Getting fucked on a boat and cumwalking in front of the captain

Getting fucked on a boat and cumwalking in front of the captain
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Kristin Matthews was a 19 year old sophomore at a large university in California. She was 5'7" tall, with brown hair and gray eyes. She lived just off campus in an older complex of townhouse apartments. On this particular Tuesday; she had attended her normal schedule of classes followed by a lab. After the lab; she had met several of her girlfriends at a nearby restaurant/bar the group hung out at. After some food and chat; Kristin excused herself from the group to go home and study for Semester 1 Exams that would be starting tomorrow.

She wanted to do well the next 3 days so she could enjoy her Christmas break next week with her family in Virginia. Reaching her door; Kristin unlocked it and went inside. She placed her bookbag on the chair; removed her literature book from it and carried the book with her upstairs. Tossing the book onto her single bed; she removed her black loafers and nudged them under the bed.

Her hands lifted the thin soft white sweater she was wearing and her fingers unclasped the latches on her bra. She now removed it leaving the sweater in place. Feeling the urge to pee; Kristin went into the bathroom; lifted her short gray and black plaid skirt; pulled down her red panties and proceeded to drain her full bladder. That felt so much better! She now returned to the bedroom and turned on her stereo to a local rock station. Kristin rolled her sheer black thigh hi stockings down to just above her knees.

Taking her book in her hands; she crawled stomach first onto the patchwork quilt that covered her bed and kicked her stocking clad feet straight up into the air. As the sound of the rock music filled the room; Kristin was engrossed in her review of the material.

She didn't see her attacker enter the room with a white nylon cord stretched between his hands. He pounced upon the unsuspecting young woman and wound the cord tightly around her throat. Kristin fought with all her might as the cord cut into her lovely throat. She tried to free herself but her attacker was just too strong.

Her lungs burned as she tried to breathe but couldn't get any air. Kristin thought, "this can't be happening to me". Her head was throbbing and an eerie dizziness set in.


She began to weaken and her fighting subsided. The attacker kept the cord tight around her throat as the young woman lost consciousness. Once she was still; he removed the cord from her throat and stood beside her her. Grasping her left pony tail and left thigh; he rolled her over and checked for a pulse.

Finding a pulse; he also observed her chest rising and falling. She was still alive! Good! Taking the cord he had choked her with; the attacker tied Kristin's right hand securely around the wrist to the left headboard post.

Removing 3 other cords from his pockets; he tied her other wrist to the right headboard post and her ankles to the footboard posts. Straddling Kristin's unconscious body; he lifted her sweater to reveal her firm young tits. Grasping both nipples between his fingers; he pulled them upward until the breasts were stretched tight against Kristin's weight. Letting the nipples loose; he slid down until he was between her legs. Pulling a short pointed knife from his belt; he lifted Kristin's plaid skirt and stared momentarily at her red bikini panties before cutting each leg opening and pulling the garment off.

The attacker pressed the crotch to his nose and inhaled deeply before tossing them aside and staring at the exposed crotch of his victim. Her young pussy was bald. With her shapely legs spread; he could see the pink folds of her womanhood and could feel the warmness of it as he touched it.

Unsnapping and unzipping his black jeans; the attacker pulled them and his undershorts down. His long hard dick now unleashed; he positioned himself above Kristin's delicious young cunt and thrust himself inside. Kristin's pussy was tight and dry and it was somewhat uncomfort- able to him at first.

Although she was not a virgin; she had only had intercourse on two other occasions in her young life. Kristin's attacker began to pump her helpless pussy.

He began to pound her luscious hole harder with each downward stroke. He could feel his excitement building as he raped the unconscious coed.

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But suddenly; Kristin began to awaken. Her left leg jerked and then she opened her eyes. Kristin was staring into the face of her attacker and immediately recognized him as Ted Buranski; the bartender at the restaurant/bar she frequented with her friends. He had asked her for a date several times but she had refused because there was something strange about him. Kristin felt the tearing pain as he continued to pound her pussy. Her mouth opened to scream but all she could utter was a gurgling gravely noise.

The strangulation had taken care of that. Kristin realized she was bound and that her struggling was of no use. She turned her head to the side and tried to convince herself that it would be over soon. Seeing his helpless victim awake seemed to spur Ted on even more. Realizing he was close to orgasm; he slowed his strokes slightly for a few moments to prolong his pleasure.

Knowing the moment had arrived; he thrust deeply into Kristin and shot his hot sticky load into her aching pussy. Wave after wave shot into her. She lay there thinking " I hope he doesn't get me pregnant". But pregnancy was the least of her worries. Ted removed his long hard dick from Kristin's throbbing pussy.

He slid up on to her chest. She turned her head to look just as Ted positioned his dick, covered with his cum and Kristin's blood, directly in front of her mouth. His right hand produced a knife and he told her to "suck it and I don't want to feel any teeth." Kristin had no choice but to comply and began to suck the disgusting organ; almost choking on it as Ted rocked back and forth with pleasure.

Ted abruptly removed his dick from Kristin's mouth and got up off the bed. He walked to the bathroom and Kristin could hear him peeing in the commode. To her disgust and horror; he now returned to the bedroom stroking his big dick with his right hand.

He crawled back between her legs and thrust his hard rod into Kristin's pussy again. As he pumped the helpless young woman; his hands encircled her throat. Kristin struggled to breathe and to free herself but it was not to be.

She was weakening rapidly; her face was turning deep purple again and more blood vessels in her once lovely gray eyes began to burst. Kristin's last thoughts were of her family in Virginia as her body died and her eyes became fixed in a death stare.

Ted continued to press his fingers around her throat until several minutes later; he shot his load into Kristin's well used but now dead pussy. Withdrawing himself from her once more; he untied her arms and legs from the bedposts.

Grabbing the corpse by her left ponytail and left thigh; Ted flipped her over onto her stomach so that her virgin asshole was in view. The crack of Kristin's shapely ass was sticky with his cum that has leaked from her pussy. He lubricated his right forefinger and thrust it inside to try to loosen her up. Withdrawing his finger; Ted retrieved the bed pillow from the floor and a cushion from a nearby chair.

He positioned Kristin's corpse on top of the pillows so that her lovely ass was elevated. Kristin's body didn't feel any pain as he crawled up behind her and thrust his fully erect organ through her virgin asshole into her rectum and began to stroke it in and out.

Ted pounded his rod up her ass until he came and then crawled off. He rolled the corpse off the pillows and onto to her back and stood and stared at his handiwork. A truly lovely young woman indeed! That would teach her not to refuse Ted Buranski!

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Suddenly Ted was jolted back to reality by the ringing of the telephone on the nightstand beside the bed. On the other end of the line was Kristin's father in Virginia. She was his only daughter and he adored her and was looking forward to having her home for Christmas break. Little did he know that Kristin would be coming home in a coffin.

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After a dozen rings; he decided she was probably with one of her friends and hung up the phone. He would try again tomorrow. Ted decided he better get out of here. He went downstairs to the back door; slowly opened it and looked to see if he could see any one watching.

Observing no movement; he quickly slipped into the nearby woods and back to his place. Kristin was his first victim but she would not be his last.

Meanwhile; Kristin's lovely young corpse lay cooling and stiffening on her bed. The next morning; Kristin's friend Danielle came by at 8:30AM to walk to exams with her. She couldn't understand where Kristin was. Repeated ringing of the bell and knocking did not get Kristin to the door.

Her car was parked in front so where could she be. Thinking Kristin might be ill or injured; she got the apartment complex manager to open the door and they went in. Calling Kristin's name as they went through the downstairs; they received no response. They went up the stairs to check the bedroom and bathroom. Imagine their horror as they entered the room and saw Kristin's almost nude corpse with thighs wide apart on the bed.

Danielle began screaming and then fainted. The apartment manager broke her fall as she went to the floor. He then immediately dialed 911 before carrying Danielle downstairs and placing her on the couch. It was only a matter of minutes before the first police arrived. He briefly talked with the manager and then went upstairs to check the crimescene. Shortly thereafter the place was abuzz with police and medical personnel. The coroner arrived and was escorted upstairs. He began his preliminary examination of the victim.

During the examination; he rolled Kristin's corpse over; his gloved hands inserting the probe of the digital thermometer into her side to get her liver Temperature. Recording the temperature; he turned Kristin over onto her back again.

There was no doubt as to the cause of death; strangulation. Also it was obvious that she had been sexually assaulted.

Lots of dried semen on her crotch and thighs. Kristin's body was now placed in a black body bag and transported to the morgue. Her autopsy would be performed early the next morning. Meanwhile; detectives were interviewing the apartment manager and a revived but distraught Danielle. Later that night; Kristin's parents were notified that their daughter was dead. Shocked and grieving they made arrangements to fly to California. Upon arrival at the morgue; Kristin's body bagged corpse was placed in one of the drawers.

Early the next morning; she was removed from the drawer and the bag and placed on a steel examination table. The coroner removed the white sweater that Ted had left pushed up above her breasts; the short skirt that was bunched up around her waist and rolled her nylons down and off her feet. The coroner was alerted that Kristin's parents had arrived; so he covered the naked corpse with a sheet up to and covering her breasts.

Her arms were placed on top of the sheet and another short sheet was placed over her head and upper body. Now her parents were called in to make the official ID. Fighting back tears; her parents walked up beside the corpse. Lifting the sheet; the coroner exposed their daughter's cold pale bluish-purple neck and face to their view. Kristin's father barely retained his composure but her mother immediately became nauseous and had to be helped out of the room.

Once the parents were gone; the coroner uncovered the corpse again. Samples were taken of the sticky contents of mouth, vagina and rectum as well as the dried fluids on the other parts of the corpse. The Y- incision was made and Kristin's internal organs were examined. Kristin's scalp was prepared and the saw was brought out to remove the skullcap for an examination of the brain.

Once the coroner was finished; the skullcap was replaced and the scalp was sutured back in place. The Y-incision was sewn up and Kristin's corpse was released to a local funeral home to be prepared before it was flown home to Virginia for a funeral and burial.


Kaufman's Funeral Home was owned by George Kaufman. He and his son Ron were the morticians/embalmers. George was recovering from heart surgery and still was not back at work. Ron transported Kristin's corpse from the morgue and placed her on the slab. Ron had always been turned on at the sight of pretty dead women and his father had no trouble talking him into entering the business. This one was very pretty even with the sewn up Y-incision. Ron felt his penis stiffen as he bent over and kissed Kristin's pale cold slightly parted lips.

His gloved fingers caressed the nipples of her breasts and then he placed both hands on the breasts and squeezed them gently. Sliding his hands down to her bald pubic mound; he gently spread her shapely thighs apart and caressed the lips of her cold dead pussy with his gloved fingers. One of his fingers slowly parted the inner lips and slid inside.

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Ron's erection had turned into a raging hard-on and pre-cum was leaking from the tip. He pumped Kristin's dead cunt with his finger as his other hand rubbed her shapely thighs. Removing his finger; he dropped his pants and shorts; pulled out some lube jelly and coated his penis with a glob before also lubing Kristin's gaping hole. Ron crawled up on the young coed and positioned his dick just touching the inner lips.

He slowly entered the young woman's corpse until he was fully inserted and began to slowly but gently stroke in and out. His hands savored Kristin's body as if she was alive. In Ron's excited state it did not take long for his climax to occur. Wave after wave of his hot sticky cum shot deep into Kristin's young dead pussy as his body shuddered with pleasure.

Some time later; with his desire and lust now satisfied; Ron climbed down from the luscious corpse and proceeded to wash away the evidence of his act. He proceeded to arterially embalm the body and placed the fillers in the throat and nose. The eyeballs were removed and replaced and the eyelids and mouth sealed. Venting/draining tubes were inserted up the young woman's vagina and rectum and the ends were plugged.

Kristin's corpse was dressed in a black lace bra and matching french cut panties. A pair of sheer black lace top thigh hi stockings were rolled up her shapely legs and into place and black high heels placed on her feet. Her favorite dark blue mini-dress was positioned and zipped into place. Ron now carried Kristin's corpse to the silver coffin her parents had picked out and placed her inside. Using a photograph they had provided; he styled her hair and applied makeup and lipstick and jewelry.

Stepping back to look at his work; she looked really beautiful. Kristin's parents were called to view their daughter and gave their approval of Ron's work. She looked like she was sleeping. Ron had done excellent work.

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Kristin's coffin was transported to the airport and placed in the cargo hold of the plane her parents were returning to Virginia on. Kristin was going home to her family for Christmas although not in the way she had wanted or imagined.

The Matthews family Christmas this year would be a very somber occasion. As the plane carrying Kristin's parents and her corpse lifted off the runway; Ted Buranski already had his lustful eyes on another coed.

Time would only tell if her fate would be the same as Kristin's. THE END