Naughty hot teen sucks pov cock

Naughty hot teen sucks pov cock
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The Summer Job I'll Never Forget Part 5 As the week moved along, I got the field work caught up and things on the farm were all going smoothly. Lori had to be gone for a couple of days to take care of some business in Lincoln and Alisha has been working on the books.

Alisha and I had some time alone for a change. We went out to dinner one evening and had some wonderful sex without the pressure of an eminent threesome. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the threesomes with Lori, but, sometimes it's just nice to concentrate on one partner.

We talked about the upcoming gang bang and discussed our respective feelings about the event. I sensed some apprehension from Alisha about taking on that many men at one time, but she seemed intent on going through with it. We also talked about our upcoming wedding. Alisha told me that she was really looking forward to being my wife. We talked about her affair with Tom. She told me that she was truly sorry that she had not consulted with me before she began it. "I really didn't think you would mind, Robert," she said to me, "after all, you were screwing Lori every day and I really didn't think there was any difference." "Alisha," I said, "the difference was that we had discussed the situation with Lori and you knew about it, I didn't know a thing about Tom till I came to your Mom and Dad's house and saw him burying his cock between your legs…it was just a shock.

I know we have an open relationship, but there is still the agreement we made when we began to date, we'd tell the other about any sexual relations we were having with someone else. As far as I'm concerned, it's in the past and the future awaits…we learn from our mistakes. I still love you just as much and I will continue." "Even though I'm going to get screwed by 8 guys?" she asked.

"Yes, even though you are about to take eight cocks in every hole, Alisha. I know you want the experience and I won't deny you. It's just sex, it's not like you are going to go off and marry one of these guys, there's a big difference in love and having casual sex." She acted relieved after our discussion and we made love the rest of the evening, knowing we had a special relationship that would last.

I am in love with Alisha, but I have to admit, after my upbringing and having nothing, the thought of having a prosperous farm given to me sweetens the deal. That's a secret I will never reveal to Alisha or anyone else. That's one reason I didn't blow the thing with Tom out of proportion.

While I was out making my rounds on the farm, I stopped by the fencing crew. It looked as though they were nearing completion of the perimeter fence. They were installing the gates, which would take two or three more days.

Jim was smiling, grasping the bulge in his jeans, "I can't wait to plant my cock in those two beautiful creatures. They have to be two of the most beautiful women I've ever seen." The men all agreed that this was going to be an event they would remember the rest of their lives. I still was wondering what I would feel once it began.

The sight of several men using my bride to be ran through my mind as I drove away. I could still remember the sight of Tom's ass bouncing up and down between Alisha's spread legs. I had agreed to it, so I will have to see it through. Lori got back from Lincoln. When she came into the house, she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into her bedroom and began to disrobe.

I have to admit, when I saw her naked body, all thoughts of someone else fucking Alisha disappeared from my mind. My little head took over and I pulled her onto the bed and buried my cock in her sopping wet pussy with no pretext or foreplay.

I had truly missed her while she was gone. I could tell by the hard fucking she was giving me, she had missed me too. We were screwing like dogs in heat and it didn't take long before I was spewing my thick cum inside her. Lori, feeling my warmth shooting inside her, began to cum violently, thrusting her pussy to me as she screamed, "Oh God, this feels so damn good, fuck me Robert, fuck me good……&hellip.fill my insides with your hot juice." Our orgasms subsided and I continued to lay on top of her, my cock softening.

I could feel cum oozing out of her and Lori was breathing as though she had just ran the Boston Marathon. Our bodies were covered in sweat and totally satisfied. Lori pulled my head to her and kissed me passionately. "Damn I've missed having your cock for the last few days. That was a fantastic fuck Robert, I just love having sex with you& make me feel so damn good." We pulled our sweat soaked bodies apart. We stood beside the bed, embraced and kissed again. I could feel my cock beginning to push upwards between our sweat soaked bodies.

"From the feel of things, I don't think you've had enough of me," she said as she went to her knees. She grasped my cock and began to lick my balls.

She took me into her mouth and took my cock down her throat. She tongued me as she sucked. Lori could give a blow job that was unsurpassed by anyone.

In no time at all I felt my love juice explode inside her mouth. She was swallowing all of it as she gently squeezed my balls. When I finished, she smiled at me as she stood up. "That tasted wonderful, I love to eat your cum." We went into the shower and washed each other. I loved to feel the curves of her body as I soaped her. I love the feel of her smooth tits and her nice round ass, the sensuous curves of her midriff and the puffy lips of her pussy.

I was on my knees sliding my hands up and down her long slender legs.

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I ran them up to her ass and pulled her pussy to my lips and began to lick her engorged clit. Lori had been quietly moaning as I ran my hands all over her body.

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When I licked and sucked her clit into my mouth, she lost it and began to cum. With one hand I pushed two fingers inside her vagina and with the other hand, pushed one finger into her ass as I continued to suck on her engorged clit. Lori was squirting profusely as she grasped my head. She was leaning against the side of the shower, her legs spread as wide as possible, screaming my name over and over as her orgasm continued.

Her orgasm subsided and she looked deep into my eyes. She pulled me to her lips and kissed me again. I could feel her erect nipples pressing into my chest, her leg wrapped around mine and her arms around my neck. I could tell that there was something special between us& just felt good. After our shower, we went to the kitchen to get a glass of tea and to talk about her trip to Lincoln. We sat at the breakfast bar and talked. "Well, Robert, it's all final.

I filed all the paperwork to make you and Alisha full partners on the farm and took care of setting up the trust to ensure that the farm will be under your control after I'm gone. That's going to be many years away, but at least it's done in case anything should happen to me, unexpectedly.

This is my wedding present to you two. We were still talking about it when Alisha got home. Lori told her about what she had done. They hugged and Alisha told her how much she loved her. Lori smiled and asked me, "Well, how long till Alisha and I get our brains fucked out by that fencing crew?" I laughed and told her, "It looks like day after tomorrow, on Saturday. I told Jim to bring the guys and come over around noon. We can have some burgers and beer, then let the festivities begin.

I've told them that there was no time limit on the party, if it lasts into the next day, so be it." The girls smiled widely. "I think we're ready for it, don't you think so Alisha?" Alisha grinned and said, "I hope it's as good as I think it will be, I want to be fucked hard and put up wet." "There's no doubt you'll be wet," I laughed.

The time flew by and Saturday arrived. I had iced down two kegs of beer in a water tank I had brought up to the house. I had the food ready for the meals and the two women had spent the morning making themselves more beautiful. The pool was ready, and I had moved two beds into the back yard from the other house. I knew that the girl's would be sweating and would be overflowing with cum, so I had brought out soap and douche bags to the outdoor shower so anyone could clean up when they wanted.

At about 12:30 the men arrived. I met them outside the back yard and welcomed them in. The girls were still inside the house so we all went to the kegs and poured ourselves cups full of beer. "Guys, why don't you all go ahead and get naked, the girls will be out in a minute." I told them. We were all naked when Lori and Alisha came out of the house.

I have to say, they were about the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Their makeup was perfect and their bodies looked fantastic. I told the guys, "There they are, use them any way you wish, they're here for your pleasure as long as you want." They walked over to where we were all standing and began to mingle.

I noticed that everyone immediately got a hard on watching them come toward us. I could see that Lori and Alisha's bare pussies were glistening with moisture as they walked toward us. There was a slight look of fear in Alisha's face. I didn't know how to read it. When the two beauties walked among us, the men's hands were all over them. Lori and Alisha asked for a beer. Eight guys almost broke their necks trying to get to the kegs. Alisha downed her beer in about five gulps and asked for more.

At this point, I knew she was nervous. The only time she slams her drinks is when she is somewhat apprehensive. She looked at me and asked, "got any Patron iced down?" I told her that I did and went to get the bottle out of the water tank. I had put it deep in the ice so it would get really cold, just the way she liked it.

I brought the bottle to her. She removed the top and turned the bottle up and took two big gulps. She smiled as the guys began to squeeze her tits and finger her wet pussy.

Lori was on her knees sucking a cock and jacking off a couple of others. Alisha's body was covered with lips and hands&hellip.she went to her knees and began to suck a cock and fondle others. I stood and watched, I knew that this was really not what I wanted to see, but it was too late now, I had to let it continue.

In a short while, Alisha was led to a bed and mounted by the guy she had given her bra to. He had a nine inch cock and was pushing it in and out of her as she sucked another guy. Another guy was playing with her tits. Alisha was moaning as the nine inches of meat began to deliver its load of hot cum deep inside her. I could see the guy push all the way in her and hold it there as he groaned and spewed his spunk.

He pulled his cum covered dick out of her and another immediately took its place. Two other guys were cumming in her mouth and on her face. Lori was being fucked on the table&hellip.her legs being held up and spread by two guys, while the other one pounded her pussy. Another guy was cumming on her tits and she was jerking another one off while she sucked on different cock.

I looked back over at Alisha and a big black stud was breeding her. I decided that I had better get a little of her pussy before it got stretched out and soaked. I watched as he pushed his ten inches in her and filled her belly with his seed.

When he finished with her I pushed in and held her hips as I pounded her pussy. She smiled at me, not really sure of what I was thinking. I shot my load and yielded to another man. As the next guy slid in her, I heard her begin an orgasm. She was screaming loudly, "FUCK ME GOOD YOU STUD, I WANT YOUR CUM." I went over and jumped in the pool and swam a lap. It was getting really warm this afternoon.

I went to the table where Lori was laying and offered my cock to her. She took it down her throat and began to suck me off. Soon I delivered a wad of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed as she smiled at me.

I saw that two guys were double penetrating Alisha. One guy was standing, holding her up with her legs wrapped around his ass, while another was fucking her up her ass.

She had cum in her hair and on her face and tits. I could see that every time a cock pushed into her, cum was pushed out around the cock and falling on the ground. Alisha was feeling good, she was very vocal telling the guys to shove their dicks in her and make her cum. Alisha and Lori had been fucked many times by each guy.

When they stood, thick streams of cum ran out of them and down their legs. When they scraped up a handful of cum and licked it off, it turned the guys on again and someone would be bending them over and fucking them again. I watched as Jim took Alisha to the table and pushed her forward across it with her feet on the ground. He pushed his cock into her ass as he fondled her tits. I watched as Alisha's body went stiff and she began to squirt.

Jim pulled his cock out and shot his load onto her lower back and ass. He pulled her to her feed and laid her back onto the table and pushed his half hard cock into her dripping pussy. His cock hardened again as he fucked her hard. He groaned and laid on her as he pumped her pussy full of his cum. When he finished, Alisha told the guys she had to clean up. She held her hand under her dripping pussy and gathered a palm full of cum. She ate it down as she walked to the outdoor shower.

Lori was taking on two guys at a time over on one of the beds. One guy would lay on his back, his dick in her pussy, her on top of him with another cock up her ass. She was being fucked hard and enjoying every stroke. Some of the guys had tired and were relaxing by the pool or swimming. Some had pulled chairs up to the outdoor shower and were watching Alisha wash her body and douche the cum out of her pussy and ass.

Some were jacking off watching her. When one got close to shooting his wad, he would call her and she would go over to him and take it in her mouth and swallow it.

The show she put on in the shower was very hot. She had retrieved a big dildo and was sliding it in and out of her pussy while she showered. Almost all the guys had surrounded the shower watching her. Soon, Lori went to the shower also and they put on a lesbian show for the guys.

Alisha went down on Lori and began to lick and suck cum from her well fucked pussy while the water ran over her body. The men all ooed and ahhed while she ate their cum from Lori's pussy.

I decided to cook some burgers so everyone could keep their strength up.

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The sight of Alisha being taken time and time again had gotten easier for me to handle. I realized it was only fucking, nothing more. I finished a batch of burgers and some of the guys ate. Alisha and Lori went to the pool and swam. Some of the guys got in the pool with them and fucked them there.

I drank a lot of beer and sat and watched. It did turn me on to watch the girls get screwed. I really enjoyed watching the black guy fuck them. He would lay them on their back and cover them, pushing his big, veined black cock in and out of their beautiful cunts while they wrapped their legs around his ass.

I watched his tight ass move back and forth as he plunged his black cock in and out of their white pussies. When he came, I could see his ass crack tighten and relax each time he shot a rope of cum into them. As he fucked them, he would moan and tell them that they were his white bitches and ask them if they liked black cock. His loads were huge and would fill them to capacity. When he pulled out, a big stream of white cum would pour out of them. Usually, the other girl would rush over to catch his cum in her mouth.

Lori and Alisha were both filthy wenches today, doing anything the guys asked. Jim came over to me and asked, "You said they were ours to do with as we pleased, is that right?" I said, "Yes, they will do whatever you want." Alisha overheard his question and replied, "You name it, we'll do it!" Jim smiled, "I'll be right back, I have to go to my truck.

We all talked about this last night and thought it would be fun to watch." He went out the gate to his truck. In a short while he returned with his big Rottweiler on a leash. "I had him tied in my truck, I think it's time for him to take a turn." I saw Alisha and Lori's mouths drop open as they looked at each other unbelievingly. "You want us to fuck a dog?" Alisha said not believing what was about to happen.

"Yep, you all said you were ours for this party, to do with as we want and this is going to be part of it," he said, "believe me, you'll like it. He has fucked women before and knows what to do. Now, Alisha, get down on all fours on the grass and get ready." Alisha didn't know what to do. She looked at me like she wanted me to say something.

There were more of them than me and everyone had been drinking. I couldn't do anything about it if I wanted to. Two of the guys took Alisha by the arms and pulled her onto the grass then forced her down onto her hands and knees as Jim put socks over Prince's front paws and legs.

Once the socks were in place he said, "The socks are so he doesn't scratch your beautiful body." He led Prince to Alisha. The dog smelled her pussy then began licking the spent cum off of it.

I could see that it felt good to Alisha by the look on her face. "His tongue is going inside my pussy a long way," she nervously said. "Oh yeah, he will lick you out good," he said as Alisha began an orgasm. Her body was shaking all over as Prince licked her. Sensing that she was ready, Prince mounted her. His cock was extended out almost 8 inches and went to searching for her warm hole. When he found the target, he pushed it all the way inside her and began to hump her furiously.

Alisha was cumming over and over again as he shoved his cock in and out of her. She was whimpering like a bitch in heat as he continued to fuck her. Everyone came over and was watching the show.

I could see a large lump form at the base of his cock. He was trying to push it into her. One of the guys told me, "He's fixin' to knot her." Prince continued to push the knot into Alisha's pussy, soon it disappeared inside her.

He pumped a little longer then just laid there, panting. The knot had swelled as big as a baseball. I could see his ass puckering as he filled Alisha with his cum. Alisha was freaking out. Two of the guys were holding her in place while Jim told her, "Don't fight it Alisha, his knot is too big to come out of you. When he finishes with you, the knot will go down and he will pull out." "But I feel so full& belly is bulging, he is filling my insides up with his cum……it feels so hot inside me." She whimpered.

"Just let it happen, it won't hurt you, I promise." Jim told her. Prince flipped around and he and Alisha were standing ass to ass, just like two dogs that were hung up.

I could see his cock still pulsing as he continued to shoot his sperm into Alisha. I could see that her belly was bulging a little. Lori didn't know what to think. She was protesting, although I could see she was visibly turned on by the fucking Alisha had just gone through. "One of the guys said, "Don't worry Lori, you will get a turn as soon as Prince recuperates." Jim told her, "It only takes about fifteen minutes and he'll be ready to do you." Everyone watched as Prince continued to fill Alisha.

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After about twenty minutes, his knot shrunk and his cock fell out of Alisha. A huge rush of doggie cum came pouring out of her and onto the grass. Prince went in and began to lick her pussy clean, getting Alisha going again. One of the men helped Alisha to her feet and took her over to the table and sat her up on it.

Alisha looked dazed. She looked at the guy and told him, "Fuck me, I need some more dick, fuck me now." Hearing this, he pushed his hard rod inside her as she lay back on the table. She put her legs up on his shoulders and began to push her pussy to him in time with his strokes.

This guy was being very slow and easy with her. She was completely engrossed in fucking him. While she was getting laid, the guys had put Lori into position and Prince was licking the man cum from her pussy. I saw his cock come out of the sheath and continue to grow. He soon mounted her and began to shove in and out of her. Just like with Alisha, his knot was pushed inside her where it grew to the size of a baseball.

He began to fill his new bitch with his doggie juice. He remained inside her for a full half hour before his cock came out. Several of the guys had been standing around Lori jacking off while they watched her getting it from Prince. Several of them shot their loads onto her body. I don't know how many times she came while Prince fucked her, but I know it was a lot. When Jim led Prince away from her, Lori fell down onto her front on the grass, exhausted.

One of the guys immediately mounted her and began to fuck her doggie cum filled pussy. Lori moaned and began to cum again. When this guy finished with her, I could hear her pussy make a "slurping" sound as his cock came out.

Lori just lay there on the grass, not moving while two more guys mounted and banged her. I went over to her and one of the guys and I helped her up.

"You ok Lori?" I asked her. She looked at me with a dazed look and said, "Hell yes I'm ok, that's the best fucking I've ever had. I don't know how many times I came, it was just one continual orgasm, one after another. Help me to the shower, I want to clean up and refresh myself…&hellip.I'm hungry too, will you fix me something Robert?" "Sure I will." I told her. We helped her to the shower. After I bathed her, Alisha came to the shower and began to clean up.

"Damn Robert, that was one hell of a fucking. I didn't want to at first, but after it started, I loved it. I wouldn't mind doing it again, that was one damn good fuck." I started fixing steaks while everyone rested and drank more beer. Some of the guys swam, others sat and talked with Lori and Alisha. Jim told me that everyone was having a great time and all of them had just taken a Cialis so they could get their cocks hard again.

He said they all wanted some more pussy and wanted to be able. It was almost 10:00 pm and the party was still going strong. With the little pills, the guys would probably keep fucking till the sun came up. Everyone had regained their strength after eating and the cocks were getting hard again. One by one, men led Lori and Alisha over to the beds and fucked them. Many of them would eat their pussies and make the girls cum, then slow fuck them and making them cum several times before unloading their hot seed inside them.

Alisha liked to lay on the table on her back with her head hanging over the edge. She would open her mouth and let them fuck her mouth and throat, then shoot their loads down her esophagus. She didn't even have to swallow.

While she did this, another guy was eating her pussy or fucking it. The orgy continued through the night. I fucked the girls several times, but mostly just watched. I really enjoyed watching them take the black guy's cock. It looked so hot, I'd jack off and shoot my load. His cock was probably two inches across. It spread their cunts wide when he pushed it in them. Lori and Alisha seemed to like his big cock, smiling at him as he approached each time.

The sun began to come up about 6:15 am. Everyone was still going. Alisha came over to me and kissed me and told me that she was having a great time. She walked away from me and went over to where Prince was tied up. She released him from his leash. He immediately started following her. I saw his red cock begin to emerge from its sheath. Alisha got down on her hands and knees and began to crawl around on the grass. Prince understood and followed her licking cum from her pussy. Alisha had an orgasm while he licked her.

When this happened, Prince mounted her and locked his front paws around her hips and began to hump. He was soon buried inside her and fucking her very hard. Again, his knot went inside her and grew to the size of a baseball.

Alisha was cumming almost constantly while he filled her belly with his seed. I walked over to her and she told me to get down so she could suck my cock. Watching this, it didn't take me long to fill her mouth with cum. Prince's cock fell out of her and I helped her to her feet. We went to the shower where she douched while I washed her body. Several of the guys had sat in a chair and dozed off. A couple were still fucking Lori and the rest were just sitting around watching everything and talking.

One of them said, "Alisha that dog fuck was hot, you seem like you really like old Prince." "I do," she replied. We went inside the house and I began to fix some breakfast. Alisha went to our bedroom to take a good shower and douche and fixed her hair and makeup. When she came out, she looked terrific. Lori came in and went to her bedroom and did the same.

We all ate breakfast and talked about the events so far. Jim asked, "How long do you gals want to continue to get fucked?" Lori grinned as she said, "I'll fuck till none of you can get it up any more." With that, two of the guys led Lori and Alisha out to the yard. Since their pussies were clean, they ate their pussies making them cum many times and beg for more……then they fucked them. The fucking continued through the morning until just after lunch time.

Everyone had had so many orgasms, no one could get their cocks hard any more. Alisha and Lori were on their last legs too. They were so sore they could hardly walk. Jim told me that it was finished, they were headed back to their trailers and get some rest. Lori and Alisha both showered and cleaned themselves good, then went to bed. None of us got up till the next morning. The women's pussies were really sore and when they walked, I could see just how sore.

They used Vaseline to help with the pain. It took two days for them to completely recover. Alisha had thoroughly enjoyed the gang bang, although her pussy and ass were sore for several days.

Lori had also enjoyed it. Both of them thought back to the dog fucking and were somewhat taken back that they had gone through with it. Alisha couldn't believe that she had done it twice. She blamed it on the tequila, which probably had a lot to do with it. But there was little choice for them. They had agreed to do anything. With that out of the way, Alisha had to begin thinking about the wedding. We had a talk about it and decided we would not have a big affair, only immediate family and very close friends.

Of course, Lori wanted us to have a big wedding. We had to explain to her why we really didn't want that. She listened to our reasoning and reluctantly agreed with us. We decided to do it at the farm on a Saturday. Lori will be Alisha's maid of honor and Norm will be my best man.

Alisha's Mom and Dad will be there and a few of their close friends and that will be it. Alisha asked, "What do you think about sharing our honeymoon night with Norm and Lori?" At first, I really didn't know what to think about her question. I knew that with our relationship monogamous sex really wasn't an issue so I told her that we'd do whatever she wanted in that respect.

I could tell by her smile she was happy with my response. "I just think that it will be a lot more fun if we all spend the night in the same bed enjoying each other." She said to me. At this point I realized that Alisha was really getting into multiple partners.

I didn't have any objections as this was the lifestyle we have begun. I did like the thought of having different women and watching Alisha have sex with other men. I thought back to the gang bang, seeing her impaled on several cocks and remembered how it made me feel as she was filled with their cum.

It made me want her all that much more. I guess I should admit to myself that even though I am in love with her, the fact that I will be gaining so much by marrying her is always on my mind. I will own a large portion of a very prosperous farm. Having never had a lot as I grew up, this is a dream come true. I get a beautiful woman and I become rich, plus she wants to see me fuck other women. I get the best of both worlds. This is why I will tolerate anything she does.

Like the day I caught her fucking Tom. Most men would have dropped her like a hot potato. But I considered what I'd be losing if I walked out. Money is truly the root of all evil. Alisha and I sat and talked about the wedding. "Robert, I need to go to a city and get some things for the wedding, maybe like Denver. It's only 3 hours away, we could get a nice hotel and go to some really nice restaurants and I could get my shopping all done. Maybe we could stay there for a few days, what do you think?" "I think it would be a great idea.


Just to get away for a few days would be nice." I told her. There wasn't much going on the farm right now so it would be a good time to get away for a few days.

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"Want to get up in the morning and go?" I asked her. "Sounds good to me," she said, "I'll get us packed this evening so we can get out of here early. I'll let Lori know what we're doing. She will be able to finish up some of the things around here while we're gone." I needed to check out two fields that seemed to be getting a large aphid infestation.

I drove out to the fields and began to walk through it. I carried a bug net with me began swinging it through the wheat to capture any bugs that might be there. When I checked the contents I found that there was a heavy presence of aphids. I went to my truck and phoned Sam at High Plains Aviation and ordered a spray job on these two fields.

He told me that he would do it first thing in the morning. After I finished making my rounds, I went back home. Alisha had most of the packing done and was taking a shower. Lori was preparing dinner. "So you guys are going to Denver in the morning," Lori said to me. "Yeah, Alisha needs to get some things for the wedding, so we thought we would go and get it done. She wants to get some things that she can't find in North Platte." While Lori and I are talking in the kitchen, Alisha came in to join us.

She is wearing nothing but a thong and a sports bra. "Very sexy," I tell her. She comes to me and gives me a kiss on the lips and says, "Just a little ad to show you what you're going to get later." My cock immediately began to get hard.

Alisha is a very sexy woman, I don't know a man that could resist her. I snaked my index finger down her ass crack and felt her wetness. I could feel her engorging clit and played with it for a short time, making her moan with pleasure. I let my finger find the entrance to her vagina and pressed it in to the middle knuckle. Alisha's eyes had rolled back in her head. Lori was watching us intently.

"So you're doing an ad for later, how about right now babe," I told her as I kicked off my boots and dropped my jeans. My cock was rock hard when I pulled her thong down and she stepped out of it. I pushed her forward across a bar stool and stepped up behind her.

I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit and found the entrance to her pussy. I pressed my cock inside her till I felt my balls bounce off of her pubic mound. The inside of her vagina was really hot and wet. I began to screw her fast and furious and felt her release an orgasm. Her body was convulsing, her legs were shaking and she was muttering something I could not understand. Her muscles were stiff and hard as her orgasm intensified. Her cunt grasped my cock like a vice and began to milk it.

In a very short time I was depositing a sizeable load of hot cum inside her, triggering another gigantic orgasm for Alisha.

As my balls emptied inside her I felt Lori grasp and gently squeeze them. Her touch caused me to extend into one of the most intense orgasm's I've had in a while. My cock spewed more semen inside her with a renewed vigor. When my orgasm ended, I felt weak in my knees and I had to sit down in a chair.

Alisha continued to lay across the chair breathing heavily, having not recovered from her intense orgasms. Lori jumped at the chance to drop to her knees and begin to lick Alisha's pussy clean of any remnants of cum that were outside her vagina. She then began to probe her pussy with her tongue, extracting more of my seed from inside Alisha.

Alisha began to moan again, feeling another orgasm building as Lori worked her over with her tongue. I sat back in my chair and enjoyed watching these two beautiful women. My cock began to rise again. I was stroking it as it became harder and harder. I got up out of my chair and went behind Lori and began to remove her clothes while she ate Alisha. Alisha began to cum again when Lori pushed two fingers into her wet pussy.

I lifted Lori's ass up to a standing position and pushed my cock into her wetness till my balls were against her. Her box was wet and so hot. I grasped her hips and began to pump her while she continued to eat Alisha.

In no time at all, Lori began an orgasm. When her vagina clamped down on my cock it caused me to begin shooting ropes of my thick cum deep inside her. I could feel the muscles in her pussy milking my cock for everything it could get out of it.

When I finished, my cock quickly became flaccid and fell out. I sat back down in a chair and continued to watch Lori working Alisha over with her tongue. Lori pulled Alisha up off of the chair and led her to an area rug. She lay down on her back on the rug and Alisha sat on her face and bent forward and began to eat Lori. I watched them 69 each other for the next half hour. Each of them had multiple orgasms while I watched. Alisha was up on her knees over Lori's face so I went behind her, went down on my knees and pushed my cock into her ass while Lori continued to eat her.

Lori would alternate eating Alisha's pussy and sucking on my balls. She had both my balls in her mouth when I began to shoot my load into Alisha's ass.

The more she sucked on me the more cum I delivered into Alisha. I pulled out of Alisha and sat back on the floor. Alisha rolled onto her side and Lori rolled over onto her stomach. We all looked at each other for a short time then all began to laugh. I got to my feet and helped the two ladies to theirs. I led them both to the shower where we all held each other while we washed ourselves clean. The following morning Alisha and I loaded our bags and left for Denver.

About the last thing I wanted to do is go shopping, but sometimes a man just has to things he isn't really crazy about to please the woman he loves. We arrived in Denver at noon. I had made reservations for us at the Brown Palace, so we went there to get checked in unload our baggage. The room was very nice, it had a beautiful bedroom overlooking downtown Denver, a wet bar and a spacious living room.

After we unpacked we went to lunch at Ellyngtons. This restaurant is one of the best in Denver and served an excellent lunch. After lunch we went out to the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and began the unending search for the remaining items Alisha needed for the wedding. The first stop was a bridal shop where she modeled many different wedding dresses for me. She finally picked a full length dress with a very low cut top.

It showed a lot of her perfect breasts and looked great on her. Next thing was items for the reception, then more, then more…&hellip. At about 7 pm Alisha had acquired most all of the things she was wanting.

We went to a nearby Broker restaurant for dinner and talked about the remaining items she needed. We decided we could find them tomorrow and later we could enjoy some of the amenities of the hotel. We had steaks and a couple of vodka-tonics then went back to the hotel. We went to our room, showered and changed clothes. We decided to go over to the 16 Street Mall and go clubbing.

We took a taxi from the hotel. The driver was a very likable guy named Bill. I asked him which club he would recommend. He said that Suite Two Hundred was one of the more exclusive clubs. He told me that it was a little hard to get in, but he knew the doorman and would be able to take care of it for us.

We decided that we would go there. When we arrived, the doorman opened the cab door for us and spoke with our driver. I paid the driver and gave him a generous tip for his help. The doorman escorted us to the front door and admitted us. The place was very spacious.

There was a music DJ providing the music, people were dancing and just standing around talking. We made our way through the club and found a table close to the dance floor. We sat down and ordered drinks. I stayed with vodka-tonic and Alisha went to her favorite, Patron on the rocks.

We talked a lot and danced a lot, matter of fact, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we had spent. Alisha was wearing a very short, tight dress that showed a lot of cleavage and her back down to her waist. She looked like dynamite and didn't go unnoticed by the men around us. We had been talking with several people that were seated close by us. They were all about our age, the men were handsome and the ladies were gorgeous. A guy named Jess asked Alisha to dance.

He and his date were sitting at the next table. She looked as though she wanted to dance so I didn't object. I asked his date, a beautiful blonde named Jennifer, to dance also. As we were dancing I could see that Jess's hands were roaming around Alisha's ass quite freely. Jennifer was also being very friendly…I could feel her erect nipples pressing against my chest as we danced.

Jennifer and I talked quietly as we danced. She continued to press her body tightly to mine throughout the dance. I let my hands drop down to her ass and gave it a soft squeeze. She pulled close to me and whispered in my ear, maybe the four of us could go over to my place later, you know, and continue the party. Then she pushed her tongue into my ear and blew gently in it. Chills ran down my spine all the way to my toes. I know she could feel my hard cock against her stomach by the way she looked directly into my eyes as she pressed even closer to me.

I glanced over at Alisha and saw Jess kissing her lightly as they danced. I knew then that Jess and Jennifer had chosen us as a possible couple to hook up with later. The song ended and we returned to our tables. Jess grasped their table and pulled it up next to ours, then took a seat next to Alisha. Jennifer pulled her chair up close to me and we began talking. Jennifer looked at Alisha and said, "I asked Robert and I know that Jess asked you, what do you guys think about coming over to my apartment, it's only a short distance from here and I know we could all have a lot of fun.

Jess and I thought you two looked like a couple we'd like to get to know better." Alisha and I looked at each other knowing exactly what Jennifer was saying. I could see in Alisha's eyes that she was in favor of the idea and I knew that I wasn't against it. We smiled at each other, turned to Jennifer and said in unison, "We would love to." Jess and Jennifer smiled and ordered another round of drinks.

We all continued our conversations, drank and danced some more. I found that Jess was an attorney here in Denver and Jennifer was a teacher at a school across town.

We all were having a great time together. At about 1:30 am the waitress gave us last call. Jess said, "Why don't we go ahead and leave before the rush.

We can easily get a cab right now. So, we left the Club and got a cab. It wasn't but about a mile or so to Jennifer's apartment. We found that she and Jess had been living together for a little over 2 years.

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Her apartment was really nice. It had an open floor plan, more of a studio type apartment. It was on the tenth floor of the building with a balcony that overlooked downtown. Jess mixed us fresh drinks and we all stepped out onto the balcony and talked. In a short while, Jess took Alisha by the hand and led her back into the apartment while Jennifer came to me and kissed me. I sat my drink down and held her close as I kissed her back. I could see Alisha and Jess by the couch inside.

He had the top half of her dress pulled down past her waist and was fondling and kissing her breasts. I felt Jennifer loosen my belt, unbutton my pants then let them drop to the floor.

She looked into my eyes, smiled and went to her knees. I felt her lips close around my erect cock and her tongue tease the head. She was a very talented woman and in no time I was giving her small drops of pre cum. She stood and took me by the hand and led me inside to her bed. I watched as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing nothing underneath her dress.

I could see that she had a body to die for. Her blonde hair was just past her shoulders. Her breasts were probably 34's with large, pink areolas and nipples that protruded approximately ¼ of an inch. Her waist was tight and she had beautiful shaved pubic area. Her legs were long and slender and her ass was tight and perfect. She stood, smiled at me and extended her hand toward me as she curled her index finger back toward her, summoning me to come closer.

I finished removing my clothing and followed her onto the bed. We embraced and wrapped our limbs around each other, kissing and exploring each other's bodies. I knew that Jess and Alisha were probably doing something similar. Alisha later told me about her evening with Jess.

************** She told me, "Jess led me into the living room. He stopped by the couch and began to kiss me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me as we kissed and pulled me close. His tongue began teasing mine as it explored my mouth. His hands pulled my dress from my shoulders and down past my waist releasing my tits. He grasped my breasts and gently chewed and licked my nipples as his hands went to my ass.

He squeezed my cheeks and pulled me tightly to him. I could feel his cock pulsing as his heart pumped blood into it. He then pulled my dress down over my ass and dropped it to the floor. His thumbs hooked in the waist band of my thong and he pulled it down and let it drop." "I began by opening his trousers and letting them fall. I went down on my knees and removed his boxer briefs and gazed at his cock, standing full erect in front of my face.

It was about 9 inches long and about 2 inches across. I grasped his balls and took his cock deep into my throat. I gave him head for over fifteen minutes and he gave me a lot of really tasty pre cum. He pulled me to my feet and told me that I should stop as he was getting very close to ejaculating in my mouth.

He told me that he wanted to fill my pussy with his cum the first time. The couch was a king size sleeper couch.

He pulled the bed out and pulled the top covers off." "At first he just stood and looked at my naked body.

He told me that I had the most beautiful and well proportioned body he had seen in a long time. He told me he couldn't wait to be inside me." "He took my hand and led me onto the bed where he kissed me.

My pussy was dripping wet by now. He went down on me and licked all my juices from my pussy. He pushed his tongue into me as far as he could. When his lips went around my clit and he began to suck it I started my first orgasm.

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He felt me going off and intensified his attack on my wanting cunt pushing me to a very intense orgasm. When it subsided, he raised up from me and smiled." "He laid down on top of me and I felt his cock head press between my outer lips and into my hot pussy.

He short stroked me until he had completely impaled me on his cock. I felt his balls bounce on my ass and started to cum again. He fucked me slowly and deliberately, raising up on his elbows so he could see my face.

He kissed me several times. I could feel his big cock slide in and out of me, touching my cervix on every stroke. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled closer to him while he continued to fuck me. He would kiss my nipples and bite them gently from time to time sending electric shocks through my body." "He raised and pulled out of me and held it there, just touching my outer lips.

I tried to push my pussy over his cock but he held it slightly away from me, teasing me. He would rub the head up and down my wet slit, teasing my clit&hellip.then he pushed balls deep into me and I felt him begin to deliver his warm cum into my vagina. Hot stream after hot stream he melted into me till I began to overflow. I could feel his hot semen running down my ass crack as he continued pushing his meat in and out of me.

I began yet another orgasm, the best one of the evening so far. All of my muscles tensed and I went stiff, my body convulsing as my orgasm ripped through my whole body. When our orgasms ended, we both just lay there, our sweaty bodies pressing against one another. He gently kissed me again and looked deep into my eyes." "We had laid there for quite a while. When he rose up and looked in my eyes, he had a devilish smile on his face. I felt his cock begin to harden inside me.

He pulled his hardening cock out of me and stood at the end of the bed. He rolled me over on my stomach and I felt him get back on the bed on his knees. His index finger pushed into my over flowing pussy and dragged our comingled juices up to my ass hole where he pressed inside me.

He continued to drag the cum up from my cunt and lubed my ass with it. He finger fucked my ass till the sphincter muscle relaxed then pushed his cock deep inside me and began to fuck me again." "I felt full of him as he probed my colon with his big dick. I slid my hand under my pussy and began to play with my clit and finger fuck myself as he slammed his meat in and out of my ass.

I began to cum again and when my sphincter tightened, he groaned and pushed in me very deep. I felt him shooting his load up my ass. His hot semen warmed my belly as he continued to fill me. When he finished, he rolled off of me, breathing heavily." "I rolled over onto my side and we embraced and continued to kiss, his tongue entwining with mine. I wanted his sperm in my mouth, I wanted to taste him, I wanted to feel his hot cum going down my throat into my belly…&hellip.I pushed him over on his back and went down to his soft cock and took it in my mouth.

I could taste our comingled juices on it as I licked it clean. I took it into my mouth and held it there, fondling it with my tongue as I squeezed his balls in my hand." "Soon his meat started to get hard again. I continued to suck it and lick it, tasting his pre cum as it slowly appeared.

He quickly became completely hard again and I continued bobbing my head up and down on him while fondling his balls. I went down and began to lick his ass while I jacked him. I lubed him with my saliva then pushed my finger into his ass. I went back to sucking his cock as I pushed my finger completely into him and began to massage his prostate. He started spewing hot cum into my mouth.

I was swallowing as much of it as I could, not believing how much cum he was still able to feed me. I slurped it up, some of it running down my chin. It was so warm and sweet, I wanted it all." "I looked at him and saw a satisfied smile on his face.

I licked him clean then went back and lay in his arms. We could hear you and Jennifer as we lay there." ***************** I had been running my finger up and down Jennifer's wet slit.

She had her hand wrapped around my cock stroking it. I decided to go down on her so I raised up and took my tongue to her wet pussy. I spread her legs wide apart and licked her from her ass to her clit. She was being very vocal as I pleasured her. She kept saying, "Stop that and fuck me with that big rod, I want you inside me." I continued to lick her dripping pussy till I felt her begin to shudder. I slid my tongue in and out of her honey hole as I continued to feel her shake from her orgasm.

Before she stopped, I crawled up on her and pushed my cock all the way inside her. Her vagina was so tight that it took a little work to get it all the way in.

Her pussy felt so damn good wrapped around my hard cock. She began another orgasm when I started to shoot my load. She clamped her pussy down on my cock when she felt my warmth filling her cavity. She pushed me over onto my back and sat on my cock, continuing to fuck me. Jennifer had a wild look in her eye while she rode me. I felt her cumming again. Her nails clamped down into my tits as her orgasm continued. I pushed my cock in and out of her helping her continue her orgasm.

She was loudly saying, "Fuck me hard, fuck me hard you cocksucker, I want to feel your cum in my belly, shoot it babe, cum in me again……&hellip.fuck me ! That's when I unloaded in her again. I could feel cum erupting up through my cock from my balls and spewing inside her. I was like a volcano erupting, filling her with more of my hot lava. When it ended, she lay down on top of me and kissed me deeply.

My cock had gone soft and was still inside of her. I could feel my cum dripping out of her down my balls. Jennifer went down to my cock and began to lick all of the cum from my cock and balls. She smiled as she took my cock into her mouth and began to bring it back to life. She looked at me when it started to get hard again and said, "I want more of your cum, I want to suck it out of you." Jennifer went back down on my cock and started to deep throat me.

She sucked me for the next twenty minutes. I said to her, "You are about to get a mouth full, here it comes……" I began to shoot ropes of hot cum into her mouth. She pushed my cock deep into her throat and continued taking my sperm down her throat as she squeezed my balls.

When I had dropped my load, she pulled off my cock and licked her lips. "My that was really tasty, lover." She said to me. Jennifer crawled up to me and fell in my arms as she kissed me. I could taste my cum on her tongue.

We closed our eyes and held each other and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up the sun was starting to shine in from the balcony. Jennifer's head was laying on my chest. I thought back to the previous evening and smiled when I thought about the great sex she had given me. I was able to get out of bed without waking her. I walked toward the balcony and saw Alisha laying close to Jess with her arms around him, a satisfied smile on her face. It looked as though she got a good fucking also. I went out on the balcony and looked across the city as it began to awaken.

I could see delivery trucks out making their rounds, taxis going down the streets, police cars on patrol and other vehicles with people going to work. It was the start of yet another day in the city. None of them had any idea about the pleasures Alisha and I had shared just hours before with Jess and Jennifer.

As I looked out over the city, I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind. I turned my head and saw Alisha cuddling up to me. "Well, do you still love me this morning?" she asked. I turned around and put my arms around her and said, "As much or more than yesterday my love." We embraced and kissed a long sensuous kiss.

She looked at me and said, "I want to go back to the hotel and make love, I had a lot of great sex last night, but, now I want to make love with you." We went back into Jennifer's apartment and found that Jennifer and Jess had awakened. They came up to us, kissed us and Jennifer said, "We really enjoyed last night. Would you guys like to do it again sometime? Or perhaps, sometime when you are coming to Denver, you could give us a call and you two could go to a swinger party with us.

I just know everyone would enjoy getting to know you guys." Alisha smiled at her and said, "I'd love to go to a party with you guys and get to know some of your friends. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun." "Fun isn't the word for these parties, dear Alisha, it's like you're in another world for 12 hours," Jess said.

We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and went on our way for another day of shopping, right after Alisha and I made love in our room. We got back to the Palace and went to our room and got into the shower and bathed each other.


By the time we got out, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. We both ran for the bed and jumped in wrapping our arms and legs around each other while we kissed.

We rolled back and forth until Alisha ended up on top of me. My cock was hard and easily slipped inside Alisha. She began to ride me like a wild horse. It wasn't long and we were both cumming, holding each other tightly while coupled together. After all the sex we had had the night before, we both had long and satisfying orgasms. When we finished, we just lay there together, enjoying the other.

We got up and dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. After that, we went to the Aurora Mall and finished up our shopping. We browsed around the city most of the day. We had a very good lunch at the Buckhorn Exchange and then went to a bar in the Brown Palace and had a few drinks before we went up to our room. We showered and changed clothes then went downstairs to catch a cab. We had been told about a restaurant we wanted to try out. It was called Simms Landing. We found a cab and had him take us out there.

We had a great meal and a few drinks. The restaurant sits up on the side of a hill and while you dine, you can look out over the whole city of Denver. It's high enough that you can see the lights stretch out for miles. After dinner, we sat there and had a couple of drinks before we caught a cab back to the Brown Palace. We went to bed and made love for three hours before going to sleep. Tomorrow would be the trip home. I really would like to stay for a couple of days more, but we needed to get back.

The next morning we arose early and packed. I checked out of the hotel and we headed out for home. We decided we would stop somewhere along the way and have breakfast so we could get out of Denver before the morning rush.

We were lucky and missed most of the heavy morning traffic. When we got to Sterling we stopped at a small family restaurant and had breakfast. "Well how did you like our few days away?" I asked Alisha. "I loved it Robert, thank you so much for going with me&hellip.and&hellip.thanks for going over to Jess and Jennifer's place the other night&hellip.I really do enjoy having sex with other people, I hope you like it too.

I like swinging. I hope that we can continue it after we're married. Tell me honestly, do you like it Robert?" I thought for a moment and told her, "Alisha, I do like swapping, the more I do it, the more I'm getting into it. I really did think that it would bother me to watch some other dude push his cock inside you and enjoy your charms, but now, it turns me on to see you fuck another guy.

Does it bother you to see me fucking another woman?" "I'm kind of like you, dear. At first I thought I couldn't take it seeing you screw another woman and enjoy it. When I watched you fuck Lori the first time, I realized that it made me want you more.

It made me hot for you. That's why I just had to fuck you after you finished with Lori. "When I went back to North Platte, I really didn't think that you would be upset with me if I fucked Tom so I went ahead and did it. I could tell that you were mad that morning in the kitchen and I knew right then that I should have at least called you and discussed it before I did it. I'm just thankful that you were understanding and forgave me for this oversight. It will never happen again without your knowledge and approval&hellip.just as I expect the same courtesy from you." "Alisha, I just know that I am in love with you, that's the bottom line.

We have an unconventional relationship that a lot of people don't understand. Perhaps someday, we'll want to stop having sex with other people and have sex only with each other. Who knows?" We left the restaurant and continued our trip home.

The wedding is fast approaching and the two of us will become one. The swinging lifestyle we have adopted may last a while, or it may end in a month. At this time, we don't know. The only thing we do know is that we love each other. To be continued………&hellip.