Cumming on my bare feet

Cumming on my bare feet
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When Marrie woke up she already was horny, which was not really surprising because in general she was horny very often, but normally not after this many orgasms like yesterday.

Maybe it was caused by the naughty thoughts filling her mind. But besides being horny she also had to pee real bad.

In this horny state of mind, she decided to stand up and go into the bathroom, where at first she looked herself over in the big mirror. Her brown hair was a little messed up from sleeping, her breast had little red strips at their base, probably from being bound yesterday. Her normally flat belly was bulging a bit, caused by all the urine inside her. But instead of going to the toilet, she went to the bathtub and laid inside it.

The surface was cold and she had to force herself a little to fully lay down. After some time of accustoming to the temperature, Marrie forced her legs up in a way, that her knees came down on both sides of her head and her pussy was right above her face.

This was not really comfortable, because nearly all her weight was now resting on her shoulders. So positioned Marrie opened her mouth and started pissing on herself.

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The hot liquid sprayed on a high yellow arc over her face, wetting her hair. She had to close her eyes to avoid getting piss in them. She lowered the pressure a bit and the stream of piss hit her face directly, filling her mouth with her own fresh and still warm piss.

It tasted salty and was filling her mouth up quite fast, her urine was already streaming over her face, because her mouth was completely filled up. This was not the first time Marrie had tasted her piss, she had read about it on the internet and wanted to try it out so she had pissed at herself before showering one day and did kind of like it.

The taste was not the best, but she liked the humiliating feeling of being pissed on. But she never had drunk her piss, so she stopped pissing, closed her full mouth and tasted the piss in her mouth, played a little with it, moving her tongue around. Finally, she could bring herself to swallow the content of her mouth, it didn't taste good but it also didn't taste bad so she decided she would drink all her piss over the course of this weekend.

This thought again made her really horny and she rubbed her clit with one hand while starting to piss on her face again, which was not easy because she had to hold her balance with just one arm, while the other was stimulating herself. After she had emptied her bladder completely over her face and drank lots of piss, she swallowed a bit of the last mouth full of urine, but leaving a good portion of it inside her mouth.

She wanted to taste it a little longer and it would be humiliating to walk around having her own urine inside her mouth tasting the salty liquid the whole time. Struggling to stand up again, she noticed the smell of urine that was filling the room, the bath had no window so Marrie turned on the ventilation.

She dried her feet up with a towel but wanted to let the rest of the piss on her body to just dry on its own, leaving her filthy.

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She went into the kitchen, as she was entering, her sight fell in the flashlight she had left there yesterday. As horny as she was, she took it and with a little spit pushed it into her ass again.


The feeling of fullness in her rear was a good sensation. With her butt filled now she made herself some breakfast consisting of a toast with jelly, but she did not eat it yet. She wanted to keep the piss a little longer in her mouth, so she took the toast on a plate with her to her room. Marrie put the plate down and searched for some clothe-pins, which she put on her nipples and two on each inner pussy-lip.

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She searched for some duct tape, laying on her bed, the piss on her body had already dried up, she spread her legs and her pussy-lips by pulling the cloth-pins to the side, fixing them in place with the duct tape that she wound around her thighs.

Repeating the process on the other side, spreading her pussy fully open.

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The piss in her mouth began to taste bitter but she was not finished just yet. Marrie fetched some string and a small belt that was infinitely variable. She put the belt around her belly and tightened it was much as she could, biting into her flesh. She took the two tubes she made yesterday from her nightstand and inserted the short one into her pussy. With her finger she felled the little drilled hole and pushed the tube into her until the hole was just outside her.

Taking her box with the slugs from her nightstand, opened it and turned it around over her tummy, leaving a pile of slugs on her. Slowly she distributed the slugs up to her breasts. She picked one of the slugs and slid it into the tube that directly lead into her pussy. Marrie could feel how the slug entered her, its slimy body moving over the inside of her pussy. More slugs went into the tube, filling her up and pressing the first slug against her cervix.

After the fourth slug the fifth didn't go in on its self, so she pushed the last slug with her finger deeper into her. With her pussy filled, she struggled to pull the flashlight from her ass without shaking the slugs off her body. After several attempts she managed to pull the flashlight out and put it on her night stand.


Luckily there was still no shit on the shaft of the flashlight, so she grabbed the long tube and pushed it with like the other into her butt until the hole was just outside her. Lifting her ass, so a few of the slugs rolled down to her tits. Carefully she picked up one of the slugs on her tits and put it down directly on her clit.

Enjoying the sensation, she picked up another slug and slid it into the tube inside her ass, then a second, followed by a third. She also had to push the last slug with her finger in. Now she fetched the string and threaded it through the holes in the tubes, starting at the tube in her ass, pulling the string through the tube in her pussy and pulled it up in front of her.

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Lowering her ass, she arched her back and knotted one end of the string to the belt around her belly. Then she pulled the string tide in front of, pushing the tubes a little more into her. She also knotted the front end of the string to her belt, threading it under the belt pushing a few slugs to the side. The string going through the holes in the tube should hinder the slugs from falling out of her. Marrie loved the feeling, she started moving her fingers around her spread open pussy lips, careful not to push the slug on her clit to the side.

She caressed her pussy, softly stroking her sensible pussy-lips with her fingers, circling with her fingertips around the tube. The feeling of lust slowly building up inside her, beginning to overwhelm her.

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She kept this going for like ten minutes, feeling the mass of slugs move inside and on top of her, her pussy-lips spread, tasting her own urine in her mouth, the orgasm washed over her, becoming her whole world, shaking her whole body.

Marrie swallowed her piss in the process to be able to moan loudly from the amazing feeling between her legs. After a couple of minutes pause she started picking the slugs up and putting them inside the box again, closing the lid, she finished and carefully sat up. Sitting on the tubes pushed them even deeper into her, leaving pressure on her butt and pussy. She was hungry so she ate her toast, which tasted a little odd, probably because she just moment ago had piss in her mouth.

Walking to the bathroom, she could feel the tubes inside her with every step, pressing on the slugs. The clothe-pins pulling on her pussy-lips, stretching them each time. Marrie brushed her teeth, to get rid of the taste of piss and jelly in her mouth.


After she finished she felt great, filled with slugs in both holes, filthy from the dried piss on her body and hair but now with a better taste in her mouth. The clamps on her nipples started to hurt really bad so she took them off. A look on the clock told her that it was just 12 o'clock, so she had still plenty of time to play today.