Housewife Diva experienced horny porn casting in Z uuml_rich

Housewife Diva experienced horny porn casting in Z uuml_rich
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Part 2 can be read here: I've taken all your advice and wrote part 3. Hope you like it.

PART 3 When Will and I arrived at my house we went straight up to my bedroom. I can tell Will is extremely confused at what havejust happened. He sat on my bed and said 'when she began to touch me I felt so.


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oh never mind' 'so what? Horny?' I replied. 'yeah it felt kind of good' 'are you still horny?' 'yeah but I wish that feeling would go away' 'oh really? I know how to make it go away, its called wanking, having you ever heard of it?' 'no, can you please teach me?

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Please? I really want it to go away' 'umm, yeah alright but you have to take your clothes off first?' 'What? Why?' 'Because otherwise it wouldn't work. C'mon its not like I haven't seen it before' 'alright, I will take it off' Will was pretty embarrassed at this moment and I kept encouraging him on. He slowly took his shirt, pants and finally his underwear off, revealing an erection.

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I found that looking at his dick really turned me on and I was becoming honier every second. He sat on my bed and asked 'now what do I now?' I kneeled down right in front of him and replied 'I'm going to show you what to do now, just sit back and watch' I then took his penis and began to pump it with my fist, the way Jessica did for me.

I can tell Will was enjoying the sensation, he was squirming around with his eyes closed. 'Will, this is called a hand job, thats when someone wank your dick. Would you like to go to the next level and get a blow job?' 'yeah thats sounds good' I have never given a blowjob before and I wasn't really quite sure of what to do.

I lowered my head towards his prick and prodded it with my tongue. It tasted salty. I then lowered my whole mouth and began sucking it. Will began to moan and after a minute he was ready to ejaculate for his very first time. I stopped sucking his dick and pumped my fist frantically. Strings of sperms landed on his chest and stomach and his dick began to shrink and went soft. Will was breathing heavily and recovering from his first orgasm.

I asked 'how was it?


Did you like it?' 'hell yeah, it was so intense, I love it.' I handed a box to tissues for him to clean up and he wiped all his sperm off his hairless chest and stomach. 'hey jack, can I do the same thing to you, I want to know how it feels to give a handjob and blowjob.' 'yeah of course mate' I was really excited. I was going to ask him to return the favour and didn't really expect him to ask.

Then its my turn to take my shirt, pants and boxers off. I was so horny giving Will his blowjob that my cock was now begging for attention. I sat on my bed and Will and I swapped positions, it was now his turn to kneel down before me. We were both clearly very excited. His hands wrapped around my cock with his fist, that alone made my dick twitched. He then proceed to move his fist up and down at my shaft. The feeling was amazing but it was beginning to hurt so I asked him to be more gentle and relax his grip.

After couple of minute he asked 'can I give you the blowjob now?' I couldn't speak, I replied with a nod. He then lowered his head and opened his mouth.

I could feel his breath and his breathings and that really turned me on. Will started to suck on my dick, his tongue flicking and I couldn't help but to moan out loud.

After a few minutes I couldn't take it any longer and told Will that I was about to cum. But he didn't stop, I don't know if he didn't hear me or he didn't want to stop.

I cum inside his mouth and he swallowed everything. He even licked his lips afterward. I asked him 'why did you swallow it? Weren't you scared it would taste bad?' 'nah, I wanted to try and also my instinct told me to continue.' His phone rang, interrupting our conversation. It was his mum, she wanted him to go home. He began to dress and I farewelled him in my room.

'See ya tomorrow!' I then took a shower but as horny as I was, I didn't masturbate. Next day at school we had a substitute teacher. Will and I had mixed feelings about it. He told me he masturbated himself after he got home and was looking forward to receive a blowjob from Mrs turner. I on the other hand was glad that she was away. She was unattractive and there's just something about her that doesn't turn me on as much.

The rest of the day went by without any drama. I wanted to come over to Will's house but he had a dentist appointment so I went home instead. However I bumped into Jessica. 'Hey Jack, how're you going? Haven't seen you for a while, do you still want to do it?' She teased me a bit. 'Sorry Jessica, I had detentions all this week but I'm free today.


Of course I want to do it, are you free now?' 'Yeah, lets do it now, its time for me to turn you into a man' she giggled Jessica drove me to her house and we went straight to her bedroom, the place she introduced me into handjobs and blowjobs. We both removed our shoes and socks. 'Ok Jack, remember this, every time you have sex don't just stick it in a girl because we love foreplays.

So let me show you how' She motioned me and we sat on her bed together.

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She leaned towards me and gave me a passionate kiss, it was my first kiss. I enjoyed it and gave it back. Still kissing, she started to unbutton my school shirt and I did the same to her. She broke the kiss and asked 'would you like to undo the bra?' I didn't respond, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It dropped to the floor revealing her boobs. This time I didn't need instructions; I reached out my hands and began to massage the right breast whilst sucking of the left one.

Jessica let out a moan and that gave me confidence. I stopped playing with them after a while and it was her turn. She took my school pants off but kept my boxers on. My erected dick made a tent. She reached her hands out toward my crotch and began rubbing.

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I knew she was teasing me. We started kissing again, this time she slipped her tongue in my mouth and I copied her, our tongues flicking at each other's. She then kneeled in front of me and finally removed my boxers. She gripped my cock and took it in her mouth. I stood there in fantasy, still quite couldn't believe a hot girl is doing that to me. I placed my hands on her head, thrusting her mouth in and out.

I began to climax, I yelped 'im cumming!' and she responded by moaning with my dick in her mouth, it made me extra horny and I shot my sperms in her mouth. We recovered for a while then I took her school skirts off. She lied on her bed so I could take her underwear off.

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Her vagina was very wet and my hand began to massage it and rubbing it in a circular motion. I then lowered my head and took in that musty smell of her vagina. I poked my tongue and it and began to suck it. Jessica was moaning and I sucked even harder. It was her turn to orgasm, she used her hands to hold my head, asking my tongue not to abandon her. Her juice were flowing everywhere and I just lapped it up with my tongue, I licked every drop. Jessica exclaimed 'Jack, that was good. Wow you really improved since your first time.

Let's do it now, are you ready?' I nodded and asked 'can I ask you a question? Do you really want to have sex with me?' She looked in my eyes and didn't respond. I was scared.

Did I offend her? What if she won't have sex with me? 'yes of course jack because you're so cute and pretty, and im only a few years older than you so that wouldn't be a problem.

I've always had a crush on you, and believe it or not, im also a virgin and I want you to be my first as well' I couldn't believe my ears, Jessica a virgin?

She had a crush on me, but she used to be mean to me all the time in front of my big sister! As if she could read my mind, she said 'all the guys I know are jerks and they're only interested in sex, they don't even love me. As soon as I said no, they got angry and never talked to me again. I want to have sex with a guy like you. I was only mean to you because of your sister and im sorry if I ever hurt your feelings. So, do you still want to do it?

I wouldn't do anything to you if you say no.' 'do you like me?' I asked her 'yes Jack, in fact, I love you.' 'I love you too' I replied She grinned and came forward to hug me.

I hugged her back, our naked body embraced. I relished the softness and the scent of her body. We broke apart and I said 'I think I'm ready, lets do this' She grinned and lied back on her bed and spread her legs. I approached her, my dick getting hard once again after it had gone soft with our talk.

I placed my cock on the opening and looked at her, she nodded. If that, I gently pushed my penis in and it was quickly greeted with a warm, hot vagina. I pushed further in, even thought my cock at that time wasn't that big, it still met resistance. Again I looked at her, she nodded for the second time.


I pushed forward once again, this time with more force. Jessica screamed. I stopped. 'keep going, I'm alright, god this feels so great'. I continued to thrust in and out.

I could feel the pulse of her vaginal muscles. This feeling was way better than her handjob or blowjob.

Jessica and I started to moan, almost in unison. 'lets swap positions' Jessica suggested 'ok, but how?' I asked 'I know, lets try doggy style' We got into position and continued to fuck her, touching her arse and her stomach at the same time. I decided that I didn't quite like this position and I asked to change back.

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But Jessica wanted to try something else. She got me to lie down on her bed and climbed on top of me. She held my dick in her hand and guided it towards her hole. It was such pleasure, having her to ride my dick and watching her boobs bounce in sync with our thrustings. I knew I was close to cumming and she knew too. I told her to stop or I would cum in her but she wouldn't stop. I couldn't take the tension anymore and I came in her. Jessica stopped the thrusting but kept my dick inside her.

She only got up after it went soft. I was angry, she didn't stop, I could've gotten her pregnant. I was about to talk to her about this when she exclaimed 'that was so good, lucky I started taking those pills, I knew I couldn't resist and continue and not pull it out.' I was so relieved.

We didn't clean up straight after, we embraced each other once again and kissed passionately. She broke the kiss after a few minutes and asked 'would you like to be my boyfriend?' I hesitated before I answered 'yeah. sure I would love to' Please rate and comment.

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Also please give me so suggestions for part 4 Thank you!