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It had been six months since that fateful night that changed Lewis forever. He reflected regularly about Lisa and the frustration he had taken out on her. When he first returned home he waited everyday for the police to knock down his door and carry him away. After the first couple of weeks pasted he started to relax a little, after couple of months he started to believe he had gotten away with it, now he knew he was home free.

As time had passed the satisfaction his reflections brought him became less and less. He was now hungry for another experience. He had not been out of town since that night either, which was causing issues as well since he had grown accustomed to his routine travel.

He decided it was time to get away again and if the opportunity presented itself he would feed his dark desires. Lewis had spent many hours playing the rape of Lisa over in his mind, identifying the mistakes he had made that could have lead to his being caught.

He was determined to never get caught and ran through various scenarios and how he should handle those in the future. He realized he should bring restraints with him and not depend upon locating something onsite.

He realized an unconscious target was easier to restrain and exit from so he searched the internet for how to make and use chloroform as an anesthetic. He also realized that he should have little to no contact with the target in public, as to limit the number of people that could assist in identifying him.

He knew not everyone would be stupid or drunk enough to leave their doors unlocked as Lisa had. He decided it would be best if he incapacitated his target and took them to a location of his choosing.

This would also remove the problem of someone stopping by to see the target and interrupting him. Lewis decided to spend an extended weekend in the Tennessee Mountains.

He rented a cabin in a secluded region of Gatlinburg.

When he arrived he was happy to see that the nearest cabin was a good half mile away. He would be able to come and go without being noticed. The place was about an hour away from Knoxville. It had two bedrooms, each with a king bed with rails on the head and foot board. They were perfect for shackling his target to.

Lewis knew he could not target anyone in Gatlinburg; he wanted to get at least 30 miles away to find what he was looking for. He decided he would stop at various places along the way to Knoxville. He found nothing of interest along his drive to Knoxville; he was beginning to think the trip would consist of site seeing only.

Once in Knoxville he decided to stop for dinner and found a Longhorn Steakhouse. Once seated, he placed his order all the while looking around and his eyes quickly noticed an attractive young Asian lady waiting a table nearby.

As he ate his dinner he kept an eye on her. He had never been with an Asian before and had heard how good they were sexually. He wondered if she was a sexual freak or prude. He started sizing her up; she was small 5'2", maybe 100 to 110lbs. He could easily over power her. He took his time finishing his dinner; he wanted to watch her as much as possible. He noticed she had an air about her. She was attractive and knew it. She flirted with every male diner that entered and wiggled her sexy ass for all it was worth.

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He could tell she thought she was a princess. He started to not see her as a person, but as his target. He knew he wanted to taste her fruits and at the same time knock that chip off her shoulder as well. His decision had been made she would be his next toy.

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He needed to figure out how he would be able to abduct her without being caught or seen. He figured he could pull his vehicle to the back of the parking lot and watch the rear exit for awhile and see if she came out, since it was close to closing time. He looked around the outside of the restaurant for video cameras.

He noticed one at the entrance, but none on the sides of the building. He got in his vehicle and slowly pulled around to the back of the establishment and saw no video cameras there either. The parking lot was long and he could see that all the employ vehicles had been parked back here. He selected a space just up from the employ cars that was secluded and not well lit. After about 30 minutes he saw the Asian waitress appear at the back door, she lit up a cigarette.

She slowly made her way to a compact car about 3 vehicles down from Lewis. Once she had made her way to the main road, Lewis quickly started his car to pursue.

Once on the main road he quickly located her vehicle. The road was fairly busy and he stayed back as to not bring attention.

After a couple of miles she turned into a residential neighborhood. Lewis decided to follow, but at a safe distance. He saw her tail lights brighten when she slowed to turn into a house. He slowly drove by as she entered the residence. The driveway had three other vehicles in it. She must still live with her parents, Lewis thought. He knew there was no way he would be able to take her from the house.

He decided to head back to his cabin for the night and come back the next day. On his way back to the cabin all Lewis could think about was how erotic it was going to be to make her is toy. Watch as the horror of her situation rushes over her. The look of desperation in her face as he pushed his hard 10 inch cock in her what had to be tight cunt and ass. Once back in the cabin Lewis jerked off many times as he envisioned her in his room tied to the bed. Lewis awakened mid-morning and slowly got ready to head back to Knoxville.

He took his time since it would be late tonight before he would have to be back at the restaurant. He also had some shopping he wanted to do. Lewis returned to the restaurant about 9:45 pm.

He happily spotting the Asian girls car parked in the back. He slowly drove around the back to make sure nobody was around, before parking behind the girl's car. He got everything ready and hid behind her car. He only had to wait for about 10 minutes before she exited the back entrance and made her way to her car. Once she turned to place the key into the door Lewis sprang to action, he quickly grabbed her and subdued her with the chloroform and placed in the back seat of his vehicle.

He quickly scanned the parking lot and saw nobody. He left the restaurant and turned toward the interstate highway.

He knew she would be out for about 15 to 20 minutes and had time to get out of the area, before putting the restraints on her. After he felt comfortable that he was far enough away he pulled off the interstate and found a secluded area to park and properly restrained his bounty. She was starting to awaken so he quickly placed a hood over her head and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

He then applied the chloroform; he did not want her to be any trouble as he drove to the cabin. He looked around and decided to check the goods a little. He run his hands along her hips, they were firm and tight.

He let his hands run up her side and onto her small, but from breasts. They appeared to be at least B-cups and very firm. His cock was raging hard; he knew he had to get to the cabin and relieve his tension with his newly acquired toy.

He quickly made a direct trip back. The girl woke up as he was carrying into the cabin.


She started to twist and pull, trying her best to get away. He laid her in the floor and watched as she struggled. She started screaming once she realized she was handcuffed and could not get away.

Lewis laughed and told her to scream all she wanted, that nobody was around to hear her. He then placed a leg shackle around each ankle and pulled her to a support beam connected to the roof to the floor. He placed one end of a pair of handcuffs on the set on her hands, then rolled her on her side and pulled her legs back toward her hands. He then fastened the other end of the cuffs to the leg shackles. She was safely secured to the beam and he could go get all the things he had bought that day.

The girl cried and screamed off and on as he came and went.

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Once he had everything inside he sat down. He had found the girls purse in the car and started to rummage through it. He was looking for her driver's license, since he wanted to know the girls name. It was Anna, a strange name for an Asian, and she was young just turned 21.

Lewis leaned forward and said, "Anna" The girls head snapped in the direction of his voice. She stated to plead "Please, please don't hurt me. I will not tell anyone about this, just let me go…please" as she started to cry again. Lewis calmly said to her, "Anna I do not wish to hurt you, but you control that. If you are a good girl and do not cause me any trouble I will not hurt you.

I am not going to kill you and will let you go, in due time." This caused Anna to calm down, Lewis knew she was confused and not fully understanding her situation. Lewis smiled and started to carry all the stuff he had bought that day up to the bedroom he was going to place her in.

When he came back downstairs she was calm. He walked over and unlocked the cuffs securing her to the pole and pulled her to her feet, she started to fight him and tried to get away. He quickly spun her around and slapped her face hard. She gasped and wobbled from the blow. In a heated voice Lewis yelled, "Bitch I warned you. One more stunt like that and I will fuck you up good.

Remember sweetie, your surviving this is up to you and your actions. If you are good you will live and get to go home to mommy and daddy. If you attempt to get away, or refuse to do as I say not only will you die I will ensure that everyone at your house dies." At that point he tells her the address she lives at. Her attempts to fight and escape cease and he knew he would not have any more trouble with her for a while.

He marched her up stairs and into the bedroom he had prepared for her. He unlocked the cuffs on her left hand and then refastened it to the head board. He then placed another set of hand cuffs on her left wrist and fastened the other end to the head board as well. During all this Anna did not struggle or fight.

For now his threats had worked and she was cooperating. He figured he would leave her alone for a little bit. He wanted her to calm down; he wanted her confused as to why she was here. He wanted to fuck her, and he would, but more than anything he wanted to see the shear horror in her face when she finally realized why she was there. After an hour had passed he went back to her room. She was awake and he could tell had been crying the entire time.

He asked if she was thirsty or hungry. She said thirsty, he left and returned with a bottle of water.

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He removed the hood from her head and unlocked her left hand and let her drink as much water as she wanted. He began to tell her that she would be there for about a week.

Once everything was done he would let her go, if she cooperated, and she would never see him again. She relaxed a little; it was time for the next level of this game.

He put her left wrist back in the cuff and locked it. He walked over to the dresser, opened a drawer, and retrieved a knife. He walked back to the bed with the knife in full view. Anna's eyes were fixated on it.


He slowly sat the knife on the nightstand and stepped back. When Anna turned her head to him he slowly started to remove his clothes. First his shirt and then his shoes, Anna fully realized what was about to happen and broke down in tears once again. The sight made Lewis' cock engorge to its full length and girth; he could not wait to see her reaction at the sight of his 10" monster. Anna started to whimper and plead for him not to rape her. He smiled at her and reminded her of her duty to be a good girl or her family would suffer the consequences.

He could see the inner turmoil that statement had caused. She did not want what was about to happen, but she did not want her family hurt either. Lewis continued removing his clothes. Anna had turned her head, obviously not wanting to see what was coming. Lewis told her to look at him. She lay still as if she had failed to hear him. He walked over picked up the knife and slowly ran the tip of it across her arm and said, "It would really suck to have to cut such a pretty little face, but if you continue to ignore me I will give you a mark to always remember this by." With that she slowly turned her head toward him.

He smiled and placed the knife back on the nightstand and stepped back. Anna's mouth fell open when his cock came into view. She had never seen one so big in her life. She had only been with a couple of guys before and neither of them was near his size. The monster in front of her looked like an angry snake. She did not want that huge cock anywhere near her. She began to cry and beg once again. All this fueled Lewis' desire.

He retrieved the knife again. Anna was wearing a button up work shirt and he slowly cut each button off until it was completely open, exposing her smooth belly and white bra. He reached down and placed his hand on her flat stomach, her skin was so soft and smooth.

Her body was trembling in fear. He felt his cock jump in excitement. He was so enjoying the mental torture he was putting her through. He wanted to take this part nice and slow, drawing out her fear and anticipation of what was to come. He gently placed the knife under her left bra strap and swiftly cut through it.

The motion made Anna flinch in fear, forgetting that her clothes were being cut away. He repeated the same action to the right strap, and then placed the blade between her breasts and cut the cups apart, exposing her perfect breasts with little hard nipples. Anna finally realized she was topless and her face flushed with embarrassment, especially since she could do nothing to cover herself up.

Lewis reached down and lifted her right leg, telling her if she kicked him he would kill her right there on the spot. She did not fight him as he removed the leg shackles from her ankles. He slowly removed her shoes and socks, rubbing each little foot and enjoying the fear it caused to build in Anna with each of his touches. He could hardly contain himself any longer, he wanted her so bad. When he unbuttoned her jeans Anna finally broke and started crying uncontrollably, the realization of what was about to happen had hit her.

She once again started to beg for him not to rape her. Her pleading only increased his desires. He wanted her in pure desperation, fearing how much his big cock will hurt her as he slammed it into her repeatedly. With one smooth jerk he yanked her jeans, panties and all off of her.

She was completely exposed to him now. Her little pussy was everything he thought it would be, a tiny little camel toe with little to no hair on it. Lewis started rubbing her trembling leg, telling her to be a good little girl and accept what was about to happen. He told her "I want to taste your sweet little cunt baby. I want you to open those sexy little legs and give it to me." She shook her head no and pulled up in a fetal position.

He had anticipated this and with a smile on his face walked over to the dresser and retrieved a taser. He asked her once again to open her legs and give her pussy to him. Her eyes darted from the taser to his engorged cock, but she did not move. Lewis grabbed her forcibly by her hair and screamed at her, "Bitch I swear do as I say or you will hate to see what this feels like." Anna lost all control at that point and started screaming to the top of her lungs, her feet kicking wildly.

Lewis grinned, stepped back and let her have a burst from the taser at quarter strength. He wanted her to feel it, but not to knock her out with it. The affect was immediate; she screamed even louder and went stiff. Her eyes wide open in pain. After a about 10 to 15 seconds he turned the taser off, leaned down, and asked quietly "Now bitch are you going to do as I say or do I need to turn the power up a little. That little burst was on low." Anna did not want to feel the taser again, crying she slowly opened her legs.

Lewis smiled and reveled in the fact that he had broken her. She was his now and he was going to enjoy every second. He crawled in bed with her, rubbing her soft legs then proceeding up her body and onto her tits. Anna started to sop quietly as he groped her. She hated having him touch her, she felt as if she was going to get sick. She did not want to feel the taser again, so she stayed still and let him do as he wished without struggling.

By this point she had resolved herself to what was going to happen, she knew it was futile to fight it. Maybe if she cooperated she would make it out of this hell alive and in one piece. She also remembered his threat about killing her family, she would not be able to live with herself if she did something that made this madman turn on them.

She told herself she could endure whatever he was going to do to her. Lewis noticed the change in her attitude. He realized she had submitted to his desires. She was calm at the moment and not struggling as he touched her. That would soon change, but first he would enjoy licking her sweet pussy while she was calm. Who knows maybe the little cunt will actually enjoy it and cum for him. With that Lewis lowered himself between her legs, taking the time to lift them up and place them over his shoulders and onto his back.

He quickly reminded her that if she attempted to fight him he would get the taser out again. She nodded she understood and turned her head to the side and closed her eyes.

He smiled once again to himself and lowered his face to her sweet cunt. He breathed in its aroma. It was all closed up, hiding its candy deep inside. Using both hands he slowly pulled the lips back and exposed her clit and hole. She let out a gasp as she felt him touch her. Her sound and scent drove his stiff cock crazy.

She started to tremble as he slowly stroked his finger up and down her slit. She jumped each time he brushed her little clit. Her clit started to get hard and the hole moistened. Her body was betraying her and preparing itself for sex. With that he started flicking his tongue around her hardening clit, she let out little moans each time he flicked it.

After a few flicks he moistened his right hand middle finger with her pussy juices and pushed it inside her. She gasped once again, but deeper this time.

He continued with his assault on her engorged clit and massaged the inside of her tight cunt with his finger. He kept a steady rhythm between his tongue and finger. He could feel the inner muscles of her cunt start tightening and pulling on his finger. Anna could not believe how she was feeling. She was being licked against her will, but the sensations she was feeling was so intense. She could not believe she was enjoying what she was feeling, but she was.

Lewis noticed her movements in rhythm with his and how her breathing had slowed and deepened. He wanted to bring her to an orgasm. He wanted to see that frustration on her face as her cunt betrayed her. He increased the rhythm and started to lightly suck on her clit. Her reactions to the increased stimulus were immediate, her head flew back and she started bucking her hips into his face. Her moans had turned to grunts, she was about to have her first oral orgasm.

Lights were flying around Anna's eyes; the feeling in her crotch was unbelievable. Lewis knew she was close and pushed his finger in as far as it would go.

Anna let out a deep scream as her pussy pulsed as it had never pulsed before. She hated what this man was doing to her, but at the same time she loved the sensations she was feeling.

It was all so over whelming for her. Lewis lapped at her cunt hole, not wanting to waste a drop of her sweet cum. He had always wanted to force a woman to orgasm orally and he had to admit it was better than he had fantasized. After he had thoroughly licked her clean, he raised up. He looked at her laying there; she was still attempting to catch her breath from what had just happened. He asked her softly, "Have you ever cummed orally like that before?" Anna thought for a second and decided to be honest, "No, I have only been with 2 guys and neither one of them wanted to do that." She felt guilty for being honest, but she thought it might help her in her situation.

Lewis liked that she was fairly innocent. Hell maybe he will turn her into a little cock hound by the end of the week. It really did not matter though if she liked what was to happen to her or not, this week was all about his satisfaction.

He wanted a blow job in such a bad way, but knew not to take a chance on putting his cock in her mouth just yet. She was still a little feisty and he did not feel like having it bitten. He figured he would wait for later in the week, once she was worn down and resistance was out of the question. He started thinking of shoving his big cock deep into her little throat. His cock immediately responded and stood straight up. Since Lewis was on his knees in the bed his cock was hovering over Anna, she watched in horror as it stiffened to a size she never thought possible.

She just knew that if he tried to shove that into her pussy it would rip her apart. Lewis saw her staring at his cock, he reach down and took it in his hand and pumped it a couple of times. He let go of his cock and grabbed Anna's legs. He pulled them apart and moved between them; instinctually she started to close them but remembered the taser and quickly relaxed. She turned her head and started to cry again, hoping it would all be over quickly.

Lewis' desire had taken over his body. He needed to release the demon built up in his raging hard cock and knew the perfect little piece of cunt lying in front of him would give him just what he desired.

He moved up so his thighs would straddle her ass and her legs were over his thighs. Her cunt was ripe for the taking; he leaned forward and guided the head of his monster to her little tight opening.

Anna's body stiffened when she felt his swollen cock head touch her soft lips. Lewis groaned with pleasure as he felt his cock push past the initial folds of pussy.

She was still moist from the licking he had performed. He moved his head around in circles in the hole, lubing the head and first couple of inches of the shaft. He then pointed the head directly at her hole and pushed the head in. Lewis' huge cock head stretched the opening like it had never been stretched before. Lewis groaned in pleasure while Anna screamed in discomfort. Lewis lost control and restraint at this point. His stiff cock took over and it wanted to be buried in this little girl.

He pulled back and thrust about half of his swollen cock into Anna, sending her into a blood curdling scream of pain. He pulled back once more lifted her legs up over his shoulder and slammed down into her cunt. His huge cock slammed deep into her stretched pussy. The head was pushing flat against the back of her pussy wall, but a good two inches was still left to go. White lights of pain fired through Anna's head as her entire body stiffened from the intensity of being ripped apart.

Lewis was in heaven, Anna's pussy was like vise grip. He had never felt such a tight pussy in his life. Each stoke of his cock into it sent pleasure throughout his entire body. He looked down at Anna as he fucked his cock in and out of her stretched pussy. Her eyes and mouth were clamped shut from the pain Lewis' huge cock was causing her. The site made his cock twitch and send his orgasm into the base of it. He knew he would not last much longer. He leaned forward and increased the pace his cock was slamming in and out of her.

The increased pace and vigor caused Anna's eyes to pop open. She started to scream in rhythm with his thrust. The added sensory was all that was required to push Lewis over the top. He pushed hard into Anna and thrust up as he dumped 6 months worth of backed up cum into her abused cunt. Anna realized what was about to occur and started screaming and begging for him to pull out, she was not on birth control.

Her heart completely broke when she felt the first blast of hot cum hit the back of her pussy, all she could do was cry and pray she would not get pregnant. Lewis blasted load after load of thick cum deep inside Anna's pussy. He pushed as hard as he could, he wanted every drop he could deposit in there. Once his orgasm subsided he rolled off of Anna, laid back, and worked to catch his breath.

After a few minutes he rolled on his side facing Anna. He looked at her naked and abused body, how sweet she was. This was going to be a very nice week; he had so many plans for her.

He knew she would never be the same after this week, which put a smile on his face. Anna looked at him just as he smiled and immediately experienced a sinking feeling. She wondered what else she would have to endure before this was over. Lewis allowed her to shower. He left the bathroom door open and watched intently as she bathed. At this point she did not care that he watched, she was grateful he was allowing her to bath.

When she attempted to wash her pussy it was sore and stretched. She wondered silently to herself if it would ever be as tight as it used to be. After her shower Lewis secured her back on the bed and covered her naked body with blankets.

He told her that he was tired and would check back on her in the morning.

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Anna was happy to be left alone, but the memories of the night's activities haunted her. She cried herself to sleep. Lewis could not wait until he ravished the rest of her body, but he knew by taking his time the pleasure would be more intense. Her cunt was so damned tight. He looked forward to sinking his cock into it again and again over the week. He hoped by the end of the week he could get the entire shaft buried. As good as the cunt was he knew her asshole would be even better, and he would bury all of cock in there.

But at last it was very late and he wanted to be fully rested when he took her asshole. He laid down in his bed and quickly fell asleep.