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Gay porn share fresh faced raw teens an awesome duo
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Not really erotic chapter but hopefully it will get interesting. Michael Shae had just graduated from college and was excited to be starting his new job. He had landed it even before he graduated and it was finally his first day. He graduated nearly 4 weeks ago and had moved into a single bedroom apartment downtown with the money his grandfather had left him. It was quite a spacious apartment with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, and even a small dining area Michael had turned into a workspace.

There were only 2 apartments on his floor, and the other one was empty. When Michael woke up that first Monday of his work, he had already laid out all his clothes and had packed everything and was ready to go. A rather prominent publishing and advertising company had hired him. Thanks to his high GPA in his art and design degree, and strong recommendations from his professors, he was a rather hot commodity when companies began hiring, which meant a high salary for him.

Alexis Publishing and Advertising was one of the most prominent publishing companies in America although it had only just begun not more than 20 years ago. Michael had even landed an interview with Alexis Grey herself and apparently, she was pretty impressed with him, she hired him on the spot.

Michael had been in New York all of last week training and getting up-to-date with company policy and rules. He had been issued his company work laptop and tablet, together with tons of other benefits which Michael was really impressed with.

Michael had been assigned to work at the Alexis branch in Springfield, Illinois. It had just opened at the start of the year, so it was still relatively new. When he parked his car, he took a deep breath and told himself that he would try his best to fit in, and that he would be doing something he loved.

The office was on the top floor of a small office building not far from Michael's apartment. When he walked in with the employee card he was given in New York, it seemed that the office was empty. He said a loud hello but there was no answer. He said hello again and began walking into the office. "Oh, hi there, you must be Mr.

Shae. I'm Camille Woods, manager her at Alexis Springfield," a lady, in her mid-thirties as she walked out of a room into the main office area, holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee in her hand. Michael extent his hand to shake her already extended hand.

"Just Mike will do," returned Michael, "pleasure to meet you." "Please, follow me," Camille ordered as she turned around, leading Michael into another room. It was her office. Camille asked him to sit and she sat behind her desk. "So, you're the new guy. HQ said some really good things about you," Camille said, taking a sip from her cup. "Thanks," Michael replied, putting his bag down. "Well, you must be asking yourself why the office is empty, right?" Camille asked.

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"Yeah," Michael laughed, "where is everyone?" "Well, even though HQ says we have to be in by 8 in the morning, I let everyone come in at 9. There isn't much work to do anyway. Most of the state's work is done is Chicago, not here.

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In fact, I'm not sure why they assigned you here." "For experience?" Michael guessed. "Maybe, anyways, there's only 4 other people working in this office, well, now five I guess," Camille laughed. Michael found her rather strange. She seemed awkward and reserved, but Michael didn't say anything.

She was still his boss. Michael took the time to look at Camille Woods. She was an African-American woman with short, black hair, which was obviously straightened. She was short but was wearing heels. She had a beautiful hour-shaped body, with a slim waist and equally beautiful breasts and bottom.

Just then, a young woman walked into the private office. "Ah, Nicole. This is Mike. He's the new guy, could you please show him his work station and also the office?" Camille said, almost heaving a sigh of relieve. Nicole put some papers on the Camille's desk and extend her hand. "Hi there, I'm Nicole, Ms.

Woods' assistant. Well, I'm like everyone's assistant. There are only 3 other designers, and now there's you, so you can ask me to do anything really." "Hi Nicole, I'm Mike, nice to meet you," Michael said, picking up his bag and shaking the hand. They walked out of the private office and Nicole headed for her own desk.

She put her stuff down and told Michael that she would show him the office first before showing him his work station. "So, this is my desk. If you need anything, I'm usually here.

All the printers and photocopiers are in this corner," Nicole pointed out, next to her desk, "if you need to print anything, just save it in the office folder and you'll have to print it from this station." Nicole had brought Michael to as standing work station.

She showed him how it worked and they printed a test page. Next, Nicole showed him where the toilets were, pointing out that he would be the first employee to ever use the male toilet. Michael was surprised that he was the only male employee. He asked Nicole about it and she said that all the other designers were female. Michael was working in an all-women's environment! "There are showers in there, so if you ever need to shower, go on right ahead!" Next, Nicole brought Michael to the meeting room, which had a large conference table in the center with seats all around.

"Ms. Woods has daily briefings at 9 in here. If you're not in here by 9, you're fucked." "Ok, thanks for the heads up." They left the room and Nicole showed Michael the balcony and the stairs to the roof were.

"I'll show you the cool stuff now, but before that, let's stop by your work station." Nicole said, leading Michael to the main office area. She showed him his desk and told him to look for her at her desk when he was done setting up.

Michael smiled as Nicole returned to her desk. It was an open office plan and Michael had a pretty nice view of the city. He sat down and set his stuff up.

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His computer was already personalized. He then slumped back in his chair and heaved a sigh of relief. As Nicole Adams walked back to her desk, she could not help but feel her body burning up.

Mike was such a good-looking guy. He clearly had well-toned muscles, even under his shirt she could see that he had a nice body. He had a cute face and perfect black hair with dark eyes.

He was clean shaven and walked like a real man. Nicole had not been with a man for nearly 3 months. Ever since her high school boyfriend cheated on her, Nicole hadn't had a man inside her. It had been a year since she graduated high school. Her parents were school teachers, so she decided to work a little while, to save up for college. She wanted to be a designer, graphics designer, but needed to earn some cash first.

When she sat down, she could not help but feel a burning need to touch herself. She could not kick Mike out of her head. She wanted him to hold her, to grab her and to have his way with her. Nicole closed her eyes and imagined herself being fucked by Mike's strong hands. Just as she was about to slip a hand down her skirt, Mike called her name.

"Nicole, I'm done setting up, shall we continue?" "Yeah, yeah," Nicole said, getting up. She showed him the storage room and the supplies room. Next, she brought him to the pantry, the room Michael had seen Michelle come out of in the morning. It was a modest room, with a table and a few chairs. "You can use the fridge and the microwave, but you have to label everything," Nicole explained, "we usually order food in or bring food from home, so we usually eat together." "That's cool, I don't usually cook so I guess I'll have to go out to eat, unless you guys order in." "Yeah, but I usually go out too," Nicole found herself saying, "Maybe I could show you all the good places." "Yeah, of course." "Ok, now I want to show you the really cool stuff," Nicole said, walking out of the pantry.

She led Michael to a small door near Michelle's office. She pushed it open and Michael followed her in. It led to a hallway with a flight of stairs at the end. They both headed up the stairs and found themselves in a large open room. "This is the staff lounge. We usually hang out here during breaks, before work or after work, you know, whenever." Michael was stunned.

It was a beautiful room. It had a beautifully varnished wooden floor, with modern art hanging on the walls. There was a couch area, with a huge LED television and in the corner of the room was gym equipment. The center of the room was dominated with a pool table.

There was even a bar at the end of the room. "This is super cool," Michael found himself saying. "Yeah, and Ms. Woods always lets you use it, but you have to make sure you finish your work first.

The coolest thing about this place is actually behind that door," Nicole said, pointing to a door near the gym equipment. Michael walked over and opened the door, pushing it, he found himself in a sort of changing room, through a very small one. Nicole joined him in the room. There was another door. Michael pushed it opened and found himself in a jacuzzi room, with a huge tub in the center. "The designers use it on Fridays, to relax after a week of work," Nicole explained.

Michael was stunned beyond words. his professors had told him that the working privileges at Alexis were good, but he never expected this much. They head back downstairs and to the meeting room. It was nearly 9 and the meeting room was already filled with the other designers. There were 3 of them, all of them women.

Michael introduced himself and they returned the introduction. There was Dana, Emma and Chloe. All of them has graduated a year before Michael, and were just a year old in the company. Michelle began her briefing that morning with introductions again, informing Michael that he would be working under Dana for the first few weeks.

"Help her out with her projects and make sure you don't screw up!" Michelle beamed, "Back to work!" She quickly left the meeting room and headed into her office, leaving the door open behind her. Emma and Chloe left, together with Nicole, leaving Michael and Dana behind. "Ok then, guess you're stuck with me," Dana said, turning off the lights.

"Yeah," Michael laughed. "So, I'm working on this advertisement for this car dealership in the area. I'm nearly done, so maybe you could help me out with the final touches?" Dana said, sitting down at her work station.

Her work station was just opposite Michael's so collaboration would be no problem. When Michael reached home that night, he was exhausted. He could not believe the day he had. It was his first day on the job and he had already been to see the client, ran the final ideas through Michelle and had the final draft in his work station, ready for approval by the client the next day. He opened his apartment door and dropped his bag, he fell on his couch. He was about to doze off to sleep when he felt like he had to use the toilet.

He got up and headed into the toilet. When he was done, he took a cold shower and changed into something more comfortable for the night. He had some leftovers from last night's dinner, so he ate that while watching some television.

He spent the rest of the night on his phone, scrolling through Instagram, twitter and Facebook before finally going to bed. On the other side of town, in a small house near the city's outskirts, Nicole Adams pulled the covers over her as the AC blasted at her. She was finally home.

As she closed her eyes, she could not stop herself thinking about Mike at the office. Before she knew it, Nicole had 3 fingers inside her as her other hand massaged her petite breast. She orgasmed twice that night. When Michael arrived at the office the next morning, Dana was already in. She was putting finishing touches to her design and was getting everything ready for the printers.

Michael sat opposite her, unpacking his things. "What time did you get in?" Michael asked. "A little after 7?" Dana guessed. Michael was impressed at her dedication. "It's almost 9, shall we head into the meeting room?" Michael asked. "Yeah, come on," Dana said, getting up from her work station.

It was nearly 2 when Dana and Michael finished their final meeting with their clients. They decided to head out for lunch before heading back to the office. "So, where did you graduate from Mike?" Dana asked, passing the menu to the waiter. "From Parsons, yourself?" "Woah, Parsons is impressive. I graduated from UCLA." "Not bad yourself." "So, do you live around here?" "Yeah, actually, I live like 3 blocks from the office, downtown." "Oh, I see, I live in Jerome, so it's quite a drive to work in the morning." "Do you live alone?" Michael asked.

"Nope, I have 2 other housemates. Friends from high school." "Oh, did you grow up here?" "Yeah, I did. I'm guessing you didn't?" "Nope, I grew up in the New York, a guy from Brooklyn over here." "Do you have a girlfriend?" "I had one, in freshman year of college, but after that, nothing really stuck.

I played a lot of sports, so I didn't really have time for a committed relationship.

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What about you?" "I don't have a girlfriend, not really into that kind of thing," Dana joked, "but I do have a boyfriend. Started out as my swimming friend but we became attached." "Oh?

You swim?" "Yeah, I swim every Saturday morning and Sunday evening. On Wednesdays and Fridays, I gym at the office in the morning." "I might join you. I was actually planning on joining a gym when I moved here, but now that I know we have a gym in the office, I guess I'll just use that." "Yeah, it'll be nice to have a gym buddy." Michael had noticed that Dana had a very toned body. She was slender, yet muscular, with a flat stomach and only slightly protruding breasts.

Michael remembered staring at her ass and admiring her long, slender, slim legs. When their food arrived, Michael and Dana's conversations moved in the direction of art and design. By the time they were done, lunchtime was nearly done.

Michael got a text from Nicole, asking him to come back to the office as soon as he could. There was some sort of emergency. Dana had received a similar text. The both of them rushed back to the office.


When they got in, Ms. Woods briefed them on a new client, a sportswear store which urgently needed a new signboard after the one that they had outside their store had collapsed. Dana and Michael immediately headed out again, this time to a sportswear store. When they were done with the client, they realized how urgent the client wanted the signboard up.

They decided to head home for the night and start on it the next day. Anyways, they couldn't start without briefing Michelle on their plans. Whatever it was, they had to email the samples to the store by the next night.

When Michael got into the office the next morning, it was just past 6.30. He was already changed into his gym clothes so he unpacked his stuff at his table and headed upstairs. He planned to work on his cardio and upper body, leaving his legs for Friday. He was rather surprised when he saw that Dana was already on the elliptical when he arrived. He could not help but notice her smoking hot body.

She was wearing tight gym shorts, which highlighted her long slender legs. She wore a simple pink sports bra, which pressed against her chest tightly. Swimming and the gym had obviously done wonderful things to her body. During their time in the gym, Dana hardly spoke to Michael, choosing instead to concentrate fully on her workout.

Michael started on some stretches and moved on to weights before finishing off with some cardio. Throughout his entire training session, he could not stop his eyes from wandering towards Dana's direction. Whenever he felt his cock hardening, he would intensify his routine, driving blood out of his groin and into her muscles. After nearly 2 hours, both of them were soaking wet with sweat and both headed downstairs to get ready for work. Michael had not kept track of time and had time for a quick rinse only, but Dana was fresh as ever when she came out.

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They both headed into the meeting room for their daily brief. Michelle approved the sketches that Dana and Michael had just shown her. She had never seen such detailed sketches from anyone before.

Michael really impressed her with his skill on the drawing board. Now, the both of them had the rest of the day to make the designs a reality and email them to the client for approval.

Dana and Michael worked through the day and was finally able to send the files out just before 7 in the evening. Dana was picked up by her boyfriend, leaving Michael in the office alone. He packed his things and began the walk home.

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He had walked that day, in fact, he planned on walking most days. The next day, Michelle was impressed at the pace that Michael did things. She had never seen a project completed so quickly before. It was before lunch that the sportswear store had accepted one of Michael's designs. Dana asked for the rest of the day off. Michael, being new, had no such privilege. Michelle set him to work, designing a newspaper advertisement that would be going up in about three weeks time for a new kindergarten that was opening up.

When Michael was done, it was nearly 8 at night. He had until until Monday lunch to finish it up but he saw no need in delaying his work.

Now he was done. The only other person in the office with him was Chloe, who was working on something that was due the next day. "What are you up to?"Michael asked. "Oh, hey there Mike," she replied, not looking up, "just putting some finishing touches on these designs." Michael looked over her shoulders. She was on photoshop, editing some model's picture, making her look slimmer hotter than she was.

"Need any help?" Michael asked. "Not really. This is my last one, then I'm going to compile everything and save the file. I'm super sleepy though, and my shoulders are killing me," Chloe complained.

"I'll get you some coffee," Michael offered, walking towards the pantry. When he returned, he set the mug on the table and she drank it in one. "Now, about the shoulders, shall I give you a massage?" Michael set his hands on her shoulders, pressing them gently.

Chloe found herself moaning a sigh of relieve as Michael pressed down on her shoulders. "Please." Michael knew what he was doing. In college, his freshman girlfriend had made him give her massages all the time. Plus, it came in handy when he had a sports injury, or when he needed to help a friend out.

As he worked his magic, Michael could not help but look down on his subject, who was fully concentrated in her work. Chloe had a beautiful body. From where he was standing, Michael could tell she had beautiful legs. She had removed her jacket and was now sitting in a purple silk shirt, which she had unbuttoned on the first two buttons. This gave Michael a clear view of her heaving cleavage, which were a product of her large breasts.

She had perfect curves and had beautiful long, blonde hair. It did not take 5 minutes for Chloe to stop doing her work and let Michael massage her as she leaned back into her chair.

Michael could feel his member rising just staring at her cleavage. He slowly ran his hands on her chest, making sure to apply the pressure points where required. He could barely stop himself. Finally, after about 10 minutes of massaging her, Michael slid his right hand down towards her right breast, sliding it comfortably over her silk blouse.

Once he got there, he gave her a slight squeeze. Chloe jumped out of her seat and slapped Michael's hands away. "Hey, I have a boyfriend!" Chloe remarked angrily. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Michael pleaded, "I thought, you know, maybe it'll help you relax." "Yeah? Then what? I return the favour by blowing you, then you bend me over that table and fuck me in my pussy till I'm moaning?" Chloe was screaming.


"Please, keep your voice down," Michael pleaded, "I'm really sorry, I read the situation wrongly." "Yeah, obviously!" "Please, don't report me," Michael begged, "I'll do anything, I promise." "Fuck you!" Chloe replied, returning to her seat. Michael knew that he had to leave. He grabbed his already packed bag from his work station and headed back to his apartment.

He was cursing at himself the whole time, for his stupidity and lack of sensitivity. That night, Michael hardly slept. Friday was casual day at the office. Nicole had reminded Michael that in the evening, the designers usually hung out in the staff lounge and that they usually stayed late in the office.

When Michael arrived, he placed a note he had written to Chloe on her desk, returning to his one work station afterwards to set up before the day began. After he submitted his work which was actually due Monday, Michelle had nothing left for him to do. She told him to chill out a bit until after lunch so that she had time to look for something for him to do. Michael headed up to the lounge so that he could relax on the couch for a little while. Soon, he was asleep.

When Nicole went into the staff lounge, all the lights were turned off. Michelle had told her to find Mike but there was nobody in there. When she turned the lights on, she finally saw him.

He was sleeping on the couch. She woke him up, shaking his well-built muscles on his arms. When Michael walked into Michelle's office, Chloe was already there. Michael froze for a moment, trying to think of a way to explain himself to Ms. Woods for what had happened the previous night. "Are you alright Mike?" Michelle asked, "You look like you've just seen a ghost." "It's nothing," Michael lied.

Michelle invited Michael to sit, which he promptly did. "Now, I've just received a very important phone call from Chicago. A company down here contacted them, wanting to design a menu.

The Chicago people gave them our number and I just got off the phone with the owner. I want one of you to take up the project." "Mike will do it!" Chloe said confidently. Michael quickly affirmed this, not wanting to challenge anything Chloe had said. Anyways, he hadn't designed a menu since junior year of college.

"I do modelling and photos anyways," Chloe explained. "That makes sense," Michelle said, "Ok, both of you can go. Mike, I'll have the files sent over as soon as I receive them." "Thanks Ms. Woods," they both said in unison. "Hey, what was that?" Michael grabbed Chloe's wrist as they walked out of the office, causing her to stop in her tracks. Chloe could not believe that Michael still dared to touch her after what had happened the previous day.

"What?" Chloe hissed, snatching her arm away and turning to Michael angrily. "Can we please talk about yesterday?" Michael asked, nudging her to the corner.

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"Ok, we'll talk after work if that's what you want, but don't expect anything," Chloe was resolute, "cause I'm really not in the mood." Chloe turned and returned to her work station. A worried and distraught Michael shuffled back to his work station, plumping himself in his seat. "Everything ok there Mike? What was all that with Chloe?

You seem a little stressed out," Dana remarked as Michael turned in his chair. "You saw that, didn't you?" Michael asked, still spinning. "Yeah, it was difficult to miss," Dana offered. "It's about something that happened yesterday, when we stayed back a little later, after the office closed, and we got into an argument," Michael tried to keep it as vague to possible.

Dana sensed that Michael was not too keen on sharing the details of what had transpired the previous night, but she promised herself that she would find out. Michael and Chloe were both acting weird, which was odd for a guy who had just started working there. "Well, ok. Anyways, what are you working on on?" Dana asked, changing the subject. "I'm designing this restaurant menu, going to contact the client soon." "Oh, that's cool, let me know if you need any help, especially if you're going to go down there and taste some of the food." "Yeah, of course," a smile returned to Michael's face.

When it was finally time to finish up the work and knock-off, Dana announced that her boyfriend was picking her up for a date and that she would not be staying for some unwinding time in the staff lounge. Michelle also had to go, considering her daughter had a recital. Emma had dinner with her family, and Nicole was going out with some friends, leaving only Michael and Chloe in the office. Michael had been avoiding Chloe the entire day.

He had spent much of his free time trying to figure out what he would say to her. In his college days, he had found very little trouble with finding a girl who would sleep with him, and even when they rejected him, there weren't any real repercussions and he would easily find another girl.

When the others had left, there was an awkward silence between the two of them as they looked at each other while the glass doors of the office swung. "You wanted to talk?" Chloe hissed, getting up from her seat. Michael got uo as well. "Chloe, please listen. What I did yesterday was unprofessional and inappropriate.

I'm really sorry about it and I promise you it will never happen again." "Not to mention it was rude!" "Please, I'm sorry." "That just doesn't work Mike! You thought I was some cheap whore who would sleep with you just because you gave me a massage?" "Honestly, I never thought about sleeping with you when I began massaging you. It was when I massaged you and felt your soft skin and saw down your blouse that I stopped thinking." "Excuses, all of them." "Please, Chloe, you have to believe me!" "Why should I?" "I don't know." "Exactly, and I'll tell you what.

I'm going to pretend what happened yesterday didn't happen. But if I find out that you haven't stopped your ways, I'm going to make sure you never get a job in design and publishing ever again." "That's fair." Chloe picked up her bags and stormed out of the office as Michael slumped back in his chair.

he was s relieved yet disappointed at what had just happened. He didn't even know how to react to what had just happened. Michael decided to head home. He picked up his bags and headed towards the glass doors. Just as he was about to leave, the familiar sound of an employee pass beeping at the reader was heard.

It was Dana. "Hey Dana, what are you doing here?" Michael asked, surprised to see her and thanking God that Chloe had left already. "Hey Mike, my boyfriend had a family emergency, so I decided to come back to the office, hang out with Chloe and you, and relax for a bit. He'll come pick me up later." "Oh, I was about to head out to a bar, but since you're here, I guess I'll stay and keep you company." "Oh?

Has Chloe left?" "Yeah, she wanted to turn in early for the night." "Doesn't sound like Chloe, but sure. Did you say you were going to the bar?" "Yeah." "Are you stupid? We have a fully stocked bar upstairs, free of charge and you were going to the bar?" "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." "Let's go, I'll make you a drink." "Only if you let me make one for you." Michael and Dana headed upstairs, unaware that someone was watching them.

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