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Very cute brunette deepthroats a huge cock
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Author's note: For those who haven't read Meeting Alyssa pt 1, you should. I've been going over in my head how to play this out. I know most people here want fap material, but I'm just not up for that yet. Thus, there won't be anything real erotic (except for the beginning, but that won't last). Everything in the following story is true, and as before, names are not of the actual people involved.

As usual, criticism is encouraged, but please be respectful, and remember, this is only my second story. I don't know if this was the right thing to do, but I jumped ahead a few months in the story, simply because these are actual events, however, our friendship lasted a few years. For Xnxx purposes, I'm not going to bother with several stories of the same same old stuff. Also, at the end of the story, you're going to ask "so, what happened?" But it's obvious. If you don't understand, ask in comments and I'll reply.

I'd rather not give away the ending. =P --- Alyssa's head bobbed on Blake's cock, deep throating him every so often. Her hot mouth and tongue felt amazing on his cock. This was something he'd wanted for so long, something he thought would never happen.

"Mm, Alyssa, I'm so close." He moaned.


Alyssa just winked, and deep throated him again, licking his cock, while massaging his balls with her hands.

Blake groaned as the sensation rose. "I'm cum." Beep Beep Beep Beep Blake's eyes opened slowly, and he groaned, realizing it was just a dream. His boxers and sheets were wet, which made him blush in embarrassment.

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Getting out of bed, he changed boxers, and threw the "dirty" stuff in the laundry basket. It'd been at least a few months since they met, but Blake still couldn't work up the courage to ask her out, or even admit his feelings. "Good morning, Blake." Mary, his mother called.

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"Your sister and I are going out for the day. There's leftovers in the fridge." This is perfect! Blake thought. He could have Alyssa over to hang out. "Have fun." he called as they went out the door. He paused, thinking.

Hours on end with Alyssa, no interruptions. This could go in his favor, because he'd finally be alone, and be able to confess how he feels.

What if she rejects me? This thought made Blake shiver slightly, but he knew it had to be done. Blake quickly got dressed, and threw on a hat, heading outside to walk to her house. Of course, he could've just called Alyssa and asked her to come over, but he figured it was more gentlemanly to go get her, and walk back with her. Blake rang the doorbell, and after a few seconds, the door opened, revealing her little brother, Tanner. "Hi Tanner. Is Alyssa here?" "She's not here." Tanner said in an annoyed tone, and started closing the door.

"TANNER!" A voice yelled, which was Alyssa's. She shoved him away, and opened the door, going outside. "Hi Blake.

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What's up?" Blake chuckled a bit at her brother, but said nothing else of it. He smiled to her, taking a few seconds to admire her. "My family will be away all day.

I thought maybe we could hang out at my place." His eyes quickly looked at her body. She had on a lose t-shirt, and tight jeans, which made Blake stare a little long than intended. "When you're done staring," Alyssa giggled.

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"I'll go get my shoes on." With that, she went back inside for a few seconds, and ran back out, lacing her arm with Blake's. "C'mon, slow poke!" Blake laughed, and began the walk toward his house.

Their walk was the usual 'how are you?, have any other plans?', etc. Blake was having troubling containing his nervousness, which he could tell Alyssa was noticing. Blake opened the door for her, and they went in, tossing their shoes to the side.

Blake's house was pretty nice. Nothing fancy, but still nice, nonetheless. "Could I get a soda?" Alyssa asked sweetly, and went into the living room. "Yeah, coming right up." Blake went into the kitchen, and leaned against the fridge slightly. I need to tell her the truth, c'mon, you can do it. Blake sighed deeply, and got two sodas, then joined Alyssa in the family room, and sat by her on the couch.

"Alyssa?" He asked, looking at her, his nerves shot sky high, his face getting red. Alyssa looked to Blake, and noticed how red his face was. She was wondering if he was sick. "Yes, are you alright?" "Alyssa." He paused. Can I do this? "We've known each other for a while now, and I consider you my best friend." Pause. "Since day one, when I first saw you, I nearly fainted. You looked so beautiful, and still do.

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As each day went by, I found myself liking you more and more, to the point where." He gulped. "I love you." Alyssa felt herself blush at his words. She'd never heard those three words before from a guy. Yes, she had dated, but none of them ever said love. "Blake." Alyssa smiled softly.

"Thank you. I've never had a guy tell me that, and I'm very flattered, but." At the sound of but, Blake knew her answer. "It's alright." Blake wanted her to leave, so he could go to his room and be alone, but decided to bear it out and wait. "What movie you wanna watch?" "Whatever you want." Alyssa's tone was normal, she honestly didn't care or really feel bad for him. Blake popped in a movie, and chose to sit on the recliner away from Alyssa.

Throughout the movie, Blake found himself fighting the urge to snap, and just rage at her for the rejection. His feelings were far beyond hurt, and he felt like she didn't care. After the movie, she said her goodbyes, and left with a smile, telling Blake she'd see him tomorrow. After Alyssa had left, Blake made a decision. He wasn't going to see her anymore, instead, he was going to limit himself to his house, nowhere else.

A few days went by, no Alyssa, no contact with others except his family (and that was only if he had to talk to them). Mary knocked on her son's door.

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"Alyssa stopped by. I told her you were sleeping, but she asked me to tell you to go to her house when you wake up." Blake got up weakly, not really having the strength or care to do anything.

He took his time getting dressed, and went down to Alyssa's. "Blake, good to see you're awake." She giggled, and sat down in the grass, patting the spot next to her. Blake couldn't help but right away notice her long legs.

The skirt she had on was short, but Alyssa had done what she could to keep the view hidden. "Yeah, I was tired." He lied, and sat down on the grass. "About yesterday, I am sorry. Remember Tyson?" She looked to him.


Tyson was Blake's brother's best friend growing up. Blake had always thought of Tyson as a pretty cool guy.

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He was at least 23 or so. "Yeah, I do." "Well, before he was deployed for service, we'd talked a lot, and since he came back, we're dating." Blake froze. How could she date this guy who is older, much older, and in the Army?

This can't be. "I see." "Yeah, I really love him. He's amazing." Alyssa smiled, and looked up at the clouds. Blake wasn't sure what to say or do. His chest, specifically his heart, ached so badly. "I should go." "Oh, okay, see ya later." Blake got up, and started walking home, stunned that this girl didn't care about his feelings, didn't care she broke his heart.

As Blake got into the house, he went into the kitchen and took a knife, slowly cutting his wrists. He usually wasn't a cutter, but now, all he wanted to do was die. He felt as though his heart was literally ripped from him. After his cutting, he hid the evidence, and washed it away, putting on a long sleeve shirt to hide the scar.

Blake laid on his bed, thinking, and soon found himself dozing off. It wasn't until around 6pm he woke again, his wrists feeling numb from his cutting. Blake got dressed, and went outside, going to the street next to his and walking up and down it several times, trying to think this whole thing out. "I just don't get it. We're best friends. We've spent so much time together, yet she choose some older guy." After maybe ten-fifteen minutes, he headed home, this time taking his street.

As he walked, he acknowledged some of his neighbors, and looked toward Alyssa's house. It looked to be a bit empty outside wise, which may of been a good thing for Blake. As he got halfway by her house, he heard someone, and looked to see Alyssa.


He sighed, but put on a smile, and walked toward her. What he noticed, however, was that she appeared sad. "Hey 'Lyssa, something wrong?" "Oh, hi Blake." She didn't even look at him. "Yes, Tyson and I broke up." Secretly, Blake was happier than a vulture finding a good meal, but he wasn't about to show it. "Aww, how come?" He asked sincerely, and sat by her. Alyssa leaned on him, starting to sob softly. "He said it's the age difference, though it never bothered him before.

I kinda wonder if he's found another love interest." "I doubt he found someone else. It maybe is the age. Don't want him to end up in jail." He caressed her back softly, holding her. "I guess so, but.I loved him." "Everything will be okay." Blake said softly, rocking her gently.

"Thank you." Blake spent at least another hour there before going home. That night, Blake lay in bed, thinking. Maybe now he'd have a chance with her. He'd just have to try. Everyday for the next few months, Blake continued spending time with her. In his opinion, they got closer. Alyssa proved him wrong. It was a Friday, and Blake had just gotten home from school. He'd quickly got a shower and changed clothes, then made his way to Alyssa's.

He smiled seeing her in the yard, and approached. "Hey 'Lyssa." "Such a nice day." She replied, smiling. "How are you?" "I'm alright, just got home a bit ago." He said, standing by her. "I got my school pictures today." She smiled. "Wanna see?" "Of course." He said, and watched as she darted into the house. "Here you go, I wrote something on the back for you." She handed him the picture. Blake took the pic, and noted she had a jean-skirt on, and some light colored shirt.

Turning the picture around, there read To my neighbor down the street, Blake From Alyssa xoxo "Thanks." he said softly, and turned around, walking away. "Blake? Something wrong?" Blake heard her asking several times,but ignored her. He realized from that picture. Blake had spent most of his time with her, loving her, being with her, consoling her.

Yet, all he was to her was the neighbor down the street? Not even best friend? When Blake got home, he ignored anyone who spoke to him, and went to his room, locking the door. The second heart break by the same girl, and this one was even worse.

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His heart hurt, his head was spinning. He couldn't do this. Blake reached into his drawer, and took a razor blade, cutting his wrists again, this time not stopping. As the blood continued to drain, Blake's eyes slowly closed, and his final thought rushed through him.

I love you, Alyssa.