Young kyler moss masturbating videos and undies rimming gay first

Young kyler moss masturbating videos and undies rimming gay first
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It is hard to know why these things happen, but sometimes God just wants to watch. Chapter 1 The play toy It was a party, a sexy party like a few I had attended in college. There were college kids and a few townies. Coke, beer and smoke were pretty much the general stable, along with some hot sex. There was a couple doing it hot across the back of a couch, I watched as a drunk shithead tried to force his dick into the girl's mouth while she was being banged.

The girl was cool about it, but the shithead couldn't get it hard enough and started to slap her face. That ended quickly. On the floor, near the stove and the back door a jock looking stud was banging this older woman.

He was trying to be tough, but, she just looked so dead, so sad inside. As I stood above her, my boots almost touching her face, she rolled her head to the side and lick the outside of my sole. It wasn't a quick touch of her tongue, but a long slow lick, holding it there as the guy kept pounding her pussy. I know signs, a few and I knew this one. Having no panties on, I lifted up my shirt and squatted down. Her mouth engulfed my pussy, and started to devour me.

Her tongue, which only moments ago was against the sole of my boot, now darted between my holes. Oh I love my asshole being licked, oh I do. I slid forward, rolled my belly up a bit, placing her mouth just below my favorite spot. She licked and licked and slid her firm moist flesh as deep as she could in side of me.

I leaned back against the guy, who started to play with my tits, maybe he got distracted, got soft and left. Oh well. Now it was just me, and the wonderful piece of meat pressed against the kitchen floor under my ass. I reach back and grabbed her ankles. Pulling them up into a constrained position, I pulled hard and she licked me more ferociously. I know signs. I manage to, without any resistance, every some corporation on her part to pin her wrist under my boots.

The more I pushed down, the more she tried to please me. What a beautiful piece of meat. I could have done this all night, and she would have tried to please me all night. But I had better things to do. God loves me. Looking up across the counter I saw a small extension cord, maybe 6' attached to a coffee pot. No one is going to miss that in this party, I laughed to myself .

I pushed hard against her ankles and unreleased my hands. She stayed. Reaching up I took the cord, while pressing my ass firmer against her face.

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I slid my moistened hole across her tits, bent over and looked directly into her eyes, brown eyes, shitty colored eyes and said "It is time to go." She nodded. In quick, confident move, I lifted my boots from her wrists and rolled her over, her body against the drawers, her face against the door.

Grabbing her free arm, I looped the cord, then pushing her down, I looped the other arm, then together I tied them tightly together. "stay down" I pushed her head back with the door, then pulled her out of the kitchen with the cord.

Into the dark, I dragged her onto the cheap wooden deck, the type you would expect in run down piece of crap house like this.

I shut the door, and waited for a moment. No one had seen us. Pushing her face into the deck with my boot and pulling her arms up to a point of pain, I said "you are coming with me." she nodded. Though I could only feel it in the base of my boot. "Do that again, harder, I did not see it" I said, though I had clearly felt it. I pressed down harder, knowing her face was pressed against this old wooden deck. "Nod again, this time so I can see you" I looked down, and even in the dark I could see what look to be a dying fish, nodding.

How appropriate. Now to get her to my car. The night was dark, everyone seem to be inside and the yard was a mess. I reached over and grabbed a garbage bag partially full of cans and paper plates. It was black and big enough to hold this piece a crap whore. I dumped it into a another barrow close by and pulled it over her head.

Dropping the extension cord between her legs, and pulling it forward as I told to her to get up and follow me. What a sight we must have been, but on one noticed us in the dark. When I got my car, I popped open the truck and told her to get in. Pushing her up against the bumper, the bag still covering her, I pushed her head down and lifted up her legs.

There she was, my little meat toy. I quickly tied her ankles to her wrist and then looped the bag with the cord as it surrounded her neck, firmly.

I stopped and watch in the evening light as the bag raised and lowered, as though it had a life of its own. Taking out my knife, I stuck the bag, possible hitting her face, who cares, she was mine. lt was small hole, just enough for her to have fresh air, in a truck, oh well.

Shut the truck and returned to the party. Maybe, she left some cloths or a purse or a car, I should find out. The party was going well, lot of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

I found the jock who was fucking her on the floor and offered him my tits, he only wanted my mouth. At least I would know what she taste like. As I sucked his cock, he told me about that slut he was fucking in the kitchen.

He had picked up the slut at a bar, she had no car, no purse, only some cheap ass green skirt and a t-shirt. She was pretty high when he met her. Didn't even know her name. After he was done, I stood up and told him to lick my asshole, as he did I spat his cum into his drink. Stupid jock. What should i do now? Get in my car and drive.

Drive to WalMart, get some duct tape, latex glove, cloths pins, natural hemp rope, dog collar, leach, Hot Sauce, hard rubber balls, pins, lots of use for pins, alcohol, maybe some candles. Oh my, I am going to have fun. And those fiberglass rods you use to find your driveway at night, yes most definitely. I grabbed a beer, wash that dick out of my mouth, got in the car and drove out of the yard and started to drive down the dark county road, no street lights, just me and my play thing.

No point in checking the package, I could kinda hear her breathing and I started dreaming about the evening to come. I did stopped further down the road. Package was still there, wow. The hole I had cut was on the top of bag.

I decided to make the trip more "fun" for her. So I filled a coffee cup that I had in the car with piss and poured into bag surrounding head. "drink-up, I want this all gone by the time we get home" And I drove to WalMart. I got all my toys and a few more. How fun it would be to fill that pussy with Bromo or maybe Pepsi and Mentos.


Fill her ass with freezer pops and then thermo strips. Oh the fun my little piece of meat will have. Another stop, another cup of piss. When I got home it was early morning.

It was to be hot day, 90 plus. I decided to leave her in the trunk till evening, I also decided to insert on open bottle of hot sauce into her cunt and another into asshole, keeping them in place with some duct tape.

I filled another cup of piss, emptied it through the hole and bound her firmly within the plastic bag, so when she started to pee, it would stay with her. Boy, was she going to stink. Evening came. I backed the car up to the garage, and with some effort dragged her out of the trunk. Slid the bag into the garage and parked the car.

As I walk towards my toy, I saw it struggling. Good, it is still alive. I cut the bag off below her neck and pull her up, arms still behind her to roof beam. Her toes barely touching, only the duct tape holding the hot sauce inside covering her body, I decided it was a time for a good whipping.

Those fiberglass rods are a God send, and the marks they make are beautiful. I whipped her till my hand hurt, then I push the rod into a garden tool handle and whipped her till my biceps were tired. I waited and whipped her again. She was a blazed with thin red lines, her breast, her ass, her back, her legs, her shoulders; what a beautiful piece of meat.

Blood tripped down her body forming a small pool of spattered drops. I decided to wash her down with the alcohol, not knowing how it would would hurt, who cares. She was listless, alive but with no response. I knew I had to let her wake up again so I could have more fun with my toy.

What should I do now, I thought. Pins, yes pins. I was willing to just let her wake her. Nah, fuck her, useless piece of shit, "Yeh, fuck you". Reaching inside my WalMart bag, I brought out my boxes of pins, the ones with the little colored plastic ball on the end.

Her skin was a mess, specially her tits, I regretted hurting them so much. Nah, not so much. Lets get going, I found some string and tied it as close to the base of her tits and as tight as I could.

I watched as they started to change color and become firmer. Cool. I decide to go get something to eat and maybe watch some TV. An hour or so later, closer to two I returned. My little meat toy breasts were purple and engorged beyond my dreams.

I stepped back, grab my fiberglass whip and began wailing on those blues balls of flesh. She woke up, I began to thoroughly enjoy myself. Blow after blow I landed, the blood ran like cuts.

I struck her breast till my hand could no longer hold the whip. Now the alcohol, and did she scream. She was awake.

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The pins were a different story. At first, I pushed a pin through her left nipple. It was much harder to do then I thought it would be. It was as though you had to push through one layer of skin and then another as it stretched away from you.

Screw this. I found a pair to long nosed pliers and another shorter nosed one. Grabbing her right nipple I stretch it out and push through the needle gripped in my other pliers. Much better. I went to work. I must have pushed a dozen pins through each nipple in a matter of moments. Cool. Now why cannot I just stick the pins straight in, I thought. Grabbing one with the pliers, I thruster a pin direct into her ballooned tit.

Wow, that was easy, it just pushed right in. I must have had 300 pins and I used everyone. Her breasts looked like Christmas trees, full of little multicolored bulbs, only the tree was dark purple and bleeding red blood.

I thought, another great time for a whipping. As I unleashed the fiberglass rod for a third time against her soft, fleshy breast, the colored balls seemed to vanish. The pool of droplets now contained little plastic spheres and her flesh … Oh my. But this was fun. Now her cunt, how could I forget her cunt. I tied a rope to each of her ankles and lifted her upwards. Stretch open and hanging limp like of piece meat, the flesh between her legs seemed to call to me and I answers with barrage of strikes so brutal that I felt lost for moment.

Yeh, fuck you. I reached between her legs and found her clit. A nice clit, longer than mine, long enough to loop a piece of upholstery thread to it. And to the tread I tied a five pound dumbbell. It stretched that clit out. Now my whip.

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Every strike now had a target, the flesh that held the weight. How that piece of flesh was hit, again and again with the tip of the rod as it past between her spread legs. Again and again until the thread released itself and the weight fell to the garage floor. I looked at her and wonder if I should do that again. Nah, something different I decided.

I went upstairs and brought down a large dildo and my Hitachi "wonder wand" and of coarse some lube. Pulling off the duct tape and I pulled out the two bottles of hot sauce, I began my new assault. I forced the dildo, which was about 1 inch and half in diameter and 8 inches long into tight little asshole.

The wonder wond I lubed and forced into her cunt, as deep as I could push it. I decide not to use tape this time, but to sew them in and I did. After a half an hour of sewing the flesh together, there she was. I was so tired, I reached down and took the cord which hung between her legs, plugged it in and went to upstairs.

I started to hear cries from within the wet plastic bag that had held her head for the past day and a half.

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Oh, well, time for bed. The morning came, I slept a little on the late side, went down stairs and made a cup of coffee. As I stood there blending my milk into the hot liquid, I remembered the piece of meat hanging in the garage. I thought, lets see what's up. As I entered the garage, the wonder wand was still vibrating at a rate that could mix paint. I could see it vibrate through her belly. The blood for the most past was dry, though quite a bit lay on the floor.

Grabbing a razor I cut the plastic bag open. The stench, it almost made me sick. I stood back for a while, then returned. I looked at her, possible for the first time. She was a pretty woman, maybe late thirties, nice teeth, had nice skin, once. She looked up at me, right into me eyes. She looked for a moment and said "I only wanted to please". Her eyes fell shut and as I looked at them, they opened slowly.

A bright light appear to rise from them, the light became brighter and brighter, until it started to blind me like a truck, approaching with high beams on a dark county road at night. I shut my eyes, and opened them again. There I was, driving from that party, down a county road.

Had all of that been a dream, had my deep brutal nature shown itself in sick thoughts. Had any of that been real. Any. I pulled the car to side of the road and hurried to the trunk. As I open the trunk, I Looked down and there she was. Bound, bagged and waiting for me. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to scare you" as I cut open the bag and started to untie her. "That is alright, I am sorry I led you on. I only wanted to please you" We return to the car, she knelt next to me on the bench seat, nude, arms behind her back, untied, face pressed against my thighs, gentry licking me.

Thank-you, God. I hope you enjoy watching. But, could I leave well enough alone? Chapter Two Home As we drove, she continued to lick and suck my inner thigh. "It would please me to bind you the way you lie." I said softly, but with a commanding presence. "You may" So, I stopped the car and went to the trunk. The extension cord, a small souvenir base ball bat, an old t-shirt and a stick. What fun. I opened the passenger side door and reached across. Securing her wrists together I sled the extension cord around her back and between her knees.

I then secure the cord firmly to tied wrist, good. Her ass-hole or her cunt, which one. Both. I pushed the bat, big end first into her pussy, it was quite moist, a few time. She seemed to enjoy it. Then I abruptly slid it out and just as brutally I rammed it into her ass-hole, this she did not enjoy that.

I pushed and pulled it until almost all the bat had disappeared. I don't know how she did it, but her ass-hole seemed to pucker open and shallow the rim at the end of the bat. Wow, all 11" in and no easy way out. I shut the door and walked around to driver side. Placing her face on my thigh, I said "It would please me if you continue." She did, though not smoothly, not as dreamy as before.

I sat and watch her head move, and felt her tongue massage my skin. Enough. I wrapped the t-shirt around her throat and lopped it. Placing the stick upon the loop, I looped it again. I then tighten it up. "Mam … Mistress, what are doing?" "What pleases me", and I twisted the stick half a turn." "Continue" I commanded. She continued, though not as "smoothly". There were breaths to be taken, little breaths. "I would like to tell you my dream, it was about you and pleasure I took. Would you like to hear?" "yes, … mistress" "As I tell you my dream, I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can and gently suck on my leg.

As long as you suck me, I will assume this is a dream you will share with me. Do you understand?" "yes, &hellip. mistress" I started with filling the plastic bag that surrounded her head with piss, and she continued to suck. I told about filling her with hot sauce and leaving her bagged in the hot sun, in the heat of the trunk, and she continue to suck.

I told her about pulling her out of the truck and suspending her by her wrist and she continued to suck. As described her first whipping, she sucked harder. "If you leave a mark on my leg, you will be punished." She became gentle again. The discussing of teeing her tits, seemed to bring no change. But, when I spoke of the pins, she stopped sucking, though mouth never left me, as though she was in thought. The talk of the second whipping, make her suck again.

When I started describing how I was to suspend her and whip her cunt, she seemed to become mad. She lick and gently bit my thigh with her open mouth. And when I told of attaching the weight to her clit and savagely whipping it, she bit me. "You bitch" I screamed as I drove my elbow into the back of her head, pausing, and I did it again.

"I will share my dream with you, who worthless piece of sick meat." "Fuck you", again I hit her. I grabbed the stick within the tourniquet and gave it a full turn. I grabbed her head and threw her face to the passenger side floor, her ass pushed up, the end of the bat almost noticeable in her puckered ass-hole. "Fuck you" as I pushed the cigaret lighter in. For what seemed to be hours, I removed the lighter and burn her skin and heated it up again.

She would scream, or try to. She would try to roll, to move, to avoid the pain, but to no avail. I burnt her everywhere I could reach, her hips, her ass, her back, the soles of her feet. I would reach under neath and burn her belly, her breast and of coarse her ass-hole. The smell of burning flesh consumed the air within the car, so I pulled over, rolled down the windows and walk away for a while.

When I return, I could see in the morning light on her skin, white, but marked. I pull her up by her hair, and released the tourniquet. "So, will you bite me again?" "No Mistress" "Are you sorry what you did?" "Yes, Mistress" "Should I punish you more?" "If it pleases you, Mistress" "Push the bat out of your ass." She began to, she pushed hard, she moaned, and all of sudden, pop the end of the bat left her ass-hole, followed by about six inches of bat.

"you will clean my hands later" as I grabbed the handle and began to jerk the bat back and forth in her ass. Then I yanked it out, completely. "Start with this" and I placed the shit coated piece of wood in her mouth. She sucked it, then licked it, then sucked it again. She continued until the bat was clean. I rolled her over and started to beat her tits with the bat.

Then her face, then between her legs. What fun. Her tits were the most fun. They made a sucking sound as I struck them. Cool. "My ass-hole needs attention" I left the car, open the passenger door and drag her by her feet into woods. When I far enough away, I pulled up my shirt and squatted again on her face. She began to lick and suck my ass-hole.

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But, this time it would be different. "You tasted yourself, now it would please me to taste me." I had to shit for awhile, and this was great time. "Open up" In the dark, watching the top of her head in the morning light, I began to shit.


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"Eat" Just as started to feel the first piece of shit slide out of my ass-hole presumably into the waiting mouth of my submissive toy, light flooded the clearing near my car. "Oh shit" as I tighten my ass-hole and started to stand up.

"You eat every bit, I will be back" I fixed my shirt and walked towards the lights. "Hey what are doing" "Taking a piss ass-hole, what is it to you shit-for-brains" As I walk towards the car's light, I started to make out the silhouette of large man, a police man.

"Oh shit" I thought to myself. "I tell you what we are going to do little girl. Before I beat you useless cunt-body and throw you into that ravine and let the dogs eat you, or you are going to strip and piss right where you are standing. Am I clear?. Cunt." "Yes sir" and as I stared into light, I took off my cloths and started to piss.

"No, throw those rags over here, all of them" I did "Now, go back over there, squat and start pissing again. I tell you when you can stop." As I squatted in the brights, I could hear a camera click, again and then again.

"You are in a lot of trouble little girl. This inspection sticker is expired, so are the plates and dollar for donuts, you have no insurance." "You are quite a little piece of shit" "Fuck you" and as the words left my mouth, I could feel the force a fist or a foot slam into my head." I awoke, nude, tied to a chair in the what seemed to a basement of a house no one had lived in for a long time. A single bright light shone down at me, my arms and legs were secured my plastic tie straps in multiple locations.

Blood wetted the side of my neck, maybe from my ear. I had a headache and my vision was slightly blird. "The cunt is awake" "Kiss my ass, you pig" "Well I guess that would be a place to start", a voice, male, calm, sure projected from the dark. "Look down, between your legs, see those small wires attached to each side of your clit. They will make you a crying, pleading pool of flesh within the hour, and we have all day." the voice said with even more confidence and the earth opened up.

80,000 volts ran through my clit for the briefest of time, and I felt like I was being burnt on a stake. "We are not going to kiss your ass, but you are going the lick ours, and you are going to beg to do so." Another burst. Then another. Then another. Then another. "Please" Then another. Then another. "Please, I will. I will do anything. Please" "Nah, fuck you" Then another and another and another.

The seat I was strapped to, had no bottom and my shit and piss just fell into the pan below. "We knew you would do that, and soon you will beg us to release you so you can knell and lick that pan of piss and shit clean. Then another strike of fire between my legs, followed in rapid succession of what seemed to be thousands of strikes.

"Please, I will do that. Please stop". "OK, but if you hesitate, this is where you will die, slowly" Out of the dark came hands that cut the ties, pushed down my head, pulled back the chair and force me to my knees. "Lick. Lick all of it" Again I heard the cameras, and show red lights in the dark. I knelt and started to lick my piss, and kiss the piece shit. Oh my god. "Eat it, not kiss it" as a wire came cutting across my back.

I engulfed the shit into my mouth, and attempting to forget, I bit with my lips. I swallowed. Again I did this and again. Soon all the shit was gone and only shit stain piss remained. "All of it, till the pan is clean" Licking was easier to do. It was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be here, being abused, being forced to do disgusting things, that is what I wanted to do deep inside. But, most of all I wanted to be broken, to be that crying, pleading pool of flesh on the floor, and I knew that I could become that here.

After I was done, I rolled over and said "Fuck you, I want to leave now. And on the way out, you can lick my ass-hole you fucking pieces of shit and your whore wives and daughters, they can lick my ass-hole, too." I started to stand up, and I was pushed down. "What are you going to do, tie me up and whip me, break me, I don't think so.

Cunt" Be Careful of what you wish for. Soon, I found myself again tied to the chair, and wires being slid into my skin. Both sides of each nipple, and inch or so apart, and then two metal probes, one in my ass, the other in the pussy. Eight wires ran from me to a laptop on a table set-up near the chair. "You thought we were a bunch of hicks. Well, we are hicks with a four channel card, some pretty solid voltage, a randomizer and dumb ass cunt to play with.

You are going to get hit with 80,000 volts, held for 5 seconds, a 5 second pause, then another hit at any of four random locations. This should keep you awake, screaming and guessing. Every now and then, we are going lean you back, wrap a towel tightly around your face and slowly fill you with water." "We will break you" "After a few hours of that, we are going to put your broken body into a duffel bag and bring you down to the local county jail, where we have a dozen horny inmates just waiting to abuse you.

I told them you wanted to be whipped, they said they will. Oh by way, licking assholes is going to be your job, not mine, my wife or my daughter." "Lets get this started, shave her head, then break her" The last memory I have of that evening was warm shaving cream and a razor, as I watch my hair fall to the ground.

Then white light, the drowning, the slapping, being forced, the piss, the shit, the cum, the laughing, being tied, being whipped. Oh my god. I awoke. Finding myself naked, in the duffel bag, half zipped, on the side of the road next to my car. It must have been early morning, the air was moist, but you knew it would be a hot day.

I struggled to pull myself out of the bag, my body was so sore. I lay on my back for a moment, then slowly realize where I was. I crawled to the side of the car, sat up, leaning my cut and bruised body against the cold metal, I took a long, deep breath. Oh my god, look at me. I touched my head, Oh my god. Where is my beautiful hair?

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"That fucking bitch. She caused all of this. That fucking bitch-cunt." I felt stronger now, I stood up and walk towards the point I had left her. I prayed that she would still be there, I wanted to rip out her heart and feed it to her. If she had any luck, she would be dead. But, she didn't. She lay there, alive where I had left. Bound, on her back, looking up at me. I kicked her. I kicked her so hard in her open pussy that I moved her 2" in the moist grass.

Then I kicked her again, and again and again. I kicked her side, her pussy, her face, I just couldn't stop kicking her. "You fucking bitch … you fucking bitch-cunt, whore. Look what you did to me." In my rage, all could see was confusion in her eyes. She had laid there all night waiting for me.

The taste of my shit in her mouth, the lonelyness, the fear just waiting for me. I had returned hating her, wanting to kill her, to hurt her and I did. "We are going to start where we finished. Open your fucking mouth whore" I squatted over her face and started to shit. I filled her mouth. "Eat. Whore. Eat." As I squatted in the brush, watching her shallow the mouth full of shit, my shit, I thought what a strange site we must be. Two insane animals, naked, abused hiding in the morning light on the side of the road.

"I want it all gone, by the time I return" I got up and walk to the car. Good, that pig had left cloths and keys. Good.


I put my cloths on, thought of straitened my hair, but no and return to the shit eating whore in the grass. "Good" Grabbing her hair. "This wouldn't be with you much longer" Dragged her out of the brush to the duffel bag. Hurting her as much as I could, I put her into the duffel bag and zipped it tight. I then dragged the bag to the back of the car, opened the truck and threw her in.

"Fuck you" I closed the truck, threw on a baseball cap and drove to Burger King to wash the taste of the last night out of my mouth. As I started to relax, memories started to come up.

God, what happened to me. I was so abused, and now there is film of me being raped, whipped, eating shit, god knows what else. All because of that fucking little piece of meat in the truck. I am going to make her suffer and when I am done I will feed her to the dogs at the bottom of the ravine.

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Just like that pig said. Yeh, fuck her. "Yeh, fuck you" I screamed at the rear seats, hoping she would hear me. It was going to be a hot day, very hot day. I parked my car in the middle of the driveway, knowing it would be in the sun all day.

I went inside, took off my cloths, my hat, shit … and took a long shower, followed by a long bath, a few beers, a joint and laid down for a midday nap. I awoke around 3:00 PM, and got another beer. As I sat watching TV, I thought about that piece of meat in the car. I live in the quiet neighborhood, not many houses, no one near me.

I got up, went to the car and drag my piece of meat out of the truck. I dropped her right to the ground and gave the bag a sharp kick. I had shoes on this time. I dragged her to the backyard and with little effort tied her, still in the bag upside down from a rafter in the shed. There the bag hung. About two feet off the ground, with its shape distorted like diaper full of shit.

How appropriate. Her face must have been pressed against the bottom, her body pushing down. I could hear her breathing through the cloth. A sharp kick to face starting things off and another and another, why not. Grabbing a wooden handle starting beating the bag. Bang, bang, bang, again bang, bang, bang. What fun. Listen. Yep, she still breathing.

I though of just leaving her there and going shopping. Maybe, buy a wig. But, nah I was having too much fun. What else could I do. Oh, yeh. As I looked down at the area of her face, I could see blood seeping through, I must have broke her nose. Cool. Maybe, a little inverted water-boarding.

Sounds like an alternative sport. So I brought over a hose and slipped it into the top of the duffel bag, and slowly put the water on. As it filled, she squirmed. Just enough in, to match what comes out. What ever was happening, she was not enjoying herself. The bag moved back and forth, up and down.

Good, &hellip. fucking bitch. "Having fun, cunt" I gabbed a chair, a beer and decided to enjoy the show. As I opened my beer, a voice came from behind me "So, that must be the missing woman. You are quite a piece of work" As I spun towards the voice, I was bitch slapped so hard that it drove me to my knees. "Stay there, whore" "I thought it was you after I talk to that jock who picked her at Charlie-oos.

He described you pretty clearly. He also wants pay-back for what you did to him, having him lick your ass-hour while you spat his cum into his drink. You know he drank it, but not all the cum went into his mouth. It was quite embarrassing for him." "He wants pay-back, big time, we'll see." "Do know this woman you kidnapped and tortured is the mother of one of my officers.

She just lost her husband, and was not in a right mind, You should have know when she started licking your ass-hole. What did you think you were Elvis or something?

That you were someone special?" "Strip, then hands behind your back." I hesitated, then thought better of it. I quickly removed my clothing and placed my hands behind me.

He grabbed my wrist and lock a pair steel handcuff to them. He then picked me up by the wrist, spinning me around he looped my wrists to the pole of the 6' stockade fence that surrounded the back yard. "What you experienced last night is nothing to what you about to experience. I will be the one who will feed you to the dogs" He grabbed me by my waist and jerk down with such force as to pop both of my shoulders out, then he drove his boot hard into my privates.

"Wait here" as he turned and walked towards the duffel bag, as it still jerked he shut off the hose. I watched as he gently let the bag to the ground, unzip it and remove the broken woman within. I could in his eyes, both sorrow and rage.

He knew this woman. "You fucken monster, this is my mom." oh my God. How to explain the next two days, she was still alive as he brought her into house. I only saw her once as she was brought past me.

He destroyed me. Systematically he disassembled me. He broke me, he broke my body, my bones, my mind. He cut me, and then cauterize the wound with a plumber's torch. He destroyed my sex, but was not sexual. There was no sex in his violence, just violence and there was only him. As I lie now in the moist earth, I assume at the bottom of the ravine. I feel the night approaching, for a long time ago my eyes were removed.

I lie pegged to the ground waiting for that moist nudging, that gentle bite as some canine checks me out before he devours me. That nudge of moist flesh, the gently bite, why could I not have understood that before. Well, God enjoy the show.