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Jackie turned and began to scale the wall for the short climb to the top of the rock ledge, ocean water dripping from her skin. Amber and Will exchanged a smile, squeezed each other's hand, and stole a quick kiss before they gripped the rock and headed to the top.

Jackie pulled Amber up the last three feet, hugged her again, and kissed her gently. She took Amber's lower lip into her mouth and bit softly on it, as not to hurt her. She broke off the kiss and leaned forward to whisper in Amber's ear, "You were a good girl today, and you will be rewarded—maybe more than once." She squeezed Amber's butt cheek with her hand and it made her giggle.

Will had crested the edge of the rock ledge in time to see the kiss break off and the butt squeeze. "Hey," he said to them, announcing his presence.

Jackie stepped in front of him and threw her arms around his neck. "I'm so happy we met you Will.

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You turned out to be much more than we bargained for. I'm not so sure you are as naïve as you claim. Please accept my apologies for slapping your dick so hard earlier today." And with that, she pulled herself against his body and kissed him, with her tongue playfully tickling his upper lip. "What?" exclaimed Amber. "What did you say?

When did you slap his dick?" She looked directly at Will, "You never mentioned that to me." Amber had to be careful, attempting to question her Mistress. "It's not important," replied Will. "Yes it is important." Jackie intervened. "Amber, I was explaining to Will that there are rules, and the rules need to be followed.

I wanted to make sure I got my point across. You were a good girl today and followed the rules. You know one of the rules is 'nobody fucks without my permission,' and you obeyed that today. I'm proud of you." "You're not her mother! And you can't tell me who I can and cannot fuck," Will protested. "You're right, I'm not her mother, but she's my Sub, and therefore she lives by my rules. You can go off and fuck whoever you want, but you will not fuck Amber, or any other of my girls, without my permission.

Or you will be punished, by me." "I never agreed to your rules." "But the girls agreed. Don't worry about it. I'll grant Amber permission to fuck you if I think she deserves it. She's a good girl, my favorite, and I enjoy giving her what she wants.

She already told me she likes you, and that was before you gave her that orgasm with your mouth. I bet now she wants you even more." Jackie was looking in Amber's eyes when she said that.

Amber looked away and felt herself blush. "Thank you Jackie, that's very kind of you to say. I like Will… a lot, and he and I will follow your rules." "See," Jackie said, "Amber agreed to the rules for you. You've got it made, that and your outstanding performance today.

Guess what Amber? I walked up on you both as Will was sucking on your nipples. I saw the way you were arching your back, and knew you were deep in pleasure. You two were so sexy down here, I just had to watch you. And then I had to touch myself." Both Amber and Will froze, a little startled. They were trying to comprehend Jackie's last admission. "Was it good for you? Watching us have sex?" Amber asked slowly.

Amber knew that her Mistress liked to watch her and the other girls, but could not recall Jackie ever masturbating while she watched them. "Come here sweet angel, I want to hug you while I tell you about it." Amber entered Jackie's embrace. Jackie was almost panting, trying to keep her breathing steady.

Amber starting kissing Jackie's neck and pushed one of her bikini triangles to the side, exposing her nipple. She began twisting it between her thumb and finger, stopping to pinch it lightly. Jackie told her story, while getting very sexually aroused. "I knelt down up there to watch… you know how much I like to watch you… and you two had no idea I was there.

My pussy was dripping wet and I had to pull my bikini to the side so I could touch my clit. I was so turned on, I thought I might make myself cum before your orgasm. Luckily, I went soft and slow, and I made it so we came together.

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If I had cum before you, I told myself, I would have had to punish you tonight. It wouldn't have been your fault, I was just so turned on, but a little punishment would have been required. Oh, my sweet angel, you were wonderful. I imagined what your body must have been feeling. I thought I could feel every lick Will gave you on your clit." Jackie was trembling in Amber's arms.

Between recanting the story, Amber's kissing on her neck, squeezing her firmly erect nipple, and the wetness forming again on her pussy lips; she needed to lie down before she fell down.

Amber slowly lowered her Mistress to the ground. She was still concerned that she had inappropriately questioned her, and wanted to put the act of disobedience firmly in the past. "Would you like to really feel what I felt, Mistress? Do you want to feel my lover's tongue?

His lips too. licking and sucking on your clit?" "Oh yes… Amber, I want to feel it. When I masturbated up on the ledge, it was so powerful; I squirted everywhere. It was a huge release for me.

It has been so long since I've squirted like that." Jackie's eyes were closed as Amber laid her head in her lap. Amber motioned to Will to join them on the ground. Will had heard Jackie's story and Amber's offer for him to please her. He knelt down next to Jackie. "Mistress, can my lover remove your bikini?" "Yes, yes, he has my permission." Without hesitation, Will used both hands to pull off Jackie's bikini bottom.

While Will was certainly partial to Amber, Jackie's body was near perfection. She had the best ass he had ever seen, tightly packed in to her bikini, and now he was staring at her gorgeous bare pussy. Jackie's inner labia were much larger than Amber's, and protruded well beyond the outer lips.

Her clit had a thick hood that extended to the top of her pussy, permanently separating her lips. It truly looked like a flower.

And now, a dripping wet flower. "Mistress, can my lover lick your pussy?" "Yes, he can lick me the way he licked you." At least Will had his board shorts on now to protect his hard cock from the rocky surface.

He laid down between Jackie's legs. Jackie's wet pussy smelled wonderful, and while similar to Amber's scent, it was smelled stronger of sweet musk. Will started just as he did with Amber, inserting his tongue at the bottom of her wet lips, and he began licking up to her clit.

He gently pushed her legs wider apart so he could get his tongue in deeper. Jackie was softly moaning, and had pulled Amber's mouth down to her exposed breast. Amber was using her mouth on Jackie's nipple to do her part to pleasure her Mistress. Will put his lips over Jackie's clit and sucked it all the way into his mouth and rubbed his tongue back and forth over the hood.

"Ahhhhh… right there baby. Lick me good right there. Do it soft… make it last." Will backed off and began licking the wetness that was oozing from her pussy. He liked the taste, maybe not quite as much as Amber's, but he liked it nonetheless. He could feel Jackie tremble as he licked on and around her clit. He was thinking about how Amber's body reacted to the licking he gave her, and wondered if Jackie would react in the same way.

He regretted not inserting a finger into Amber's soft, inner folds, and thought he would try it with Jackie. Amber had pulled off Jackie's bikini top and started sucking on her other small, pink nipple. Jackie had very sensitive nipples, and Amber knew how to work them for maximum pleasure.

Jackie's heart was pounding in her chest, and her breathing was very shallow. It had been a long time since she had let others take complete control of her pleasure. In her role as Mistress to her posse of girls, she typically directed every action that was performed on her body. This was definitely out of her comfort zone. She was lying there on the rocks being devoured by these two—and one of them was a man, who had yet to be under her control.

How long had it been since she let a man eat her pussy? He ate her like he was hungry for her, not like her girls, who were trying to do exactly what she directed them to do to please her, whether they wanted to or not. Her mind almost drifted away from the tongues devouring the most sensitive parts of her body. She was asking herself, right in the middle of this sexual encounter, do I only get off by dominating my girls and making them do things to me they probably wouldn't do on their own?

Or do I get off from the actual stimulation? Fuck, Jackie thought, don't let me screw this up in my head. Will and Amber want me… just relax and enjoy it. It was at that moment Will slipped two fingers deep into Jackie's dripping wet pussy. "Whoaaaa… what are you." Jackie cut herself off.

She thought; don't take charge of this--just let them do what they want. It all feels so good and I know I'm going to have another huge orgasm. Will's fingers located Jackie's G-spot on the inside of her pussy and he was rubbing it softly, but she wanted him to stroke it harder.

Just keep your mouth shut, she thought to herself again.


It's fine, they are definitely going to make you cum. When he started to finger Jackie, Will had repositioned his mouth on the top of her pussy. He figured out that he could use the pressure of his upper lip to pull her hood back, and directly expose her very swollen, sensitive clit, to the tip of his tongue.

He was alternating between fast, soft, sideways licks, and slower upward strokes with a little more pressure. He felt Jackie's muscles trembling with a little more force. It was the start of what would be a major contraction throughout her entire body that would culminate in her orgasm.

"Oh Will," Jackie said breathless, "Your tongue feels so good, but I'm not ready to cum yet. I can feel your fingers inside of me… just don't make me cum." Will ignored her plea. He thought; I'm going to show this bitch who's in charge. What the hell, she slaps my face and dick and threatens to punish me. I'm in control of her orgasm and she's going to cum when I make her cum.

"Will, it's sooo good. Please don't make me come yet. You feel wonderful. My pussy is so hot and wet. I just want it to last." Will didn't stop his intense, ever changing motions, licking directly on her clit.

Jackie was moaning louder and every so often, the muscles in her ass would clinch tight, and then relax. Will wondered if this was Jackie's way of holding back her orgasm.

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He didn't realize it was all part of the build-up to her climax. "I'm… not… ready… to… cum… yet…" Jackie spoke each word between strained breaths. "Don't… make… me… cum…" Amber, who was listening to Jackie's direction, and accustomed to following her Mistress's orders, had stopped sucking on Jackie's nipples, and was gently holding them between her thumbs and fingers. If Jackie didn't want to cum yet, Amber was going to obey her command.

"Please… don't… make… me… cum." Jackie's pleas were barely audible because she was completely breathless. "Will," Amber said, "she's telling you she doesn't want cum yet. Back off a little." Will ignored Amber's comment as Jackie's ass muscles had contracted and not released. He noticed her stomach muscles had begun to contract too. "Will, you have to stop!

Mistress Jackie doesn't want to cum yet," Amber pleaded. Fuck that, Will thought to himself. She's cumming and she's cumming now. Simultaneously, Will pushed his two fingers hard up onto Jackie's G-spot, pinning it against her pubic bone, and licked the top of her clit with a faster stroke of his tongue. When he let out a deep-throated growl with his mouth on Jackie's pussy, she felt it in her entire body.

That was the moment Jackie's orgasm started. "No Will!" Amber tried to push Will's head away from Jackie's pussy, but she couldn't budge him. Jackie was holding her breath through the first three contractions.

Then she screamed, "Ahhhhhhh… Fuuuuuck!" Jackie's orgasm was just beginning. Two more huge contractions and then the squirting started. Will felt the pressure on his fingers as Jackie's vagina clamped down firmly on them. He slipped his fingers out, and Jackie's hot cum sprayed all over his chin, neck and chest. Will was using his tongue to keep pressure on Jackie's clit, but he was careful not to move it very much on her super-sensitive little bud.

"Ohhhh… I'm cumming! I'm squirting again! Will, get out of the way! Ahhhhh…" Jackie was lost in the pleasure Will gave her. Her earlier voyeur experience was just the needed foreplay for this insanely intense orgasm. A man had taken control of her sexually, and had given her one of the best orgasms she had in recent memory.

Jackie's contractions slowed, then finally stopped. Will lifted his mouth off of her pussy and got up on all fours over Jackie's body.

Her cum was dripping off of his chest on to Jackie's stomach. Jackie had yet to open her eyes, and was not aware of the dripping liquid. "Oh, Mistress Jackie, I'm so sorry Will made you cum when you told him you wanted it to last.

He didn't mean to… he just got caught up in the moment. He's sorry." Amber was very concerned about the consequences of Will's failure to obey Jackie's commands. Will gave Amber a very confused look, and mouthed the word, "What?" Amber pleaded again, "We are very sorry Mistress Jackie.

Next time we will do better. Please forgive us." The sound of Jackie's heartbeat in her ears had just begun to subside, when she heard Amber's apology. She opened her mouth to respond to Amber, to tell her it was OK, that the orgasm was mind-blowing, and it just might have been that way because Will refused obey her. But suddenly, she realized there was no way she could say that to her best Sub. That could ruin the whole relationship they shared. "Mistress," Amber started another apology, but Jackie, still with her eyes closed, held up her hand to stop her.

Jackie had to get her thoughts together, and quickly. But she was still light headed from her second squirting orgasm of the day. She needed to buy herself some time. Without opening her eyes, she spoke to them. "Yes, Will, you failed to obey me. Amber, even though you tried, you failed to stop him before my orgasm. I'll give you some credit for easing off my nipples.

I know you are always trying to be a good little angel. I want you both to go sit at the edge of the lagoon while I decide your punishment.


Face the water, and I'll call you back here in a few minutes. Will had been looking at Jackie's body. He was watching the redness fade away from her chest as it started to return to its bronze, tanned color. Her pussy lips had started to shrink back to their normal size, and there was a noticeable puddle between Jackie's legs. Her nipples had gone soft, looking like small, puffy, pink drops atop her round breasts. Will was thinking to himself, how do her nipples stay so pink when the rest of her tits get so tan?

He thought about asking her when Amber stood up and took him by the arm and began walking towards the lagoon. Jackie opened her eyes, just a small squint, when the two had walked away. She sat up on her elbows, and then propped herself up on her hands. She looked at the puddle of liquid between her legs and smiled. She looked over at Amber and Will, to make sure they were facing away, and she wiped some of her cum off of her wet thigh, and put her fingers in her mouth.

The juices she squirted tasted different from her normal pussy juice she released when she was aroused. It was a little less earthy and not as sweet, but she just wanted a taste to remind herself of what she had done. She squirted two times that afternoon. As unbelievable as it was that she made herself squirt, a man she never had sex with before made her do it too. Glancing over to make sure they weren't watching her, she then inserted her middle finger in her pussy.

It was still very slippery, and she lifted her finger up to touch her G-spot. "Ouch!" She flinched as she touched it. It was still very tender from the hard pressure Will put on it, likely the cause of her squirting orgasm. Her finger was coated with her juices and instinctively, she put it in her mouth to clean it off, as if the taste would help her decide on the proper punishment for her disobedient lovers.

She thought to herself; how can I punish Will, he was incredible to me and Amber today. But if I don't act accordingly, Amber will not understand my lack of discipline, and that would not be good. She obeys me so well; I can't let her think that Will could ever get away with being disobedient.

I need to craft what appears to be a punishment for her and Will, and yet, secretly, give them both a small reward for the pleasure they made me feel. "I'm sure as hell not going to let her punish me," Will said after they sat down. "I'm not her Sub like you." He realized that sounded like an insult, and wished he hadn't said it.

"I mean, you and her are in a relationship, and I'm only in a relationship with you, and we don't have any rules." "Will, if you want to be in a relationship with me, you will have to follow Jackie's rules, that's the way it is." "But I only want to be in a relationship with you—not her." "Yeah, well, you should have thought about that before you licked my girlfriend's pussy.

I'm with her, and you're with me, and you should feel lucky to be with us. It's a very secure relationship. Just do what she says. A lot of her punishment can be painful, and I know I do not want her to punish me.

I've never seen her punish a man, so I don't know what kind of pain she might inflict on you." "I wouldn't know either," Will said, taking Amber's hand.

"This is all new to me." Jackie had the ability to be one mean Dominatrix, but she did truly care for the people that enabled her to live out her fantasies. Then the idea hit her. To punish Will the way she would like, he would need to be at her house, chained up in the "play-room", where she was completely in charge.

So, as the reward she promised Amber and Will for their sexual performance she observed, she would allow Will to come to the house. She knew this would thrill Amber, as Jackie had always denied any male from entering the girls' domain.

The caveat, and the punishment for Will, and to a degree, Amber, was that Will's dick would be locked in a cock cage while he was there, and blindfolded, so he wouldn't be able to see the nude girls in the house, and what she would be doing to him.

Jackie found herself panting again, and blood flowing into her clit, as her mind raced with the thoughts of having a real man in the house for her and her girls. Her brain was full of ideas of new and different tortures and pleasures, that under her direction, a young man like Will could inflict on her Subs, and they on him.

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Jackie stood up and put her bikini back on. As she tied the straps around her back, she called to Will and Amber, "Hey you two, I have made my decision." They both got up from where they were seated at the edge of the lagoon, and quickly walked back to where Jackie stood.

Amber was smiling at her Mistress, and Will stood with his arms folded on his chest, waiting for Jackie to speak. Jackie had a big grin on her face, and knew that her delay in addressing the two of them was causing a little anxiety to build. She glanced back and forth at each of them, keeping eye contact as she did. She couldn't help but think, these two people were beautiful examples of a young man's and woman's, fit, sexually charged body, and they were hers to do with what she pleased.

It was a powerful feeling, one that she relished in. "OK, I promised a reward for the little show you two unknowingly put on for me, and I'm going to give you one. Amber, you are permitted to have Will over to our house tonight." "What!" Amber screamed in delight while jumping with both feet off the ground, squeezing her hands together in front of her chest. "Really?!" "Yes, Will is welcome to come over tonight." Jackie looked at Amber's expression and realized this might have been the best reward she had ever given her favorite Sub.

Amber hopped in the air twice to reach Jackie, and proceeded to give her a huge bear hug. Jackie loosely put her arms around her appreciative Sub, and patted her on the back. Amber then put her arms around Jackie's neck and kissed her hard on the mouth. "Mistress, you are so good to me. Thank you." Seeing who he now considered to be his girlfriend, Amber, this elated, made Will smile too. But his thoughts immediately raced off into what the possibilities might be later that evening.

Would he have these two girls to himself all night? How many times would he be able to cum and get hard again for them? His heart was pounding in his chest. Amber released her embraced on Jackie, and walked over to Will, took his hand in hers, and squeezed it tight.

He hadn't known this girl for very long, but he could see in her eyes, the happiness she felt in her heart. "Will," Jackie addressed him, while you are welcome to be in house with the girls and I tonight, I will have to put a cock cage on you for their protection, and quite frankly, yours too." "What's a cock cage?" Will asked Jackie, and then switched his glance over to Amber.

Amber shrugged her shoulders, but kept holding his hand. Jackie replied to the question. "It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a stainless steel cage that I will lock over your cock and balls, and I will keep the key.

It is so you can't go sticking your cock wherever you want when you're in our house. I am in charge of when, if, and where that happens. And by the way, while the cage is somewhat larger than your dick, you will want to avoid getting an erection with the cage locked on you. I've been told it can get very uncomfortable." Will was frowning. "Well, I pretty much think I'll be getting an erection if I hang out with you two, and I have no interest in clamping something on my dick that is going to make it hurt." "Maybe next time you will listen to me when I tell you not to make me cum.

I just wanted you to make me feel good for a little bit longer. You have a very talented tongue, and I wanted the pleasure to last.

If you don't agree to wear the cock cage, you will not be able to come to the house." Will opened his mouth to respond, when Amber blurted out an answer for him. "He'll wear it Mistress Jackie. He will. He wants to come to our house, and he knows you are in charge.

Next time he'll obey your wishes. He's new to this lifestyle, and he'll learn." Before Will could speak, Jackie accepted Amber's answer. "Good. Let's say around 7:30 tonight. Amber, give Will directions to the house while we walk back to the Cove. Will, you are not going back into the Cove with us today. I'm sure the girls are wondering where Amber and I went off to, and we certainly aren't bringing you back with us." Jackie looked up at the cliff, to the spot where she sat watching the two of them, and felt a small pulse in her clit.

She told Will, "When we get back up on top of the cliff, you need to find your way home from there." Jackie turned and led the way, walking on the rock ledge back to the Cove. Amber and Will stood still for a moment, until Jackie had moved out of hearing distance. "Amber, I don't know about this cage thing on my dick.

I want to be with you, more than anything in the world, but not wearing something that's going to hurt me." "Will, it'll be OK. It's just a little punishment for your failure to obey Jackie. I'm sure if you do what she says tonight, she won't make you wear it for long.

Jackie's punishment is usually swift; rarely does it drag on to become true torture." "But sometimes it must or you wouldn't have said that." Amber stared at the ground, fighting the memories of the torture she endured when she returned to Jackie's house after spending the night elsewhere with a man. It was early on in their relationship, and apparently she hadn't been totally clear on Jackie's rules. After having been chained up, naked, for two days, and disciplined harshly with a cane, whip, and paddle, on various parts of her body, Amber never wanted to break any of the rules again, and so she frequently erred on the side of caution.

"Will, everything is going to be fine. You are the first man that Jackie has invited to the house since I've been with her. That has been three years. Come on, after that orgasm you gave her today, I'll ask her if you can make love to me tonight. I want you inside of me. I want to feel your body on top of me." Will's imagination immediately went in to overdrive when he heard Amber's desires.

His dick sprung to life with each beat of his heart. He reached over and put his hand on Amber's butt as they walked.

That made her glance his way, and after making eye contact, she looked at his board shorts, and could see the bulge that was there. She put her hand on his downward pointed dick, and gave it a small squeeze through his shorts.

"If Mistress Jackie hurts you with her cage, I'll just have to kiss you all over until it feels better." Again Will's imagination took off, relishing the thought of Amber's warm, soft mouth engulfing his dick. He wondered whether she would play the submissive role with him, and would she obey his commands.

Will's sexual experience was somewhat limited, and he felt his dick begin to shrink when he questioned himself if he knew enough different sexual moves, to actually be able to direct Amber. Maybe it would best if he let her lead for a while, and followed his instincts from there. Jackie had found a small footpath leading up to the top of the cliff. "Come on you two," she yelled back at them over her shoulder. Amber and Will picked up their pace, and caught up with Jackie as the three of them reached the top.


"Will, you need to find your way home from here; Amber and I are headed for the Cove. Hopefully we will see you later tonight." Will smiled at both of them as he stepped forward to give Jackie a kiss on her cheek, then turned to Amber and put his lips on hers and held the kiss. Amber ran her hand up Will's muscular back until her fingers ran into his hair at the base of his neck. She twisted her fingers in his hair and pulled firmly—not to pull him away from the kiss, but as a precursor to what might lay ahead for them that evening.

"See you soon," Will said after he broke off the kiss. "Good bye," said Amber. "Bye," added Jackie. Will turned and followed the narrow path, uphill, away from the ocean. He didn't know where it led, but wherever it came out onto a road in his neighborhood, he would be able to find his way home.

It was after 5:00, and he thought he might have time for nap, before he had to shower, dress, and drive to Amber's. He knew he was going to have to keep his imagination in check if there was any chance he would fall asleep for a nap. The girls were making their way along the cliff, headed back in the direction of the Cove. They walked for about two minutes, neither of them speaking. They each were deep in thought; Jackie about the great orgasms she had that afternoon, Amber, wondering what it was going to feel like to make love to Will.

"What about Anne and Kim?" Amber said breaking the silence. "What about them?" asked Jackie. "Where will they go when Will comes over tonight?" "Where will they go?" Jackie repeated. "They aren't going anywhere. They can have fun with Will too. You know we share everything in our house. Why wouldn't we share Will?" "I don't know. I thought just you and I would share Will. They don't even know he exists." There was more than just a little sadness in Amber's voice.

"Amber, I know Anne and Kim have not been with me as long as you have, but they are very obedient girls, and like you, they follow my orders. They have given you a lot of pleasure, and they both perform their household duties very well. As you are aware, there has not been a man in our house for more than three years, and I cannot send them away the first time we have a man over.

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They both are younger than we are, and have very little sexual experience with a man. The four of us have great sex with each other, but I don't require any of you to give up men. Until today, I haven't let a man touch me sexually in over a year, and it felt really good. You, Anne and Kim need more experiences with a man so you can decide what you like. I mostly like women, but there are just some things a man can do better. I am going to use Will to teach you three more about sex with a man.

He is sexually attractive in many ways, and is perfect for what I have in mind." Jackie and Amber returned to the Cove just after Jackie finished her explanation of Will's role in their lives.

She failed to mention to Amber that with what she intended to do with Will, it might bring about the end of their relationship. Will would be tested physically, and Amber would be tested emotionally. Jackie thought if Amber stayed obedient throughout Will's training, she would let her lick Will's wounds, as long as she kept it a secret from Anne and Kim. That thought caused Jackie to smile. The conversation continued on in Jackie's head.

"Ha! Amber will be licking his wounds alright; she'll be licking his wounded cock. Even I have to laugh at that." Jackie saw that Anne and Kim had put their bikini tops back on, and packed up their beach bags.

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They were chatting to each other next to where Jackie's towel was laid out. "Come on girls!" Jackie shouted to them. "Let's go home. We have a visitor coming over tonight and we have some work to do to get ready for him!" Anne and Kim glanced in each other's eyes.

Did they hear Jackie correctly… a man is coming to the house? They were not about to ask their Mistress for more details, not without likely being punished for it.

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Instinctively though, they each felt their pulse rate quicken, and a slight tingling in their pussies. Amber really wished she could tell her girlfriends all about Will, but she knew that would upset Jackie, and that was not the way she wanted the rest of the evening to start out.

Better to keep her mouth shut, and keep her Mistress, whose mood was extraordinarily pleasant, happy with her Subs. Amber thought to herself, maybe Jackie should take a break from having sex with girls, and let a man satisfy her for a while. At the time, she failed to realize how accurate her prediction would turn out to be.