Marvelous hottie takes off her garments to have a fun sex

Marvelous hottie takes off her garments to have a fun sex
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The Serial Rapist---The Beginning Lewis was a frustrated man. Life had been cruel to him. As young boy he dreamed of being a superstar athlete, but he was not blessed with natural talent like other kids.

He had to work extremely hard to perform the basics. He never made it past Jr High before his athletic future was over. He watched as his friends made the very teams he longed to be a part of. Later in High School and College he watched as the athletes dated the girls he could only dream of talking to. Lewis was an average looking young man; but nothing distinguished him from all the other young men, especially in the eyes of young women.

He became a dentist and opened a successful business. He ended up married to a cold hearted woman, named Andrea. When Lewis first met Andrea he thought his life had taken a turn for the positive. She was an attractive young lady, and they had loads of fun. After a year things went south in hurry, Andrea became pregnant. She insisted she was going to have the child. Both Andrea's and Lewis' families were extremely conservative and before Lewis knew it a wedding date had been set.


Life became a true nightmare from that point on for Lewis. Andrea never really cared about sex after their son was born. Lewis would go for months without as much as a kiss from her. When she did have sex with him she would just lay there waiting for him to cum and get off of her. The worst came six years later when Andrea left him for one of his close friends.

He discovered they had been having an affair for months and he had no idea. After the divorce she married his friend and they moved to California, Lewis was left all alone in Florida. After a few months of depression and self pity, Lewis decided it was time he starting doing things for himself and step back into the dating world.

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Lewis hoped to find that someone special he could spend the rest of his life with. What he discovered was most single women were mean spirited and hateful. If they took the time to date him it would not be to take long until they were blaming him for all their problems. Lewis turned inward, away from other people.

He became bitter and untrusting. He desired sexual contact, but he did not want the headache a relationship brought to get it. He decided to travel instead, see what the world was about. He tried to get out of town every open weekend he had. It was on one of these weekend getaways that life took another turn for Lewis.

He decided to spend the weekend on the east coast of Florida. He rented a condo for the weekend near the beach and its boardwalk. It was only a 3 hour drive so he arrived around 8pm the Friday night, just in time to hit the night life. After arriving and getting unpacked and settled he decided to explore the area.

The beach had a boardwalk area that had many bars and little clubs to stop in and grab a drink. The people were friendly and the atmosphere relaxing, that was until he stopped in a little hole in the wall. As he entered he noticed the place was fairly empty, but he decided to have a beer anyway. He made his way to the bar and noticed a very attractive blond sitting at the end.

He decided what the hell and went to sit close to her. She looked up and quickly frowned, making Lewis halt. With pure disgust in her voice she pointed at Lewis and told him to stop where he was and to leave her alone. Lewis laughed and said, "Sorry all I want is a beer" She stated, "Yeah right, like I have not heard that before. Look you are not going to get any pussy from me, so do not even try. Even if I was looking to get laid what makes you think I would fuck a guy like you anyway." Lewis was shocked at her words.

He had not done or said anything to elicit such a verbal assault. He stated with a hint of anger, "Look lady I do not know what your problem is but all I want is a beer." To which she replied "Fuck you.

Take a good look because that is all you will ever get of this." Obviously she was drunk and pissed. Lewis decided it would be best to get a beer somewhere else. As he was leaving he heard the bartender yell at the obnoxious bitch, "Damn it Lisa, I told you I would toss you out of here if you did not quit running other customers off." To which she replied a quick, "Fuck you too." Lewis left and quickly found another bar and ordered that beer.

As he sat there drinking it he thought of what a bitch that lady had been. He did not deserve the things she said to him. He wished he had told her off, but as usual he held back. Especially when it came to women, he never spoke his mind. He wished he could get over that and tell them what he thought, especially the bitchy ones.

He drank his beer and decided it was getting late and headed back to his condo for the night. Once there the thought of how rude and obnoxious Lisa had been burned in his mind. He so wanted to tell her off. He decided that he would return to the little bar the next night and if she was there and still in a bitchy mood he would let her have it.

What the hell he thought, he does not live here. He will never see these people again. As planned he strolled back into the little bar later the next night. A few more people were there than had been the night before. He sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. Lisa was sitting and the end, as the night before.

She looked over at Lewis, grinned, and exclaimed, "Well well well, limp dick decided to return for more abuse." He looked around and everyone in the bar was staring at him. He started getting pissed, but as usual he could not bring himself to lash out. Instead he laughed and said, "Look lady I do not know what your problem is&hellip." She cut him off, "Fuck you pussy. It is pieces of shit like you that wander in here and think you can score a quick piece of ass that is my problem. Well I will tell this, you do not have the balls to get this fine pussy." Lewis did not know what to say.

He looked around and everyone was chuckling. He felt the embarrassment wash over him and simply turned and left. That was the final straw for the bartender. He told Lisa to leave; he was tired of her shit. Lewis stepped out and headed back to his condo. As he turned down a side street he heard Lisa yelling profanities at the bartender. Lewis turned and watched as she staggered toward his direction. He stepped back into the darkness and watched as she passed.

For some reason unknown to him he decided to follow her. He stayed in the darkness and shadows, making sure she was not aware of his presence. She slowly staggered her way from one side street to another, eventually arriving to an older beach house on the corner. Lewis watched as she entered the house and through the window saw her head up the stairway.

As she went up the stairs she started removing her top. As it got over her head she lost her balance and leaned over the rail. She was not wearing a bra and Lewis was treated with a full sight of her hefty breasts. She regained balance and proceeded up. He saw a light turn on in the back corner room that had to be her bedroom. A wicked thought crossed Lewis' mind. Lisa was a real bitch and deserved to be put in her place, she was really drunk, and he was extremely horny.

It had been months since he had been laid. With a quick shake of the head he decided that he would see if he could get in her house. He was not sure what he would do if he could, but the excitement pushed him to her front door. She was so drunk he bet the dumb bitch had not locked the door; to his amazement he was correct. Once in her house he started to worry about if anyone else was there. He slowly made his way around the first floor and no bedrooms existed. With that he made his way upstairs.

He saw 3 closed doors and the bathroom. He knew which one Lisa was in so he quickly and quietly checked the other two. One was a storage room; the other was empty and appeared to be so for quite a while. Lewis assessed that she lived alone. He made his way to her door and slowly opened it. She was passed out in the bed, her skirt still on but no panties, her top was gone, and she was lying on her stomach.

He paused for a second and thought of what he was about to do, a grinned crossed his face. Never in his life had he taken what he wanted. He had always been walked on, humiliated, taken advantage of.

He looked at Lisa and knew she was a bitch, a bitch just like all the others that had ruined his life. He felt the anger in him taking over. This bitch deserved to be taken and made a fuck toy, his fuck toy. She needed to be put in her place. His decision was made, he looked around for something to bind and gag her. He found her panties and thigh high stockings on the floor and laughed, these would make a great gag. Her closet was open and he located a couple bathrobes hanging on the door and took their draw ties to tie her arms.

He took all these things and approached the bed. Slowly he lifted her hand and tied one end then tied the other to rail on her headboard. He gently tied the right hand and quickly flipped her on her back. Before she could awake and fight back he tied the right hand to the headboard. She attempted to pull her arms down, but could not.

She cursed to herself, still not fully awake. Lewis became instantly hard at the site of her struggling. He wanted her awake, fully realizing her fate.

He reached down and slapped her face hard, she jolted back and opened her eyes wide. She looked at Lewis, realized she was tied to the bed, and started to scream out. Before she could Lewis stuffed her panties into her mouth and tied one of the thigh highs around her head and mouth to prevent them from coming out. She started kicking wildly, screaming into the panties in her mouth. Lewis laughed and said, "You are not so mean now are you bitch." Lisa stared angrily at him, kicking her legs at him, screaming the whole time.

With the panties in her mouth no one could hear her outside of the room though. Lewis smiled at her and laughed again, "fight you bitch, it will only make it that more satisfying." Lisa knew at that moment what was coming.

Her anger of being bound and Lewis being in her house drove her actions before, now she froze the fear registering. Lewis saw the change in her attitude and laughed loudly, "Oh is the big bad bitch afraid?

You should be cunt. You had no right saying the things you did to me. I did nothing to you to deserve that." "Well you owe me and I am going to take your pussy as payment. Remember saying I did not have the balls to get in your panties? Looks to me like I am about to get in them." Lewis angrily told her. Lisa remained frozen; her eyes darted to the stockings binding her. She quickly realized she was not getting out of them.

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She also realized she was all but naked, and started to cry. Seeing Lisa's tears and the helpless look on her face made Lewis even more excited. He wanted to take this little bitch, make her pay for her words.

She was going to pay and pay good. He reached down and grabbed a breast and squeezed it, pinching the nipple at the same time. Lisa tried to pull away but could not, she tried to kick him, but he blocked. Her kicking pissed Lewis off. He released the tit he had hold of and quickly backhanded her hard. Her face instantly turned red from the blow. Lisa was dazed. Lewis coldly explained, "Cunt if you do not cooperate I swear I will beat the hell out of you.

I am going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do to stop me. What does depend on you is the amount of pain I inflict on you while doing it.

Now are you going to be a good little cunt and play nice?" Lisa, knowing her situation was hopeless, conceded and shook her head in agreement. Lewis smiled and felt something he had never felt in his life, he was in control. He had never felt anything like it before. If he had any reservations about doing what he was about to do, they disappeared at that moment.

He slowly started removing his clothes, watching Lisa's reaction. She started to cry uncontrollably at the site of his cock. One thing life had blessed Lewis with was a huge cock, fully erect it was 10 inches long and very thick. The head was thick and round. The sexual state that Lewis was in made every inch plus some rock hard. He saw terror in her eyes when she looked at his engorged cock.

That fueled him even more; he wanted to slam every inch into her, hurting her with it. Lisa had never seen a cock so big in her life. She had never been with a man over 6 inches, as she was small and anything bigger hurt her way to much.

The monster cock pulsing over her would kill her; there was no way she could take that much cock. Lewis laughed and shook his hardening cock at her and stated "Not such a limp dick now am I cunt. You are going to find out just how hard of a dick I am." She started to plead and beg, the urgency shined through her eyes, he could not shove that in her.


Lewis reached down and grabbed her leg; she kicked at him in fear, he quickly back handed her again, harder than before. The blow had rattled Lisa, her mind went fuzzy for a moment and when she came to Lewis had crawled in the bed between her legs. Lewis yelled at her, "Bitch, keep it up and I am going to shove my dick up your ass instead." Lisa immediately froze.

She had never had anything placed in her ass; she hated the thought of anal sex. Lewis noticed the look of total terror immediately. He had always wanted to fuck a woman's ass, but had never been offered the opportunity.

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His ex-wife told him he was a sick pervert for asking her and all the female acquaintances he had never would entertain the notion either. Once again the realization settled in with him that he could and was going to do whatever he wanted. At the same instance Lisa, completely disheartened, came to the same conclusion.

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Lewis was determined to enjoy every morsel Lisa had. He laid between her legs, pressing down on her body; rubbing, caressing, sucking, and biting on her full D-cup tits. The nipples stiffened from the onslaught. He pinched and twisted them, watching the pain in Lisa's face. He moved down her body, he wanted to see the prizes he would be taking tonight. Lisa was grateful he had left her tits, the nipples were aching and she was positive they would never be the same.

Her concern over her tits quickly left as she felt two fingers being jammed up her pussy. Without warning Lewis had licked his fingers and shoved them as far in her cunt as her could get them. Her pussy immediately clamped down and tried to push the invading fingers out. Her body rose up from the mattress, as she tried to pull away. Lewis moved with her so as to keep his fingers imbedded in her. Once she had moved against the headboard and could go no farther, Lewis began to saw his fingers in and out of her cunt.

At first he was not as rough, but soon the animal in him took over and started to slam his fingers in and out of her. He wanted to rip her pussy apart, but then remembered he had a hard cock for that, and quickly moved into position to ram it home. Lisa let out a desperate scream as she realized she was about to be impaled with that monster of a cock. It was to no avail, she was going to take what was coming.

Lewis pointed his engorged cock head to her open pussy and pushed it in. Once he felt enough enter he released it from his grip. He placed both hands on Lisa's shoulders and slammed most of the 10 inches up her pussy as hard as he could.

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The wind was knocked out of Lisa. She could not believe he had fit the entire thing in her. It felt as though it was going to rip through to her insides.

She had never been stretched so much. Lewis revealed in the feeling. Lisa was a true bitch, but damn this was the tightest pussy he had ever felt. He still had at least an inch left to go but could not get it in. He was determined to fit it all. With that he pulled her down in the bed and in a swift motion threw her legs over his shoulders. Lisa, knowing what was coming, tried to pull her legs down but Lewis had anticipated this and had locked his arms around them.

Her pelvis was now pulled up with no resistance or impediments in his way. He pulled his cock back and once again thrust with all his might. This time that last inch forced its way deep into her pussy pushing against the very back.

The pain was beyond intense, Lisa screamed uncontrollably. She had never felt such pain in her life. Just at that moment the pain subsided as Lewis withdrew his cock, only to return repeatedly as he pumped it in and out of her throbbing pussy. Lewis was experiencing a feeling he had never felt in his life, he was in control. His needs and desires was number one. His pleasure would be satisfied completely, no matter what the tramp under him wanted.

With that he picked up his pace and started slam fucking Lisa for all he could muster. By this time Lisa had became numb or used to the violation, she no longer felt the searing pain of earlier.

All she felt was the constant slamming of his cock in and out of her. She lay there, pinned under him, amazed at how her pussy was able to take so much cock. She had never felt so full; she had never felt a man's cock pushing in the areas this monster was. Lewis was in heaven.

The harder he slammed is cock in and out of her the more aroused he became.

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This was the best feeling he had every experienced in his life. He loved the look of fear and terror, the look of pain and discomfort, the look of despair and hopelessness. He was for once the master and not the tortured. He pushed her legs forward and pinned her knees by her ears, opening her completely.

Lisa had no more fight in her; she rolled her head to the side and conceded to him. Lewis slammed hard into her cunt and pushed with all his might. Pain seared through Lisa's pelvis, it felt as though his cock was going to rip through and enter her stomach. She screamed out, but once again the panties in her mouth prevented the escape of much noise. Lewis heard her though, the screams vibrated through his body.

He felt his cum brewing, moving into his shaft. He knew it would not be long and started slamming in and out of her as fast as he could. Lisa felt the monster cock in her stiffen even harder than before and knew it was about to spray cum all inside of her.

She tried to move, to try and get it out before that happened but it was no use, she was completed pinned. She closed her eyes and started to cry just as the first blast shot deep inside her. She jumped from the force of it.

She lay there as he dumped load after load of hot cum in her sore and beaten pussy. Lewis erupted like a volcano. He cummed so hard and so much he literally felt his toes curl. He had never cummed with such force or volume.

He was completely spent and rested with his weight pinning down on Lisa. She started to struggle as his weight was obviously crushing her. Lewis moved off of her and to the side of the bed.

He had to catch his breath and thoughts. He looked back at Lisa; she had straightened her legs out and had turned on her side away from him. He could tell from the way her body was heaving she was crying uncontrollably. He watched her, reveling in what he had done to her. During the initial attack he did not have time to look Lisa over. He could see she had one hell of a body, especially her ass.

Laying on her side it was slightly upturned and the crevice was pulled apart. He could see the ripples on her asshole and how puckered it was. He fixated on it, studying it, and realizing his deep desire was there before him. To his amazement his cock started to grow.

He never got hard this quick after cumming, especially the volume he had just deposited. He got up from the bed and looked around for something to lubricate her asshole with. He was not going to let a dry ass interfere with his pleasure. He opened Lisa's nightstand and was rewarded with a bottle of KY lube. Lisa rolled over when she heard her nightstand open.

She was praying he was not looking for the KY, when she looked over her worst horror came to life. His enormous cock was getting hard once again and the KY could only mean one thing, he was going to shove that thing up her ass. She started to beg and plead through the gag, but the sounds were not coherent. Lewis laughed at her begging. He wanted her terrified of what was about to happen. He wanted her to fight it. That would make the taking of it that much sweeter. To elicit the desired reaction he slowly crawled back in the bed and hovered over her.

He opened the bottle of lube and applied a small amount to his ever hardening cock. As he started to stroke it over her face he started telling her "You are one fine looking cunt bitch. That pussy was nice and tight.

I can only imagine how tight that little asshole is going to be." Lewis paused a second to enjoy the horror and desperation on her face, then continued, "Oh that's right, I'm going to enjoy your backside. Now how do you want this, easy or rough? I personally do not care, all I know is that I am going to shove all this hard cock up your ass before I leave here tonight." With that Lewis grabbed her and rolled her over.

Lisa began to scream and fight as if her life depended upon it. This just fueled the fire inside Lewis that much more. He quickly straddled her thighs and pinned her down. He then took the KY and squirted into her ass crevice, he followed by shoving a finger forcibly in her crevice and on into her asshole. Lisa lost all control to her fear as she felt her asshole being penetrated by his finger, she screamed for all she was worth and tried her best to get out from under him.

It was all for nothing, she was at his mercy. She broke at that moment and started to cry uncontrollably. The sounds of which drove Lewis' frenzy to new heights. He jabbed his finger in and out of her asshole, making sure she was good a lubricated.

He wanted nothing to impede his cock as he slammed it up her ass. Once he ensured she was well lubricated he moved up so he could line his cock up to her ass.

As he pushed the head into her crevice, Lisa clinched every muscle she had in her body in an attempt to prevent the monster from entering her. Lewis leaned forward and with cock in hand pushed his hips down, forcing his cockhead through her crevice and pressing on her anal ring.


Lisa was holding her breath attempting with all her might to prevent his entry. Lewis rubbed his cock around her anal ring a few times then lined it up and pushed hard. The head broke through her ring and all 10 inches slammed home.

Lights flashed in Lisa's eyes, searing pain wrapped her body, she screamed out in pure agony. Lewis was in bliss. He had finally sunk all of his cock into a woman's ass, and it felt like heaven.

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Lisa's ass was attempting to push the intruder out, squeezing it, and pulling at it. The sensation all this was supplying to Lewis was unbelievable. He pushed for all he was worth; he wanted every inch of his cock in her.

He felt her anal ring spasm around the base of his cock, obviously reacting to the over stretching it was experiencing. Once the initial sensations subsided Lewis pulled back to where a little over half of his cock removed itself from her ass and slammed it all back in. All Lisa could do was grunt through the pain and assault. She was near passing out due to the amount of pain racking her body.

Each time he pulled back and thrust in, she felt as if she was going to throw up. She could feel his cock knifing into her guts, pushing well past the point anything should in that area. Lewis was once again in heavenly bliss. He had never felt such heat and tightness in his life. He knew he would forever crave a woman's asshole from that day forward.

He settled into a steady rhythm of fucking her and eventually her ass muscles relaxed slightly and gave in to the thrusts. Lewis felt a burn in his balls like he had never felt before. It felt as if they were about to explode. He knew he was going to cum any moment. He pushed down hard on Lisa, driving as much cock as he could into her ass. Lisa realizing he was about to blow once again buried her face into the bed, pleading the experience be over soon.

Lewis felt his balls release their fluid into his shaft; it felt as if a knot was working its way up it. Lisa felt his cock stiffen and grow even larger than before, causing an increase to her discomfort. Lewis started pumping her ass as hard and fast as he could. Her ass had become so stretched by this point it was making sloppy messy noises.

All this pushed Lewis over the edge and he dumped load after load deep into Lisa's bowels. He pushed his cock as deep as he could; he wanted her to be shitting his cum for a week. Once he had finished cumming, he pulled his shit covered cock out of her ass. He looked down at it and grinned as he thought. It looked like Lisa took allot of care in her hair and with that he moved up, grabbed a handful, and proceeded to clean the majority of the mess off his cock.

Lisa was beyond comprehending what was happening. She was just relieved to have that monster cock out of her ass. Her insides were finally able to relax. She could not move as she was sore from head to toe and all inside as well.

Lewis got up, went into the bathroom and finished cleaning up. He reentered the bedroom and rolled Lisa over. He pointed at her and said "Bitch; now maybe you will not be so nasty to everyone. You tell anyone about this and I will come back here and make sure I get really rough. I might even just take you away and nobody will ever see you again, not that I think anyone would miss you all that much." He had hit a point on that one with her; she realized that he was right; nobody probably would care where she had gone or what had happened to her.

Lewis saw that twinkle of light appear as she comprehended and understood what he had said. Lewis knew he needed to get out of there. It was 4 am and the sun would be up soon. He needed to get back to his condo, pack, and get out of town fast. He did not want to untie Lisa, so she could run to the police immediately, but he did not want to leave her tied either. With that he walked over to her and said "This is not personal, I actually really enjoyed my time with you, but I can't have you running out here as soon as I leave." With that he punched her in the face as hard as he could.

The result was immediate, she was knocked completely out. He quickly untied her and took off. Once back in his condo he packed and immediately hit the road. On his way back home he reflected on his actions and grinned. He knew he would never be the same. He had tasted a fruit that he would crave the rest of his life. He knew the attack on Lisa had not been thought through and was really messy. He hoped he would get away with it.

He hoped they would not track him down and put him in jail.

Nobody there knew who he was or where he had stayed. He had rented a condo through an agent, so there was no hotel record of him staying anywhere. If she reported the attack it should be difficult to get any leads to him. He promised himself that if he did get away with this the next time would be more planned out and he would be fully prepared. It was at that moment he realized he had already made the decision to do it again and again.

He paused for a second to reflect on the realization. He grinned and said to himself what the fuck, women had always shit on him his entire life and it was time for him to take what he wanted since they refused to give it willingly. With that he started to go through all sorts of scenarios on how he would fulfill his desires in the future………&hellip.