Lusty darling takes enjoyment in having a toy inside her anal

Lusty darling takes enjoyment in having a toy inside her anal
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Chapter 2 (Inspiration for the World of warcraft character stories comes from rule 34 artists Lucien and Vp.The Inspiration for any marvel or Dc universe characters is from Sunset riders07.Check them out sometime on rule 34) Daren found he could not go to sleep no matter what he tried.He was just too excited and nervous about actually being in a alternate universe and being an emperor to boot.He had only heard about this in fan fiction and none were this far out or real.He doubted if anybody could brag of such a day as he had.Not even royalty of his world were so loved and respected he could bet his life on it.

When he had gotten back from lady telva's public trial and punishment he had been met with a dark armoured lady in his tent.Her armour covered her huge bust only a little,leaving a generous amount to spill out for viewing.While most saw this as inviting,Daren saw this for what it truly was.A way of making an enemy lose focus in a fight.She had blue painted,pouty lips and long black hair as well beautiful orange coloured eyes as well as a great figure and ass kept fit by long hours of training.This was Jelthra.Captain of his guard and Leading woman in his royal Harem,though he did not know this.

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Having heard of his apparent amnesia,jelthra had stated that she had come to leave him with a book which had detailed drawings and descriptions of each and every women in his vast harem.She had also left with a book on current history to refresh his memory on current events he had forgotten.She had proceeded to leave the tent but not before giving him a long, passionate kiss,slipping her tongue into his mouth to capture his own while fondling his huge horsecock.

"I'll expect you to call on me soon,my lord.I cannot wait to have your cock inside me once more."she said after breaking the kiss.She had then left with much swaying of her perfect hips. As soon as she walked out,in came plenty of female servants who led him to a hot spring for his bath.They were servants of different races.Two blue draenei with dark hair,two blood elves,one blonde and the other a redhead.And finally a brown furred Worgen with black hair.As they helped him remove his armour and clothes underneath,one of the blood elves poured perfume into the spring.Another walked back to camp and returned with a jar full of oil.They then began,to his embarrassment,to undress.They all had huge breasts yet the Worgen seemed to dwarf them all.They helped him into the spring before pouring the oil all over his body and then their own.They slipped into the pool with him before beginning to massage the oil into his body.

They made sure to get as close to him as possible,rubbing there warm,slippery,oil covered bodies into his own.Soon his massive beast of a cock was hard and pointed in the air,it's tip leaking precious pre-cum and his balls aching to unload their thick and fertile prize.The ladies moaned in lust at the sheer size of it as they fell on it like starving animals.Soon the spring was filled with the sound of wet slurps,kisses and links as they worshipped his cock with their mouths.Daren felt his head overload with pleasure as the two blood elves took one of his bloated nuts into their arms and kiss and suck on each tenderly before swallowing each gigantic sperm ball into their warm mouths and sucking on them like two huge lemon drops.

The Worgen female used her tongue to slather his disk in spit before carefully swallowing ten inches of his meat while the draenei kept the remaining inches tongue polished.It was too much for him.

"Cum my lord.Cover us in your seed.Release all that thick sperm right on our faces.Bless us with your fertile spunk,your virile nut juice.Let it right out."one of the draenei said,before returning to licking his cock.

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The blood elves began pulling on his nuts in their mouths before releasing them,covered in warm saliva,from their mouths with loud POP sounds and repeating the action. With a roar of lust and release,daren pushed the ladies off him as they quickly knelt before him with their eyes closed and mouths open to receive their prize.Beating his dick off,he pointed it's knob end at the two draenei,pasting their faces with his thick white sperm,pasting their eyes closed and covering their horns and hair.He then turned to the two green eyed blood elves and let out a series of thick streams on their noble visages,covering them and painting their lips and mouths white.

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Finally the worgen female.Wanting a full blast,she began panting like a dog in heat,her tongue out and licking her lips wantonly. "Feed your bitch master.Cover your canine slut with your hot sperm.Paste my fur with your virile spunk.Cover my furry tits in your hot nut sauce.Fucking Drown me in your Baby batter." This proved too much for Daren,hearing such slutty words from a sexy Were-bitch begging for his Cum. "Take it you fucking whore.FUCKING WOLF SLUT!

EAT MY LOAD BITCH!!!" His cock head flared and began literally pissing Cum from it's knobbed tip,covering the worgen female from head to toe in thick jizz sauce.Her fur was matted with thick sperm and her mouth filled with creamy spunk which she continually swallowed.Two minutes later and his flow tapered off,leaving the worgen a slutty,Cum covered mess.She began slurping the Cum on her claws as the other girls began drinking and slurping the Cum on her furry body.Daren clothed himself before leaving the worgen female with an order to come to his tent at night.She shivered in lust at this before suddenly swallowing his still semi hard horsecock into her warm mouth while holding onto his ass as his cock released a final thick spurt of seed into her belly.He returned to camp clean and sated.For now.

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############################################### She came after the evening meal.He had just come from a council meeting.Daren had been informed that some uprisings had began to the south of Azeroth among the undead and the night elves.He would take his army there once they returned to the capital and subdue the threats. Then came a topic he hadn't even thought of expecting.It came from one of the orcs on the council,a certain Urok ash eater.

"Your highness,the topic of your current status as a bachelor and with no heir to the throne is becoming the talk of the Kingdom.Even a child from one of your Harem or a bastard would allay the fear of the people.We do not wish your line to end so soon.Have you chosen or considered a consort yet?" Many had nodded their heads at the words spoken.Daren had simply blanched at the question and said something about him forgetting due to the amnesia.

"Then suitable royal females will be sought out and brought before you so that you may choose one as your consort and wife and who shall bear the title empress of Azeroth.Though if any of your Harem should bear a child of your blood they shall also be taken into consideration.Now onto new business.The Tauren stronghold to the east has insisted on no more apprentice druids being sent to them for training,though." The rest of the orcs words were drowned out as daren nervously looked around to find almost all female eyes on him.Jelthra looked him straight in the eye and licked her blue painted lips like a hungry dragon.Many a female demon,orc,worgen,Tauren,blood and night elf and human gazed at him lustily and hiked up their dress or scanty armour to give him a better view as well as bending forward to show a good amount of cleavage.The thought of being empress and having such power was too great to resist.To any female of any race,daren was fair game.He could not run out the tent fast enough once the meeting was over.

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################################################# The servants name was Arlena.Though the emperor could not remember,she had been chosen among other female Worgens to be his personal bath servant.She now knelt before him,sucking gently on his dick and licking his mammoth horsecock from top to bottom with her canine tongue.Her paws gently massaged his heavy seed filled nuts as they churned and produced hot,virile Cum within their giant depths.She could very well feel the thick,fertile gunk of baby batter brewing inside them.

With a final suck at the leaking knob tip,Arlena climbed onto the expensive bed on her paws and knees.She wiggled her firm,furry ass at daren before unsheathing two long sharp claws and using them to spread the folds of her dripping pussy.

"Come and claim your bitch,my lord."she growled out seductively as he got onto the bed and moved his 19 inch monster toward her hot cunt.With a groan of satisfaction,he pushed the tip into arlena's wet folds and then proceeded to slowly push in more,stuffing his bitch full of cock and making said worgen pant and moan like a bitch in heat at the pleasure.

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So huge.I can feel it pushing into my womb.OH RUTTING WORGENS, THAT'S BIG!! FUCK!,FUCK!, FUCCCKKK!!.Push it all in master.Claim my pussy.Reshape my cunt for your huge horsecock and batter my womb." Having only put in nine inches of cock in her,daren made a decision and slammed his full length into her,making his dick thrust through the worgen's cervix and hitting the top of her womb,sending her into climax from the mix of pain and pleasure his actions wrought.His huge jizz jugs lay directly on top of her ass as he began fucking her canine pussy doggy style while holding onto her huge tits and massaging them in his hands as he fucked her hard.


"Oohhhhhhhh shit.Fuck me master.Fuck my cunt.Drill my hot canine pussy.Aaahhhhhh FUCK! Pound my dirty fuck hole with your horsecock.Pound my womb with that meaty log.Uuuunnnnggghhh fuck." At this time daren's balls begin to grow tight as he flips the beautiful brown furred worgen onto her back before once more smashing fully into her dripping pussy with precision.Her body sensing her mate's urgency,makes her pussy clamp down it's wet hot velvety walls on his horsecock,drawing him even more into her than before.

"Fuck me master.Fuck me hard.Pound my slutty pussy.Make those giant balls churn up some hot thick baby batter for my pussy.Fucking BREED ME!" With a final thrust,daren pushed into her pussy and hosed her womb down with seed.Arlena held his balls in her furry paws,feeling them discharge their virile loads into her defenceless fertile womb.She felt them breed her eggs and knew she would be carrying the emperor's child.A worgen baby or twins or who knows?

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Maybe even a whole litter of worgen pups. As the flow tapered off,daren began pulling his mammoth horsecock slowly out of her battered pussy as her folds gave it's knob end a final clutching kiss as it was removed to reveal her abused and impregnated pussy,his thick load flowing out her cunt in an endless dream.They had one passionate sloppy kiss before he put the candles out and he fell asleep with her warm furry body clinging to his own.

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To be continued.