Young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob

Young adorable chick needs hard pleasuring hardcore and blowjob
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Bi Night to Remember I was at a bar one Saturday night just watching the crowd and having a few beers. I noticed a nice looking couple on the dance floor looking at me and pointing in my direction. They caught my interest as I wondered what they were talking about.


I walked to the bar near them to order a beer just after they came off the dance floor. The man walked over to me and said, "Hi, my name is Joe" "Tom, nice to meet you" I said and extended my hand. "My wife thinks you're nice looking and wondered if you would like to come talk with us for a while." he said. Never the one to turn down a chance to talk to a pretty woman I said, "Sure, lead the way." He took me to the table and introduced me to his wife Sharon.

We made small talk for a bit while I admired Sharon. She was about 5'3", 120 muscular pounds, blue eyes, blonde hair and absolutely gorgeous. Her body looked to be very hard, her breasts were a nice C cup at least, but a little too firm, probably fake but who cares.

Sharon changed the direction of our conversation when she said, "You know what I would like to see? A guy suck another guy's cock." Her husband looked embarrassed at her remark but I didn't flinch. I've been bi for a long time and have always wanted to try a mixed couple. "Really?" I said, "That would be interesting to watch I bet." I said. "Oh God, just thinking about it makes me hot." she said.

"Joe gets turned on by it when we talk about it too." She shot a glance at Joe to see the expression on his face. I looked and noticed that Joe was blushing but he did have a "Yeah she's right" look on his face. I figured they were looking for a third to satisfy both their curiosities and I was certainly ready to help them out so I said, "Really? Is that true Joe?" "Yeah" he admitted, "When we watch some bi or gay porn movies, my cock gets rock hard." "Well I'll be, will you excuse me while I get another beer and use the rest room?" Both situations were true, I did need more beer and I did need to pee, but I figured when I came back to the table I could change the seating order and get next to Joe.

If he got hard just talking about another guy, I figured he would blow a wad if I touched his cock. I went into the bathroom and pulled out my semi-hard cock. Joe stepped up to the urinal next to me and said, "You had a good idea, I'm about to bust." He was well away from the urinal and I could see his cock as plain as day. He was hung like a horse, probably 8 or 9 inches long and thick.

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I noticed more than anything that he was almost fully erect. I made it obvious that I was looking at it and dropped my hands to give him a view of mine too. I couldn't help myself and said, "Damn Joe, what does Sharon feed you, horse feed? That thing is huge." He smiled and turned a bit to give me a better view. I smiled at him and shook my head as I walked out and headed to the bar.

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I wanted to grab his cock and suck it right there, but if Sharon was so excited by it I figured she should see it all. I grabbed a beer and sat next to Sharon so that Joe would be forced to sit next to me. I leaned in and whispered "Damn Sharon, Joe's cock is huge." I figured she would enjoy knowing I had a good look at it.

"Oh God yes it is," she said, "you should see it when it's hard. I'm sorry about being so blunt earlier, it's just that I've tried to get a guy to come home with us forever but I always pick the wrong guy. I figured I would freak you out early so you could go find something else." I leaned in close again and whispered, "You picked the right guy, I'd love to suck his cock." Her face brightened and she pulled my hand to her crotch "Feel how wet my pussy is just from that remark" she said.

Her panties were actually damp; I couldn't wait to see how hot she got when she saw Joe's cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Joe came back to the table and sat next to me without a word. I looked at his crotch to see if he was still hard, but couldn't tell.

I figured the only way to know for sure was to feel it. I leaned back so Sharon could see what I was up to then reached over to his crotch and gently started massaging his cock. It sprang to life immediately and grew hard as a rock in seconds. I rubbed it for a few minutes watching Sharon's face as I did so. Both of them were visibly excited and obviously wanted to fuck.

I whispered in Sharon's ear "Ready to see me suck Joe's cock?" Her response was "Joe, let's take Tom home." Joe said "Yep, right after my cock goes down a little." I took my hand off it and smiled at him "Guess I should quit playing with it then huh?" "Well, I wouldn't mind if you kept doing it, but it would be more fun at home." "Whenever you're ready." I said.

They only lived a few minutes from the bar and Joe wasn't wasting any time getting there so we didn't have to wait long.

I sat in the front with Joe and played with his cock the whole way there. We went in and there was no small talk or getting ready, Sharon grabbed 3 beers from the refrigerator and brought them in. I opened mine and took a long drink.

I reached for Joe's crotch again and unfastened his pants. They fell to the floor with a thud leaving him standing in his underwear with his huge cock straining to get out of them. Sharon stripped naked in seconds and I took her lead, Joe was still taking off his shirt when I finished. "OK Sharon, get real close where you can see. Are you ready Joe?" Sharon moved to within inches of Joe's cock and Joe nodded quickly. I pulled his underwear down and was amazed at the size of Joe's cock.

It sprang out of his underwear and nearly smacked me in the face. Sharon was right; it was even bigger when it was fully hard.

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I opened my mouth and closed my lips over Joe's massive cock head. He and Sharon both moaned just as I did too. I inched his cock further into my mouth and started a steady pumping motion with my mouth. Sharon was fingering herself and had an orgasm within a minute. Joe was watching her and fired a huge load of cum down my throat.

I slipped his cock out of my mouth while he was still cumming and about half his load landed on my face. I have no idea how many times Sharon came, but from the noise she was making I knew she was loving every minute of it.

She licked Joe's cum off my face and sucked the last few drops off his cock. Joe said "Fuck Tom, that was fantastic.

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I've never shot that much cum from a blow job." I thanked him between Sharon's lips as she was still kissing me and licking Joe's cum off me. "You suck him now Joe, I want to see you suck a cock now." Sharon said breathlessly. "God that was so hot." Joe knelt in front of me and gently touched my cock. I could tell he wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I figured I would help him out and took my cock in my hand then guided it toward his lips. I was hard as hell and had pre-cum dripping out of my cock.

I rubbed the tip of my cock across Joe's lips smearing them with pre-cum.

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He licked his lips tasting it then opened his mouth and gobbled up my cock. Sharon was moaning and fingering herself again she was in a state of almost constant orgasms at this point. Joe sucked my cock pretty well considering it was his first time. He couldn't take me deep, but he made up for that with the speed and friction he had.

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Sharon was cheering him on then she said "Cum in his mouth Tom, fill his mouth with your cum baby, God please shoot your load in his mouth." I couldn't take much of that so I fired my load into Joe's mouth. He couldn't take it all and gagged a little, letting my cum drip out of his mouth. Sharon told him to swallow as much as he could. He tried, but still lost some. He looked at me and smiled then said, "That was awesome Tom, I loved it." I noticed his cock was rock hard again and figured if Sharon liked seeing me suck his cock she would love seeing him bury it in my ass.

I had some KY in a packet I always carried with me when I went out. I never want to miss a chance to get a big cock shoved up my ass. I got it out of my pants and covered his cock with it then told Joe "If you liked that you'll love this." and bent over in front of him.


Joe said, "You want me to fuck your ass? Oh God I want to so much." with that comment he lined his cock up and pressed it against my willing asshole. I pushed back into him and felt the head of his cock slide in.

I wasn't quite ready for his size, but it felt great. Joe didn't realize that he should wait and rammed his huge cock into me all at once. It hurt, but it was worth it once he got in and I stretched out. Sharon was so excited seeing him ram my asshole she couldn't wait any longer and got under me "Fuck me while he fucks you." she said. I had no problem with fucking her so I lowered myself making sure Joe stayed with me, I didn't want him to pop out of my ass.

We got into position and I slid easily into Sharon's soaking wet pussy.


Having my cock in her tight pussy and Joe in my ass was driving me insane, it felt better than anything I can remember. Sharon came over and over again, she was more excited at the fact that her husband was fucking me than that I was fucking her.

Joe and I were both ready to cum. I pulled out of Sharon and shot my load all over belly and tits. Seeing that Joe pulled his cock out of me and shot his load all over my ass, balls and cock. Some of it dribbled down onto Sharon's pussy.

We collapsed in a heap; Joe was rubbing his cum into my ass and sliding his fingers in and out of me. I was kissing Sharon smearing my cum into her boobs then licking it off them. After our breathing returned to normal and we settled down Joe said "My God, I never knew sex with men could be so hot. I loved it." Sharon laughed and said "You aren't done yet baby, I've got more in store for you." With that she went somewhere and came back with a huge strap-on dildo on.

"I'm fucking both of you now." Joe and I smiled at each other and started playing with each other's cocks. "Might as well get ready, she likes to fuck forever when she gets like this." I licked the tip of his cock and said "I'm ready, both of you can fuck me all night." With that Sharon covered my asshole with lube and said "Bend over slut, this cock is even bigger than Joe's." I smiled and bent over waiting for her to slam in and then opened my mouth and sucked Joe's cock nice and slow for it was going to be a long night.

The End