Daddy teaches teen anal there was twentyfive years difference between them but that fact

Daddy teaches teen anal there was twentyfive years difference between them but that fact
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As we sat there watching the movie I realised that Nikkie, was very hot, not in the sense of looks, because as far as that goes, she's Beautiful, but, her temperature was very hot. "Do you have a cold, or the flu or something?" I asked, I was actually worried, why did I feel so much for this girl that I've known barely for 24 hours? What was it? Love, ha! I laugh at that word. I've never been loved, and I don't know if I can love. I did love someone, until HE cheated on me. So from now on, fuck boys.

"Yeah, I feel preety sickly, would you mind taking me to my room, and talking with me in there?

Its not very comfy down here" she said, croakily. "Urhh, sure" I answered, completely confused as to why she would want to go to her room. I stood up.


Turn't off the DVD and TV and turn't towards Nikkie. She had a hand over her head and was working up a sweat. She tried to stand, but wobbled. "No" I said, catching her before she fell, "Let me carry you" she wrapped her arm around my body, and I wrapped my right arm around her back, and my left one under her legs, and headed for upstairs. *********************************************** Her room was painted with 3 white walls and one pink one.

She had wooden furniture and a nice king sized bed. I slowly laid her on the bed, "would you like me to get you anything?" I asked, looking down toward her. She looked ill.

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But somehow. Her beauty was still as identical to how she looked yesterday. "No, I think it'll pass" she said.

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I had let go of her body, but she reached out to grab my hand. She held it, and stared up toward me "Don't leave yet, please, I wanted you to stay with me over the weekend.


Ill wash your clothes ready for tomorrow, and you can borrow a top of mine" she said smiling. "I don't want you to leave" she said, frowning. I laughed and took her hand in both of mine, and sat next to her.

We stared at each over for a long time, around 15 minutes before I broke the silence.

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"It's getting late; I should go and get my own clothes. There already packed in my bag, but I didn't bring them, in case you changed your mind, ill be back in 5 mins. I promise" I said smiling. I stood and went to walk "Please!" Nikkie said, reaching toward my arm.


She grabbed it "Please stay" she said again, fluttering her eye lashes again. I knew she would use it against me. "Okay, ill sort out what ill wear for tonight later" I smiled again, sitting back down on the bed. Her hair had fallen over her forehead and had stuck there with her sweat.

I reached toward it, and brushed it off of her head gently "You're." I started - closing my eyes tight "You're.Very, Beautiful" I said. Still holding her hand. I loosened my grip slightly; I didn't want her to hurt herself trying to pull away from me.

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But instead she sat up and looked at me "How?" I just started at her "What?" I asked completely confused "How am I beautiful?" she said, slightly smiling.

My mouth started twitching, fighting a smile. "Well, your hair suits you well, and caresses your face perfectly. Your eyes, they, well, they take my breath away, and you have the most perfect figure I've seen in my life" I said as honestly as I could loosening my grip further "you really think I'm beautiful?" Nikkie said wondering.

"Yeah, I do, you take my breath away" yet again I answered as honestly as I could manage without sounding like a complete idiot. I completely let go of her hand and just rested it on my knee.

"Tyler? Are you a lesbian?" she asked honestly, not sounding disgusted, but a slight hint of humour in her voice. I looked at her, her sky blue eyes, and felt the blood flush to my cheeks "I'm Bisexual I think, well, when it comes to you, I think I'm a lesbian yes." I answered, cringing away, I thought shed hit me. But instead she smiled "hmm.Tyler?" she asked in a quiet voice.

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"Yes?" I looked at her again. "I'm a lesbian too" she said, looking away. ********************************************************************************************************* My face must have gone blank, and white as a ghost, she was still looking away from me. I knew shed feel uncomfortable telling someone she's only known for a short time something this intimate and personal about her, but underneath my surprise and shock, I was happy.

I kneeled on her bed, with one knee, one foot still on the floor, and leant toward her. I sat on my leg with one still on the ground.

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My knee was touching Nikkie's. And she had gone red. I took one of her hands with one of mine, and with the other, I brushed my hand across her cheek, before I caressed it and she turn't to look at me.

"Nikkie, I don't see a problem with it." I said, innocently, because it was the complete truth. She was still staring at me, as I leant forward and brushed my lips against hers. I did this twice, before I kissed her, it was a hot passionate kiss, passion desire and heat all entwined into one and before I knew it, Nikkie had leant forward and pushed me onto my back, I rolled her over, pinning her arms down and stopped kissing her.

"Sorry" I said, about to get up. But she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist "why sorry? That was my first kiss, and it was great" she said, and leant forward to kiss me again. I felt her tongue tracing my lips and I parted them slowly, and our tongues entwined, my hands snaked around her waist and lifted her as close to my body as I could as hers roamed over my neck and held both sides of my face.

I pulled out of the kiss first and stared at Nikkie. She was smiling her beaming white smile. "Nikkie" I said slowly.but before I could finish, there was a knock on Nikkie's bedroom door.