to fit.

Just then he told me to bend over and get on all fours. I bent over and he stood at the edge of the bed, again he try to force his enormous dick in my virgin pussy, this time he didn't care if he hurt me, he was going to fuck his wife.

He was pushing harder and harder so he could get it in me inch by inch, finally he reached my barrier and gave it one more huge fast push as he popped my cherry, I let out a scream and my pussy clenched down hard on his prick. With that he started to really fuck me hard and told me to reach down and play with my clit, he told me good girls get to cum and bad girls get spanked.

As he kept pumping me, the sharp pain got a little better and became more of a dull throbbing. Playing with my clit as his huge cock defiled me was becoming more enjoyable. My body started to jerk and I realized I was about to have my first orgasm. I was screaming at the top of my lungs I felt like my body was going to explode, and my husband said, you ask permission before you cum you little whore, not wanting to get spanked I forced myself to say "Please daddy, can I cum?" yes, he said, cum all over my dick.

I came so hard I couldn't hear anything for a while. My little cunt was spasming hard and all of a sudden I felt my Daddy fill me up with a heavy load of sperm, he didn't stop fucking me, he told me to cum again, he was using one hand to rub my clit and kept pumping me hard with his cock, My body started to shake and he said Cum my baby, cum for daddy, you know you want it. I did want it, I came so hard I couldn't breath. He rang a bell and the women came back in, they used water basins to clean me up, I was full of blood and sperm and they put me in a fresh nightgown that wasn't wet.

I feel asleep fast, curled up next to my daddy. Several times through the night I was awoken by his large dick pumping me full again. The next morning I was so soar I could barely walk.

Daddy chuckled and said if I thought that was bad, wait until he shoved his entire cock inside me tight baby hole.

He later told me for the first 4 months of our marriage he was only fucking me with about half his length (9 1/2 inches). My days where filled with gardening and riding the horses, sometimes I would go into Paris to shop for a pretty dress. My daddy kept me on my back a lot and he said my pussy was so tight he could fuck me all night, which he almost always did. A few of my school friends came to see me on there Europe backpacking trips and it was nice to see familiar faces.

Within 5 months I was pregnant, My breast swelled to DD and I had a tiny perfect round belly. Daddy was very pleased and would fuck me even more because he thought I looked so hot, he would come in the shower and fuck me from behind then he would take me to the bed and put me on my side, he went in so far it still hurt when he pumped me hard, but he liked watching me squirm.

When I was 4 months along he took me into Paris to have a sonogram, it was a boy. As soon as they told him, he was on the phone with his Father, since he was speaking spanish I have no idea what he said.

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When he got off the phone he said we where traveling to recieve a blessing for the baby, to his parents estate in Mexico City. His father instructed him not to have me, because its not that good for a boy to have so much sex, and that after the blessing he would let him know when he could start having sex with me again. In a way I was relieved, it would be my chance to finaly heal, he hadnt ever left my young pussy alone, in fact I dont think I had ever slept a full night since we where married.

The next morning we flew out, I could see the look of hunger in Daddy's eyes. We landed at the airport and where met by a no less then 100 people all family wanting to catch the first glimps of the American blond who had married into there family, and was giving them a boy. I was happy to see his parents they where so kind to me. There home was in sorts like a compound, it was huge and full of life with the smell of food cooking and festive music playing.

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I was shown to our room and there was a huge copper bath there waiting for me, it felt good after the long flight. When I got out I used the rose oils that had been left for me and dressed in a simple white strapless guaze dress, I couldnt believe how large my tits where know that I was pregnant. When I went back into the bedroom daddy saw me and he came over and kissed me passionatly while he rubbed my ass and practicaly picked me up off the ground.

Just then his father called for him in Spanish and he said it was time for my blessing. I was expecting for daddy to come with me but he put my hand in his fathers and said it had to be done alone, I thought this was very strange but went along with it. We passed through a large carved door into a cave like santuary the air was cool and it was very nice to escape the heat. He asked me to lay down on the table and he removed my sandals, he said some words in spanish and poured warm liquid over my feet.

Then he asked me how I had been feeling, I told him I felt fine but that I had been very tired. He wanted to know how much sleep I got a night, now at this point I didnt know if I should be honest or if I would get punished when we got back home. Just then I felt my father-in-laws warm hand on my shoulder, its okay he said, you can trust me.

I told him everything, every last detail, it felt good since I have never told anyone until now. He then put my sandals back on, told me to go to my room and they would bring me food, he said he wanted me to rest and that when I woke in the morning he and I could start our work, he assured me I would no longer be disturbed.

Emanuel came into my room to say that his father needed me there for a couple of months to make sure our son would be safe and since he had buisness in the middle east, this would be a good time to get that done before coming to get me and take me home to the states where we planned for our son to be born.

I kissed him goodbye and slept like a baby. The next morning I woke up, bathed and headed down to start my work. My father-in-law told me to call him Poppie like his other children did, I agreed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, I thanked him for being so understanding and told him I was very happy to be his daughter. We entered the cave again and I jumped up on the table, when I did so he asked me to get naked that he was going to massage me. By now I was a little horny from not being fucked so much so I happily took my dress off and my panties, I think poppie was surprised to see I wasnt wearing a bra.

He was staring at me, and I asked him if there was something wrong. He cleared his throat and said he was going to enjoy his work with me. I got on the table and he started to rub me with oils that smelled like all kinds of flowers and some that where warm.

He was very carefull not to miss anything, I even spread my legs for him so he could have a clear view of his new daughters hairless and very young slit. His fingers glided over my pale flawless skin and I found myself wanting him to touch me like my daddy did. I turned my head to the side and just then I caught a glimps of his manhood in his soft linen pants, My husbands penis was clearly hereditary! Just then he asked me to stand and bend over the table, as I did he rubbed my lower back and with the slightest movement I found his hard cock pressing up against my bare ass.


I reached behind me and touched it with my small hand, he pulled his pants down so his hot dick was right at the level with my ass. He bent me over the rest of the way and I felt his finger rubbing oil onto my virgin ass, his thumb started darting in and out of me and it felt so good I wanted to cum.

Just as I thought he was going to stop he spread my ass cheeks and very slowly inserted his 68 year old cock into my young virgin 18 year old ass. He got it all the way in, it wasnt as long or hard as my daddy's but it was much thicker and very good. He held it in place so I could get used to the new intruder and then when he felt me push back a little he started to pump slowly, it was unlike anything I had ever felt.

He reached down to a little cubbie in the table and got out two toys one little virbrator for me to hold on my clit and the other he shoved in my very wet pussy, he must have known all along he was going to fuck me up my ass. He had filled every hole and now was reaching around me to play with my perky tits and squeeze my nipples, he pulled me back so he could find my full lips to kiss, his old tounge was hungry for fresh meat.

With all of this I begain to cum harder then I had ever in my life, it felt amazing and being pregnant was making me so horny. As I came he did too, his load was so big that it took about 2 minutes for him to empty into my tight ass. When he pulled his dick out of me, cum ran down my legs. He told me to sit back down on the table, and he pulled his pants up like nothing had happened. He asked me if I was planning on breast feeding his grandson, when I told him yes, he said we would start toughening my nipples and we could continue my blessing tomorrow.