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The Chiefs' Daughter Ch.3 By Jax_Teller We heard on the police scanner that Dales' truck had been found and there was now a search on for Him. The sheriff was going on the presumption that after he wrecked the truck he'd stumbled in his drunken stupor into the woods to avoid the police finding him drunk. The police couldn't figure out why he would call the sheriff and then flee but they were calling him armed and dangerous and evading detection.

As the day went on the search trickled off and by the end of the day it was called off all together. That was the last we heard of Dale Johnson, there was speculation from time to time but nothing ever came of the rumors.

The next few weeks went by as usual, quiet during the week and rowdy as we allowed on the week ends. Janis and Clair moved their belongings in to my place and we settled into a routine. The sex was great and having two wonderful young women around made me feel twenty years younger. Having momentous gushing orgasms became the normal for me, and the girls loved it. I finished Janis' tattoo butterfly and started tattooing other people regularly.

I had missed that part of my artistic life, cash, grass or ass for tattoos had always been my motto. Some folks donated and others gifted me smoke in exchange for their tattoos and I had all the ass I could handle. All in all life was as good as it gets. It all worked out so I could afford inks and disposable needles so no one ever got any infections from my rigs.

One afternoon while drinking ice tea in the hot afternoon sun I caught a glimpse of the female folk giggling among each other. I knew something was up and it was directly in relation to the tea being served. If I didn't know better I'd think they'd peed in it.

I raised my voice and asked Mona what was up with the tea. Mona was the camp queen, and pit bull boss, she was like a busy body desk clerk at a motel, directing every one that didn't have their own sleeping quarters to what was available.

Mona was 3rd generation Comanche and often acted as though the Comanche Nation was still alive and she was their queen. The truth was she was lucky she'd found her way to camp or she'd probably be in jail somewhere. All the females started to giggle and laugh so Mike stepped in and demanded an answer. Mona confessed to adding a few herbal ingredients that would boost the male orgasmic out put.

Suddenly light bulbs of realization went off all around the table followed by smiles. There were no complaints and a few of the women who were not a part of the collusion thanked the ones who were.

The subject was dropped as quickly as it had come about, but from time to time a couple would peel off from the table and return later giving appreciative looks to Mona. The fluid flow of the camp seemed to have erupted into happy bliss as the evening turned to night. It was a rough area to live in but the sunset views were worth it. As the weeks went on since the girls had moved in with me, I noticed more and more Clair's' penchant for inflicting pain and Janis' great pleasure at receiving.

One day while we were sexually playing around Clair started to get rough with my cock.

I shut her down and made it clear that I did not enjoy receiving pain. Later Janis went to visit her father, Chief, I sat Clair down and I asked her if she'd like to experiment with CBT.

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She admitted that she would, and I told her that I knew of a guy who maybe into it. I asked her if she would like me to set it up for her. She agreed bouncing uncontrollably like a child so I called my friend Wild Willy.

I told Willy that I had a friend who was interested in seeing his trunk and guaranteed him that he would have fun.

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He was eager to meet up and I asked him if he'd like to come over to camp the next evening. He said sure enough and I told Clair of the plan. She asked me what I meant by his trunk, so I told her that he had a cock the size of a horse. She feigned the realism of my statement until I explained how real it really was.

I told her how he had to boost his blood pressure to even get it fully hard, but when he did, it would get 18 inches long and as round as a beer can. I told her how when I had done his nipple tattoos his cock got stiff enough that Willy had to adjust himself before I could continue. Willy also was known to bet people as it the size of his cock, which most people would bet against it being as big as he claimed and loose.

Willy got his nick name Wild Willy because he would show his cock off and do outrageous things with it. When Janis returned Clair filled her in on Wild Willy and her sadistic plans for him. Janis was interested to see if it really was true about Willy's size. I told her it was and she shimmied some at the reality of it. Clair asked her what was the big deal, no pun intended. Janis confessed that she'd only had two penises' in her life before me and neither of them were much bigger than her finger, holding it up.

She went on about how her cunny was sore for days after her first encounter with me and how she thought I was well above average.

I corrected her assumption that I was anything above average. Janis went on about how she'd seen others that were large but none that much larger than mine. I told her that Willy had always had issues because some women would profess to want his cock, being so big, but couldn't go through with sex after seeing it in reality. It was those women that fueled his willingness to show it off before getting involved with anyone. Even when a woman did take his cock it was usually a one time thing.

From her responses and body language Janis seemed to like the thought of how a much bigger dick would pleasurably hurt her. Clair said it would be interesting to torture a dick that big if it is really that big. I smiled to myself knowing the girls were in for a large surprise. Clair was younger in age and physical size but had a dominant sometimes mothering mentality beyond her years when it came to Janis.

Janis was the bigger physical threat both in size and trained fighter, but Clair's attitude was very mature and commanding which was in of itself could be dangerous. It was interesting seeing the dynamic between the two of them blossom.


They worked well as a team,and we three spent the rest of the evening in bed making love. There was no fevered fucking, no slamming it home, just tender moments of loving. Deep long kissing, gentle probing and prolonged powerful orgasms followed by blissful sleep as if we three had one orgasm together. The next morning I lay awake along side the two of them and thought how great my life was with them.

It was also at that moment I remembered how fragile life is and how easy it has been to fuck it up. I decided in my head right then that I would have to be more in control when Willy came over. I didn't want anything to fuck up my living arrangement. It was a quiet morning around camp, and I was feeling stress as if there was a storm about to rip my world to shreds. Janis and Clair were excited talking about Willy coming over, there wasn't any trepidation at all, which eased my stress. Willy rolled in around two in the afternoon his loud old Harley puttering to a stop as several folks went to meet him before he even dismounted the Iron Horse.

As we all sat around the table, people came out to meet Willy. Some knew him, others had only heard of him and his antics so it was a good time to hang out. Willy was hard on the eyes and couldn't get laid with a pocket of pardons in a womens prison, but his trunk had allowed him a niche that got him laid. After dinner I asked Willy to come check out my new tattoo gear, the girls recognized I was just getting him alone for them and followed a few minutes later.

Willy and I were in the Tattoo studio when the girls came in and I asked Janis to see her tattoo. She took her tee shirt and shorts off and jumped naked in the chair spreading her legs over the arms of the chair. Willy looked at her as she rubbed her mound exposing her butterfly. Clair stood beside her and rubbed her nipple until it got hard and then leaned down to suckle on it for a minute. Clair stood up looking at Willy and said so I hear you have a pretty cock.

Willy looked as if he'd never been so offended before, his cock had been called a lot of things but never, not even once, had anyone called it pretty. Clair went on to say that she'd like to whip it up to it's full potential.

Willy must not have not gotten laid in a while because he perked up, dropping the look of offense, replacing it with pure lust. Willy said well I am not so sure about whipping it, but he could whip it out. I don't think Willy got that he was the meat, and the girls were hungry she wolves going for it.

Clair said well whip it out and see what we can do with it. Willy didn't take but a minute and he was undressed, removing his underwear when his trunk of a cock flopped out. Clair said well that is a big fucking cock you got there, standing a few feet way looking it over. Janis slipped out of the chair right to her knees in front of him. Clair raised her voice and said don't be rude, suck that big cock you little fucking tease. The words were barely out of her mouth when Willies cock head slipped in Janis's mouth.

Clair stepped in and kissed Willy on the mouth and reached his nipple ring, twirling it around in her fingers.


Janis was working slurping and sucking cock, pumping it with her fist, it obviously wasn't hard, but it filled her mouth. Willy broke the kiss with Clair and asked for the tic tac box from his pants pocket. Clair reached over and retrieved it handing it to him. It was obvious it wasn't full of tic tacs but little blue pills that rock hard, angry going for hours cock, were made of. He jiggled the box until one popped out into his hand and Clair said there's two of us so take another big guy.

Willy looked like he'd never been told what to do before. He did as he was told and she handed him a glass of Whiskey to wash the pills down. Clair said good boy as she grabbed Janis by the hair and forced her mouth down on Willies cock until she gagged and then repeatedly fucked his cock with her mouth.

As Willies cock began to stiffen Janis began to seriously choke. Clair pulled her mouth off his cock, and asked Willy If he would like to play. I thought Willy answered too quickly but as long as he wasn't gagged he could say when he'd had enough. Clair asked me if I would Video this session and I said sure enough.

Willy said he'd like a copy and Clair smacked his cock and told him to only speak when spoken to. She told him the word Stop was the word to make her stop if he needed. He said yes mam and she said good boy. Their roles established Clair started gathering things from her bag.

She put a small pillow behind his back and tied his hands behind his back behind the chairs' back. She bound his ankles together, to the foot rest of the chair. I thought to myself how the chair could have many uses. In the position she'd tied him his dick was very exposed. Clair pulled a smaller diameter rope from her bag and began working around his balls, tying a figure eight first and then circling until his balls were separated from his body by several inches.

As she worked around him, Janis sat back watching in fascination rubbing her clit. I was surprised at how Clair and I worked in unison, never getting in the way of the other. Clair tied the tail piece of rope around his balls to his ankles putting a tensioner in line and tying the rope taunt. If Willy moved too much his balls would be pulled uncomfortably tight.

Next was a device that resembled a spider of sorts that Clair opened wide and attached to the glands around the head of Willies' dick head. The device looked evil and as she attached it Willy struggled slightly until the rope around his balls pulled tight. I could see his cock getting harder with every movement.

I'd seen Willy's cock hard before, but it seemed to be fuller and harder than ever before.

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It was larger around than Clair's fore arm and as long. With the device in place she twisted a small metal knob on top that caused the "legs" to close tight around the head of his dick.

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Willy winced but remained still as Clair lightly touched his cock with her finger tips, running from his balls to the device and back. It almost looked like she was playing a piano as she worked his monster cock.

Willy wasn't complaining but was in obvious pleasurable pain. Clair exteriorly seemed focused acting deliberately, was moving like a cat in heat, scratching and mewing around his monster trunk of a cock.

She used her finger nails to scratch up and down his cock like a cats scratching post. He was loving it until she slid her nails over his tightly tied balls. If he could have I am sure he would have lifted out of the seat to avoid her nails. She asked if he liked that, to which he said yes mam, an appropriate answer, which Clair said good boy once again and lightly slapped his balls causing him to jump as much as he could.

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His movement caused the tether to tighten pulling on his balls even more. Clair called Janis to help her and they began licking, kissing, sucking on his cock from each side top to bottom and back. Each of them holding one of his nipple rings as they worked his cock twirling them and tugging on them occasionally.

Willy was tensing and slightly relaxing as he got closer to coming, with every time he tensed one of the girls would lightly bite the shaft of his cock. Clair removed the spider device for the head of his cock replacing it with her mouth. She tried to get her mouth to take more than the head of his cock in but couldn't. As soon as her mouth popped off the head of his cock Janis tried to get his hard cock in her mouth but couldn't either.

They both took a hold of his cock and began rhythmically stroking his cock. Willy's reaction to pump his cock, was met with the tether catching and tugging tight.

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The girls started kissing each other over the head of his cock while stroking in unison. Running their mouths up and down his shaft to meet their hands stroking him, they kept it up until it was clear he was about to come. Clair pointed his cock at Janis as he started squirting come, hitting Janis in the chest with enough force to splash as it hit her.


She let go of his cock and started rubbing his come around and over her tits pulling remnants of come to her mouth and then going back for more.

Clair grabbed his balls and released the tether and began pulling on the rope tied around his balls causing them to swirl around as he trust the last few drops of come out. Clair licked the last few drops of come from the head of his cock, making a show of licking her fingers clean also. Clair went around to Janis and kissed and licked the come off of her tits stopping for kisses and come swapping. They released the ropes restraining Willys' hands and then his feet. They each took a hand and helped him to his feet, his cock still semi hard bobbing freely around.

Willy asked if he could speak and Clair said yes this scene is over as she slapped his ass. The girls came over to him giving him a hug, when they broke the hug, I turned the camera off. I said so who wants a beer directing everyone to the living room.

I passed out beers and then connected the camera to the TV and played the raw video, I had just finished recording. Willy was amazed telling us how he'd never seen his dick like this and how he understood now how scary it could seem. Clair asked him if liked being controlled, and he said yes mam and the pain? and he said oh yes mam.

Janis said it was interesting for her because she's always been submissive, but enjoyed helping Clair control Willy and could see herself being dominant given the right person probably a male. We sat and talked throughout the video commenting on the different perspectives of how it played out.

When the video finished, I pulled up the surveillance video feed from the Tattoo Parlor and we all watched it. Most people didn't know I had cameras in there but it helped me prove that no one was coerced into the tattoos or was under the influence during the tattooing.

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Having the video from the parlor also helped me keep safe tattoo practices. I also had cameras around the outside of the mobile home one of which was pointed at the parking spots outside. As the evening got late Willy got a call from one of the members of the MC he belonged to and then had to go in a hurry. The girls and I went to bed after he left roaring off into the night and each of the girls took turns riding my cock until they came, each helping out the other.

I came as Janis was coming and Clair pulled my cock from Janis and took my large hot load in her face and tits. They really enjoyed having come on them as it gave them more reason to be licking on each other. As I began to drift off to sleep I wondered what the next day would bring.

I was happy this day ended with no problems, happy my girls were drifting off to sleep at my side. Still I could not shake the feeling that something was wrong some where in the world that would come to our little spot of heaven. But for now life was as good as it gets.

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The End of Ch.3