Girls sharing a cigarette while giving a sloppy blow job

Girls sharing a cigarette while giving a sloppy blow job
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Not So Innocent Love (Part 1) This story starts off with a girl as all good stories do. This girl though wasn't like any of the others.


It wasn't her natural brown hair with perfect highlights that made her perfect, nor her impeccable sense of style. To this day I don't even know what made her perfect; all I know is she changed my life. I was the normal girl in high school. I did my homework and passed with average b's. I wasn't gorgeous, but I was pretty. Sure, I had my issues: drugs, parties; boys, but overall I was nothing special.

I had never thought of doing anything with the same sex. I was taught from birth that I shouldn't do that. But something changed my junior year.

I fell in love. Introduction: The bell rang for the first day of school. I was excited as all girls get on the first day. I was here to make new friends. It was my goal. The previous years I never had many, but this year all that was going to change, I was determined. As everyone filed into the gymnasium for morning announcements I was scanning the crowd for new girls. I wasn't shy, people just seemed to not like me, but I didn't seem to like them either.

After pushing through all the groups just standing in the gym, I finally found my seat, Seat 2b. I was, with no doubt, excited to see who sat next to me. As everyone filed in a absolutely gorgeous young lady sat down next to me. I looked over at her to introduce myself. "Hi, my name is Lauren!" I said with a perky smile. The girl next to me and shrugged and just said hi. I was determined to make a new friend, so I persisted on.

"What's your name?" I asked. "Ashley," she replied. At that I just smiled, I didn't want to be pushy.

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The day seemed to drag out. There weren't too many new people. Ashley was the only one that I actually talked to. On the way home it was raining. The bus was packed, but I found that Ashley shared the same route as I did.

After school Ashley seemed to be more talkative. We shared our schedules finding out that we had 4 of the 7 classes of the day together. Thirty minutes had gone by and my stop was coming up shortly.

As the bus came to a screeching stop I stood up, only to be surprised that Ashley was standing too. Getting off the bus we talked about our lives. Turns out we're very similar. Both our parents broke up when we were young, we never had too many friends growing up, and we were both musicians. Several blocks later Ashley's house arrived. It was located on the right side of the street. It was a nice two story house, nothing special but nice. The garden in the front was a mess however, and the porch was beginning to fade.

Ashley and I said our goodbyes and parted our separate ways. The Parties Begin: After several months of school had passed Ashley and I had become great friends! After school we'd often go to the park and talk about our (sooo horrible) lives, boys, and other meaningless things.

One day at school, however, we both were invited to a party over at a guy's house on the next street over. Ashley and I got dressed up and headed over.

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I was wearing a nice blue top with a cute shirt black skirt with a pair of heels, but I was nothing compared to Ashley. Ashley was perfectly gorgeous!

She had he beautiful brown wavy hair to the side over her single strapped shirt. Her makeup was perfect as well. She had on a dark red shade of lipstick that complemented the rest of her beautiful artwork. She as well had a shirt black skirt on with very similar high heels. I, needless to say, felt unworthy I here presence. We knocked on the door, and it immediately opened. The house was flooded with people. Anybody who was anybody was there.

As we walked in eyes turned. We stopped the boys in mid-sentence. Their jaws dropped. Immediately Jack, a football player, rushed up to me and offered me a drink. Ashley winked at me and I accepted. As I walked away with Jack Ashley became swarmed with men. We looked at each other and giggled. Jack sat me down on a couch in the living room and placed his arm around me. This shocked me for he had never made a move in school, but I didn't say anything.

I took a sip of the beer he had given me and smiled as he looked in my eyes. We talked for quite a while. He asked me all sorts of questions, but as the night progressed I began to get a little tipsy. Jack leaned over and softly kissed me. I pulled back at first, but gave into his warm lips. He was a great kisser. He leaned even further over and placed his hands on my side. I rested my arms around his neck and leaned back on the sofa. He smiled into the kiss and I giggled.

All of a sudden I heard some giggling and someone say, "Ohhh girl, get it!" I turned around and smiled as I saw Ashley standing behind me with a different football player wrapped around her.

Jack looked at me and smiled as he pulled me off the couch and lead me up the stairs. I held onto his strong arm as he opened a door and we slipped inside. Jack, pulling off my shirt during the process, pushed me onto the bed. I looked up at him and bit my lip as he came down and kissed me. I pulled on his shirt as we kissed. He slipped out of his shirt and tossed it to the ground. He was quite muscular. He didn't have a six pack, but his abs were firm. His arms were strong though, it made me wet just looking at them.

He slid his hands across my tummy and around to my back to unstrap my bra. He tossed my bra to the floor just as he did his shirt. I sat up and unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. His hard cock came out and nearly slapped my face.

He wasn't huge, but he was big enough. I slid his cock into my mouth. He instantly moaned. He grabbed to top of my head and thrust his dick into my face.

I grab his waste to slow him down, but he pumped faster. I pulled his cock out of my mouth panting for air as I told him to slow down.

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He smiled as leaned over and kissed me. He ran his hand up my thigh into my skirt as I stroked his dick. His hand felt good on me. I unzipped my skirt and pulled it off to reveal my black lace thong I was wearing.

As I kicked my skirt off the door slammed open. Ashley stumbled into the room hardly noticing us through her kisses with the other football player. When she noticed she stared at me wide eyed in amazement. She stared at my fairly large tits then down to my thong.

She giggled as she climbed up next to me and lay down, her new friend quickly following; they got back to business. Jack pulled my thong off and tossed it in the pile of clothes we created. Jack grabbed my legs and pulled me to his face.

I giggled and moaned as his tongue touched my wet pussy. His warm tongue felt amazing against my clit! I grabbed his head as I moaned, feeling his tongue slip inside of me. I felt myself on the edge of orgasm. I pulled his face away and giggled as I said "get up here baby." Jack climbed up to me and kissed my lips.

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I smiled as I tasted the sweet juices from my cunt. I grabbed Jack's dick and placed it at the entrance to my hole as I stared into his beautiful blue eyes. Jack strongly thrust his cock deep into my wet pussy. I arched my back and moaned loudly. Ashley looked over at me and giggled as her boy toy undressed her. Jack grabbed the heels of my shoes and lifted them onto his strong shoulders as I clung onto the bed spread.

He pounded his warm hard cock into firmly. By This time Ashley was only in her thong and heels, just as I had been when she walked in. She had her mouth full of cock moaning deeply as I was getting fucked next to her. Her hand was buried in her thong massaging her clit and fingering her hungry pussy.

Her boy toy flipped her over onto her stomach as he ravaged her ass and played with her thong. He slowly took it off her and pressed his dick into her pussy. Ashley screamed loudly in a deep moan of pleasure. I looked of at her gorgeous eyes and she stared back in mine.

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I don't know how, but the next thing I remember was the two of us in a lip lock. I had kissed Ashley! I had never had one single thought of kissing a girl before this, now I felt deep with lust for her. I kissed her passionately just as she kissed me back. Moaning into each other's mouths we were unfathomable consumed in pleasure.

Jack picked me up and turned me around into a doggy style position. He slowly slid his cock into my pussy once again as he grabbed my ass. I reached over and held onto Ashley's ass while we kissed. Screaming into each other's mouths we both crescendoed into an orgasm at the same time. Jack pulled out of my pussy and shot his load onto my back as I lay on the bed still moaning from my orgasm, soon after the same happened to Ashley's man. We all got tidied up and left the party still fairly tipsy.


Ashley and I walked to her house where we climbed in through the window and fell asleep in each other's arms. That night marked the first night of a very good relationship.