Soloboy duro y grueso en valpo

Soloboy duro y grueso en valpo
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I had always had the hots for my sister in law. She was by all mean, sexy. She had long blonde hair, beautiful full pink lips, and light blue eyes. She had full round breast, that always seemed to want to escape the tight shirts that she wore.

She had long legs, and a nice ass. Her ass was most noticeable because it was quite big. IT wasn't ugly big, it was just perfect. She had the type of body that got her a lot of attention.

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Even though I was married, I was a bit jealous of her boyfreind. I wish I was fucking her. A couple of times I saw her in a bikini, and her got a good look at her nipples. I could not really see, but I think her pussy was 'clean shaven'.

Some times I jerked off thinking about her. Sometimes while I fucked my wife, I secretly wished I was really fucking her sister. Her boyfreinds birthday was coming up soon, and she needed a gift idea. She knew I was a photographer, and hinted that she might want some 'naughty' pics for her boyfreind.

I thought about it, and got really turned on at the prospect of seeing her nude. We discussed a price, and I was going to take the pics for next to nothing, because she was 'family'.

Of course, my wife couldn't know about this, so we waited until my wife went to work, and she came over to my house. "make your self comfortable" I told her as I set up my camera and tripod. "Does this ok?" I had barely set up my equipment, I turned around, and there she was in the sexiest red lace lingerie I had ever seen.

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I was red with black border, and she was wearing matching black and red stockings. "You can look away now" she said, smiling. "Sorry, I was a little distracted". I continued setting up my equipment, and trying not to get to distracted.

I was also trying to ignore my rock hard cock. "Ok stand in front of the fabric"( I had a large black piece of fabric that I used sometimes to take pictures with). I took hundreds of pictures of her. of course I made sure she leaned as far forward as possible so I could capture her juicy plump breast.

I also grabbed a couple dozen shots of her big round ass. It looked so well defined by her lingerie. "Ok I think thats it" she looked like she had enough. of course I wish I could take more. "How about one more" she said as she undid her red lace bra. Her breast 'fell' right out. They were so beautiful. The cold in the room made her nipples extra hard and perky.

I wanted to lick them so bad. "No problem!" I said, grinning. "Keep it in your pants" she said back. I took a few more, and was about to put my camera away. "lets do a couple more" she said sliding her panties right off.

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She was clean shaven, and her clit was so tiny. It looked so delicate. I was getting so aroused. "your sure this is ok?" "well doesnt look like you mind" I hope she wasnt referring to my growing boner.I tried to make it less obvious. I took a few shots, and then she got on her hands and knees for a few more. Her ass was begging for my cock, I could see her tiny pink pussy lips, and I wasnt sure but they looked a bit wet.

"ok, I think thats good. can i see them?" I grabbed the camera, and headed to the computer. I expected her to put clothes on, but she followed me, naked!, and so hot looking!.

While the pictures were uploading I was doing my best to avoid looking at her to much.

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It took a bit, but the pics popped up. The first one we looked at, was her in her lingerie. "You like that?" I nodded, "yep". She slid her hand onto my jeans and rubbed my cock, "Ive noticed your little man is quite fond of my body". I gulped hard. "well yea your kinda hot". She opened up my jeans, and reached for my cock. "Can you jerk off while you look through my pics, I want to be sure my boyfreind will like them".

She hit the 'next' button on the keyboard, and watched me jerk off to her body.

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"Lets try something a little different". She grabbed my hand, and placed it right on her clean shaven clit, "rub me, while I jerk you off". I rubbed her nice and soft while she wacked me off. She was getting really wet, I could see a wet spot on the chair, and she saw a bit of precum on me.

We got to her naked pics, and she saw how turned on I was. "Do you want to eat my pussy" I was taken aback by how outright she said it. She didnt give enough time to answer she just went to the bed, and lied down with her legs wide open.


I buried my face in her sweet nectar. her pussy was amazing. It tasted way better than her sisters. I stuck my whole tongue in her pussy, and she moaned with pleasure. If I would try to take my face away, she would shove my head right back into her pussy. I reached one hand up, and squeezed her breast while I kept my tongue in her pussy. She reached down, and rubbed her pink clit. She was cumming so much, dripping allover the place, and I knew I needed to get my rock hard cock deep into her pussy.

She took my head away from her pussy, and kissed me. "you like my pussy, huh?, do you wanna see what my ass tastes like?" I had never tasted anyones ass, but hers looked so good it was hard to resist.

she bent over again, and didnt even need to ask, I stuck my tongue in there. It didnt taste that great but the way her body was shaking, I knew she was loving it. "Put your finger in there". I gently pushed my index finger in her ass "oooooooooohhhhh" she moaned. She was also fingering her pussy as I was doing this. "Stop with this bullshit, and fuck me already".

I pulled my pants down, and whipped my cock out. It was swollen with the need for her pussy. I shoved it into her, and she moaned so loud, I was afraid the neighbours would hear. I fucked her really hard, my dick far into her pussy, and my finger in her asshole.

she reached under, and squeezed my balls a little bit while I fucked her pussy. I was so scared I was going to cum, I wanted her to enjoy it. " Lie down!", she ordered me. I lay down on the bed, and she sucked my cock hard. It was pretty hot because she was a 'deepthroater' she was able to reach down to my balls. I wasn't like 10 inches but I was really wide 7 inches, and most girls (including my wife) could nt do that. She sucked really hard, and I saw saliva dripping down onto my cock.

She was slipping her fingers into her pussy, and she sucked me off. She would make me lick her fingers, and taste her pussy juices. I was about to cum, but before I could, she began to ride me.

WOA! it felt fucking good. I grabbed her asscheeks, and shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Her pussy was so warm, and moist. I fucked her harder, and harder. "HARDER!" she yelled. I pushed her closer to me, feeling her huge breast close to me.

I dug my nails into her back. She moaned with excitement.


She bit my shoulder hard, and I could see a bit of blood come out. "dont cum!" she begged me. I could barely hold off. I slowed down just enough so I wouldnt cum to fast. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed. I felt something squeeze on my dick, and felt her cum dripping all over me. She got off, and lied next to me. I was jerking off hard, and about to cum.

"Make sure you get it all over my face", she whispered in my ear. I quickly turned towards her, and let out a stream of cum all over her face. She smiled, and licked every last drop off my cock. She kissed me slowly, grabbed my hand, and placed my finger in her asshole "im giving you five minutes to get hard, and than your gonna fuck me in the ass". That would have been a great idea. However, neither of us noticed my wife had walked in, and seen the whole thing.

However, she just stood there she didnt even look pissed. She had a hand in her panties, and was moving it around slowly. "thats right, you better be hard in five minutes" to be continued.