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Delicious girl is into casual sex adventures for a whilst
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Bree nearly fell to the floor from the shock of being pulled from her reading and her thoughts. She turned quickly to see Trina standing there the few steps into her bedroom. Her face was red and there were tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Her lower lip started to quiver and her hands were balled into fists so tight her knuckles were white. She wanted to go to her but was afraid Trina would hit her. Bree opened her mouth to say something, anything that would fix the situation but before she could Trina turned and ran.

She wanted to go after her or call her name but every part of her body felt frozen solid. She listened to the sound of soft sobs and Trina's feet descending the stairs. Then came the sound of the front door slaming closed.

Bree shook herself out of this frozen state of shock and ran to her sister's window. She watched as Trina made a wild dash into dense trees of the woods behind their home. Good god what had she just done?

She glanced down one final time at the diary she was squeezing tightly in her hands. At the botton of the page she read the words that sent a chill like ice water through her soul. "I couldn't bear it if someone found out this dark secret of mine.


I would rather die." Trina Bree grabbed her cell phone and called her sister's number. She heard the ringer going off somewhere downstairs. She ran from the room and found her sisters phone laying on the stairs about halfway to the main level. She must have dropped it as she ran down the stairs. She hadn't even stopped to pick it up. It showed her just how upset her sister must be. the idea of a teenage girl without her cell phone at her side in this day and age was unheard of.


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would she really harm herself in any way? Bree really didn't think so but who knows in a situation like this. As if anyone had ever been in a fucking situation like this she thought. This had to be unprecedented right? The shame her sister had felt in all of those entries. Her confusion and her attempt to keep her dirty secret, all of it had come into the light.

all because of her. She had to fix this but first she had to find Trina. Bree ran down the stairs and slipped on a pair of shoes. She started running for the woods before she even thought about where her sister might have gone. Her mind was racing as her feet pounded the soft earth below. She let her eyes scan everywhere as she ran hoping to get a glimpse of her fleeing twin.

She tripped twice on fallen branches but picked herself up with speed that should have amazed her. She didn't bother to wipe the small sticks and dirt that clung to her arms and clothing away.

She finally took a second to catch her breath and try to clear her mind. Where the hell would she go? Their parent's owned alot of land out here. She really had no idea how much but it had always seemed to Bree to stretch for miles. She tried to think of all the places she could hide but there were no old shacks, buildings or even a damn tree house. Maybe someplace where they had played as children.

Her mind finally clicked on a spot that seemed reasonable. When they were about 12 and still got along they would play in a cave about a mile from their house. They would spend hours in there pretending they were wives to handsome men who were at work.

They would make pies out of mud to feed their imaginary men when they would return. Imaginary parties were planned and imaginary children were raised there. Sometimes they just yelled new dirty words they had learned at school to hear the echo bounce off the walls and then they'd burst into giggle fits.

Trina had to be there! Bree turned in the direction of the cave and began running again. Now with a destination firm in her mind she paid more attention to where her feet were going. Her heart was screaming at her to stop running and rest but she still had over half a mile to go. She tried to block out her pounding heart's pleas by thinking of what she'd say to Trina when she finally found her.

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Sadly her mind couldn't form words or thoughts so her focus returned to her feet as they pounded along the old path to the cave. Bree finally made it to the entrance of it a few minutes later. She stood outside for a few seconds and tried to catch her breath. During her frantic pursuit she had realized that it had started to rain. Her clothes clung tightly to her body as she leaned against the branch of an old oak that they used to pretend was a horse as kids.

She listened carefully and could hear soft sobs coming from inside the cave and knew she had been right about where her sister would go. Bree took one long deep breath to calm her frazzled nerves and went inside. Trina sat in a dark corner of the small cave but there was enough light coming through that Bree could see she had her face buried in her hands. A beam of sun settled directly on her form causing her sister to glow like and angel.

"Trina" she whispered softly.

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Trina looked up and Bree could see her mascara had run down her cheeks and some was dripping from her chin. "Oh god please go away" Trina said quietly. "Trina I'm so sorry. I was looking for some clothes and I." "I don't care what you were doing. I don't care what you read or what you think. I just want you gone and out of my life" Trina said her voice rising. Her fists were balled up again and her face was red with anger and embarrassment.

Bree knew she didn't mean it but the words still stung. She walked to where her sister sat shivering in the dark cave. She could see that she was soaked from the rain as well. Her hair clung to the sides of her face and her clothes were plastered to her body. Trina sat there quietly and ingnored Bree's presence. She decided to take her chances and sit down beside Trina even though she figured she would probably get hit.

Bree scooted close and put a hand on her sister's shoulder. "Dont touch me" Trina whispered as she looked up into Bree's eyes. She removed her hand and stared back at her sister. She held her gaze for a few seconds before looking down at the cave floor below.

"I. I always thought you hated me" Bree finally said. "I do hate you" Trina answered unconvincinly. "We both know you don't mean that. I'm glad. I'm glad I found your diary Trina". "What? I'm not! You invaded my privacy.

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You clearly read things that nobody was ever supposed to know. You ruined my life" Trina whispered the last line defeated. Her body shook as she fought down another sob. "We can't let anyone find out" Bree said quietly placing her hand on her sister's thigh. "Well no shit.

It's bad enough you know. If anyone else knew I'd be ruined" Trina said barely holding back from screaming the words. She was looking at Bree as if she had just said the dumbest thing ever. "Not about that." Bree whispered as she moved a little closer. "Then wha." Trina's words were cut short as Bree's hand cupped her face and pulled her in close till their lips met. Trina tried to push her away out of shock but Bree held her firm against her until the shock faded and desire replaced it.

Bree's lips parted and her tongue soon found her sister's, eager for her's as well. Bree felt her sister's hend move behind her head as she pulled her closer until the kiss was almost painful. Trina's teeth bit down lightly on her lower lip and a soft moan escaped from deep inside Bree. Her body felt like it was awash in flames that burned hotter the longer the kiss went on.

Months of confused feelings and desire poured out of Trina through the kiss. Trina finally broke it and pulled Bree close to her. Her head rested on Bree shoulder. "Are you really sure about this Bree" Trina asked quietly. "No but yes at the same time" she took Trina's hand and their eyes again met. "I know it's crazy and probably wrong in several ways but I can't ignore what I felt when I read your words. I'm just as confused as you were when you started writing in your diary about me and what you were feeling." "Do you need more time to think things through then?" Trina asked.

"Yeah. I mean obviously I want something but its probably best if I have at least a little time to think about everything. Especially considering whats at stake if I find that what I'm feeling is just a phase that'll pass. You've had these feelings for months now and you've had time to analyze everything you've been feeling.


This. well. This is all new to me" Trina looked disappointed but understanding. "Ok. but you'll let me know right? No matter what you decide?" "Of course I will." Bree said.

The two sister's laid on the floor of the cave and held each other close as they listened to the storm outside. The rain had picked up and the wind had soon followed. It came down in heavy sheets that the wind blew towards the entrance of the cave.

No words were spoken between the them. None were needed.

They just laid there and listened to the screaming wind, falling rain and thier pounding hearts. Nearly an hour passed since they shared their first kiss when the rain finally stopped and the last rays of daylight flickered over the horizon. Bree stood and helped her sister to her feet and they emereged from the cave hand in hand. Although they knew nobody would be around for miles they still released their hold on one another once outside.

Together they made their way back to the house. Still nothing was said as they walked side by side.

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They shared nervous glances at each other from time to time though. Bree's mind bounced thoughts around as she walked. She had never really had many sexual feelings before. At least not towards another person. She had watched porn yeah and masturbated plenty of times but she had never actually met anyone that had turned her on. Now here she was feeling this way about her sister of all people. Her identical twin sister in fact. Did that mean she was attracted to herself in some way?

The idea sounded ridiculous when she thought of it like that. She was feeling so many emotions that it made it hard to walk. Confusion, curiosity and desire consumed her as they continued on together. Fifteen minutes later they entered their parent's home and headed up the stairs together. Bree was about to open her bedroom door and go inside when Trina placed a hand on her arm and stopped her. "Do you think." she paused searching for the right words. "You know if.

you decide you don't want to. That all of this and everything that happened back at the cave was all a mistake. Well do you think you will still be ok being around me?" Trina asked. "Of course I will. You're my sister. I'll love you no matter what." She laughed a little and added "I loved you even when I thought you hated me.

This would be nothing." Trina wrapped her arms around Bree and squeezed so tight she could barely breathe. Bree could feel her sister's relief in the hug. Then Trina leaned in and kissed Bree lightly on the cheek and went to her room. Bree watched her walk away trying not to focus solely on the way her wet clothes still clung to her skin. Trina turned and gave her a brief smile then went into her room and gently closed the door behind her.

Bree stood outside her door for a second before she turned the knob and opened her it. Her computer screen glowed in the corner of her dark room. She flipped on the light switch as she closed the door behind her. It had only been a few hours before that her incident with Brad had consumed her every thought and now the whole thing seemed irrelevant compared to the recent events. She walked over to her computer and stared at the screen for a moment. Her character stood on a small hill staring off into nothingness.

Bree reached out and shut the screen off. She was about to head to her bed when she turned back to the computer.

Bree leaned down and looked at her Web Cam. A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. She brought her hand to her mouth and blew a kiss at the camera before reaching out and turning it to face the wall. "Bitch" she heard Trina scream from her room and the two burst out laughing together. Once in bed Bree laid there trying to shut off the thoughts that ran circles in her mind. She kept replaying everything that had happened throughout this crazy day.

Her encounter with Brad that sparked the events that had seemingly changed her life. The feeling she had when she slipped into her sister's panties. She no longer ignored the meaning behind it. She had known then that her thoughts of being aroused had nothing to do with how the sexy panties had made her feel about herself. Now she was willing to accept the fact that it was Trina that excited her.

Her mind then went to the words she had read in her sister's diary and pleasure ran though her body. As she lay there she shimmied out of her pajamas and let her hands explore her soft naked flesh.

Her nipples burned with sensitivity as she ran her finger tips over them. She let her other hand slip down between her legs and found herself wet with excitement and anticipation. This had all been building for hours now and as her mind ran through her sister's words Bree's orgasm was close to say the least. She let her thoughts focus on the last entry she had read before Trina had entered the room.

She moved her finger inside herself as her thoughts went to her sister mirroring her every move. Bree's orgasm built as her finger began running tight circles around her clit. Her hips started to buck up and down and her breathing picked up speed. She shoved her face in her pillow as her orgasm burst through her body like race horses released from the gates.

She thrashed in her bed and her back arched as the explosion of pleasure consumed all of her body. When it finally passed she laid very still and silent. She waited for feelings of revulsion at what she had just done and the thoughts that had been running through her mind to come pouring in and rain on her parade.

Yet nothing happened. She didn't feel disgust at herself. The only thought that ran through her mind was what this might have been like had she experienced it with Trina instead of alone. Bree suddenly heard her phone buzz and reached for it on the nightstand.

She opened it and saw it held a message from Trina. Her breathing picked up again and she wondered what the message held. She opened it and immediately started laughing. It held one single word that told her Trina knew exactly what she had been doing only moments before. She looked at it again "bitch" stared back at her. She sent back a little kissy face in return and then let sleep take hold of her.

End of Part 2