Seductive Simony Diamond Dives Into Passion

Seductive Simony Diamond Dives Into Passion
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After hearing the news that we had guests visiting and the thought that Izzy might just make someone hospitalized, I decided to depart from Riley and Izzy and made my way to Gene's house.

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Arriving at the door of Gene's, A few images rushed through my head of that night with Tiffany in the back seat of her car was starting to give me a hard-on which didn't really help much when Gene answered the door, which I kind of had to pull away from incase she got suspicious of what was going on in my underwear right now. That's when things got really bad as Tiffany came to the door in one of the shortest black skirts I have seen for a moment I thought she was Izzy which turned me on even more as the thought of our moments earlier with Riley.

Gene invited me in for dinner which I wasn't looking forward to after those moments with Tiffany. The dinner was set and as usual what we had for dessert was another game of Monopoly which I still couldn't get the grip of after busting out after 8 turns.

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"May I be excused?" I asked "Oh of course," replied Tiffany with an almost cheeky smile. While in the toilet I still had a massive hard-on, could I really just get rid of it here or would it be wrong to masturbate in someone else's home. My thoughts vanished as I heard a knock on the door with a soft tone voice saying; "Are you alright Max?" Which I replied with a stern "Yes I'm fine." I opened the door to find that it wasn't Tiffany but in fact Gene, who was wearing an almost see-through top which highlighted her perky tits.

I tried to look away but Gene placed her hand around my chin and brought me in direct contact with her eyes. She grabbed my hand and dragged me to her room, where she sat me down and placed her hands on my lap.


"Max I know that you're turned on by the way I'm dressed right now." Gene removed the top and took my hand and placed it on her tit. I couldn't help but squeeze it which made her groan with a little excitement. I started to fondle her more aggressively which then turned me on even more and the same time I could see that Gene was enjoying it to.

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She then left the bed and bent down on her knee's removing my jeans and pants to unveil my stiff cock that was pulsing rapidly. Gene then wrapped both hands around my cock and gave the occasional lick at my head every few times.

"Max I want you inside of me, I want you to be my first," beginning to get up to sit on my cock, " I have always wanted you since I first set eyes on you and now here you are with me all alone." "But Gene you parents are next door, what if they hear us?" "They won't they are watching some action film." She said with a smirk She gave my cock one last lubrication before proceeding to position herself right above my cock and slowly pushed it inside her, which she screamed at I noticed a little bit of blood trickle down my cock.

"Are you okay.?" I asked "Max I want you to fuck me hard and rapidly like you have done this plenty times before… okay?" I started slowly fucking her but Gene told me to be quicker and harder.

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I grabbed her tits as she moved faster while riding me. "Max fuck me harder&hellip.make me cum Max!" I reached for her hips and started moving her up and down my shaft as fast as I could.


"Max!" she screamed as I felt her nipples harden against my body. I stood up wrapping my arms around her waist and started thrusting viciously in and out of her pussy, Gene had her head rested on my shoulder biting my skin which I didn't notice as she was so tight it was unbelievable.

"Max I'm going to cum." "Can't you hold it a little longer?" "Okay but not much longer your dick is too big." And with one last gigantic thrust Gene screamed while I moaned with pleasure as I felt my cock unloading my cum into her tight lubricated pussy, feeling some trickle down my cock mixed with her pussy juice.

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Gene relaxed her head on my chest as we both drifted to sleep. When I woke up I noticed Gene was still sleeping looking so still and cute yet so sexy. When I went to move I realized Gene has placed her hand right on top of my cock which got me hard but I quickly moved it before she could wake up and realize. I got organized and walked out the door the clock which was hanging in the corridor read 7:20pm.

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"Shit I better get home before Izzy kicks my ass or worse mum does." I look into the living room to see it completely bare and notice a sticky note lying on the counter which says; "Dear Gene gone out for movie, If he wants Max can spend the night. If hungry there is left over chicken in the fridge <3 Mum and Dad." I reached for the door but before I opened it I better phone Mum to pick me up.

I went to the kitchen and dialed home. To much surprise it was Ashley that answered, It sounded as if she had just sobbed her heart out to someone that really didn't care.


"Ash, tell mum to pick me up." But before she could reply Izzy grabbed the phone off her "Where have you been!" she roared "Mum has been worried all night." "I slept at Gene's" I hesitated at what I just said "You slept at that little whore's house!" This time much more tone in her voice, "I'm coming to get you right now!"