Big titted cam girl fucks husband

Big titted cam girl fucks husband
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This story is fictional and doesn't portray any realise people :) I own this story.


Katie closed the door and walks into the living room, letting her school bag fall to the floor. "I'm home?" She walked over to the fridge and searched for a snack. Charlie walked in, tying her hair up. "Oh, hey you're home" Katie nodded as she stuffed a muffin into her mouth. Charlie watched her quietly.

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She couldn't stray her eyes from the sixteen year olds perky breasts. They may have been small, but Charlie was turned on by them more than anything. "Are you going to help me with my science project now?" Katie said, swallowing the last piece of muffin. Charlie tried to keep herself from smirking as her twisted plans ran through her mind once more. "When I agreed to take you in, did that mean I had to help you with everything?" Charlie teased the younger girl as she walked swiftly to Katie's bedroom."I bought everything we'll need." Charlie let a smirk cross her lips as Katie stood and stared at the long ropes that hung over her bed.

"I don't need that much, it's only a model boat, not a real one-" Katie was cut off by Charlie shoving her onto the bed. "Don't resist me" Charlie's voice was laced with lust as she tied Katie up mercilessly. "What are you doing?!" Katie blushed red, squirming against her restraints. Charlie said nothing, but took out a blade. Kaitie's eyes widened and she lay perfectly still. "I won't hurt you, if you be a good little girl" a sly grin appeared on Charlie's face as she cut through the materials that hid the young girls body.

When Katie was naked, Charlie stood back to admire her fine catch. Pulling off her shirt, Charlie's huge breasts were suddenly set free, her nipples already hard. Katie whimpered at the sight, becoming wet. The older woman then shimmied out of her pants, leaving herself in only black lace underwear. "You going to behave baby girl?" Charlie purred when Katie nodded.

Charlie looked down at the young, supple body before her. Katie's dark nipples had become hard, and her (surprisingly) trimmed pussy glistened with her juices. Charlie sank down to her knees and breathed in the girls scent.

Charlie smirked when the shivering girl below her breathed in a gasp. "C-Charlie." "Hm?" She blew gently onto the helpless girls pussy. "Please!" "Please what?" Kaitie bit her lip.

"M-make me come!" Kaitie arched her hips off the bed slightly to Charlie's pleasure. Bending her head down, Charlie wrapped her pink lips around Katie's swollen clit. The young girl erupted in moans as the others tongue worked circles on her sensitive button. Wrapping her hands around her thighs, Charlie brought the young girls pussy closer to her face, slowing herself to be emerged in the girls euphoric smell of sex. Kaitie fought against the bondage that confined her so tightly, but she learnt to love the feeling if the rope burning her delicate skin as she struggled.

Desire over came every other sense in her body as Kaitie felt like her clit was on fire. Charlie enjoyed every second. Sucking up her juices, and swallowing the sweet honey the girl gave to her. It was pure heaven. "I-I'm going to come!" Charlie let her finger slide into the girls virgin pussy, gently sliding in and out.

"Not until I say so" Charlie's dominance pushed Kaitie over the edge, and made her cum all over the older woman's fingers.

Growling, Charlie stood up. "You disobeyed me" Charlie smirked."now you're going to have to be punished." Kaitie watched in a mixture of horror and excitement as Charlie walked over to the cupboard.

"I've got a special surprise for you, baby" Pulling out a box, Kaitie bit her lip hard, hoping that she would get the chance to come again.

She also was a bit worried.why would Charlie tue her up like this?

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All thoughts were erased from her mind when Charlie produced a small vibrator from the box. "This should do it" smirking, Charlie turn on the device, letting the buzzing of the small sex toy run through Kaities ears.

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Kaitie almost moaned when Charlie began sucking on the small contraption, circling it around her tongue. "Want it baby?" Kaitie nodded weakly.

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"Such a slutty girl I have. But unfortunately, you gave to do something for me first" before the younger girl could protest, Charlie sat on her face, grinding her pussy into the you her girls nose.

"Ohh, fuck yes" Kaitie couldn't breathe. But that only added to Charlie's euphoric state.


"Fuck yes. Stick your tongue out! Now!" Charlie moaned when Kauries shy tongue peaked out if her mouth and ran across her panties, moistening them.

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Charlie fucked her clit against Katie's tongue and soon felt herself coming, squirting into the shocked younger girls mouth. She smirked.

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"You like that baby?" She began rocking her hips onto Katie's face again as she ran the vibrator over Kaities pulsing, pink clit. "Mmmm" was all she could manage to say with Charlie's pantie covered pussy in her mouth. Rubbing the vibrating you up and down Kaitie's sex, Charlie swiped her thumb over Kaitie's nipple, making it surprisingly harder. "Mm" Kaitie could feel herself getting closer to coming.

Again and again the small vibrator attacked her swollen clit. Charlie stopped for a second to move her panties to the side, and mashed her soaked pussy against the teenagers mouth. "Fuck!


Suck my pussy!" Charlie began jumping the girls face harder as she neared her climax. "Suck it! Suck my clit, slut!" Charlie's use of dirty talk got herself off, and she squirted a second time into the other girls mouth.

Moaning, Charlie reluctantly got up and moved towards Katie's pussy again. "Ready to come?" Charlie began the delightful torture of holding the vibrator on Kaities clit. "Come for me, Kaitie" i hoped you liked it sorry for any spelling mistakes!:) please rate up and comment!