Lick your cum off my feet like a good slave

Lick your cum off my feet like a good slave
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This one is fiction I have true stories driving taxi coming Back in the 80's I drove a town taxi cab for a small Massachusetts town 15 miles northeast of Boston. My day would take me all over the state and out of state sometimes. On slow days I would stay in town and cart most of the elderly everywhere.


Those days were busy, they all get their checks and want to go shopping. This one day I remember oh so well. Her name was Martha and she was a sweet lady. It was a snowy day and I picked her up at the complex she lived at. It was snowing to beat the band but on these days I make a bundle, being the last driver to come off the road when it gets really bad. Over the years Martha and I have gotten to know each other on many different times. Martha was a small woman, about 5 foot even white hair and maybe 100lbs.

I would think she was about 70, turns out she was pushing 80. I got out of the car and helped her down the walkway and to the car. I was known in the complex as a great help to the elderly into the car. "Can I sit in front with you?" she asked me.


"You sure can my dear, most people would rather sit in back but It would be an honer for you to sit up front with me" "Well aren't you a charmer" she said. "Well I love to have beautiful women sit up front with me" "Oh you are so good for my ego" she says, "It has been a long time since a man has paid attention to me".Boldly I asked her "and how long has that been?" "My husband died 15 years ago and he was a very horny man.

I put out 8 kids for him.

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And it ended so quick I had no clue on how to get a man again. He spoiled me rotten and took care of all my needs, he was my first and only man to have his way with me." I said " how have you gotten along all this time without it?" Well some of the other ladies and I get together and have sleep overs.

There are a lot who are in my boat too.

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So we get together and take care of each other." I'm starting to get a hard-on hearing her tell me this. "So you girls get it on and have woman to woman fun?" "Yes she said You have a way with words William." I asked her do you desire a man in your life?" "Well hell yes she said but the men are not knocking my door down sonny" "You have something you want to say to me?" "I stammered well now that we have broke the ice How would you like me to take care of you?" "Honey I would kill you" she said laughing getting a really good one off.

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"Well I love older women Martha and since we have known each other for going on five years now I thought made you would like that idea." "I love it" she said "If you are not kidding me, I know you can sure tease me, you always get me laughing whenever you pick me up." "Well I'm asking you point blank, how would you like me to do all those things your husband did for you?" "When can you start she said?" She did her shopping and we set a date for that evening, 7 sharp a lite dinner and then the fun would start.

She gave me a ten dollar tip. Martha called me later on my cell and asked me "Can we go over your house instead of being here, I'll explain why when you pick me up? "Sure I said, "I have a feeling I know why, you would rather not have people see me visit, Huh?" "Yes, news travels fast here".

"and I don't want people to start asking questions." "I'll pick you up at 7, is the taxi alright?" "That's perfect she' said.


When I brought her back the next morning all the girls were calling her trying to find out where she went and who did she stay with over night. All she said was "I met a very nice man and he is taking care of my needs right now, I will tell you girls when the time is right. Right now I am having fun with him and want him all to myself." Yes this woman was direct to the point.

As I found out the night before. I picked her up at 7 sharp drove to my house 5 minutes away.

We had a lite supper, and 2 bottles of wine. She loosened up fast and said "Lets get too it stud" I'm not getting younger here" Drop your draws honey and lets get riding here" I told her." Off her clothes went flying all over the room, she was out of them before I had my jeans down.

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Something told me I was in deep trouble here. This woman was not half bad for eighty, she had her stretch marks from being a baby factory but she has kept in shape all these years, It showed.

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Small tits about an orange cut in half. Real little feet, little hands and a bare beaver. "I just want you to fuck me " she said, it has been 15 years, we can take our time later understand?" "Yes ma'am climb on up here and lets get the first one out of the way" "I like you even more now William" I picked her up and sat her down on my stiff rod.

She wrapped her legs around me, hands around my neck, she started pulling herself up and down on my hard-on. Her pussy was really wet and it was a real hot box.

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For a woman who had 8 kids the DR. must have added a few more stitches after popping the kids out.

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She was tighter then I thought she would be. In fact her cunt muscles were clamping around my cock like a vise, "Wow my god girl have you been working yourself with other things?" My husband loved me milking him and working them now keeps my bladder strong also." "If you keep doing that you are going to make me blast you too soon." "Go ahead " she said "I'm sure there is more in you" she said.

I grabbed her hips and started to push and pull her to me pounding into this old baby maker, banging her old tight cunt for a blaster of a load and it is a good thing we are at my house, because she starts to get off and is screaming like a wild animal hollering fuck me fuck me. She took me over the edge,baby batter coming up the pipe spraying her insides with hot stuff, each shot making her scream again and again."Oh My God " she screams "That feels so good, keep going Hun keep fucking me hard, hurt me pound me.

Blast after blast I shot her with falling back on my bed with her wrapped around me hanging on for the after effect. We both were shaking from the intensity, my cock still throbbing out the last drop of cum, her wiggling and shaking from that big orgasm, her first in 15 years. She is kissing my ears telling me I did very good and telling me this is only the start and how happy I have made her.

I told her "that was one of the most intense orgasm's I have had in awhile and am looking forward to many more with her." She said "If I didn't know any better I would say you were just like my husband, strong willed, strong body and mind and as fucking horny as I was." "Him and I would fuck every chance we had anywhere anytime, we would have had more kids but I had to get rid of the plumbing at 55, but that only made us both more horny." Later we found out just how horny this old gal was.

I asked her "is there anything in sex she does not like?" Her reply was "I'll let you know when we get their "was her answer. We fucked each other to sleep that night, we did it all, solo oral, 69, anal and more. She told me if she was younger we would be up all night watching the sun rise, in fact she said she loved getting off just when the sun broke over the edge, cumming her brains out.Wow was all I could think, This horny old broad having fun again fucking me with no hang ups, her husband must have been one horny mother fucker.!!!!!!

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And a very happy man. So was I.