Hairy and tight cunt receives a thick dong deep inside

Hairy and tight cunt receives a thick dong deep inside
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Author note: The usual caveats apply: All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons is unintended and co-incidental. I would also appreciate any constructive commentary and reviews after you complete this story.

Enjoy. ==== My name is Simmons and I am a voyeur. I love sex. A lot. This is good because people have sex on me all the time. Yes, on me, not with me.

You see, I am a mattress in a Las Vegas hotel. I keep a mental diary of people that fuck on me. This is one of my entries. Veronica Madison is a troubled young person. Early 20's, Veronica has been fucked over, with, and fucked up for several years. She is a trans-sexual want-to-be, but does not have money for the surgery. I overheard her story in a conversation between two escorts.

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Turns out Victor/Veronica was from somewhere back east and was kicked out of her house at 17. Seems that she was caught dressed in slutty women's lingerie, sucking off her 40-year old neighbor.

Apparently it was not the first time she sucked or fucked another man.

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Neighbors, classmates, teachers, and even a police officer were all serviced. The father went ballistic and shotgun in hand, told his son that if he really want to be a girl, he should go to San Francisco where the "fags" live. She never made it to San Francisco but got dumped by a trucker in Las Vegas, and with nothing to her name, used the only resource she had: her body.

She worked the streets, the bars, hotels, and fucked anyone she could to get hormone pills and save for her eventual physical transition with surgery. I felt bad for her - she was often used, abused, and scorned by men and women alike. She was competition for other sex workers and often charged less for oral and anal sex. I think she had a drug problem and was arrested a few times. ---- Veronica entered the room early in the evening, followed by her date - a repeat customer.

I recognized his rich, baritone voice. "Clean sheets," Trevor noted. "And look at you. Don't think I didn't notice how sexy you look tonight. Come here, baby, missed you. Been a month." Veronica purred her response. "I'm glad you want me tonight and not one of the others. Sometimes a girl needs to be fucked good and hard. MMMMM. You got me SO hot." "You made yourself real pretty tonight.

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Baby-blue short nightie with matching stockings. No bra - your boobs and nips are getting bigger. They stick out nice underneath." "I've been taking the hormone pills," Veronica affirmed. "Want to be all girl for you and can hardly wait for the surgery." Trevor growled.

"I will fuck any hole you have, girl, mouth, pussy, ass or all. I won't disappoint - have some pills myself to keep me going for hours. Its been too long and I need it. Need you." Veronica played coy. "Trevor, do you really want me? Or just my body to use and abuse?" The answer was short and ambiguous. "Yes." I heard Trevor unbuckle his belt and drop his pants to the floor.

"Oh my - are you bigger? I'll be real sore tomorrow." "Down on your knees, honey, I need a warm-up." "And I need to lube that monster real good with my mouth. Mmppff" "Oh, yeah, this is why I looked you up tonight. You know what I like - the stroking, suction, tongue swirling around the head… Would take too long to train another bottom - damn I missed this." Trevor's moans were almost overpowered by Veronica's enthusiastic and sloppy blowjob.

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She was talented, the men always said, and many came back for this same scene. "Mmmmm," Veronica moaned around Trevor's cock. I missed this too. You treat me real nice, like a real lady. I do love to suck this big boy." "Oh, yeah, keep going, just like that. Shit. You'd beat Oreck in a suction challenge." Veronica slobbered and slurped for a few more minutes eliciting more groans from Trevor.


"I think I want that pretty ass of yours now. Up and on the bed." Cooing, Veronica sounded like she was in heat. "How do you want to take me, stud? On top, under, sideways, upside down, right side up?" Peeling back the comforter, Veronica perched on the bed, waiting for instructions. Veronica was fairly light and had no sharp elbows or bony hips. Her body was well-balanced and the pressure on me was nice. Comfortable for me, anyway. "On your back, legs over my shoulders.

I want to see your face when I fuck you. No diseases, right? I like to bareback, you know." "Nope, I'm clean, Trevor. Got tested two days ago. Lube in the top drawer. Astroglide - I know you like." Crap. Here it comes, the sticky yuck of lube on me. I heard as he opened the drawer and said calmly, "I'm going easy on this stuff, I really want you to feel my cock fuck you." Maybe today was a lucky day for me, too!

A limited to no lube mess day! I take what I can get. And so did Trevor. Veronica yelped. "Hey, that hurts, no easy today, just full-force fuck? I'm a little tight today… " "Fuck yes, I know. Nice and tight. This feels awesome. Your hole kind of feels like a virgin or gently used model. Love this grip around my dick." Veronica's breathing was ragged and laced with a little pain.

Sharp intakes and exhales every second or two. "You. Must. Be. Tightening. Kegels. Love. This. Vice. Feel." Trevor's words were in time with his thrusts. I could feel each time he drove deeply into Veronica.

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She must be in a little pain; her hands were tightly gripping my cushions. But she encouraged him. "Fuck me, Trevor. Fuck my ASS with your big stick. Deep as you can go. Bottom me out." Trevor growled low. "Where am I fucking you?" "Oh, you know where.

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Down there…" Trevor thrust harder, getting squeaks from his girl. "In. My. Ass. Hole. Ass. Hole. Fuck. You are stretching my hole to the limit." "Ain't done yet, sugar. I got those pills. And I love seeing your dick get harder when I plow deep." "Oh oh oh fuck me harder, please." I didn't think it was possible, but Trevor picked up the pace.

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"Here you go. Take. This. Cock. Squeeze me. Take it all the way up your holiest highway!" "Uhhhh" "That's right - told you I was gonna…" "Uhhhhhh" "Stretch" "Uhhhh" "That ass" "Uhhh - fuck - I uhhhh" "Fuck, you are getting tighter - you gonna cum girl, with a dick up your butt?" "Mmmughmm! Harder," Veronica urged.

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The thrust was so violent it knocked me partially off my box spring! "Ahhh…" "You love my cock. Yeah you do. Your ass is so mine.

Cum for me. Right now!" "Oh my god, oh my god, oh oh oh oh" Veronica's cumming must have made Trevor cum too. His growl was fierce. "GONNA FILL YOU WITH MY STICKY CUM!! YES! FUCKING YES. YES. BEST ASS IN VEGAS!!" "FUCK" they both screamed in unison.


Trevor collapsed - half on me, half on Veronica. I was exhausted from the workout. They were breathing heavily, both obviously satisfied. "Veronica," Trevor panted. "You came so hard a spurt hit your face. Nice. Have to take a pic of this." Veronica just moaned and gasped for air. "Your hole. My cock. Perfect match.

I know its kinda weird, but I love seeing your dick get hard and cum when I fuck you." "But I am a girl." "You are getting there, sugar. I don't care, dick or not, your ass will always be mine."