Teen slapped and anal xxx Devirginized For My Birthday

Teen slapped and anal xxx Devirginized For My Birthday
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Jerry was 14 but very curious.

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He had already been through his dad's stack of porn magazines and his friends had lent him a few porn movies.

Although he wasn't experienced he felt he had learnt alot from all that porn. Jerry was tall with striking brown eyes and a muscular physique.


He looked much older than he actually was. He was feeling a bit frustrated because all those porn images were constantly on his mind and he had to jerk off 3 times a day. Jerry felt he was mature and always insisted that he was an adult, so when his parents were going away for the weekend, he was horrified to find that they had arranged for him to have a babysitter.

He protested but his father was firm "Jerry, no arguments, you'll just have to deal with it!" He walked off in a huff and decided that his energy was best used to please himself. He heard the car start and didn't bother to go downstairs to see his parents off.

The car pulled away and he sat on his bed looking glum. He had planned to watch porn movies and jerk off but now he had company. Shelly had never babysat Jerry before. She lived next door but didn't really know Jerry very well. She was 19, tall and slim but she had several scars on her face which made her self conscious. She had always been teased about it. Guys never really paid any attention to her because of her scars. Shelly knew she a sexy body, so she used it to get attention and she now had a reputation of being "easy".

Actually she was a total slut and she knew it but she was getting the attention she wanted, so she was happy. She never got any compliments about her appearance but she knew how to please a guy in bed. She had planned to go out with Jon that night but since she was babysitting Jerry, she asked Jon to come over to Jerry's house. Shelly took a quick walk around the house and made a note of where Jerry was. He was busy on his computer.

Jerry's mum had warned her that he wasn't too happy about her being there, so he would probably just keep to himself.

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Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the doorbell. She ran downstairs to meet Jon who was rather small for his age but very handsome.


"Come in" she smiled. Jon gave a sly smile and walked in. "You ready to fuck" he turned to her and grabbed her and pulled her towards him. Shelly was used to this, the only attention she got was because she fucked anything that moved. She pushed Jon away and pointed to the lounge. "Have a seat, I'll be right with you." Jon quickly began removing his clothes until he was only wearing his boxers. He made himself comfortable on the sofa and waited. Shelly stood at the doorway wearing only a g-string and she had covered her tits completely with whipped cream.

She looked at him with lust in her eyes. Jon scanned her tall petite figure with his eyes. He felt his cock come to life. She walked seductively towards him and wiped some whipped cream off her breast with her fingers and licked them intensely.

He was rubbing his crotch and watching her intently. She knelt down between his legs and pulled down his boxers. She gasped, "You have a big dick. I want to lick it. I want you to fuck me, baby. I'm your whore tonight." She placed her hand around his cock and positioned the tip in her mouth.

She sucked and licked his cock until he was sighing with pleasure and his dick was fully erect. She pulled away from him and stood against the wall seductively touching herself. "Come take off my panties" she told him as she arched her back against the wall. He scrambled towards her and struggled to remove her black g-string.

He stared at her clean shaven pussy lips with her pink cunt flesh sticking out in between. She took some cream from her breasts and rubbed it over her pussy. "Lick me! Lick me baby! she yelled as he fell to his knees and she pushed his head into her pussy. She placed one leg over his shoulder so he could get his tongue deep in her pussy. He licked her hungrily, slurping up all her pussy juice and fingering her asshole. "Yes. Oh baby that feels so good" Jon was anxious to see her beautiful tits.

He stood up and rubbed the cream across her breasts. "Oh squeeze my tits, suck it till I scream" Jon eagerly obeyed until he had eaten all the cream. He stood back and gazed at her tits. Perky perfect round tits with pink erect pink nipples, which were wet with his saliva. He lay down on the floor and motioned to Shelley to sit on top of him. She lowered herself onto his long erect cock. "Fill my pussy with your big cock. I wanna cum all over your cock." Shelley was screaming and sighing noisily as she enjoyed her fucking.

Jon was thrusting in strong hard strokes which sent waves of ecstacy through Shelly. Jon was fixated on her bouncing tits.


He reached up and pinched her nipples causing her to scream. Jerry was disturbed by the commotion and rushed downstairs. He stood watching as Jon gave a few hard thrusts then yelled out "Oh you bitch, I'm fucking coming. Swallow it, suck it all up" he shouted. Shelley quickly changed positions and sucked up all his cum till she felt his dick soften. "The guys were right. You fuck real good.

Your pussy is so tight" he said as he put on his clothes and left the house. Shelley put on a dressing gown and sat on the sofa, feeling frustrated. She wanted to cum, but he came too quickly.

She went over to the video cupboard hoping to find an erotic movie so she could masturbate. Jerry was still frozen in position, at the door. He was so turned on by what he saw.

Shelley found a porn video and put it on. She sat on the sofa and parted her gown, she placed her hands on her pussy and rubbed as her body moved and she began to sigh. Jerry removed his pants and was rubbing his dick while watching from the doorway.

He moved closer to the sofa to get a better look. Shelley had her eyes closed and was moving her hips slowly. He wanted to see her naked again but she had her gown on.

Shelly opened her eyes and saw Jerry standing over her with his dick in his hand. "What are you doing? Get out!" she screamed at him. Jerry was dazed. "You're just so beautiful, so sexy" he whispered. Shelley stared at him and couldn't help notice the size of his dick. Jon was almost half his size. "You think I'm beautiful?" she said to him. She smiled and said "You're curious huh? Well what you wanna do stud?" she said with a chuckle. "I want your tits" Jerry whispered.

She stood infront of him and let her gown fall to the floor. Jerry held her tits in his hands, feeling her soft skin and hard nipples. He slowly sucked her nipples and let his hands slide down and started rubbing her pussy.

Shelley was surprised at how well he was doing. She was sighing with pleasure. Jerry noticed her responding and continued more intensely. "Whoa, slow down, gently.yeah like that" Shelley said, guiding his hands. Shelley lay down on the sofa and spread her legs.

She wanted to feel his dick inside her.

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She told Jerry to position himself between her legs and she guided his erect cock into her cunt. Jerry let out a heavy sigh as he felt his dick enter a woman's pussy for the first time.

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He started jerking his hips wildly. Shelley slowed him down and helped him find a rhythm as his thrusts became harder and more intense. Before he realised what was happening he felt an overwhelming sensation and came in her pussy. "AHHH! That feels soooo good" he yelled. Shelley smiled. She could see the ecstacy in his eyes. "I want to cum" she said to Jerry. Jerry was eager to help.

Shelley said "I want you to lick me down here." She spread her pussy lips and showed Jerry her hot, wet pussy. "You see this lump. Thats my clit, suck it long and hard" Shelley said. "And put two fingers in here" she guided his fingers towards her pussy and pushed them in. Jerry obeyed and licked her hungrily.He could feel her hips slowly moving as he licked her.

He suddenly felt her body tense and begin to tremble. He looked up "Are you ok? Am I doing someting wrong?" "NO! She yelled. "Don't stop, I'm cumming" She arched her back, pushing her breasts forward, She was thrusting her hips and breathing noisily. Eventually she let out a deep sigh and relaxed her body. "That was good for your first time" she told Jerry. They lay beside each other and fell asleep.

Shelley opened her eyes and looked around. She still had cum stains between her legs and her bosy felt hot and sticky. She heard a voice say "I thought I'd come back for seconds but he beat me to it." She turned around and saw Jon standing in front of her with an evil smile. "So you like small boys?" he smurked. Shelley was too embarassed to speak. Her eyes searching the room for her gown as she tried to cover herself with her hands.

"Awww, now you shy? Don't worry honey, its nothing I haven't seen before" Jon remarked. "I think I'll join you in the shower" he said.

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"Go get the water running" he ordered. Shelley glared at him. "You wouldn't want Jerry's mum knowing what happened here?" he said to her. "You wouldn't" she yelled. "Just do as I say" he replied. Shelley walked off to the bathroom while Jon went to wake Jerry. Jon and Jerry joined Shelley in the shower. She was horrified. "What are you doing?" she told Jon. He ignored her and grabbed her hair and pushed her to her knees.

"Suck his dick" he instructed as he motioned for Jerry to stand in front of her. She opened her mouth and took all of Jerry's cock into her mouth. Jon stood behind her, still yanking her hair roughly as she moved back and forth on Jerry's dick. Jon slapped Shelleys ass and spread her ass cheeks. He took a shampoo bottle and rammed it up her ass. Shelley cringed in pain. She tried to scream but her mouth was full of Jerry's cock. Then Jon knelt down and fucked her pussy so hard that she felt she would vomit, while at the same time shoving the shampoo bottle in and out of her ass.

He watched as Jerry reached orgasm. Jon began to pound her pussy harder, she had to let out a scream each time he went into her. When he was ready to cum, he removed the shampoo bottle from her ass and rammed his dick into her ass. With a few long thrusts he released his load into her ass. Shelley fell to the floor, feeling humiliated. Jerry seemed to be enjoying himself.

He was already getting hard again and eagerly awaiting instructions from Jon. Shelley was lying flat on the shower floor looking up at them. He ordered Jerry to straddle her chest and place his dick between her tits. "Squeeze your tits together bitch!" he screamed at Shelley.

She obeyed. "Go ahead boy, fuck her tits" Jon said.

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Jerry began thrusting his hips slowly. Jon yelled "harder boy! faster. I wanna see you cum on her face. Jerry didn't last very long he came with a loud yelp and decided he was too tired for anymore. After Jerry left, Jon ordered Shelley to stand up and hold onto the shower nozzle. He stood behind her. Fucked her pussy while placing his hands loosely over her tits so he could feel them bounce with his thrusts. He pulled out of her pussy and held hips firmly.

Then thrust into her arse. "Yes you fucking whore. I'm fucking your ass" He kept alternating a few thrusts in her ass then a few thrusts in her pussy. Suddenly he stopped and turned her around. She was facing him still holding the shower nozzle above her head. He picked up her legs and placed them around his waist and began thrusting into her pussy, and watching her boobs moving around wildly. He came after a long while.

He let go of her legs and smacked her ass. "I fucked you like the whore you are! You're a damn good fuck and I'm gonna spread the word!"