Cousin sister fingers for her cousin brother

Cousin sister fingers for her cousin brother
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 Chapter Six: Mary's Decision "I'm going to go upstairs and wait," Mark told me. "If your love for me out weighs your anger then come upstairs. If not, I love you and I won't stop you from going. You can take the car, your clothes, anything you want. I promise, I want ever come looking for you. Just, please, think about it. I love you Mary." I heard Mark stand up and leave the room as I sobbed into my hands. No wonder I acted the whore today.

A man I never met tells me to do the most depraved things and I just did them, without thought or question. It was like he had some animal magnetism, that he awoken some lust buried inside me, that I chose to do these things. That these feelings naturally led to me falling in love with him.

But to find out that he controlled me. That I was little more than a puppet dancing on his whims. Fuck, it was more than I could take, my body shook as I cried.

The weight of learning Mark had the magical power, from the Devil no less, that let him control people just by telling them what to was crushing my soul.

And the worst part was, I loved him. I ached for him. I wanted to run upstairs and shout out how much I loved him and embrace him and kiss him and … and fuck him. But how could I trust myself around him. With a simple command, I would be putty in his hand, free to perform whatever perverse acts he imagined. Perverse acts you enjoyed. No! He made me enjoy them.

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As long as I am around him, I would be as much his slave as Allison and Desiree. But he released you. He freed you from his power. If he wanted to, he could make you stay, make you want to be with him, and make you forget you ever were even angry with him. With a word, you would beg him to degrade you further. You would crawl after him on your hands and knees. No! No! No! I am my own woman. I'm not Mark's slave. I'm not an object to satiate his lusts!

My soul was torn in pieces. I stood up, I had to get out of here. Wrapping the robe about me, I grabbed the keys to the Eos Mark had … had stolen for me. Christ, this was fucked up. I was dressed only in the flimsiest of silk robes. It did little to cover my naked body beneath, but there was no time to change. What if he came back downstairs and brainwashed me again. Panic gripped my heart and I bolted from the table. As I raced through the living room I grabbed one of the Old Navy shopping bags Allison had carelessly left on the floor.

I did not care what outfits were in there. I could change latter, once I was away. Once I was free. I rushed outside, unlocking the Eos and jumping in. I stuck the key in the ignition and turned the key. The car started with a low purr. I was going to escape, I was going to leave, to be free.

I grabbed the gear shift and froze. You love him. The sentence seemed to float from the deepness of my soul.

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You love him. But, he hurt me. He degraded me. Fresh sobs wracked my body Yes. But who hasn't hurt the one they love. Tears rolled down my cheek, my stomach tangled with emotions. I tried to put the car into gear, but my hand refused to move. If I just put the car in reverse, I would be free. Come on, girl, it's not worth the risk. If you go back, you'll just be his slave again. You're free right now. Mark gave you a choice.

No matter what you choose, you're free. He hurt me. How can I return to him. You love him. You can forgive him. I froze. I could forgive him. My heart thumped in my chest. I could forgive him. I loved Mark, ached for him. My hands trembled on the gear stick. It didn't matter why I loved him. Mark was right, it just mattered that I did love him. And he loved me. If he didn't love me, he would treat me just like Allison and Desiree. Like a whore.

You seen him with other women. Half the time he could careless if they enjoyed the sex, if they had an orgasm. But with me he make sure I have fun, that I cum. And what about Allison and Desiree. I can't deny that I didn't get off ordering them around, treating them as objects to satiate my lusts. There was something intoxicating about someone who would do whatever filthy thing you desire. A beautiful woman who was more than happy to get down on her knees and pleasure you with her tongue, her fingers.

Mark cold have had that from me. He did have that from me, back at my work with Cynthia and Vivian. And he freed me. Could I do the same to Allison or Desiree. I shifted in the seat, my pussy itched with desire. No, I don't think I could.

There were definitely perks staying with Mark. But, what if makes me his slave again? I loved Mark, but did I trust him. Then, in a single moment of clarity, it came to me. There was a way to make sure we would forever be equals in our love, that I could trust him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The front door opened.

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A car engine started. Mary was going to leave. I sobbed into my hands. Mary was right to leave me. I never should have told her to love me. I never should have told her to fuck me, or destroy her relationship with her boyfriend.

I brought her nothing but betrayal and pain. How did you do that to someone you loved. The guilt threatened to swallow my soul. I snorted in derision.

My soul. What did that matter, it wasn't even mine anymore. I sold it for these power. And one day with my powers and this was the result. I fucked up badly. I was an idiot to think I would stop being a loser just because I got powers. What did anything matter. Love is for the weak, a voice whispered in my head, bringing me back from the brink of despair. Remember what you promised yourself this morning. You are a new man.

You don't need guilt. You also don't need love. Love just made you cared about those whores. And now you lost your favorite. Your saucy filly. She wasn't my whore, though. You don't love your whore. And I loved Mary. This wasn't just lust. I felt something different with her than with Cynthia and Vivian.


And she means more to me than Allison, who I feel a certain fondness for. Maybe you loved her, but she didn't love you back. She just did what you told her. I pulled out the ring box from my pants pocked and opened it up to stare at the diamond engagement ring.

In the dark room, without any light to reflect its brilliant fire, it was just another dull stone. Just like Mary's soul. Mary never loved me, she just reflected the light of my commands, reflecting a brilliant fire that enchanted me, blinded me with its beauty.

But without my commands, there was nothing to reflect, just a dull soul who was disgusted with me, hated me. The case snapped shut. I should get rid of the ring. Flush it down the toilet, throw it in the garbage.

I didn't need it. I had my whores. All I would ever have is my whores. Allison and Desiree and more would come. You didn't love a whore. You didn't marry a whore. You just fucked a whore, poured your cum into her mouth, pussy, or ass. Allison and Desiree were wet and willing just down the hall. I could forget all about love and Mary between their thighs.

My cock stirred in my pants. I would fuck them raw. "Mark," a voice whispered in the dark. I looked up and my heart froze. "Mare?" I asked in disbelief, seeing her beautiful form outlined in the doorway.

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I was so lost in thought, I hadn't even noticed the door open, light flooding in from the hallway, silhouetting her nude body beneath the silk robe. She was an angel, shining brilliantly with love.

She was free of my commands, she was reflecting the brilliance of her own love. She floated to me and knelt beside me and I embraced her, sobbing on her shoulder. "I'm so sorry, Mary, so sorry." Everything I had been feeling: guilt, shame, fear, heartbreak, despair, poured out of my soul. Her gentle arms encircled me, silky hair brushing my cheek. "Shh," Mary whispered, rocking me in her comforting arms. "I forgive you. But, there needs to be a change." She pulled away, cupping my face in her soft hands and her green eyes peered through my eyes into my soul.

"Anything," I begged. "We need to be equals," Mary stated. "Our relationship can never last if we're not equals." "Of course, Mare," I said happily, and hugged her tightly and Mary hugged me tightly, back.

"Of course." "To be equals, I need to make my own pact." I stiffened in her arms. "You know what your saying. You would sell your soul." "Yes," she answered. "Then we'll be equals." I swallowed. I wanted to argue that it wasn't worth it. But I never would have met this beautiful, forgiving woman with out my own Pact.

"Okay," I agreed, forcing down my objections. Mary relaxed and was overcome with emotions, tears brimming in her eyes. I gently wiped a tear away and she kissed my palm. And then we were both crying and hugging and then we were kissing passionately. Her tongue was hot in my mouth. Somehow, the pink robe had come undone and her breasts where in my hands, soft and firm, her nipples hard as my fingers gently played with them and Mary moaned softly into my mouth.

The scent of coconut filled my nose, strands of auburn hair brushed my face. Soft hands were unbuttoning my pants and then they found my cock, hard and throbbing, and freed it from the prison of my clothes.

I was standing up, and Mary was cradled in my arms. Her arms were around my neck and we kissed before I laid her out on the bed. She was lithe and wet and wiggling and so beautiful. I pulled my shirt off and shoved off my pants and underwear. Her eyes glistened with desire and her arms and legs spread open as I laid on top of her, and she pulled me into her embrace. Mary's tongue was hot in my mouth, while her delicate fingers grasped my cock and guided it to wet pussy.

Her pussy lips felt like silk as she rubbed my cock up and down on her slit. And then the head found her hole and I was inside my love. We both groaned together and we slowly writhed in unison. Kissing and panting. Her pussy was warm and wet, inviting and oh so sweet.

"I love you," I whispered as my cock plunged slowly, over and over into her wetness. "I love you, too," she whispered back, kissing me, grinding her clit into my pelvis as I bottomed out inside her.

Our hips moved with more urgency, my cock fanning the flames of her orgasm, her pussy fanning mine. My hands found a breast, firm and soft in my hand. Her fingers racked my back as her passions built. "So close," she whispered into my ear, biting gently. Our hips were fucking each other hard. "Harder, harder, my stallion!" she moaned. And then my filly bucked underneath me as her pleasure surged through her body.

My filly's pussy milked my cock as she spasmed in pleasure and my seed emptied deep into my love. I rolled off Mary and she snuggled against me, resting her head on my chest, auburn hair spilling across me. I stroked her hair and she sighed contentedly, her own hand lazily stroking my stomach.

We laid like that, enjoying the feel of the other, the peace and happiness. Her breathing slowed and she fell asleep upon me. I closed my eyes and joined her in sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something was warm and wet sucking on my dick, sucking me back to consciousness. It was dark, still the middle of the night, and Mary's mouth was on my dick, her tongue swirling around my cock's sensitive head.

In the dark, I could see her kneeling beside me, her hips next to my head. Her auburn hair, black in the darkness, spread across her face like a curtain. I reached out, caressing her leg, running my hand up to her ass and gently pulled her to me. Her leg lift and she straddled my face. I could smell her arousal, sweet and spicy, and she lowered her pussy to my lips.

My nose pressed into her slit, breathing her desire in, as my lips and tongue found her hard, spongy clit. I sucked her clit as she deep-throated my cock and we both moaned into the other's sex.

I drank her nectar, sweet and spicy, as she bobbed her head on my dick. She would bob rapidly a few times, then deep-throat me, her throat constricting tightly about my cock as her lips kissed my pubic hair, before sliding up and starting over.

I sucked on her clit, sliding two fingers into her wet, sucking pussy, wiggling and fucking my fingers into her, searching for her G-Spot. When I found it, she bucked on top of me, sucking hard on my cock. We came together, my cum flooding her mouth, her juices flooding my mouth. Mary slid up to me and we kissed, tasting each other's pleasure. This time, I laid my head on her soft breasts and drifted off to sleep in my love's embrace.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Soft light was filtering through the window as the sun rose over Mount Rainier. Mary's body pressed against my side, her back away from me and her ass soft on my hip. My right arm was trapped beneath her so I rolled onto my side and pressed up against her and held my sleeping love. I dozed holding her, Mary's ass rubbing softly against my cock, which started hardening against the silk of her skin. I started to kiss the slope of her neck, running a hand from her hip, up her side and cupping a small breast.

Mary sighed, rubbing her ass against my cock. Then my cock slipped between her thighs, rubbing along her slit. Mary shifted some more, rubbing her cunt along my cock and between her smooth thighs. Her cunt started to moisten as I slowly fucked my dick along her groove. "Ohh, put it in!" Mary moaned, sleepily. I shifted my hips and the head of my cock slid into her pussy and I slowly fucked her.

Mary turned her head and we kissed. It felt good to be in her cunt, the walls gripping my dick with a silky grip. "God, you feel good," I whispered in her ear, kissing and biting her lobe. "Feels good to be in my filly!" She grabbed the hand on her breast and dragged it down to her cunt and she rubbed my fingers against her hard clit. She moaned, grounding my hand against her clit and I started to fuck her harder, faster. "Oh, fuck me!" Mary panted. "My randy stallion, fuck me!" Her cunt constricted about my cock as she came.

"Sweet god!" she screamed and bucked in my arm. "Oh, god!" I groaned and shot my cum into my filly. I held her, cradling her in my arms as her pussy cradled my softening dick. I kissed her shoulder and neck, my hand slid up her hip and found her breast again.

I gently massaged her tit. "I love you," Mary whispered, sleepily. I kissed her cheek, squeezed her breast, and whispered back, "love you." My eyes closed and I fell back to sleep inside my love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There was a gentle knock at the door and Mary stirred in my arms.

"Hello?" Mary asked, sleepily. "Master, Mistress, we have breakfast," Allison said quietly. "My we come in." I brushed a strand of auburn hair off Mary's cheek and kissed her. She smiled. "Good morning, hun." "Mornin', Mare." I hugged her and kissed her a second time. "Last night was amazing." "It was amazing," Mary purred, kissing me back. Then she smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I gotta pee real bad." "Oh," I said, letting her go.

She sprang from the bed and I caught a glimpse of her naked ass rushing across the room and disappearing into the bathroom. There was another soft rap at the door. "Master, Mistress, may we come in," Allison asked a second time. "We have breakfast." I rubbed sleep from my eyes and sat up in the bad. "Yeah, come in." Allison and Desiree walked into the room carrying silver trays.

Each tray had a glass of orange juice and plates with french toast, poached eggs and strips of bacon. Both girls were naked, like the good little sluts that they were.

Allison had the lithe and nubile body of a teenager, her hair dyed a bright, bubblegum pink. Her breasts were large and perky, pink nipples pierced with silver barbells. Her pussy was shaved and tattooed on her groin was the phrase, "Cum on in" with a little arrow pointing down to her clit.

Desiree was a more mature woman, in her late twenties. Her skin was a rich, nut brown, evidence of her Hispanic heritage, voluptuous and curvy, with a pleasantly plump rear, and her breasts were large and full and swayed and jiggled as she walked.

Dark, pink nipples rising proudly from large aerolas topped her generous bosoms. Her pussy was also shaved, exposing her large, protruding labia. Desiree set her tray next to me on the nightstand while Allison walked around the bed, and set Mary's tray on the other nightstand. A toilet flushed in the bathroom, followed by the sink running, and then Mary walked out as naked as the sluts.

She was beautiful, curvy. Her breasts were the smallest of the three women, small and firm with dusky nipples and covered in freckles. Her face was heart-shaped and freckled and she had the cutest dimples when she smiled.

Her pussy was waxed, save for a heart of fiery hair on her groin. "Oh, Mistress, you stayed," Allison said, flinging her arms about Mary. Mary hugged her back and kissed her gently. Allison rubbed her body against Mary's and their kisses became more passionate. I grabbed a slice of bacon and popped it into my mouth.

I motioned to Desiree to join me and she slid her voluptuous body against mine, her large tits spilling across my chest. I wrapped an arm around her and kissed her mouth and tasted pussy. An image of Desiree between Allison's thighs flashed through my mind. Her thighs spread and her wet pussy pushed up against my thigh.

Her hand grasped my cock and she gently stroked it. "Isn't she beautiful," I whispered to Desiree. Desiree murmured, nuzzling at my neck. "She's getting randy," I told Desiree, watching Mary's hand gripping Allison hip, then sliding down to her ass. Allison was kissing Mary's neck, grinding her cunt into Mary's. I loved watching girls trib. My cock was hard in Desiree's hand. I pinched Desiree's plump ass and told her, "Climb on my dick." "Yes, <i>mi Rey!"</i> she husked.

I wasn't sure what <i>"mi Rey"</i> meant, but she sounded sexy saying it. She straddled my waist, her large breasts swinging heavily in my face. I sucked a hard on a fat nipple and Desiree cooed. Her hands grasped my cock, guiding it to her wet pussy. Oh fuck, it felt so good as she slowly slid down my cock, moaning with her sultry voice. She fucked me slow, rising up a little bit and sliding back down, her cunt silky, tight on my cock.

"You're so big!" Desiree moaned, <i>"Mi hombre hermoso!"</i> Desiree arched her back, her and fucked me harder. Her tits bounced deliciously before me. I rubbed my hand up her thigh and grasped her hip. She rocked her hips on my cock faster and faster, moaning lustfully. I grasped a full breast, and found a hard nipple. Behind Desiree, I could just see Mary leaning against the wall, Allison's face in her muff.

Mary's small, freckled breasts heaved with her desire. "Oh, fuck!" Mary moaned, writhing on Allison's face. "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" I closed my eyes, enjoying the delicious feeling of Desiree's cunt on my cock. The mattress creaked and dipped as someone crawled onto the bed and I opened my eyes to see Mary snuggled up against me.

Her body was flush from her orgasm. She kissed my neck, her hand playing with my chest hair. Allison climbed on the bed behind Desiree and pressed her body into Desiree's back. She kissed Desiree's shoulder and Allison started rubbing her cunt on Desiree's ass as she rode me. "Fuck, that's hot!" I moaned as Allison wrapped her hands around Desiree, cupping a heavy breast with one and sliding the other down to play with her clit.

"You getting close to cumming?" Mary whispered. "Are you going to cum in that dirty whore's snatch?" She licked my ear and her hand trailed down my chest and stomach and she started playing with my curly pubes. <i>"¡Yo estoy correrse!"</i> Desire moaned in Spanish, bucking atop me and her cunt throbbing about my dick as the slut came. I grunted and shot my cum inside Desire's pussy. Mary kissed me on the lips as Desiree rolled off me.

"Did you have a good cum?" she asked me. I murmured a yes and kissed her back. Desiree started to moan as Allison started eating my cum out of her pussy like a good slut. Mary smacked Desiree's ass, "You sluts take that out of here." "Yes Mistress," Allison said, face sticky with cum and juices and she pulled Desiree out of the room. We lazily fed each other cold bacon and french toast, spilling syrup on each other, and then licking the syrup up.

I thought licking syrup off Mary's tit was sexy, but when she licked some of my chest and nipple, that was sexier. And then we kissed, lips sticky with sweet syrup. Belly's full of Desiree's delicious breakfast, we cuddled. I stroked my Mary's hair and warmth spread through my body.

I was happy. I wanted us to stay like this forever. Sadly, my bladder had other ideas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After showering with Mary, and making love to her in the shower, we dressed in the clothes that Allison or Desiree had laid out. Mary pulled on pair of lacy red panties and a white, corset dress with a short skirt. The dress and panties must have been some of the clothes she bought at Hot Topic while I was behind the register, dick deep in the salesgirls cunt.

She looked hot and trashy in the dress. Finally, she placed the heart-shaped locket I got for her around her neck, the locket nestling in her cleavage For me the sluts had laid out a pair of striped boxers and blue jeans and blue-striped white polo.

Mary walked out the sliding glass doors and sat on a loveseat on the balcony. I joined her and she snuggled up against her and we stared at the white-capped peak of Mount Rainier. The mountain was as beautiful as always, rising white and blue and gray out of the Cascades Mountains, dwarfing everything about it. A small dome of clouds hovered above the peak. After a moment's silence, Mary asked. "How do I summon the Devil." "Well, we'll need a box," I started. "And a sexy photo of you." "It has to be sexy?" Mary asked, surprised.

"Any picture of you would be sexy," I told her, rubbing her thigh. "Especially in this dress." I leered down her bodice. Mary shifted, thrusting out her tits, a pleased smile graced her lips. "So that's it, I need a sexy photo and a box?" "Well, there's the yarrow, and the." Mary cut me off with, "What's a yarrow?" "It's a small, white flower.

We can pick one up at Lowes or Home Depot. And then we'll need grave dirt." Mary arched an eyebrow at that. "And, the bone of a black cat." Mary blinked in surprise. "A bone. You mean you killed a kitty?" Mary asked, plaintively. And then she punched my arm. I shifted, uncomfortable. "Yeah," I said, slowly and cleared my throat. Mary swallowed. "So, I have to kill a cat?" I shook my head. "Um, I have, um, leftovers," I said, delicately. Mary relaxed, but still looked uncomfortable.

I squeezed her thigh. "It'll be okay." She breathed in deeply. "Okay, so I guess we need to go shopping." We found are sluts cleaning the house, still naked. I told Desiree to take Allison out and get them both sexy maid outfits to wear inside house and for them to buy the sluttiest clothes to wear outside the house. Desiree would take her car, a white BMW 3-series, and to use her husband's credit cards.

Mary told her to go to a sex shop and buy some strap-ons and dildos. An image of Mary wearing a strap-on fucking Allison or Desiree flashed in my mind and I smiled. Mary saw my smile and gave me a wicked grin in return, and then she handed a list of art supplies that she wanted the sluts to buy. Mary was an artist, attending De Vry University to get a degree in Graphic Design. I grabbed my keys, my wallet and my camcorder and Mary grabbed her purse and we left the house and got into the Mustang.

The engine roared to life and I sped out of the neighborhood. A lifetime of speeding had prepared me to drive my Mustang recklessly. Mary held onto the "oh shit" handle. I wasn't sure what the handle above the passenger seat was for, but that's what my friends and I called it.

You held onto it when the driver was taking turns way to fast and yell, "Oh shit!" in terror as you prayed your friend wouldn't get you killed. Mary punched my arm. "Fuck, you trying to kill us!" She was mad so I slowed down to just fifteen over the speed limit and that mollified her. We made good time zipping down 39th Avenue and reached the Lowes.

This Lowes had opened just the year before, right across the street from the old Lowes. I parked the car and we made our way through the store and into the warm, damp greenhouse attached to the side of the building.

The air was filled with the sweet scent of flowers and the acrid scent of fertilizers. I was searching the rows of flowers, looking for the yarrow I had bought here just last week when Mary nudged me. I looked over at her and she pointed down the end of the row. There stood two beautiful, fifteen year old identical twins. They were both blonde, one had short hair and the other a long braid.

Short hair wore tight, white shorts that clung to her boyish hips and a pink tank top that exposed the beautiful slope of her perky breasts. Braid wore a button up, blue blouse with ruffled sleeves and a tight, dark blue miniskirt. Both girls had gorgeous, skinny legs. Behind them shopped a man and woman, clearly their parents.

The father was a big, blonde man with a fit, athletic build that made him look younger than a man who had two teenage daughters should. And his wife was a stunning, brunette bombshell. She wore a tight, red tank top striped with white chevrons, her breasts filling the shirt out nicely, and a pair of skinny jeans that hug her ample curves like a second skin.

"What do you think," I asked Mary. "Mmhh, I'll take the wife and you can have the daughters," Mary purred. "I want to suck on those titties. They are as big as Desiree's." I led Mary down the aisle. "Hi," I greeted, shaking hands with the father. "I'm Mark and this is Mary." "Oh, I'm Cathy Cunningham," the wife said.

"This is my husband, Jim." Jim grunted, it may have been a greeting. "Don't mind him, he's shy around strangers. And these are daughters Daisy and Rose," Cathy continued. Short hair turned out to be Daisy and braid was Rose.

"It's been so much easier to tell them apart now that there teenagers," Cathy joked. "When they were little they just had to wear the same clothes." The two girls blushed and glanced furiously at their mother.

"Mom!" they exclaimed in the embarrassed exasperation of a teenage girl. "You have two beautiful daughters," I complemented. "And Mary and I would love to see their titties." The girls blushed even more red.

"C'mon girls," their mother urged. "Show them your titties." Jim glanced in shock at his wife but made no move to stop. I pulled out my camcorder and filmed as Daisy pulled her tanktop off and Rose started to unbutton her blouse. Daisy's bra was white with a little pink bow between the cups and she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.

Daisy's perky C-Cups were exposed while Rose was still struggling to with the little buttons on her blouse. Finally, Rose unbuttoned her shirt and her bra turned out to be lacy and purple and clasped in the front. Her tits spilled out just as perky as her sister when she unclasped the bra.

"Aren't those some beautiful tits?" I asked. Mary licked her lips. "Oh, sweeties, they are beautiful," their mother cooed. "Yeah," Jim muttered. "Th-they're beautiful." Both girls blushed, please and embarrassed, and relaxed, starting to lose their self consciousness at being topless in front of their parents and complete strangers. Growing confident, they struck poses, thrust out their perky tits. "Holy shit!" a man gasped behind us. Shit, I was too excited by the twins to remember to secure the garden area and a Lowes employee in a blue apron gaped at the topless teens.

A nametag said he was Victor, Garden Center Manager. "You, Victor, lock the garden center up, tell anyone there's a spill that needs to be cleaned up!" I barked. "Yes, sir," Victor gulped and scurried off to follow my orders. "Why don't you take off your bottoms," Mary suggested and frowned as the teens ignored her.

"Everyone, do what Mary says," I ordered. "So, bottoms off girls. Let's see you naked." "Yeah," their father grunted, his cock was tenting his pants. The girls kicked off their tennis shoes and pulled off white socks.

Daisy wiggled out of her tight shorts and Rose found the zipper on her skirt. This time she was the faster of the two sisters, her skirt falling to her feet and then off came her purple panties exposing a blonde furred muff. Daisy finally peeled out of her shorts and pulled off her Minnie Mouse panties and she was shaved bare, her slit tight and girlish. Mary slipped behind Cathy and pressed up against her.

"Relax," Mary whispered into Cathy's ear and started to pull her sundress up, over her body. For a woman that bore twins she was in amazing shape. Flat stomach, curvy hits and large breasts contained in a blue, strapless bra. A blue thong covered her pussy. Mary started kissing her neck and the magnificent breasts spilled out of her bra when Mary released the clasp.

Cathy's nipples were the same shade of dark pink as her daughters. "Daisy, Rose, you girls ever been with a girl?" I asked the twins, filming the nubile bodies. "You mean lez out?" Rose asked. Daisy nodded eagerly, "We love to lez out! We do it with all our girlfriends." "What?" gasped Cathy as Mary's hand slid into her panties.

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"I thought you girls hadn't had sex, yet." Daisy rolled her eyes. "Lezzing out isn't sex, mom. It's only sex if a guy sticks his dick in your cunny." I looked from one twin to the other. "You girls ever lezzed out with each other?" Both of their faces mirrored disgust. "We're sisters," Rose said, "that's disgusting." "Tell your daughter's you wanna see them fuck," Mary whispered into Cathy's ear, Mary's finger fucking Cathy's cunt underneath her blue thong.

"Oh, baby-girls, lez out for mamma," Cathy moaned. The girls looked at their father, who rubbed his cock through his jeans. "Oh, girls, you're so beautiful." Rose looked at her sister, playing with her braid. "Daisy, I have jilled off thinking about you," Rose admitted, face reddening. Daisy squealed and threw herself at her sister, kissing her over and over. Between kisses, she exclaimed, "I … have … flicked … my … bean … thinking … about … you!" My cock was hard, watching two, twin teenage sisters make out, their breasts pressed together.

Their hands ran up and down their youthful bodies, groping tight asses and perky tits. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. Their thighs parted and each girl shoved a leg against her sister's crotch. Rose's cunt rubbed on Daisy's thigh, and Daisy's cunt on her sister. They moaned, grinding on their sisters as their orgasms built. Mary's dress was off now, and she was sucking on Cathy's round tits, wearing only her red panties.

Mary kissed down Cathy's taut stomach and knelt before her. She grabbed Cathy's blue thong and pulled it down, exposing a small patch of brown hair. Cathy gasped and jumped as Mary's tongue buried into her snatch. "Oh, wow," Cathy moaned. "Oh, wow! That's … that's amazing." "See, mom," Daisy panted. "Lezzing out is soo much fun!" "It is!" Cathy moaned. Daisy ass flexed as she rubbed her cunt on her sister's thighs. "Oh, Rosie, I'm gonna cum!" The twins bucked against each other, moaning and kissing, as they came together.

"Wow, we shoulda lezed out together years ago," Daisy murmured to her sister, who just nodded her head. "Which girl do you want to fuck?" I asked Jim.

"I ." Jim trailed off, staring at his nubile daughters. I nodded. "I get it. How can you choose. You love both your daughters. So, I'll pop Daisy's cherry and you'll pop Rose's." I held out my hand and Daisy grasped it delicately and I led her a few feet away.

She kissed me, her mouth hot and her tongue writhed about my tongue. Jim swallowed. " 'kay," he muttered. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a large cock and stumbled towards his daughter. "Oh, daddy, is that for me?" Rose asked, staring hungrily at his dick.


Daisy rubbed my cock through my jeans. With a snap, she deftly opened my pants and pulled out my dick, stroking it softly. I ran my hand up from her hip, across her lean side and grasped a perky, full tit. Daisy moaned throatily into my lips as I fondled her breast and played with a hard nipple. God, I had to be in this hot, teenage slut. I broke the kiss and turned her around and shoved her against a table. Her slim ass wiggled before me and I rubbed my cock across her tight, wet slit. "Please!" Daisy begged, "Stick it in!

I'm so wet!" I found her tight opening and shoved my dick in slowly. My cock head popped in and I felt her hymen blocking my progress. I gripped her hips and held the camcorder to capture her deflowering, and shoved in hard and slow. The hymen held for a second and then ripped and my cock buried into her tight cunt.

Daisy cried in pain and when I pulled my cock back, pink stained my shaft. I thrust in slowly and Daisy gave another grunt of pain. I reached around and played with her nipples and slowly her cries of pain transformed into pleasure. Jim was lying on the floor. Rose was lying on top of him, making out with her father while she rubbed his cock on her pussy. Then she rose up, grasped her daddy's cock and aimed it for her pussy.

She slowly lowered herself on the dick. She paused, her hymen resisting, and then her cherry was popped and she sank down the shaft with a groan of pain. Rose rested for a minute, panting as she got used to her dad's large cock in her tight pussy. Then she raised up and slid back down, slowly riding her father. "Oh, Rosie!" Jim moaned. "Oh, god your tight!

Fuck, this is amazing!" "Daddy, daddy!" Rose panted, riding him faster. "I love you, daddy!" "Fuck those little whores!" Cathy moaned. "Fuck my baby-girls! Fuck their naughty pussies! Oh, crap! I'm there! God, I'm there!" She bucked on Mary's face as she came.

Mary stood up, slid off her red panties, and then pulled Cathy down to the floor where they slipped into a sixty-nine. Daisy was moaning wordlessly as I started to fuck her hard. Her cunt rippled on my cock as she came. I kept fucking her, pulling on her nipple and filming my pink-stained cock plunging into her pussy over and over. She was bucking wildly back into me as a second orgasm rolled through her. The velvety tightness of her cunt milking my cock was too much and I came hard into her young womb.

Breathing heavily, I rested in her teenage cunt and watched the other two couples. Mary and Cathy were writhing on the other's faces, moaning and licking and fingerfucking. Rose was bouncing hard and fast one her dad, perky tits swaying and jiggling. "Oh, daddy!" moaned Rose. "Pour your spunk in my pussy!" Rose writhed as she came and her father groaned wordless. Then she collapsed on her dad's chest, kissing him as his cock, covered in pink froth, popped out of her pussy and white semen slowly trickled out of her tight slit.

The four of use now watched Mary and Cathy eating pussy. Mary was on top and her ass writhed on Cathy's face. Cathy was gripping her plump butt, pulling her down into her face.

Mary had two fingers in Cathy's cunt curling them up and searching for her G-spot. Cathy bucked beneath her, so Mary must have found it. Cathy was fucking her face into Mary's vulva and Mary spasmed as she climaxed on Cathy's face.

Mary rolled off Cathy, who stood up unsteadily.


She looked at Daisy and then Rose and smiled. "My little girls are women, now," she said in wonder. She opened her arms. "Come here, girls." Rose stood up and stumbled to her mother. I pulled out of Daisy with a sucking pop and she walked gingerly to her mother. Cathy embraced both daughters, pulling them to her. She kissed Daisy and then Rose on the lips. Cathy was pushed back into the wall and each little minx wrapped their legs about one of Cathy's, and started to rub their cum stained pussies on their mother's thighs.

"Oh, lez out with mommy!" Cathy moaned, cradling her daughters. "Remember when we did this with Sally?" Rose asked her sister. Daisy gave a wicked giggle. "Yeah! I'm still not sure how we all fit in that bathroom stall. But it was a lot more fun then English!" "You were this close to me," Rose whispered, "and I was to scared to do this." She reached out, and placed her hand on her sister's ass, squeezing gently, and leaned in to kiss her.

Daisy moved her own hand onto her sister's ass. The sister's broke their kiss, a string of saliva momentarily connected their lips and then, grinning, they hefted their mother's large tits and sucked a nipple into their mouths. "Oh, my baby-girls!" moaned Cathy, hugging her daughters as they writhed on her thighs.

"I missed you nursing at my breasts so much." Jim was sitting up on his arms, watching his wife and daughters make love. I saw Mary starring at Jim's cock and she licked her lips and then moved over to him. I gaped in surprise. I had ordered Mary to only desire women and me. Why was she lusting after Jim. Because I freed her from my control last night. I opened my mouth to protest and Mary shot me a warning glance as she lowered herself down, straddling his waist.

We were equals now. Mary was okay watching me fuck other women. I need to be okay if she wanted to fuck other men. Fear gripped my stomach, what if she likes his cock more than mine. I swallowed as Jim's cock poked at Mary's pussy and she slid down, moaning wantonly as he filled her up. Mary looked back at me and smiled. My fear relaxed. There was love in her eyes. She reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks, her asshole winking at me. I lower myself behind her, my cock finding her asshole and I pushed into her velvety warmth.

Mary moaned just as wantonly as my cock slid inside her ass, one hand wrapped around her to grasp her small breast. "Thank you," Mary whispered, turning her face and kissing me over her shoulder. "I love you." "I love you, Mare," I whispered and started to fuck my cock in her ass.

Mary started rocking her hips and I could feel Jim's cock fucking to her pussy. It took us a few tries to find a rhythm that worked, but I was sliding in and out of her ass as she rode Jim's cock. It was exciting, realizing another cock was in my lover's pussy. Mary was moaning, "Fuck my ass!

Fuck my pussy!" over and over. "I'm so close, fuck me studs!" My orgasm neared, and I started to pound her ass hard and felt her ass clench about my cock as she came. I groaned and shot my load into her ass. I stumbled back, my cock popping out of Mary's ass followed by a trickle of cum.

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Jim still hadn't cum. He had cum once already and didn't have my stamina. Mary started to really ride his cock hard. I looked over at Cathy and her daughters. Both girls were writhing wildly on her thighs. All three taking turns kissing and sucking nipples and squeezing asses.

Rose was cumming on her mother's thigh, shuddering in pleasure. She kissed her mother and then slowly started to writhe some more on her mother. I had Daisy, and now I wanted Rose. I walked behind her, my cock hard, and found the rosebud of her asshole.

She gasped in pain as I slowly shoved it in. Beside her, Daisy convulsed and flooded her mother's thighs with girl-cum. I fucked Rose's ass hard, shoving her into her mother. "Fuck her ass," Daisy moaned and slapped my butt. "Fuck her hard, stud!" Mary was moaning loudly again, the low, throaty moan that meant she was cumming.

Jim grunted and I knew his cum was shooting into my Mary's pussy. "Daisy, go suck out the cum out of Mary's ass and pussy," I ordered and slapped her ass back. "Oh, fuck," Mary groaned as Daisy spread her ass cheeks and sucked my cum out of her ass. With Daisy gone, Cathy was able to writhe on Rose's thigh. Rose's ass gripped my cock tightly and she started to kiss her mother passionately. Cathy's hand reach around and found my balls, gently squeezing them.

Mary was on her back now, sixty-nining with Daisy. Mary devoured my cum from Daisy's cunt as Daisy sucked her father's cum out of Mary's pussy.

Jim just lay on the floor, breathing hard and watching his family fuck. Everyone was panting and moaning, building to their orgasms. Cathy sucked on her daughter's tongue as Rose climaxed, writhing between Cathy and I. Cathy bucked on her daughter's thigh, massaging my balls, and gasping as she came. Her hands were teasing the cum out of my balls, and I groaned and shot my load into her teenage ass.

On the floor, Mary and Daisy rolled about as they came together, flooding each other's mouths with cunt juices. Mary and I left the Cunningham's kissing and helping each other get dressed. I told the family to continue fucking each other and Daisy excitedly told her father she was eager for his cock. Mary pulled on her white, corset dress and found her red panties.

She held them up, frowning. Potting soil had spilled on them and stained them black. "Guess you'll have to go commando," I said, grinning. With the dress's short skirt, she'll have to be careful or someone could get an eyeful of her ass and cunt.

We found the Yarrow and slipped out the store with it. An employee tried to stop us but I told him we paid and he told us to have a nice day. I unlocked the Mustang with the keyless remote and we got in. Mary leaned over and kissed me. "Thank you for trusting me," she said. "I realized that if you let me fuck other women, I need to let you fuck other men," I told her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After we left Lowes, Mary insisted we went shoe shopping. Mary need a box, she claimed, but she ended up getting ten different pairs of shoes from sneakers to stiletto heals.

At the Puyallup Cemetery, we walked in, Mary scooped dirt off a fresh grave and dumped in the box and we left. The black cat bones were at my shitty apartment, so we drove to Parkland. Inside it was a dump, empty pizza boxes and garbage strewn everywhere. Mary took one look inside and said she'd wait outside. I went in, dug around my kitchen, and found the black cat bone.

I also grabbed some some personal items, and then left my apartment. I planned on never returning. For the picture, I took a photo of her with my phone and we printed it off at a Walgreens. She looked very sexy. We grabbed a bit to eat and then we decided to see a movie to pass the time.

We spent most of the movie making out in the back like a pair of teenagers. Afterward, we slipped into the men's room and we fucked in a bathroom stall. For dinner, Mary suggested this Japanese steakhouse and we had a fun time watching the chef cook the food. Dicing and twirling his knives and tossing food into the air.

Another couple set at are table, on their first date. It didn't seem to be going well, the guy was a boor. Mary started flirting with the woman, Diane, letting her skirt ride up so Diane could see her cunt. Diane and Mary left to go to the restroom together, as girls are want to do. When they returned after a while, Mary kissed me and I tasted Diane's pussy on her lips.

After dinner, we drove out to the back country, to the very crossroad I made a pack with the Devil at just two nights ago. We had a few hours to wait and it seemed to stretch out for eternity. We laid in the grass and watched the stars in silence, holding each other. We were both tense, and drew strength from each other. At fifteen til midnight, the alarm on my phone rang and I dug up the very hole I place my own box in.

"Last chance, you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

Mary breathed deeply, the box shaking in her hands. She knelt down, and set the box in the hole. She froze there, afraid to let go of the box. "You don't have to do this?" I told her, kneeling down next to her. "I do," she whispered and leg go. Then quickly, as if afraid if she waited she would lose her resolve, shoved the pile of dirt on the box, burying it.

She stood up quickly, backing away from the whole. I hugged her, and she gripped me tightly. And we waited. And waited. Eternity seemed to pass and Mary started to tremble in my arms.

"Maybe, it didn't work," Mary whispered, shattering the silence of the night. "It worked, Mary Sullivan," a pleasant voice said from the darkness. We both jumped as the Devil stepped out of shadows. He was a handsome man with scarlet eyes, dressed in the same black, expensive suit he wore two nights ago. A friendly smile graced his face. He took Mary's hand and raised it up and kissed the back of her hand, like an old-fashioned gentlemen.

Then he shook my hand, "Good to see you again, Mark Glassner. The boys and I downstairs love what you're doing." "T-thanks," I stammered. "What can I do for you, Mary Sullivan?" the Devil asked. Mary swallowed, and, with more confidence than I had two nights ago, said, "I want three wishes in exchange for my soul." "Of course, I would be more than happy too," the Devil replied in his friendly, relaxing manner.

"My first wish is for Mark and I to stay young, healthy, and beautiful for as long as Mark lives." I blinked in surprise. My first wish had been for a long a healthy life. Mary was smart enough to get the same thing, plus she would get to stay young and beautiful as well. Actually, we both would. I smiled at her, she was a smart cookie. The devil chuckled. "Very well. All though Mark isn't that beautiful." Mary giggled.

"Oh, I don't know. He has a certain charm about him." Mary hugged me a little tighter. "For my second wish, I want Mark and I to love each other unconditionally for eternity." Mary looked hesitantly at me, afraid I would object.

I didn't. I had made her love me originally. It was only fair that she made sure that I would never leave her. This must be why she wanted to make a deal. "For my final wish, I ." Mary paused, blushing beet red, ". I want other women to desire me and, um, not to resist my sexual advances." "All right," the devil said. There was understanding in the Devil's eyes, not judgment.

"Naughty filly," I whispered and kissed her forehead. There was a flash of scarlet light and yellow smoke and a contract appeared in the Devil's hand. An acrid reek of brimstone filled the air. "Look it over," he said, handing the contract to Mary.

Mary read the contract then nodded her head. The Devil pricked her finger with an old fashioned, black fountain pen. She signed in her own blood, then the Devil signed in his blood. He rolled up the contract. "Any questions, Mary?" She shook her head. There was an awkward pause, and then the Devil looked over at me, a considering look on his face. I felt like a hunk of meat and I tightened my arms about Mary.

Finally, the Devil pulled a small, red crystal out of his pocket and held it up. The gem glinted with its own fire, bathing all three of us in scarlet light. "If you are ever in trouble, hold this crystal and say 'Lilith, appear before me,' " the Devil instructed. I gingerly held out my hand and he dropped it in.

"Why would I ." I started to ask, but the Devil was gone, vanishing into the shadows. I stared at the gem and looked at Mary, worried. "Why would I need this?" Mary closed my hand about the gem, her hand warm on mine, and smiled reassuringly at me. "I don't know, but we'll face it together." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I watched the mortals drive off from the shadows and glared at Lucifer.

"Why did you give him my name!" "I like him, Lilith," Lucifer answered. He was still wearing that ridiculous, black suit. "But why my name!" I demanded. "If you want to give gifts to your pets, leave me out!

Why not Asherah! She loves slutting around with mortals, with men. Or Chemosh. It's been centuries since he's rampaged about the world." "The Opposition already has his scent," Lucifer answered.

"A Magdalenite Nun is on her way." "So?" I asked, what did I care if some Warlock was stupid enough to attract the Opposition's attention.

Lucifer grinned at me. "Like I said, I like him." To be continued …