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Jake got to school the next morning, he was sore from last night. That masked vixen had worn him out, he had to figure out who she was. As he walked up to his locker, he noticed Katie was waiting for him, visibly upset.

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"What were you doing last night?" She fumed "I texted you all night" Jake tapped his pants, looking for his phone, it wasn't there.

It must've fallen out last night. "Damn babe, I'm sorry I must have left my phone at the uh.library," he stuttered, "we did a group project there last night" he lied. Fortunately for him, Katie bought it.

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Her mood softened, "Oh well, in that case," she said as she pulled out her phone, showing the different dresses she had looked at, some classic, some conservative, some slutty.

She looked great in all of them, "I like this one" Katie said, as she scrolled to a picture of her in a sky blue dress. It had a plunging neckline, the fabric was skin tight around her body, hugging her ass nicely, a cut ran from her left hip down to the floor. "Yeah babe, I like it to" Jake stammered, his mind still on his phone.

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"Ok, it's settled" Katie squealed, "I'll get it tonight" she kissed him on the cheek before taking off to her class. Jake took his seat in his English classroom, Ms. Dyers looked exhausted. She had them start reading their next book while she handed out the reports from the last book they had read. When she got to his desk, she handed him his folder, and winked at him as she moved to the next student.

Picking up his folder, he noticed it was heavier than it should be. He opened it, and found his phone. He mindlessly pressed the home button, expecting to find the selfie he had taken with Katie on his lock screen. He was surprised to find a picture of his mystery woman in the shower, taken from the back. He still couldn't tell who she was.

He quickly put his phone away, hoping none of his classmates saw. His eyes shot towards Ms Dyers, who was now sitting at her desk, she winked at him as their eyes met. Jake returned his attention to the graded report in front of him. Opening his folder, he found the grade sheet in front, it had a big A+ written in the top corner. He sifted through the remaining papers, finding a hand written note in the back "since you forgot your phone, and I couldn't tell you.

Your next extra credit is tonight, same time." Underneath in different hand wrong was a big heart, "That was good, lets do it again? Miss Teak". Miss Teak-Mystique, Jake made the connection, at least his woman had a name, albeit a fake one.

If that's how she wanted to play, then he would have an alias too. When the bell rang, he wanted to be the last to leave the class.

"Miles Long will be there tonight, "he said walking past her desk, smiling at his alias. She tried not to laugh at his corny name, and slapped his butt as he walked out. He was on auto pilot until lunch, he met Katie in the parking lot and and went to get pizza.

They ordered and took a seat at a booth, facing each other. He felt her foot running up the inside of his leg, resting at his crotch.

The waiter walled up delivering their food. Her foot dropped. He was secretly relieved, he wanted to save his energy for tonight. They finished eating with no further flirtation. As soon as they got in the car, Katie's hand was immediately on his crotch. She started unzipping his jeans, and fished out his cock. Before he had the car in drive, her mouth had enveloped his cock. "Hurry up babe, we don't have a lot of time."Jake said as he drove back to school.

Katie sucked Jake for all that he was worth, her warm velvety mouth working wonders on his erect cock. Katie's pace increased, she sucked Jake for all he was worth. Just as Jake started to pull into the school parking lot, Katie deep throated his entire 7"cock, her tongue licking the base of his balls.

The sensations sending him over the edge, Jake unloaded his semen down his girlfriend's throat as he parked. Katie managed to swallow his meager load, Jake's balls still drained from last night.

Katie looked up at him and smiled before composing herself. The couple exited the car and walked back to school. Jake got to his physics class and took his seat next to his buddy Chris. They chatted before the bell rang. "You good bro?" Chris asked?

"You don't look so hot" "Yeah, just a long night last night, I'm worn out. Hey man I'll be at your house tonight, right? working on pitch sequences" Jake said with a sarcastic wink. "I got some stuff going on tonight" "Yeah that's right" with just as corny of a wink back. The two friends knew when to cover for each other.

After school let out, Jake went to practice, came home and showered. He walked out the bathroom, and Alexis was outside, waiting to use the bathroom. "Another date tonight?" Jake asked "Yup" Alexis replied gleefully as she walked past her brother, and cranking on the shower. "Have fun!" He yelled through the door before walking through his room. Jake changed and went downstairs, and knowing he needed all his energy for tonight, made himself some dinner.

His sister walked past him, "be home late, bye guys!" She yelled, walking out the door.

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Killing time and alone in the kitchen, Jake pulled out his phone. He took a better look at the picture that was taken on his phone last night, his dick stirred in his jeans. He noticed the time, he had to go soon. He cleaned his dishes and left the house.

"I'm heading to Chris' place " he yelled to his parents, walking out the door. He parked in the same location, walking the block to the door and knocking, Ms Dyers answered the door. She wearing a flowery sundress, stopping just above her knees and a pair of orange high heels. She handed him the mask, "you know the drill." Jake placed the mask on his head, as he recalled the fun he had in it last night. He stripped down, standing in his teacher's living room, wearing nothing but a mask, his cock already hard in anticipation.

Ms dyers walked up and stood in front of Jake. Her hand reached out, and grabbed Jake's cock. She tied a ribbon around his shaft and led Jake to the bedroom. "Mystique! I have a present for you!"Ms Dyers called out as she opened the door. The lights were slightly brighter than the night before, allowing him to discern colors, and see contours in more detail.

Mystique, wearing the same pink and white mask, sat on the edge of the bed wearing a white corset, vertical pink stripes ran along its length. Her panties were pink, the front decorated with a small white bow. Her legs spread, clad in white thigh high stockings, feet resting on the floor, next to a pair of pink heels, Mystique's inserted her feet into the heels as she rose, her hips swayed as she walked towards him.

Jake's erect cock drooled with precum, a strand hanging low from his cock head. The added height of her heels put her eyes at Jake's broad shoulders. She walked around him, hands running over his body, sending a chill down his spine. Stopping on his right side her body pressed into his, he could feel the fabric of her panties pressing into his thigh, her corseted breasts pressed into his ribs.

He raised his arm, placing it around her shoulder. Mystique's left arm wrapped around the back of his waist, her right hand reaching for his cock "I suppose I should unwrap my present" she said, staring into his eyes. Her fingers unwrapped the thin ribbon adorning his cock. The ribbon fell to his feet. Mystique's hand wrapped around his cock, she rubbed the palm of her hand over his slit, lubing her hand with his cum.

She slowly jerked him off, kissing his muscular chest. Jake, Looked down, admiring this small hand caressing his thick cock, smiling at his luck.

His right arm dropped down her back, resting on her ass, he could feel her bare buttocks in his fingers, the traced the fabric down her butt, until it disappeared into her crack. He cupped a buttock in his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Mystique sighed softly at his touch, releasing her grip on his cock. She walked back over to the bed, and bent over slowly.

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Her ass protruded out her thong, she shook her hips seductively. Jake walked up behind her, his cock head wedged in her butt cheeks, stopped by the fabric. He wrapped his hands around her, pulling her back upright.

He kissed her neck as his right hand roamed down to her mound, caressing her sex through the thin fabric. Her head leaned back into his shoulder, their lips met as they kissed. Mystique's hand move to the back of Jake's head as she moaned into his mouth. Jake's fingers had made their way around the fabric, and were rubbing her clit. His hips were gently thrusting into her backside, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks.

She lightly ground back with her hips, leaning forward she had one foot cross over the other, reaching back and peeled her panties down in the most seductive way. She stepped out with one foot and laid on the bed, rotating her body so she was on her back. Her head dangled off the edge letting her hair fall down to the hardwood floor. Her legs spread, she pointed at Jake, and beckoned him with her finger. As he stepped forward, her outstretched hand wrapped around the base of his cock, pulling him closer to her mouth.

Her lips locked onto his shaft, and sucked him deeper to her throat. Jake bent over until his face was buried in her snatch. His tongue penetrated her soaked pussy as he pressed his chin into her clit, her legs clamped around his head, signaling her approval. Mystique continued to suck Jake's cock through her building orgasm, Jake's tongue continued its attack while his chin moved side to side increasing the clitoral stimulation.

Jake could barely hear as she moaned something onto Jake's cock, he pulled his hips back, his cock pulled out of her mouth. "I'm cumming" Mystique gasped repeatedly. Jake tasted her vaginal emissions, savoring their sweet taste before standing back up. With her orgasm out of the way, he focused on his own pleasure.

His hands moved to the side of her head, while hers wrapped around the back of his thighs. He took control of her face, and thrust his thick member down her throat, his balls being tickled by her blinking eyelashes. Mystique gagged from the foreign object in her throat. Her contracting throat muscles felt good on Jake's cock. He withdrew his member from her throat, wanting to return to her fantastic cunt.

A string of saliva ran from his cockhead to Mystique's lips.


As he pulled back the saliva fell on her upper lip. She wiped with her fingers, as she re positioned herself, on her back in the center of the bed. Her head rested on a pillow, while her legs were propped up and splayed as her heels dug into the sheets. Her hand, slick with saliva was rubbing her clit. As Jake climbed on the bed, he could hear the door behind him open, Ms Dyers had entered the room, intent on watching the show that was about to happen.

Mystique withdrew her hand from pleasuring herself, and moved it up, resting it next to her head. Jake crawled forward until his hips were between hers. He placed his hands on either side of her head, holding hers. Staring her in the eyes, Jake slowly lowered himself, using his kegal muscles to line his cock up to its target by feel alone. With a little adjustment from the hips below him, his cock found its wet target. As he slid himself inside her, he lowered his head their allowing their lips to meet again.

The two lovers shared a passionate kiss while hips pounded into her loins, picking up the pace. He released one hand, and slid it down her body.

Jake untied the side of her corset and pulled it off her. He took a hold of one of her now freed breasts, he squeezed playfully while his lover moaned softly into his mouth.

His balls started to boil, Jake slowed the pace of his thrusts not wanting to cum yet, he broke the kiss as he withdrew his cock. Jake Kissed his way down her cheek and neck to her breasts. Kissing around he found her nipple, and was surprised to find that that they were pierced, he suckled intently.

"Gentle," Jake heard "They're new, and are a little tender." Jake continued to lick around, biting slightly, she moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure.

Jake got up and stood at the end of the bed.


Jake grabbed her by the thighs, and dragged her to the edge. He spread her legs, and re-entered her depths. Jake knew he was at the home stretch, he pounded into her with reckless abandon, both of their moans increased, she was getting close. He heard the music soften, he looked to his right, Ms Dyers had stood up, turned the volume down, and was now walking towards him. She had taken her dress off and approached him in her underwear.

His eyes returned to Mystique beneath him, she had one hand pinching a nipple, the other rubbing her clit. Jake felt a hand reach around, touching his chest, reaching his nipple, Ms Dyers was now standing behind him, her full breasts pressing into his back.

He continued fucking the cunt beneath him, while its owner cried in pleasure. She was cumming, her hand ferociously rubbing her clit. Jake, knowing his job was done, now focused on his pleasure. He quickened his pace, his cock flying in and out of the wet cunt beneath him.

He could hear the sloshing sounds as Ms Dyers fingered herself behind him. He closed his eyes, focusing on the pleasure around his cock. A hand reached his nose, he smelled the strong scent of Ms Dyers pussy on her fingers, they entered his mouth, he sucked them.

His balls lurched, "OH FUCK IM GUNNA CUM" Jake shouted. "Cum for me baby" he heard from below. "Fill her up" he heard Ms Dyers softly from behind him, her hands grabbed his hips and pushed them deeper into her friend.

That was all he needed to hear, his balls emptied. "NO! NO! Not inside me!" Mystique shrieked, feeling his cock twitch inside her, his seed emptying into her unprotected womb. He pulled out, much to Ms Dyers dismay. Ms Dyers reached her hand around, gripped Jakes cock and ferociously jerked him off, his cum flew out, and coated the body beneath him.

It was everywhere, her chin, neck, breasts, and stomach. The ferocious attack on his cock slowed, finally releasing his cock from her hand. Jake admired this masked vixen beneath him, laying on the bed catching her breath. One hand playing with the pools of cum on her body, the second scooping his seed out of her cunt.

"Asshole, I'm not on birth control" she scowled, withdrawing the hand from her cunt wiping her cum fingers off on Jake's toned abdomen, when she was sure she got all of his seed out, she stood up, placing a hand on his arm "I'm sorry for snapping at you," she said apologetically, "thanks for the best night of my life, she kissed him again and walked out the bedroom door, heading towards the shower.

He sat on the bed, catching his breath, his cock deflating gently resting on his scrotum. Ms Dyers kneeled in between his legs, and proceeded to lick off the cum that Mystique had wiped on his abdomen. Before moving back down and tasting the combined juices on his cock. She cleaned his cock and balls with her mouth before leading him back to the living room. Jake thanked her again and got dressed, he made sure he had his phone before walking out the door. He checked his phone as he walked the block to his car.


He had a few texts from Katie, they were mostly informational about prom, but the last one read "I'll have the house to myself this weekend… sleepover?" "It's a date" Jake quickly replied before entering his car and driving home.

Exhausted from the day's activities, Jake passed out as soon as he got home.