SLEEPING daughters HAVE BEST NIGHT with dads

SLEEPING daughters HAVE BEST NIGHT with dads
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Before I go any further, I should tell you about my mom to you. My dad left us when I was about eight or nine years old. So we became real close real fast. She is a true M.I.L.F. She looks like porn star Jeanne Finne. Jet black hair.

About five foot four. Huge boobs. And very pretty feet. So I left off with her talking on the phone and me taking her dripping panties to my room.

I sat on my bed and took a minute to really savor her cream. I think she was super turned on this time because her cum was so thick and gooey. I was pulling globs of it off her panties with two fingers and sucking it into my mouth.

My other hand was milking my cock and my precum was flowing. I took her panties and washed my face with them, like it was a face clothe. My face was covered with her cunt cream, and I laid back on my bed so I could pleasure myself. Just when I was about to get started on myself, ther was a soft knock on the door.

Honey, Whow`s it going in here, my mom said as she slowly opened the door.

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Just getting started mom, I said as I was slowly pulling my monster. God Baby!, Your such a big boy. Can mommy watch you? Sure mom, Is it alright if I suck on your panties?

Hoping she would`nt mind. I was hoping you would baby. With that, she sat down in a chair at the foot of my bed. She pulled her robe open and crossed her legs. I could see her entire tanned leg right up to her waist. But my eyes were focused on her wiggling purple painted toes. Now here I was. Laying an my bed, butt naked, my shaved cock in my hand, fingers and knuckles coted with precum with my mom sitting in front of me moaning and squirming in her seat. I had her panties in my mouth and I was making all kinds of slurping noises eating away at them.


Now she starts talking to me. My panties taste good sweet heart? Ummmmmmmmm Is all I could say. Ohh, your cock is soooo bibg honey. I wathched it grow all these years. She realy started to get turned on. You could tell in her voice. She was moaning and moving around in her seat. Then she started directing me. Thats it honey, Pull on it nice and slow for mommy. Squeeze the head. Push that nice cum out. Her orders were driving me nuts.

But I could`nt say much because my mouth was stuffed with her sweetness. Then she started to get me into different positions. Joey, Pull your legs back so mommy can see your balls alittle better. I pulled them back, and when I did this, You could see my wide opened asshole in plain view.

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Her eyes opened wide and she said, Oh my god Joey, Look at your butthole. What do you do to your self. Little did she know that her fifteen year old son sticks all kind off objects up there. It all started on night jacking off in the shower. I was soaping up my ass, when a finger or two rubbed against my bunghole. I was instantly hooked on anal.

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I pushed one then two in my ass and jacked off to a huge cumshot right in the shower. From then on, You name it, it was pushed up there. So mom was going nuts.

With my legs pulled backand my gaping bunghole exposed, she was just about speechless. Can you fit your fingers in there baby? Show mommy she said. So now I was still jacking and getting really close to shooting by the way. But I wanted to please mom. I put two fingers in there easily. God Joey, That is so hot. Mommy is getting so turned on. Play with your hole baby.

Can you fit some more fingers in baby? Her voice was panting and her legs were starting to open. I put two more in, now I had four fingers in my ass and I was getting ready to release. Mom now had her hand in between her legs. Joey she said, Mommy needs to jerk also. I jerk just like you. Can I show you. I had to take her panties out of my mouth at this point. Yes mom, I just abut screamed, Show me how you get off.

What she did next made me just about squirt cum all over the room. With one motion, She pulled her robe opened and pulled her legs back and put her elbows behind her knees.

Exposing her wide opened, shaved, bald pussy and gaping asshole to me for the very first time. See Joey, See how big my pink toy is? She was`nt joking. Her clit was large. I would say at least three inches long and as big as my thumb.

She started jerking it like I jack my cock. See Joey, I jack just like you do. With her thumb and index finger, she was jerking just like me. Things were getting out of control. I wanted to shoot so bad.

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And I think my mom knew it. She says to me You getting turned on baby? You like mommies pussy? Tell me baby. Mommy needs to know. Ohhhhhhh yes mommy. I love your sweet pussy.

I need to cum real bad. She looked so sexy. Jacking her clit like a penis. And gooey white cum leaking out her pussy hole in between her ass crack. Cum closer to mommy she said. I need to see your cock up close. So I got off my bed and stood right in front of her.With both her pretty, she grabbed my precum covered cock and started to foot fuck it. Your so big honey, she said. Does this feel good Joey? Ya Ma, It feels awsome. Her peds were so soft. She held my cock aqainst my stomach and slid her foot up and down the whole shaft.

A Every time her foot stopped at my balls, she would wiggle her toes a bit. That made my cock spurt out a stream of precum that landed on the top of her foot.

Yes baby, she moaned. That stuff feels so hot and sticky. Keep it cumming. My cock was spurting precum like a faucet. It was dripping off my moms toes and puddling on the floor. Baby, Mommy needs to cum real soon. Ohhhhhhh, Me to mommy, I said. Your feet feel soooo Goood!!. She was moaning like crazy. Joey, Eat mommies pussy baby. Taste me Joey!!! Just like my panties. Get on your kness if fornt of me.

I was blown away with this request. I want to taste you mommy. I want your pussy. With that, I dropped to my knees. She opened her legs wide and grabbed me to pull me into her. I stopped her and grabbed her foot and started sucking her toes first. You always loved mommies feet Baby. Can you taste your cum to sweety. Yes mommy, I said, I love eating my cum. Even though it was my precum.

Just as tasty. As I sucked her toes, She started finger fucking her self. Four fingers slipped in like nothing. Then she pilled them out and they were coated with her white ceamy cum. Look baby, she said You make mommy so wet. Her toes were covered wiht my spit and my precum.

Baby, mommy needs to cum bad. Please lick me. Taste me baby. I let go of her foot and went straight down to her cunt. Her pussy was sopping wet. and smelled like heaven. I started lapping her like a dog. Suck on my clit Joey. Please baby she moaned. Mommy will tell yo what to do. She spread her pussy lips wide. Her labia were like butterfly wings. At least six or seven inches across. And pink and slimmey. Suck my lips into your mouth baby, she said.

I pulled them in my mouth and made loud sucking noises as I ate them. She was moaning so loud, and bucking my hips on my face. Suck em Joey, Suck those lips. My hand was pounding my cock. I neede to cum as well. Now Joey, she said.


Lick my clit baby. I realesd her lips and planted my mouth on her huge knob. Suck it, honey. suck it into your mouth. I was sucking it like alittle prick. She was loving it. Do it Joey. Suck mommies clit. Jack your cock baby. She was moaning and moaning.

then she asked me. Joey, Tell me when you need to shoot baby. Tell mommy, Ok baby. Yes mom, I said. I well tell you. I went from her clit to her lips, then to her butt hole.

Her butt hole was gaped open and her slime was leaking into it. Baby, Mommies going to cum real soon. I want you to shoot your cum all over my pussy. I could not believe what she wanted me to do. Ok, mommy, i`ll shoot all over your pussy. Do it now Joey,she demanded. Cum all over mommies pussy!!! So I sat up and pointed my cock head at her cunt. OHHHHHHHH mommy Here it cums!!!! I jerked it maybe two more times, then the first jet rocked out. It shot over her cunt and hit her in the mouth.

Ya Joey, Shoot that cum. Cover my pussy baby. The next Six long streams coated her pussy like frosting on a cake. I just about collapsed on the floor when mom said, Ok Baby, It`s mommies turn.

Cum eat all your cum off of mommies pussy while I fuck your face. I did`nt belive it. She wanted me to eat my cum off of her. I jumped off the floor and buried my face in her cunt. Yes Joey, Eat your cum. OHHHHHHHHHH Baby. Eat all of your cum. Fuck my face ma!!!. I said Cum In my mouth. My cum mixed with her tasty pussy was over the top. Ya Joey, I`m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gobs of her cunt cream poured out of her. I lapped it all up as she grinded aqainst my face. I could not belive the amount of sweet cum she was pushing out.

OHHHH Joey, Eat My cunt. Eat all your cum.

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It seemed like it took for ever for her to stop cumming. After she was done, we both collasped on my bed and fell asleep for about an hour. When we woke upwe kissed for a long while. Sucking on each others tongues. Then I started sucking on her tits and nipples. She grabbed my head and looked me in the eyes. She said I love you so much Joey. I needed this so bad. It`s been so long.


I love you to mom. I said. I was hoping I would taste your pussy some day. It tasted even bettre then your Sweet Soiled Panties.

And thats how our loving all began. From that day on, I just about lived between my moms legs. Every morning at the breakfast table.

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I would cum down stairs. Mom would be sitting at the table drinking her coffee and reading the paper. Her robe would be opened at the waist. Her pretty bear feet, Dangling off the chair.

I would give her a kiss on the forehead, tell her that I loved her, then go right underneath the table. She would pull her legs back alittle and I would start feasting. Having my breakfast. She would keep reading her paper. Drinking her coffee.

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Some times even talking on the phone. I went down on mom everywhere. In the car, mall parking lot, dressing rooms in the malls,in elevators,park benches. Any place you can think of. In part three, She starts to go down on Joey. Deep throating, Cum swollowing, Ass licking and fingering.

Facial cum shots.Snow Balling(Eating my own cum from moms mouth). Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.