Movies of every gay male sex positions and old men being stretched

Movies of every gay male sex positions and old men being stretched
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I was about thirteen when this event happened. I already had my step mother probing my butt with a candle that was about an inch and a half thick on a regular basis. When I got home from school i was usually summarily told to go to my room and wait. In she would come with the candle and some lube and bend me over the bed and butt fuck me with it.

She semed to delight in this behavior.


She would lay next to me and whisper in my ear how "easy it would go in and how deep it was" All of those things were a real turn on to her. It usually turned me on too because I would get a hard on and occacionally she would jack me off for relief. If she didn't I would. Anyhow I was hunting in a creek down from our house one afternoon when I noticed some pears that were lying in the creek bad.

I picked one up and felt that it was ripe and took a bite out of it. It was juicy beyond belief. It was sure good. I left the creek to see where they had come from and didn't have to go but about ten or fifteen yards before I found the tree. I started picking a few and eat one when I heard a gruff voice behind me say "Hey boy, do you think those are free for the taking or somethin'"?

It startled me and I spun around to see a six foot older man behind me. He reached out and grabbed me by the hair and started up towards an old barn where there was a small house also. I began to yell and scream but to no avail.

He had a grip like steel and was latched into my hair. He approached the barn and opened it and shoved me through the door. He then pointed to a stack of old quilts and saddle blankets and told me to bend over them.

I figured I was about to get the butt whippin' of my life. He then said "Pull down your pants, boy". And I did. I new this thrashing was going to hurt because I heard him undo his belt.


I was not ready for what happened next. I felt the head of his cock try to push between my ass cheeks and I began to scream. Just about that time I heard a feminine voice come from the area of the house. "Chester? Chester?

All you alright? What's all that noise I hear? "It's alright Molly. Come see what I've found" Just about that time he gave a hard shove at my butt hole but I still had it clenched. I sort of thought when she saw what he was trying to do she would stop him. "MY, my what are you doing to that poor boy Chester? " I caught him in the pear tree and thought I would show him how much them pears cost.

Chester, Look at you. You're as hard as a rock" I know Molly. Just thinking about this make me horny beyond belief. I've got a boner like I haven't had in years" "Well at least let me lubricate it before you tear this boy a new asshole" And with that she knelt down and began to suck his dick "UMMMM" she said. That thing is harder than i've seen it in years" "Wet me up good, Molly.

I need to get this thing buried up in that sweet little ass pretty quick" And with that she took it out of her mouth and guided it towards my ass hole. He lined it up and made sure that the head was right at the hole and began to shove it (not too gently) into my ass.

When that happened I gave it up and let him have my asshole. He seemed to be surprised as to how easily it began to go in and how little I resisted. It went in about foru inches and he took it out and began to shove it in again. In the mean time Molly came up next to me on the blankets and began to stroke my hair and give me soothing words. "it'll all be ok.

It'll be over in a few minutes.

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Just keep still and it won't hurt long" I couldn't stand it any longer and began to meet his thrusts with a backward thrust. I met him half way and he began to increase the strength of his thrusts. "Damn, Molly, this little fellow likes this. He is pushing back against me each time I fuch him." " Chester, I can't believe how hard your dick is.

That thing is strong. Was that all it took to get you up? A nice piece of boytail? Your dick is as hard as it used to be when we first got married. Do you think you might have some of that for me later?' "I might. You know I'm not able to recover as quick now" and with that I felt him begin to pick up the pace, and I knew he was going to cum pretty quick.

He began to really slam into my but and his breath got real short and he began to grunt, loudly. Meantime Molly was strokin my hair and talking to me ever softle. She was whispering in my ear and telling me all would be alright.

I didn't care, I had a dick in my ass and it felt good. But I did like her smell. She had a wonderful aroma about her. He let out a low gutteral roar and I could feel his cum shooting in my ass. All too quickly it was over but it sure felt good.

I was sweating and Molly was still stroking my head. Man that felt good. Chester pulled his now semi-limp dick out of my ass and sat down on the quilts. Molly reached over and began to stroke his dick. He just sighed and smiled at her.


He looked at me and said in a not too stearn voice, "If you ever need anymore of that, boy, just come on back here and I'll be glad to give you some more. Molly's right, that's the hardest my dick has been in years. And the way you squirmed your little ass I think you enjoyed it too." I didn't say anything, but pulled up my pants, buckled my belt and went for the barn door.

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'Hey, boy! Don't be a stranger!" I left and went off to find my cousin and tell him what had happened. I still had a roaring hard on and I needed to get it taken care of, one way or another. I couldn't wait until I got home so about a 100 yards down the creek, I stopped and pulled my dick out and jacked off.

Man did I need some releif. About a week later I went fishing in an olf fishing pond that had some good bass in it. I didn't have any luck so about 11:00 in the morning I started back home. There were two roads I could have taken home but I took the one that passed in front ot the old mans house. When I got to the drive I looked over at the house and there sat Molly on the front porch.

She had on a light gausey type of dress that kind of ruffled in the wind.

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She waved and I turned into the drive. I walked up to the porch and began a light conversation with her. "Is Chester here today?" I asked. "Why no he isn't honey, he's gone to town for some repair work on the car and to get some supplies from the feed mill.

Did you need to see him for something? She asked. "No, I was just wondering. Well, I guess I'll be moving on" "Would you like a glass of iced tea? She asked. "That would be nice" I said. We went into the house and she motioned at a chair for me to sit in and I sat. She got the glasses and ice and poured the tea and asked if I wanted sugar in it and prepared it the way I liked it. She came back as sat the tea glass down and quietly asked, "Did you need to ask Chester something?

Or did you come back for some more of what he did to you the other day?" "Oh, there wasn't anything in particular" :Did you like what he did to you the other day?" she asked as she laid her soft hand on my leg just above the knee. "It was OK. He was a little rough at first" Do you like that sort of stuff? And do you like it only with guys or do you like girls too? "I like it alright, but I've never had a girl to compare it to" I said quietly. Just then she reached her hant to my crotch and felt that I already had a raging hard on.

She stroked it gently and began to unzip my pants. She tugged on my belt and I stood up and she pulled out my cock. It was really hard now. "I'm going to have to quit calling you boy aren't I? You have the equipment of a strong young man." And with that she took my dick in her mouth and I just about shot it right then.

It felt so good that I didn't want her to stop. Man she sure made that thing feel good. "How long is your dick, young man? she asked. I don't know.

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Maybe 5 or 6 inches. I've never measured it." She got up quickly and went over to the sewing maching and grabbed a tapestry measure and brought it back. She put the metal end up next to my body and pulled the other part out to the end of my dick.

"Seven and a half inches. Not bad for a YOUNG MAN" I was surprised. But 7 1/2 inches didn't mean anything to me, because I didn't know what other guys had, except for what had been stuck up my ass. She then began to stroke my dick hard and to lick the end of it and then began to shove it down her throat.

I was about to cum and she knew it. "Let me have it. Let me have your cum in my mouth: She said.

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That was all it took, I blew my load into her mouth and filled it. Squirt after squirt and it just kept cumming.

I needed some tea to replenish all of the fluid I lost in her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of my dick and licked her lips. And made the ovservation "I had forgotten how hard young men can be and can stay. You haven't lost a bit of hardness. Do you want to quit now?" In my mind that was about the dumbest question anyone had ever asked me. Hell no I didn't want to quit. She stood up and took my by the dick and let me to a small bedroom.

Taking off my pants and shorts she began to gently massage and rub my butt with one hand and to jack me off with the other. I was anxious to see and feel what would come next. She looked into my eyes from her knees and said sort of under her breath, " I'm going to enjoy this hard young prick all to myself. I sure hope you are up to fucking an old horny woman" I was She stood and took off her dress.

Removed her bra and panties and got down on her hands and knees and took me by the dick and led me to her hot, wet and sweet smelling cunt. I knew what to do.

I plunged my dick into her sweet hole and like a mad man began to fuck, and fuck and fuck and fuckk. She began to moan and groan and to tell lme how good it was. How hard my young dick was and how hot and sweet it was.

She was making noises like I had never heard before. She was hot ans she was willing to lety me know about it. For a thirteen year old that was a boost in my ego.

I began to slam into her and to thrust with all that I had when suddenly I began to feel my balls begin to churn. My dick began to get all tingly and I knew I was about to blast her with all that I had again. I shot stream after stream of hot sticky cum into her wonderful pussy.

She knew it too.Probably by my actions