Energetic dancer works her way onto a creeps big hard cock

Energetic dancer works her way onto a creeps big hard cock
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Enjoy: "What does my lame step brother want now?" I thought to myself as Tommy opened my bedroom door. I was in bed, wearing just a pair of red panties and a blue t-shirt and watching TV.

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I was laying on my stomach facing the TV at the edge of the bed, twirling a lock of my light brown hair around my finger. My step brother peeked his head through the door then entered and closed the door behind him, not asking for permission. "I'm so not in the mood for him" I thought to myself, knowing he was coming to annoy me somehow, he's such a loser. "Hi Kim, what's up?" Tommy said as he walked in.

"Trying to watch TV" I answered him coldly, still looking at the TV, "What do you want Tommy?" Tommy jumped on the bed and lay down on his back behind me, only his feet were in my line of vision. "Nothing" Tommy said as he made himself comfortable, "Just wanted to see what you were up to". I was about to protest but knew that it was exactly what he wanted, to get on my nerves, so I ignored him. I kept on watching TV with him laying on my bed behind me and knew that if I just ignored him a bit more he will get bored and leave.

I tried concentrating on my show when suddenly I feel a hand on my panties right over my ass, Tommy's hand. "What is that creep doing now" I thought to myself when I felt his hand, but I held my tongue, knowing he will just enjoy it if he sees he's getting to me. I stayed quiet. Then, after a minute, his hand started moving around, massaging my ass. I felt disgusted but kept quiet, intent on watching my show and ignoring my step brother.

After a minute or so of him rubbing my ass, he slowly traced his thumb down until he got to the thin layer of fabric between my legs and started rubbing it with his thumb, right over my pussy. "Seriously Tommy!" I said as I snapped, a few seconds after he started rubbing my pussy, "get a life you loser" I said to him extremely annoyed. Tommy moved his hand away and I was sure he had a victorious smile on his face.

I kept on watching TV without looking back at him. I was mad at myself for giving him the satisfaction, I was mad at him for being so annoying, thinking he really crossed the line with that. I hoped that now he would leave me alone but he kept on laying on my bed. After a few minutes of quiet, Tommy started moving. He got on his knees on the bed and moved around a bit. The next thing I know, he sat down on me. I felt his weight pushing down on my upper thighs just below my ass, his legs on each side of my mine.

"Oh God" I thought to myself, "What is that jerk doing now". But he just stayed there, pinning my legs down to the bed under his body. This wasn't uncomfortable for me so I tried to concentrate on the TV until he will get it out of his system and go away.

After a while, I felt Tommy wiggle around back there but he stayed in place.

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I had no idea what he was up to and continued disregarding him. I kept on watching TV when I suddenly felt something. "Did he just?" I thought to myself as a strange sensation started. I wasn't sure of it at first but after a second I was certain.

I felt the bottom of my panties being moved a side, and just after I felt what could only be my step brother's snake entering my tunnel. I first felt the tip penetrate and then very slowly, inch after inch he inserted his cock inside me until he was all the way in. "What the fuck" I thought to myself keeping silent as my step brother's cock slithered its way inside my pussy.

I couldn't believe he was doing this, I couldn't believe how big his cock was as its full length entered me, but most of all I couldn't believe how good it felt.

I kept quiet as he slowly pulled his cock out and continued by breaching my tight snatch for the second time. My eyes rolled back at the immense pleasure and I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning. I was intent on staying silent, not letting him know I was enjoying this so he might stop. "Wait, do I even want him to stop?" I thought to myself. Tommy pulled his cock out again and I tried to calculate how long it had been since the last time I had sex.

"Three months" I decided in my head, "It has been a while! I haven't slept with anyone since I broke up with my last boyfriend three months ago. No wonder this feels so good", I thought to myself, trying to justify the extreme pleasure I was feeling by my step brother fucking me. Tommy pulled his cock out then penetrated me again, faster this time.

I couldn't help myself and let out a small moan no matter how much I tried to stifle it, the pleasure overwhelming. "So you do like that Kim?" Tommy said to me, his smirk audible from his voice as he thrust himself into me again.

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There was no point in keeping quiet now, I let out a pleasure filled moan that captured exactly what I felt. Tommy awarded me with a few more plunges, each causing me to moan or groan softly until he pulled his cock all the way out and kept it there. I was wondering what he will do next, a part of me wanting him to stop but most of me wanting him to continue.

I felt the pressure on my legs lift as Tommy got off them. He then held me by the waist with both hands and lifted me up until I got on my knees.

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I quickly brought myself up on my hands and was now on all fours still facing the TV, still not looking at my step brother. I stood there on all fours, like a bitch waiting to be bred, as Tommy moved closer.

He shifted my panties to the side once again and shoved his huge cock into me.

I was so wet by now that his cock easily slid into my cunt. "Oh God Kim!" Tommy called out with a moan, "You're so fucking tight" he added as he penetrated me from behind. "Oh fuck Tommy" I screamed out at his next thrust, still not believing I was letting him fuck me. My bedroom filled with the noises of sexual pleasure as Tommy continued plunging his cock inside me, increasing speed every few thrusts.

I let him fuck me like that for a bit more before I stopped him, it was time for me to take charge. "Tommy stop" I suddenly said out of breath.

He indeed stopped but left his cock inside me. "Pull it out" I continued and he did, probably surprised. Tommy pulled his cock out of me and right when he finished, I turned around to face him. I looked Tommy in the eyes for the first time and studied him.

He was on his knees, his short black hair was sweaty, so was his face and he was panting. His face wasn't a handsome one but he wasn't ugly as well.

He still had his shirt on, his shorts and boxers lowered down to his knees and just above them, standing hard and tall was his cock. It was probably the biggest one I've seen, certainly the biggest one I had inside me. It was bigger than all my ex-boyfriend's cocks and bigger than anyone else I slept with.

It wasn't very thick but it was long, the base of it adorned by thick black pubic hair. I stared at his incredible cock admiringly for a few seconds, not believing my loser step brother had such a big one, before I started talking.

"Ok Tommy, you've had your fun, now it's my turn" I said. Tommy looked confused but obedient. "If you ever tell anyone about this I will kill you" I said genuinely, "Now take all your clothes off and lay on your back". Tommy did as he was told. He took his shirt off, revealing a skinny upper body and continued by taking his shorts and boxers completely off.

He laid on the bed completely naked as I looked at him. He had a pretty scrawny body, a bit of muscle here and there but nothing to get most girls going, his face wasn't particularly handsome, but his cock, that's what urged me to keep going.

After he got in place, it was my turn. Tommy gazed up at me pleading and watched as I took my shirt off, letting him enjoy the sight of my bare upper body, giving a good view of my small breasts and petite frame.


I gave Tommy a little show by playing with my nipples and getting them hard before continuing. Tommy was looking mesmerized at my boobs as I moved my hands down to my panties. I inserted my thumbs inside the waistband on each side and pulled them down along my smooth legs and off. The second I started pulling my panties down I cursed silently as I saw my wild dark bush, remembering that I hadn't shaved my pussy for over two weeks.

Tommy's eyes were glued to my pussy as I pondered what I wanted to do next. I thought about lowering my pussy onto his face and letting him eat it but his cock was too appealing, I had to have it in me again.

I got to my feet and stood over him looking him in the eyes from above. I then turned around, my back to him, and lowered myself down. I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy and then impaled it on his cock, savoring the sensation of gliding down its entire length. Tommy let out a long moan as my cunt took his cock in, me enjoying the sound I caused him to make. Once it was all the way in, I stayed there, letting my pussy adjust, feeling his cock stretch it more than any guy ever did, it was amazing.

I started riding Tommy, slowly at first but then increasing the speed. Loud moans and groans were escaping both of us as I fucked him at my desired pace, the pleasure of it indescribable. I was fucking my brother blissfully for a few minutes, but after a while, my legs were getting tired and I slowed down the pace. Tommy noticed this and did something that surprised me. He put a hand under each of my thighs to hold me up, and then, while he was still lying on the bed, he started thrusting his big dick into me from below.

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He started slowly but was building up speed. He was fucking me at full speed in no time, thrusting his cock inside my pussy almost all the way in with each thrust. I was so far beyond moaning and was now squealing in ecstasy, rubbing the top of my pussy and clit, feeling the untrimmed pubic hair under my palm as Tommy fucked me quickly from below, letting out an "Oh Fuck", "Oh God Kim", and "Yes Kim yes", every once in a while.

I lasted only two or three minutes of fucking at this pace before my orgasm hit me. I rubbed my pussy like a madwoman and let out high pitched squeals as I climaxed. Waves of pleasure started surging through me, my legs shook wildly and I squealed even harder, all the while Tommy still fucking me. His hands gave out from under me and I fell onto him, his cock gliding all the way in with the fall. This only increased my orgasm and I fell back onto his chest shaking.

Tommy put his hands around me and held me as my orgasm took its course, his cock still inside my convulsing pussy. My orgasm finally died out and I rolled off Tommy to the mattress, his dick slipping out of me. To my amazement, as I looked over at his dick, it was still rock hard.

I was really impressed by this, sure that he would squirt his load in seconds when I started riding him, but his cock was still fully erect with all its glory. I was still breathing heavily from the intense orgasm when Tommy got to his feet and walked around the bed to where my feet were.

Tommy then pulled my body towards him until my legs were off the bed and my pussy was at the edge.


Tommy then spread my legs, revealing my pink vagina to him then bent down. My entire body shuddered as his tongue glided along the inside of my pussy, pushing it as deep as he could inside and licking upwards. He then found my clit and used his tongue to delicately play with it, causing me to moan aloud in pleasure before getting back to his feet and making me wish he stayed down there a bit more.

After getting to his feet, Tommy grabbed his dick in his hand, examining my naked body before looking me in the eyes and inserting his cock back inside my vagina. "Oh god what a cock", I thought to myself letting out a groan as its full length found its way inside me.

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Tommy held me by the waist as he started plunging his cock into me rhythmically to the echoing of our sexual calls. I looked up at my stepbrother in a state of euphoria, each thrust causing immense pleasure. Tommy was looking hypnotized at my naked body, focused on the rhythm of our fucking and the way my body moved each time he penetrated me, his moans in sync with his motions.

"Harder Tommy, fuck me harder" I called to my step brother, snapping him out of his trance as he obliged and quickened his thrusts, looking me in the eyes now as he pound his cock into me repeatedly. "AAHHHH" I let out a loud groan as he started pounding my pussy hard. It only took a minute or so of Tommy thrusting his huge cock inside me with force to bring me over the edge. I let out a high squeal as the orgasm started then continued with a series of high pitched moans of ecstasy as my orgasm flowed through me, bringing unbearable pleasure to every corner of my body.

My legs started convulsing, I arched my back and my entire sweat covered body shivered as I called out in rapturous pleasure. Tommy slowed down but kept fucking me, holding on to my waist as he watched me scream out and contort in pleasure at the hands of my female orgasm.

I don't know how long my orgasm lasted, to me it felt like an hour but was probably only a minute or two.

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When it ended I was panting heavily and noticed Tommy was still hard and fucking me. He had a look of awe on his face and when he saw I was looking at him, then quickly pulled his dick out. "Oh yeah Kim yeah fuck…" Tommy was calling as he stroked his dick over my stomach, jerking himself off as he looked me in the eyes, probably not knowing I was on the pill. He let out a few more moans as he masturbated wildly until he climaxed with a groan.

Tommy squirted an unbelievable amount of cum, shooting load after load onto my lower stomach and bush, covering me with a layer of thick cum. He finally finished squirting, gave his cock a few more strokes then lay down on his back on the bed next to me. We lay there in silence for a while, both of us exhausted and sexually satisfied. After I regained a bit of my strength, I carefully reached over and took a box a tissues from the nightstand.


I wiped my step brother's sticky matter off my stomach and bush and handed him the box to wipe his dick. I watched him as he cleaned his limp cock, still amazed by its size. After he finished, I picked up his clothes from the floor and threw them at him saying "now get out of my room". Tommy smiled his annoying smile at me then got up and dressed before heading for the door. "Tommy" I called to him as he turned towards the door, making him turn back to look at me as I stood there naked.

"If you ever pull another stunt like this again without asking me, you'll regret it" I said threateningly. "Whatever you say sis" Tommy said with a smile as he turned around and walked out, closing the door behind him.