The tattooed got cock in all ways

The tattooed got cock in all ways
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Chapter Four Her dad's tongue was deep in her clit, licking her labia and tasting her juices. Her own atheltic, tall, prudish businessman.was rapidly eating her out, making her feel better than she had ever felt.despite the pain from losing her virginity, Rebecca was dangerously close to orgasming in her dad's mouth.

She was trying so hard to fight it, enraged at herself for her body's betrayal. Cecil and Freddy were both looking on avidly. Her dad began rubbing her cunt as he tongued her, and soon she could not bear it.she was losing it, squirming against his face. "OH MY GOD!" She screamed as her orgasm shook her, the pleasure having been moutning for so long, causing her to erupt, sensations tingling down her body.


Her breath quickened, and she felt extreme satisfaction despite her disgust. She had orgasmed before- boyfriends had given her oral, and of course, she masturbated just like everyone else- but nothing like this. Maybe the wrongness of it had made her body more excited. Her dad seemed surprised at the strength of her climax, but he continued to suck her cum from her clit, finishing her off.

"Excellent. Unfortunately, I must again restrain you both. Until tomorrow, my dear pets." Freddy said, quickly stunning them and tightening their bonds again.

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"I want to see the little one." Cecil said on their way out. "Ah.she is my special possesion. I won't be sharing her just yet." Freddy replied abruptly. Cecil headed to the guest room- it was too late to drive back, so he would remain till early morning- but Freddy wanted to go check on Lily. She was asleep. Her blonde hair framed her angelic face, although their were tearstains on the thirteen year old's alabaster cheeks.

He walked up to her, tracing her lips with his fingers. She was clearly in a deep sleep.he had always wanted to fuck a girl in her sleep, just ravaging her unconciouss body. And of course, Lily was made to fulfill his every fantasy. He put his mouth to her pussy and kissed it deeply, massaging it with his body lip. He felt her wetten slightly, and that was inviation enough to him. He began massaging her breasts as he continued to lick her recently deflowered pussy.

She was probably still sore, he knew. Still, he untied her and brought her body on top of him, holding her petite figure in his arms. He positioned her over his dick like a ragdoll, and then penetrated her, for the second time. Her eyelids fluttered open and fear swept over her.

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He pushed her against his chest as he was inside her, cutting off her air supply as he forced her to ride his cock. His arms were strong, from years of lifting, and her futile struggles did nothing to deter his use of her body. It didn't take him long before he was finisihed. "Well good morning, my love." He whispered into Lily's hair. She gasped for breath as he let her up.

He liked seeing her breathless, helpless. "Please leave me alone."She whimpered, feeling the throbbing between her skinny thighs again. "Never, my darling. You will be with me until death." He said, stroking her hair. She bit her lip, but had no tears left.


He reached his hand down, squeezing her ass, as he held her in his lap. "Lucky you, I can't go anymore tonight. But you are going to pose for a few photos for me, love." He said, sitting her on the bed.

He knew she was really too small to fight him. He reached under the bed where his boxes of toys and cameras were hidden, and pulled out a digital camera. He had always enjoyed keeping mementos of his victims. "Lay down and touch yourself." He commanded. She hesitantly reached down to her clit.

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"No, play with it, do what you do in the shower." He said, trying to position her better. She began rubbing herself, looking nervous, and he began snapping photos.

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Flash. Flash. Flash. "Okay, bend over. Let me get a better look at that little ass of yours." She bent over, just wishing he would go away. He took more pictures, and then was inspired. He pulled out the biggest dildo he had and lubed it up.

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She began retreating on the bed, so he gripped her ankle and jerked her toward him. Her little anal cherry was about to be popped. She began pleading again but he shoved it partially in, and commanded her to use it on herself.

She was going to fuck her own virgin ass, and he was going to videotape the entire thing. Nothing to him was sexier than watching her cause such pain to herself. She could barely move it, so he set the camera to record on it's own, and proceeded to use the dildo on her ass. She bit down into the sheets, trying to stop the agony, but it burned as though her ass was on fire. He kept pushing farther, and she was sure she would be ripped in two.

Eventually, he finally stopped, and pulled it out. He retied her bonds and put away the camera, seeming pleased with his footage. She felt relief, assuming he was done for the night.he looked very, very exhausted, as though he would pass out then and there.

"Soon, my dear, we will share a bed at night. For now though, I have a little surprise to keep you company as I slumber." He then pulled out her favorite little white teddy bear, the one she had kept from childhood despite her older sister's teasing.

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She felt completely paralyzed as she noticed the vibrator now made into the bear's fur. He set it at her legs, making sure it would enter her, and her beloved childhood friend now seemed like a monster, fucking her sore pussy.

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Freddy laughed evilly, loving that he could rape her emotionally as well as phyischally. He had once built houses- now he just loved destroying things, especially beautiful things. He turned out the light, leaving little thirteen year old Lily laying in the dark, traumatized and completely defenseless.