We Gangbang and Cummed His Ass

We Gangbang and Cummed His Ass
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My dark eyes adjusted to the dim of the forest quickly. I moved through the thick brush as quietly as I could, but movement and light out of the corner of the eye caused me to stop.

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Fixating on the azure glow, a smile broke across my sharp, 25-year-old male features. I took in every part of it as best as I could as it was turned away from me.

The tell-tale waist-long midnight hair of a female Umbreon, the ears similar to a rabbit's, the curve of its breasts and its hips that complimented its slight features well. Its skin was pale due to all the time it must spend in the dark. It was a dark-type Pokémon, after all.

Speaking of its skin. a lot of it was exposed. She was wearing a black skirt, a fitted top that exposed her midriff, thigh-high stockings, arm warmers, and shoes that were embellished with its rings.

The best part of it all? The rings that embellished the rest of its body, not just its shoes, were not electric yellow of a typical Umbreon, but blue. Sky, sky blue. A rarity. 'How lucky can I get? Once I train it, it'll sell for oh so much.' I thought as I observed it. It bent over, gathering berries. Its skirt was so short, it hiked up as it bent over, revealing black and azure striped panties over a toned, full ass you could probably bounce a PokéCoin off of complete with a jet black tail that was also accented with a ring.

I couldn't take it anymore. Reaching into my belt, I pulled out a Poké Ball that contained my Machoke and sent it out there, just a few feet away from the Umbreon. The Umbreon jumped in surprise as my Machoke emerged from the confined of its Poké Ball, all hard muscle and purpleish tinge over its buff form. The Umbreon faced my Machoke squarely, and indecision was clear in its electric yellow eyes, to fight or flee.

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Taking that moment of hesitation as an opportunity to attack, I cried out, "Machoke, use karate chop!" in my low, husky voice and it complied immediately. The Umbreon flew back a few feet, hitting the ground face-down ass-up much to my pleasure.

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It struggled to get up and I chuckled, grabbing an empty Poké Ball from my belt and throwing it at the Umbreon. It opened as it drew near, and enveloped it into its depths quickly. Shake shake. shake shake.

Stillness. I had caught it! Smiling triumphantly, I gathered my prize and hooked it to my belt. "Thanks, Machoke," I said to the Pokémon I was in debt to for the wonderful catch I had just made. It'll definitely get its reward later, I thought with another wicked grin. I had big plans for Umbreon's training. Reconcealing Machoke, I hooked the Ball to my belt as well and was off to my home in Sinnoh and out of the forest.

*** "Where are you.? Aha!" I exclaimed, finding my quarry: A ball gag. I then turned around to view my masterpiece. My basement was the training arena. It was dank and dim, with brick walls and a soundproofed door. There was no screaming to be heard in case training got. a little rigorous. In which case it usually did.


Floor to ceiling there were cabinets lining the wall on the west side of the room of all sorts, big and small, concealing various training "utensils". Rope was piled in one corner of the room, and chains hung from the ceiling with manacles at the ends of each one. There were three wooden beds in the basement, placed in the room at even intervals, and my prize Umbreon lay in the center one, bound to the cot at its ankles and wrists. It was the showcase of the room. I had knocked it out, and it was breathing evenly, completely unaware of the impending events to occur.

The air was heavier then somehow, thick with the anxious eagerness I felt staring at it. "Rise and shine~" I growled, slapping the young Umbreon awake with my free hand as the other hand was holding the gag. My hands were clad in gloved that had dull spikes at the palm, which made my slap sting like Hellfire. It came around quickly, taking in its surroundings deftly with wide, fearful eyes. Immediately, its azure rings began to glow as it screeched.

It was preparing for an attack. Purplish haze surrounded it. It was going to use Toxic. "Uh uh uh." I scolded, deftly withdrawing a syringe from my pocket and shoving it into a vein in its arm.


"Kreeee!" It howled, and the glow that it once emanated died down immediately as I injected it with the clear fluid.

Now that Umbreon's powers had been nullified, I was free to do what I wished. It stared at me spitefully, and I set the ballgag down on the edge of the wooden bed and, removing one of my gloves, carressed its cheek with my hand. It jerked its head to bite my hand, and I chuckled as I pulled my hand out of its reach.

"And that's why I'm here," I informed it coldly. "To teach you manners. Slaves don't bite their owners!" I exclaimed fiercely, whaling my hand across its face once more with my still-gloved left hand, leaving welts as it cried out again. "Shut up," I snarled, prying open its jaws and wedging the gag between its teeth, fastening it to the back of its head as it squirmed to no avail. It cowered as I raised my hand again, and I suddenly grinned.

"You don't want it?" I inquired. The Umbreon shook its head vigorously. "Then make this easier on yourself and do what I say, lest you get punished." It hesitated. I had just about enough of its defiance.

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It would obey me, and I'd make sure of it. That's the whole reason why it was here. To learn perfect obediance in order to be sold at the Auction. I swiped its breasts as hard as I could, and it tore the skimpy fabric that covered them, leaving small cuts where it dug into skin. It arched its back, mewling behind its gag and nodding furiously. Its perky breasts bounced with the movement, and its nipples became erect due to the slight chill of the room. "Okay!" It shouted in my head.

I was a little taken aback. I had always known Umbreon was a psychic Pokémon, but I had never expected it to telepathically communicate with me.

It was a rather pleasant surprise. This development would make things much easier.

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"You are to call me Master, do you hear me?" I hissed, tugging at the waistband of its skirt. "Okay," it repeated, the telepathic voice trembling. "Wrong!" I shouted at it, tearing its skirt as well and then its panties, revealing a wonderfully petite cunt. All Pokémon did not have pubic hair, so there it was, clearly untouched by anyone or anything.

Boy, was I about to change that. I scraped my nail against its pink clit, and it shifted its hips in protest to which I pressed one of the spikes against its clit, amping up the torture.

"OKAY, MASTER!" It cried out wildly, and grinned wickedly at the hysterical sound of it. Things were about to get fun. *** Alright!

Well, that's part one. I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think. Any feedback and advice will be appreciated. If you guys like it, I'll definitely write more.