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*Disclaimer - Just to say that this story is purely fictional including names and events. I would like to thank red_diablo84 for doing a pre-post edit on this story.

I hope you are enjoying the story line as much as I do writing it.

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Please leave feedback comments, good or bad. Enjoy * Sisterly Love - Part 3 It had been 2 weeks now since Sarah had suggested trying anal and it hadn't left my mind for a second. We did have a few quickies over those weeks, when mum was late from work or nipped out to the store. When I say quick, I mean quick - which barely gave time for oral; but it wasn't less hot, and certainly wasn't getting old. I wasn't even close to being ashamed anymore and quite happily admitted that I loved fucking my sister, but I didn't tell anyone that.

It was a Friday evening and our mum was busy making dinner in the kitchen. I was spread out across the sofa and Sarah was sitting in her usual spot on the arm chair.

She had her long brown hair in a hair bobble and let it fall down her right side. She was wearing one of my old football jerseys, which fell just below her crotch; and also wore a pair of very small tight sweat pants, which showed off her slender tanned, beautiful legs. Even just relaxing there in normal clothes she looked hot as hell, but I contained myself and tried to focus on the TV. "I've got it!", she blurted out suddenly.

"Geez Sarah!", her sudden outburst scaring me slightly. "Got what?", I bluntly said, eyes still fixed on the TV. "I have a plan!!", she said standing up and coming over to me, my eyes now fixed on her perfectly curved hips swaying side to side.

Kneeling down beside me she began to whisper, the scent of her flowery perfume was so alluring I had to focus to hear her. "Okay, next week we are going to send mom away on a spa weekend so she will be out of the house and out of the way." A very mischievous smile came across her face and my mood was lightened as I sat up listening intently. "That way we can be all alone and try out our new thing and not have to worry about being caught by her!". She leaned in and kissed me on the lips "What do you think?".

"Sis, you are a genius!!", I said ecstatically and tried to pull her in for a hot kiss, but she held out her arms and stopped me. "No my sweet brother.", she said, as the happiness drained from my body. "For the next week we aren't going to have sex or oral either!". My face dropped and my arms fell as she went on. "We are going to save it for next weekend!".

"You have got to be kidding me, I can't go yet another week", I pleaded desperately. "I'm being serious Jamie, we are going to build it up and next week you are going to explode all that hot cum into my ass!". She sounded so dirty saying that, and with a quick kiss and wink she went back to sitting on the armchair.

Oh my fucking god, I thought to myself, another whole fucking week! I was getting a little frustrated and angry but I quickly gathered myself.

I calmed myself with the thoughts of the fun we would have next weekend and being able to fill up that tight little ass with cum. That week was one of the longest in my entire life. My sister held to her word as well, we didn't have sex and barely shared a kiss longer than a few seconds. But that bitch teased me to no end! She would wear incredibly skimpy clothes, walk past me and run her hand over my cock and whisper in my ear that she couldn't wait for it to fill her up.

I swear I think I topped my record for most wanks in a week, but none of them helped my endless frustration.


After what seemed an eternity the weekend was finally here, thank god. It was early Saturday morning and we were all gathered in the living room as our mom was finishing up getting ready.

"Well guys, I think I have everything!", Mom said as she packed her last few things into her bag. "Okay, give me some love!", she said standing up with her arms outstretched.

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Sarah and I got up together and gave her a big double hug, both kissing her on each side of her face. "Have fun mom!", I said breaking off from the hug. "Don't worry about us, and just relax okay!", Sarah said hugging mom tighter. "Thanks you two, this was so kind of you and it means so…", she started to tear up a bit.

"Mom you're fine, go and enjoy yourself", I said picking up her bag and helping her to the door. I hated to see mom emotional and wasn't going to start this amazing weekend off with mom's tears. "I love you both and behave please!", she said grabbing the bag from my hand and headed off out the door to her car. Sarah and I stood at the door together watching mom back out of the drive. I slipped my hand onto Sarah's firm ass as we waved to mom as she drove off. With her car off into the distance we closed the door.

Just as quick as the door was closed I was onto Sarah, pressing her up against the door and locking lips with her. "Whoa there mister!", she said pushing me back a little. "What, she's gone now!", I said lunging into her neck and showering her in soft kisses. "Yes I know, but this time it's different.", she moaned lightly as I continued to work on her soft slender neck, but then it dawned on me.

Even though it was Sarah that suggested anal maybe this was her first time - I know it was mine. I eased off her and took a step back allowing her to breathe out a little. "Okay sis. I'm more than ready, but I'll play it your way", I said softly, holding onto her beautifully tanned arms.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and a large smile on her face, but I could tell she was a little pensive. "I'm going to go up and get myself ready.

I want you to go to your room, put something nice on and clean your room.". Leaning in to kiss her on the lips, I pulled her close to me, not in a horny forceful way but a loving embrace. "Okay sis", I said as we broke away and she walked off upstairs. I quickly ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large glass of water and gulped it down. Composing myself, I headed up to my room.

My room wasn't a complete mess, but smelled of boy and had a few things lying around accompanied with a small mound of dirty clothes.

I grabbed the clothes and chucked them into the laundry basket. Next I picked up the things lying around like my games controller, a football, some guy magazines and stored them all away. My room didn't actually look half bad now and to finish it off I sprayed some air freshener around.

It wasn't a strong smell, but the aroma was sensational. It smelt of the first few days of summer and completely transformed the smell in my room.

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With my room tidy and looking okay, I stripped naked and stood in front of my wardrobe. "What the hell should I wear?", I said out to myself. I grabbed my best of pair of jeans and pulled them on, not bothering with boxers. "No point in boxers, just gonna have them off soon enough" I chuckled to myself, grabbing one of my tank tops and tossing that on too.

I stood in front of my mirror and admired myself. Now, I'm not a vein person, but damn I looked good! While I admired myself in the mirror, flexing my muscles and striking poses, there was a soft knock at the door. I walked over to open it, and there was Sarah.

"Holy fucking shit!", I said in complete shock. My sister was standing there in the sexiest angel outfit I have ever seen. Her hair was in two pony tails down each side of her head and atop her hair, she had a hairband on with an angel's halo. She wore a white corset that hugged her curved body perfectly, tight at the hips and firm at the chest; pushing her tits right up to make them look massive.

The corset leads onto a small skirt that had a line of feathers round the bottom and was just covering her crotch. Behind her I could see that she had a set of angel wings on to help complete the outfit. On her legs she wore long stockings that just came up to below her skirt and rest on her upper thighs. And to complete the look, she had a pair of white high heels on.

She looked just like she had actually just fallen from heaven, and I have never seen my sister look so damn sexy before! "Thought you would like this one!", she said shyly, giving a slow twirl. "I love it!", I said, grabbing her and pulling her into my room, slamming the door shut. We embraced in a very passionate kiss, our tongue exploring each other's mouth.

Her sweet perfume that smelled of strawberries was putting me into override, and I couldn't hold back as my hands roamed all over her slim curved figure. My hands found her firm ass and squeezed it hard, as she moaned into my mouth. We worked our way across to the bed and she pushed me onto it. I fell onto my back and stared back up at her.

"Are you Jamie Thompson?", she asked, changing from her normal voice to sound even sexier. "Yes!", is all I could blurt out, still being stunned by her beauty. "I am the Angel Sarah; I come to you on this day as I have fallen from heaven. Take my purity&hellip.". As she pulled off her halo and whipped off her wings, she said "I am yours!" A deep burning desire overtook me as I grabbed my sister and threw her onto the bed.

I launched myself on top of her and we engaged in a heated passionate kiss. My hands searched down her side and found her inner thigh. I was holding myself up with my left forearm as my right hand had now found her dampening panties. I rubbed my hand hard against her mound and her head fell back from the kiss in a deep moan and she began bucking her hips, grinding back against me. With her neck exposed, I leaned in and sucked on it, her moans getting louder and the fresh smell of her hair made me suck down more.

I was full of lust and just wanted to ravage her, as I rubbed harder and faster against her pussy. She wrapped one of her arms around my shoulder and across my back, the other freeing one of her tits from the corset and squeezing it hard. "Yes Jamie, my angel pussy craves taking care of!", she moaned as I reached down and took her hardening little pink nipple into my mouth.

Moving it around with my tongue until it was like a rock, I bit down on it, sucking at the same time. She grabbed me by the hair tugging it slightly as she pulled my head into her big soft tit. As I flicked faster across her nipple and push down hard against her pussy, Sarah arched her back and was breathing very heavy.

I slipped my hand inside of her panties and my hand was instantly drenched from her dripping juices. Her hot juices now flowed down my arm as I pressed two fingers against her clit, circling around it. Sarah's hips followed the motion of my fingers as her whole body tingles. Pushing my fingers down between her wet lips, I entered them inside of her, and she gave out a loud groan and I could feel how tight she was. Her pussy was craving the feel of my fingers as she contracted and tried to pull them deeper.

"Jamie!" she said panting, I ease her from the merciful sucking of her nipple. "Turn me over and take me", she demanded in her sexy angel voice. "I can't wait any longer!". I was more than happy to oblige. I wrapped my arms around her and flipped her over in one go, grabbing her hips I pulled her up onto her hands and knees.

I slid her panties down and quickly whipped off my jeans and tank top. Slowly jerking my cock, I moved in behind her, lifting up her feathered skirt and pressed my cock against her clit. "No Mr. Jamie" she said, and my face dropped. "I want you to take my virginity and pureness!", she said as she reached round, grabbing her ass and pulling it open for me. "Not hanging around are we, my sweet angel.", I said as I backed up and placed my head behind her. I started kissing alongside her inner thigh and across the top of her soft lips.

Slowly trailing my tongue up and down her lips, collecting her juices in my mouth. I moved my head up slightly, bringing attention to her puckered little asshole. It looked small and tight, yet so inviting, and I couldn't wait to bury my cock deep inside of it. With her pussy juices in my mouth, I slowly eased them out using my tongue and licked around my sisters clenching hole. I moved up and down from her pussy to her ass, making sure it was getting well lubricated. Even though this was both of our first times with anal, I knew that the girl had to be lubricated or it would be very painful for both, especially her.

I trailed my tongue all around her little asshole, which gave off a smell of pure sex, and made me bury my tongue into her ass. It felt so tight even around my tongue but I loved the feeling and tried to push deeper. "Uuhhhhh Jamie that feels really good.", her angel voice slightly fading as pure pleasure was taking over. I eased my tongue in and out of her hole and with the combination of her pussy juices and the new sensation, she tasted heavenly.

I continued to trail her pussy juices all over her ass and added my own saliva to make sure she was totally ready. I leaned my face back and brought a finger up to her pussy, and with a few quick plunges into her pussy, I moved it to her ass. Gently easing it in, she gave out low groans as her face fell into one of my pillows. As I eased it further in I could feel her ass tighten around it then ease off, but as I slid deeper it would tighten again. "Relax my angel.", I said softly. "I won't hurt you." I took the finger out and re-entered with 2.

It was becoming easier to slide into her tight hole, but felt no less amazing. I couldn't wait to replace my fingers with my cock and feel her ass tighten around it. I slowly finger fucked her ass, and they were sliding in and out with ease now. "I'm ready. but slow.", was all I could hear from her face buried in the pillow. With that, I leaned back up and brought myself behind her. I rubbed the tip of my cock across her pussy to lube it up a bit.

I grabbed her by the skirt and positioned my cock at her asshole. "I'm going to take care of you my angel, tell me if it hurts too much.", I said, and all I received was her nodding her head. I gently pushed the tip of my cock against her puckered ass, and she gave out a low moan.

I pressed a little harder and her hole opened slightly. I gave another little hard press and with all the lube and her relaxing, the whole head of my cock slipped in. "Oowww uuuhhh!", she gave out a little yelp and she leaned up from the pillow, tensing up her body. I could sense in her voice that she was okay, and held my cock steady. "Holy shit.", I whispered to myself.

Even just with the head of my cock in her ass, it felt incredible! It was so tight that it hugged my cock and sent shivers through my body. The scent of her sex drifted up to my nose and it was like a drug; I wanted to stick my cock right in, but I kept control. She relaxed her body and I took that as my signal to continue, pushing my cock in a little deeper.

I got about two thirds of the way in and all she was giving me was soft, painful, but satisfied moans.

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At this point I slowly began to stroke in and out of her, not pushing any further in, but keeping a steady motion. I can happily admit that this feeling of her tight ass around my cock was the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I am so glad that I have now tried anal and doing it with the girl I love most in the world, made it even better! I kept my stroking at the same steady speed and Sarah gave out soft groans every time I pushed in.

I knew she was loving it, as the sound of her moans were so sexy and she was holding tight onto the covers now. "Jamie… go for it, fuck my ass!". Her angel voice gone, but her normal voice sent me into a craze! I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and really started to pound her ass. Holy fuck, it felt great; the combination of her juices and my spit was keeping her tight little hole plenty lubricated. I wasn't in control of my actions anymore; I was ramming my cock all the way in and slamming my body hard against her.

Every time I pulled back, her ass would tighten and grip onto my cock. Then each time I pushed in she knew to relax to allow easy access. This was definitely the best sex of my life! "Uuhhhhh fuck sis, your ass is actually from heaven!", I moaned loudly as I felt the cum building up in my balls.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard!", she moaned in a demanding voice, and I was more than happy to pick up the pace. My sister had now reached one of her hands under herself and was playing vigorously with her clit. Her orgasm was building quickly, as her ass tightened even more than before and her breathing was heavy and erratic. She furiously played with her clit, and with my heart pounding her orgasm crashed over her, and sent her into a fit of spams.

"UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", she cried as her whole body went weak as she continued to gush juices out of her pussy, and spray all over my balls.

This was just what I needed, and my orgasm was more intense than ever. "UUUUHH OOHHHH sis I'm cumming hard!!!", I groaned loudly, as my cock fired out cannon shots of cum and filled up her little ass. I held myself inside her for a moment as my shaft still pulsated inside of her. A squelching sound could be heard as I slowly stroked in and out of her, my cum now oozing out the side and trickling down her legs.

Neither of us spoke, just breathing heavy as my cock slowly became limp inside of her.

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With it softened, my cock fell out and I fell to the bed. My sister now moved onto her side and slid up next to me. "That was the best sex ever!", I said with my breathing a little more stable now. "Yes it was!", she replied, "and that was the biggest orgasm I have ever had! I think I blacked out for a second.".

"That good was I?", I chuckled, feeling a little pride in myself. "Don't get too full of yourself!", she joked, punching me lightly. We shared a soft kiss and just lay there, panting slowly. We lay there for a couple of hours later, and looking at the clock it was getting late.


The smell of sex and sweat filled the room; god I needed to shower! My sister was lying perfectly still and breathing lightly. I knew she had dozed off and god did she look cute.

I slipped myself from under her and headed to the bathroom. I checked myself in the mirror and fixed my hair up a little bit before switching the shower on. Our shower was a walk in one and it was a good size, plus it was a power shower and one of the best I have ever used. When the shower was hot enough, I walked in and began to wash the water all over my body. I made sure to give my cock a good clean; it still had remnants of cum and my sisters juices on it.

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, and the body hugged up against my back.

"What the hell?", I shouted out slightly in shock. "I love you Jamie!", my sister said as she held me tighter. "Geez sis, you gave me the fright of my life!", I joked, turning round to face her. "I love you too!", I said, as I wrapped my arms around her. I held her by her ass; pulling her up and gave her a deep kiss. Our wet lips from the shower slopping around each other, our tongues began their dance of love.

With the warm sensation of the shower water cascading down my back and the soft feeling of my sister's lips, my cock began to grow. As she pressed herself against me, my cock probed hard at her stomach. "Mmmmm is someone wanting more?", she asked, reaching her hand down and gripping my cock firmly.

"Well you know sis, you drive me crazy! I'm always ready!", I teased. My sister began to kiss my neck, across my collarbone and down my chest. Her lips felt so soft against my skin and it made me rock hard. She got down to her knees, gripping my cock with both hands, and looked up to me. "I think he needs a good cleaning, plus I owe you one."; and with that, she sank her mouth around my throbbing member. She worked slowly at first; gently bobbing her head up and down on the head, whilst jerking her hands along my shaft.

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Her tongue swirled around the tip in her mouth like she normally does, but it felt no less sensational. Taking my cock from her mouth, she trailed her tongue up and down my shaft. Then, pressing her lips against the side of it she worked her mouth up and down.

"Uuhh yes sis, I love your mouth around my dick.", I groaned leaning back against the shower wall. As she got to the base of my shaft, she continued her mouth down and took my ball into her mouth; sucking on it gently before pulling it back and letting it pop from her mouth. She switched between balls doing the same whilst still jerking the head of my cock with her hand.

After a few mouth pops of each ball, she returned her mouth back to my cock and worked it with extra vigour; sucking harder and faster on it as she quickly jerked me in the same motion. "Fuuccckkk!", I moaned, grabbing my sister's head and pulling it down on my cock.

I started to work my hips with the motion of her bobbing head. Her fantastic oral skills were bringing me to the edge.

I was out of control and didn't give her warning; hell I was surprised how quickly I came, and exploded into my sister's mouth. My cock firing load after load of hot cum into her mouth. and my sister swallowed every drop. With a few loud grunts I felt that all the cum had eased out, but she continued to suck away, making sure she got every last drop. "Damn sis, thank you!". "No thank you!", she moaned, giving soft gentle kisses to my now limping cock.

"Now, let's get properly washed and go to bed.", she said, standing up and grabbing the shower gel and cloth. We soaped each other up, gently massaging in the bubbles and making sure to cover every area. We shared light kisses as we did it, and eventually we were cleaned and got out.

Now out of the shower dripping wet, I could finally admire my sisters full naked body and boy was it incredible! Her tits sat perfectly on her chest and didn't sag. Her toned body lead down to her intoxicating shaved little pussy.

Her hips were just the right size that leads onto a firm luscious ass. Her hair falling to her mid back, and her cute face was naturally beautiful without any make up. We dried each other off and left the bathroom, and I pulled her to myself and gave her a deep kiss before breaking off and about to turn away. "Eh excuse me.", she said grabbing my arm; "you are staying in my bed tonight mister!", pulling me back to her.

"Oh am I now, better lead the way then!", I teased as she held my arm and lead me back into her room. As we walked I watched her ass as it swayed from side to side.

Fuck me, it was hypnotizing! We got into her room, closing the door behind us and dove into her bed. We didn't worry about clothes. and snuggled down together under the covers. I was on my back with my arm under her, wrapped across her shoulders. She snuggled into me sideways, resting her head onto my chest and her soft tits pressing up against my side. "I love you brother!", she said kissing at my chest. "I love you too sister!", I said kissing her forehead and holding her closer to me.

For the first time, my sister and I were actually going to share a bed for the night and sleep together. As we lay there I heard her soft breathing, knowing she had fallen asleep. I thought to myself. what fun would we get up to next? I hope you enjoy the story, just to say i'm going to take a break from this story line and move on to something less taboo.

I would be happy to write more chapters to this if people would like to leave suggestions of sexual acts or scenarios.