Cumshot Inside Pussy For Pornstar With Big Boobs

Cumshot Inside Pussy For Pornstar With Big Boobs
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Chapter 1 Jeff had graduated this spring. Just an average student but had a gift for fixing things and really enjoyed working with his hands. He always considered going on to school like his girlfriend Julie but just couldn't afford the cost of collage. So he thought maybe he could work at the Shady Lawn Motel full time until he could save enough to go on to collage.

Mr., Bossy was a friend of his father· and enjoyed Jeff ever since he could remember he Mr. Ed Bossy that is, was his godfather and always took Jeff under his wing so to speak.

Jeff had been working for the Bossy's since he was about 15 years old, strictly on weekends because of school and all. So here he was the first day on the job and he was given a job to fix a leaking toilet for Miss. Howl she was an airline stewardess that kept an apartment here at shady lawn because of the late night flights and the need for sleep. She was a very pretty and young woman she always turned the heads of men when she was around.

Jeff remembered one time a guest at the motel walked right into the pool located in the center court of the motel all of the rooms had their patio doors facing the pool and the other side faced a parking area.

Anyway she Miss. Howl was sun bathing in one of the deck chairs set around the pool and this guy was walking past and like I said he just couldn't keep his eyes off of that gorgeous figure lying in that chair and got too close to the edge of the pool lost his balance and fell in.

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Everyone around the pool just cracked up when they saw what happened. Miss. Howl just lifted her head and smiled, and went back to her sunbathing. Well here he was at her door waiting for Miss Howl to answer.

The door clicked and opened Jeff was stunned to see her standing there with two towels one on her head and one on her body, she must have been taking a shower when he rang the bell to her apartment. OH "hi Jeff "she said looking at him with a smile on her pretty face.

Did you come to fix the toilet?


Yes I did Miss Howl. Well come on in Jeff I am sorry about the mess but I got in late last night and just wanted to crash.

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She led him into the bathroom that was still steamy from her shower, her under clothes where lying on the floor and she bent over to pick them up. That's when he got a glimpse of her beautiful ass. The towel she had wrapped around her body just wasn't wide enough to cover her when she bent over so he got a peek at her cheeks and what he thought a little pubic hair.

Well that set his cock on fire the dam thing grew so fast it almost hurt. When she stood up she had this grin on her face that made it worse he thought he would bust a seam in his shorts.

She was looking right strait at the bulge in his shorts that his swollen cock was making. She didn't even give him a chance to move.


Her hand went right straight to the bulge and squeezed gently and said "I think we had better fix this before you do anything else" at that point she took the tool pouch off that was slung over his shoulder and laid it on the floor, and took the toilet parts out of his hand and asked what the big round one was.

He said kind of stuttering tthaats a bball ccock at that she giggled and said she liked those. ' As she came closer and put her mouth up to his ear and said cocks.

He just couldn't believe his ears the rest came sort of natural. She used one hand to undo his shorts as the other went around to grab a hand full of his ass. The shorts slid down his legs as he undid the towel around her body. She was already on her way down to unleash that bulge in his now stretched out under pants.

She slid them down his legs very slowly never taking her eyes off of the cock region when it sprang free it almost smacked her right in the mouth. He thought he had died at the moment her lovely beautiful soft hot lips came in contact with the head of his cock.

Dam but that sure felt good as he moaned in response. That seemed to trigger something in her because she started to take his now completely rock hard cock into her mouth and suck like she had a Popsicle that she was enjoying the taste of.

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He just couldn't handle it never having this done before. His legs tightened up and the sensation that was flowing up inside of him started to cause an eruption and his cock just started to jerk and pump it was awesome. As his cock started to spew the cum out she stuck her hand between his legs and grabbed a hand full of ass as her thumb came in contact with his ass hole she was kind of massaging it as her beautiful mouth sucked and licked his cock.

He didn't think she missed a drop. His body seemed to have a mind of it's own he was humping her mouth uncontrollably the harder she sucked his cock into her mouth or throat the harder his body wanted to push into her. She was moaning as he looked down he could see that pretty little ass of hers had something sticking out of it and she was humping something.

It was her other hand thrust between her now spread out legs as she knelt before him. She was holding something inside of her. It was the bristles of a hairbrush she was fucking herself with the handle of her hairbrush. That sight seemed to trigger another load of cum from his now nearly drained balls. It seemed the more he wanted to push his cock down her throat the harder She fucked herself with the handle of the brush. She was moaning like Crazy and so was he.

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Dam he just couldn't believe this had actually happened to him. One of his fantasies come true he told her that he had always wanted to see her naked and did actually have a couple of wet dreams about her. At that point she slowly stood up revealing her fully rounded tits. She asked if he had enjoyed the dreams as much as the blowjob she just gave him. He said nothing could compare to that at Which point she said not even a good fuck? Then the hairbrush dropped And bounced on the floor and she giggled.

He told her how the sight of her fucking herself had caused another couple of squirts from his cock. She looked down at it still standing at attention. At which point she took hold of the shaft and leaned in to give him a full open mouth kiss and he could taste what he found out later to be his own.

He tasted his own cum on her lips. As they kissed she pumped his cock and ran her thumb over the head. That was still just as slick as could be. They parted accept for her hand on his cock that she was still stroking and led him to her bed that was in the adjoining room. By then the shorts were gone along with his underpants.

She spread him out on the bed and kind of jumped on to straddle his still ready cock.

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She eased herself down as she held the shaft. Man oh man his next fantasy all in about 15 minutes. When the head of his cock entered her cunt he kind of spaced out bucking up into that hot wet slick hole. She stopped him by putting her hands on his shoulders pushing him down and into the mattress so it mad it harder for him to pump up into her hot wet hole.

He looked up at her face to see her smiling down at him. She said "wow you sure are a horny little devil aren't you".

He just looked at her dumbfounded and smiled back. She asked if he knew how to perform cunnilingus he just looked at her smiling at him.

She got off of his still rock hard cock as it slapped against his belly and lay down next to him telling Jeff to get up on his hands and knees. Which he did! She then slid a pillow under her ass and told him to position himself between her now spread wide legs revealing that wide open cunt for Jeff to see.

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Holy Shit he couldn't believe how great it looked. Pg 2 Split right up the Middle of her beautiful shapely long legs that were spread open just for him to look and enjoy. But not too long though. Well then she brought him up to kiss her. Another one of those open mouth wet ones. Then she used her tongue on his lips to go around in circles and flick at his slightly parted mouth.

Then she broke off the kiss and told him to do that to her down there as she held both tits up for Jeff. He didn't need any more instruction as he went straight for the one in her left hand something about the way she was flicking the nipple to a peak made him go for that one.

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Dam it looked so good. Pink almost red, so stiff he felt a shock as his mouth came in contact with her finger and nipple at the same time. He continued as she moaned and groaned and thrust her big fat tit right into his mouth. He was like a mad and hungry dog he just couldn't get enough sucking, licking, and nibbling as she guided and instructed him. Telling him to suck a little harder lick, bite, not hard be gentle but firm. He remembered her saying. Then the real education began as she slowly pushed him down between her still spread legs talking all the wile telling, instructing, just as she did while he sucked her fully erect nipples.

That seemed to keep his cock good and stiff.

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She had a hand an either side of his face holding him firmly. Then she wiggled a bit to position herself rite in front of his now watering mouth.


Saying to flick his tongue out gently make it pointed, she said touch it against this spot. As she put her finger next to a little knob at the very top of her pussy holding it opened For him. She began to quiver as his tongue found that mark.

She was moaning and began to undulate up into his flicking tongue. Then she grabbed his head cupping both sides with her gentle palms and pushed her now dripping cunt into his mouth.

She rode him like a bucking bronco, and the taste! She was riding his mouth so hard she shot her load right into his mouth. Tongue still out and flicking, lapping, sucking, swallowing, dam he sure loved the taste of that sweet cunt. She started saying loudly, fuck me please, fuck me. He jumped up and positioned himself between her beautifully stretched out legs and slammed his rock hard cock into her wet cunt hole.

So hard he thought his balls were going in too, but they slammed into her ass. In, out, in, out, in, and holly shit she said 1M coming allover your beautiful fat cock. Fuck me, fuck me, please, fuck me. Dam that sent him over the edge his cock was pumping throbbing fucking this beautiful slick sweet cunt.

They came for what seemed like a really long time. The after math and heavy breathing lasted a long time too, as he lay on top of her, still inside that beautiful sweet cunt. He decided rite then that he sure love pussy. She said that sure was a surprise I love sex and knew it would be nice. But that was great Jeff. He said again that he couldn't believe that he just had his second fantasy fulfilled.

She said with a smile, do you have anymore you would care to tell me about? Jeff sort of smiled and said yes, he wanted to learn all there was to know about pussy and could she teach him?

She said with a big grin yes I would love to. But she had to get to work and maybe he could tell Mr. Ed (Bossy) that she had a broken light switch and could he get the parts necessary to do the job when she got back tomorrow. Jeff said he would do just that as he rolled off of her beautiful body. Jeff got the toilet fixed in no time at all. It was just an adjustment that it needed. As he entered the bedroom from the washroom to leave, Karen (Miss Howl) was just straightening her mini skirt as she looked into the full length mirror hung on the wall.

She looked at Jeff through the mirror and said "you're done already? He just couldn't take his eyes off of her long shapely legs which made her laugh as she watched his face. Yes he said, it just needed adjusting, she said like my skirt that made him grin and say yes. She said not to forget tomorrow as Jeff turned to go.

Jeff said he wouldn't and added a thank you. She came over to him and said you are very welcome and gave him a little kiss right on the mouth not a deep one just a sort of thank you kiss. She said again that she had to get to work and walked to the door with him. As they parted she reminded him about tomorrow around noon she said. Jeff went on with the daily chores of the maintenance routine and had an easy day of it. MR. Bossy ran into him a couple times during the day and asked every time how thing's were going and Jeff said fine every time.

Jeff just couldn't believe he got so lucky the first day on the full-time job. Not the work because he'd been doing that for a couple of years on a part time basis with Mr… Bossy learning more each year. So he had the confidence. No it was the interlude with miss howl Pg 4