Hot girl on girl action with two ebony lookers

Hot girl on girl action with two ebony lookers
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Apartment Complex John is the owner manage or a 128 unit apartment complex with a common pool and patio area. There are single, double and 3 bedroom units in the complex with a combination of single m&f, some of the doubles are MM, FF, and MF and the 3 bedrooms are mostly single parents with children of all ages.

John has one main rule, no getting involved with the tenants, but then rules are just made to be broken. John is also a somewhat soft hearted person as he has a standing offer to the local social service office that if there is a vacant unit they can use it in emergency and he one of the garages filled with furniture he moves in for them to use. Currently there are 5 empty units he is in the process of painting and refurbishing. Every afternoon he cleans the pool and keeps an eye on children using the pool as the rules say no children without parent but he gives the parents a break and watches the kids for a couple of hours 4-6 while he cleans the pool and exercise/play area.

Usually there are a dozen of kids 8 to 17 at the pool but now and again some of the mothers come along. The kids all like him as he play water pole with them. The mothers and the ladies also like him for many reasons. John is single 38, 6'2" 185, brown hair, fair build. He is not a muscle builder but no beer belly either. Today as John does every Wednesday; he is loading up his old pickup to go work on his cabin and then the woman from unit 100 walks by in a sundress that well does not cover much.

She bends over and picks up a hammer and hands it to John. In bending over the sundress, which is pale purple comes to mid thigh, well maybe higher, and has open back, deep plung to navel front and string straps, opens in front enough for John to bet an eyefull of her 34B breast. The view give him an instant twitch in his pants and he thinks to himself " wow now that is a beautiful rack, easy old man she is a tenant and you know your rule".

She looks at him with a very sexy smile " here John did you dropped this". She knows exactly what she is doing and love to tease.

John also knows what she is doing as many of the ladies in the complex are flirts and tease John often. She in a very sexy voice says " You need some help today" John stares at her deeply and thinks " ah hell fuck the rules this time" " so you want to help me do you" She playing along " OH sure I would do anything to help YOU" John thinksokay she asked for it and she just might get more than she wants " Well I am going to work on my country home so if the offer is for real get in and you can come along to HELP like you offered." Oh man that is dumb, rule one no messing with the tenants.

Oh well she won't go anyway. S-Ahhhhhhhhh well sure, okay, you mean right now. Now what am I going to do he wants me to goheheheh this might be fun after all. J-Sure unless you want to bring a bathing suit to swim in and maybe a different outfit to work in.

You sure as hell don't have one on now in fact that sundress will only get you in trouble. S-Work inwhat do you mean I have to work, I thought I would just sunbath and such.

J-You offered but that's okay you can just come along and keep me company. Ya right keep me company, with that dress I will be lucky I don't hurt myself not pay attention to what I am doing. She bends over to pick up a saw and as she does the dress parts and the view of the small breasts is enough to wake the dead, another twitch, dammmm. S-Here, see I can help. Hands saw to John Ohhh he actually can blush, give him a free show, wait till I turn around. J-Oh Ah yes thanks Yes thank you very much for the show, mmmmmm, been awhile since I had that feeling and the heat.

This might just be a good day. Susan turns around and bends over to pick up a more tools. She does not stoop but bends from the waist and oh well the view was beautiful. She had yellow lace boy panties, not that you could tell that when she bent over but you could tell they were yellow and the butt cheeks were firm and very beautiful. There was that dam twitch again and now it was getting stiff.

S- Here, what else do you want me to get. Oh my it looks like he is getting a hard on, heheheh, this is going to be a fun day. Let's see you work in that condition. J-Thanksnothing you got me enough already.

There is a big shit eating grin on his face and the start of a hard on. S-So I see, let me run and get some clothes. Give him time to calm down, hehe J-Good You keep that dress on and you're going to get raped or something, dam you're a tease.

Susan goes to room to get a bag and put in a real swim suit and all the other items a woman needs or thinks she needs. She does NOT change the dress. S- …&hellip. Well if I am going to go to this cabin of his I might as well be prepared for everything, oh hell he is just a nice fellow with a hard on hehehehe. Oh well we will see what we will see. Susan returns in sundress carrying a bag.

J- Well you have everything, I though you would change the sundress that is not probably the best clothing for the cabin it is in the middle of 40 acres and a little rough. This is going to be a difficult drive with her in that dress on the seat next to me. S- OHHHH you don't like my dress. Silly man enjoy it while you can J-Oh I like it just fine hahaah, maybe a little too much, it sure is revealing but that's okay I do like it, all of IT. S-Okay lets go.

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They both get in the pick up. The truck is old, good condition but still has a bench seat with a 4 speed on the floor. S- boy this is an old truck and no buck seats this could be an interesting ride with nothing between us.

J-well it runs good and I take care of it, had it 20 years now and I can fix most things. WOW that dress is not covering much, this is going to be a difficult drive with her sitting there and that dress almost to her crotch. Oh those legs I sure would like to have them wrapped around me, waist or neck hehehe mmmmmm been awhile. Maybe this will be my lucking day. Okay now keep your eyes on the road. Oh man is it great. Susan moves over on the seat and puts her bag on seat between her and door.

She knows just how close she is and the effect she is having on John. j-&hellip. Oh right just slid right over here and get close and we will have a wreck for sure. Oh and she has to reach over and play with the radio and give me a good look at those beautiful breasts well one any way.

Okay just drive and keep eyes on road hands on wheel and prick in the pants. This is not going to be easy.


She is so close he can smell the faint perfume on her and takes a very deep breath to smell her even deeper. The drive was an hour of happy torture for John and Susan enjoyed every minute of it.

He kept looking at her legs and occasional a shot of panty and tit and she keep eyeing the bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger. The conversation was friendly and sometimes funny.

The bulge did go down. The cabin sits in the middle of forty acres that are covered by tall pine trees. There is an open field behind the cabin sloping down to a pond that is surrounded by poplars. The cabin is one large room and a bathroom in one corner (indoor plumbing was required) there is a generator for electricity and a cistern for the plumbing water.

The drinking water is carried in. There is a shower outside with a solar water heater. This is not a Sands Resort. They turn into an opening between the pines and head down a gravel road covered with pine needles and grass.

The scent in the air has changed to a clean crisp pine. J-Well we're here, home sweet home, what do you think?

S- Well it is pretty here but where is the cabin. J-That is the cabin lady, one room, hey it does have an indoor toilet, but the shower is outside over there. Pointing to the small building with the black barrel on top. S-Ewwwwwe this is disgusting, outside shower. Oh great what have I done, thank god I am not staying over night. J-Okay okay, look you can just lay in the sun while I work on the windows, I am putting real shutters up. This is going to be great, trying to hang these shutters with her lying over there half naked.

S- Okay but I think I just want to lay here and watch you for a bit. MMMM he does look good in those work clothes and well maybe ……&hellip. J- Okay Dam she looks good John went to work and Susan sat in the chair for awhile then reclined and lay on her stomach giving John a nice view.

J- hey you know the sun is going to burn those legs and your back, you want me to put some lotion on you. Oh this is going to be fun, please please please.

S- Sure I have some in my bag right there. MMMMM the thought of his hands on her sent a little tingle through her body, now where did that come from, hehehe I know where.

J- Okay lets see what we have here. John rummages through her bag as only a man would and comes across the bikini she had brought to sun in.

J- Hey whats this? Holding up bikini with a big grin, this will cover nothing S-That is what I was going to lay here and sun in now put it down. That grin is cute and the thoughts are getting wilder J- Okay but I tell you if you had that on there would have been some problems but now let me put this lotion on you, face down, I am looking forward to this. Putting lotion in hands to warm it up and then apply to back of legs, the view is so inviting the skirt is just below the butt and the panties and not quite visible.

The hands move over the legs from thigh to toes, massaging as he goesmore lotionmassaging the feet, each toe and sole and touching now very lightly very lightly hand on outside of each leg up up up to dress and back down to heel. Then lotion and rubbing back of neck and bare back down spin and up with hands spread open wide covering entire back. Then when lotion is done he very lightlyjust the finger tips all over her back.

S- ……… Oh my that feels so goodhis hands are a little rough but the lotion is good and the soft touch. OHHHHHHHHH the fingers are giving me feelings and urgesthis is going to be fun. J- ……&hellip. She has not said stop so I will take advantage of her all I can **** at this point I can have trouble writing a female part so please feel free to adlib for yourself ***** Hands back to legs and up and down massaging legs and the moving up on the inside of the leg up up up until the fingers are under the skirt and up up till they touch the panties just at the butt, no movement form Susan and John takes both hands and slides them up gently to panties letting skirt ride up his arm.

Cupping a butt cheek in each hand and Susan only smiles and wiggles hips.

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John traces the outline of the panties around and up and down to the crotch. One finger very softly slides over the moist area of panties covering the moist lips. John rolls Susan over and looks into her eyes deep and she smiles and reaches up, arms around his neck and pulls. Lips meet softly but very quickly more pressure and then his tongue push in and she responds kissing hard and deep the tongues whip each other, she bites his lips and pulls back.

His hands have been moving up and down her back with frantic desire. Finally the hands move to the top of her shoulders and pull the strings holding the top up and the front drops away. John backs little and stares at the most beautiful breasts he has seen in some time. Then he hold her face and looks deeply into her eyes, softly kisses her lips and the her nose and each eye, hands to shoulder and kisses eye to ear to neck down the shoulder to hollow at base of neck and the lips ever so lightly across the left breast kissing and down very lightly down down down to the hard nipple.

Hands on back can feel Susan shiver and there is a soft moan as he suck nipple into his mouth, sucking harder and deeper.


He is kissing across one breast to other breast and down to nipple and kissing and sucking. Susan hands have moved up and down Johns back and to butt and squeezed his butt hard and pull in to her. She has a leg between his legs and can feel his hard cock pulsing at her touch.

She reaches up and unbutton shirt and he backs off to remove. Then back with a brutal kiss deep and hard and arms around her back and hers around neck. She can feel her nipples rubbing against the course hair on his chest. John is losing control, the feel of her nipples against his chest the smell, her kisses and her hands pulling his pants down.

She has found his cock, which is the hardest it has been in a long time, and she is stroking is. J-AHHHHHHHHH woman your too much let me get these clothes off you and let me taste you. S-&hellip. Just smiles and looks at him John lifts her up and pulls the Yellow Sundress over her head and looks.

J- god she is beautiful. John kisses her softly on the lips and then kissing everywhere mover to neck and down kissing shoulders down to breasts, both and nipples, both and down to navel kissing belly from side to side. Then tongue out and tracing circle all over and down to panties and tongue just under edge of panty and side to side then down over panties kissing legs to knee to up along the inside of thing to panties and tongue tracing edge of panties.

John pulls the panties down and she raises legs and off they come. Susan drops her legs and spreads them wide, reaches up and grabs Johns head and pulls it down to her hot wet pussy.

S- eat that now you bastard suck it lick it NOW S. more faster more now moans and sighs and moans Susan hips buck up to meet his face and he buries himself into her wet sweetness and suck and licks and whips the lip. The tongue finds the clit and whips back and forth and fast and the sucks hard.

HI slips a finger between her lips and into the moist wet pussy J ahhhhhhhhhhhh you taste so good I can eat you all day Slipping in another finger they move into position to touch the spot and as they do Susan quivers and screams out and moans. John can hear little as Susan has squeezed his head between her legs so tightly he feels his eyes are going to pop. Licking on feeling her hips buck up and down driving his fingers deeper into her.

She has moved to a different level and bucks hard and fast.

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S- give me that cock you bastard where is that big thingyou better get it in there and fuck me now now John slides up and lifts legs up her knees at his elbow and she is grabbing his cock.

He can feel the head rubbing on the lips and she is pushing the head slips in with ease as she is so wet and. J oh god it feels so good The head slips deeper and then she wraps her legs and pulls with a massive thrust and his cock sinks deep deeper.

She bucks up and pulls and screams "fuck me" over and over as the head of cock hits the cervix and she moans. John can feel the pussy muscles gripping his cock with power he never knew existed. It has been a long time since he felt this. He continues to pump hard and fast. Kissing her nipples and sucking them in hard. Holding her ass cheeks in each hand and squeezing them hard and pulling while he drives in deep.

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Her pussy squeezes his cock with renewed power and she wiggles and bucks. John can no hold it any longer and one more thrush J- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH He can feel the load pumping and pulsing out.

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He can feel it ozzing back alongside his cock as he continues to thrust and the cum is oozing out around his cock and he stops thrusting and puts a hand on either side of her. Looking at her he smiles and she responds, reaching up and wrapping arms around his neck, kisses him lightly on the lips. He lies down and pulls her to him across his chest. J. Sure did not get much work done today but hey it sure was fun.

Dam, dam screwing the tenants is just going to cause trouble I know it, but it's a lot more fun. Chuckles S. what are you doing we're not done yet……&hellip. And that is another story.