Trinity blouse wanking and blowjob

Trinity blouse wanking and blowjob
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Chapter 6 Everything hurt. The fight with Hal came on a perfect day, Friday. This would allow me two solid days of (relative) peace and quiet to recover. I made it home after taking the long way with Martin, the little freshmen. He told me that he had been bullied and that he left school early to avoid getting picked on. i felt bad for the guy so i made him a deal to walk home with him each day until i could get a car and drive him home.

he after all didn't live that far from me. When i got home I found half a pizza, ate said pizza and crashed. for a couple hours. After noon became evening and then evening became night. I woke up periodically to see if Ali had sent me anything or called.

I finally managed to wake myself up so that i would not be up all night again. At that point still seeing nothing from her, I started to worry a little. I had not had any of my texts to her retuned. I had even text Sara. Her original text to me that had almost got me caught behind the couch was saddening. She had text me to come to her house because she was stupid and in some trouble. i guess she may have wanted out of that situation so bad she was willing to get caught.

maybe she even counted on me beating Hal to a pulp. Finally i got up (maybe to soon) and felt almost more in pain than I had before. I breathed through it and took my time to go to checked my junky computer. I had received an email from Ali. In it she explained that when she had "caught" Sara at home with a guy who wasn't me, all hell broke loose.

She told me that she and Sara came seconds from a full fist fight. The sounds of screaming and random things being thrown made a concerned neighbor call their mom Tracy. Tracy flew home and caught them still fighting. She was so furious that she grounded both of them for the weekend.

I was a bit upset by this because I was almost 100% sure that i had broken Hal's nose. So my reward from Ali was coming, but it had to wait until after the week end. Then i realized the down side of being home now with no old girlfriend, no new girlfriend, and no best friend, was that it left me stuck with not much to do, except think, and avoid my mom.

I secluded myself to my room. I waited for my mom to come home from her work. After being fired from the office where she met Tracy she managed to pick up a job at a local Applebee's restaurant.

You would think that being fired from a job because of a drinking problem would disqualify someone from working at a place with a bar but that didn't stop my mom. She was a beautiful woman and had been compared to Rachel Weisz more than once. She was charismatic when she needed to be, knew her way around a bar, and most importantly the manager was a man, enough said.

When she finally did come home i stayed in my room hidden. Partially because it was hard to move around much and partly because I had no idea how to react to her. No idea what to say, or even how she would react to me. Actually that was how we left off, she would have to react to me now, because the last time i had seen her was earlier that morning was when i left her naked on the bed.

I finally had stood up to her. Things were going to change.

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They needed to change. My new found attitude was great however as i was sitting on the floor of my room staring strait across to my bedroom door. I could not will myself to get up and go out there. I wondered if everything had really changed. With out my rage was i still just a scared little boy? Would i have to treat my mom with rage and force for the rest of my life or could we someday be okay again?

In my heart i knew something was wrong with me. All the years had taken its toll. A part of me pitted my mom, maybe she was hurt by someone she trusted. My sister got out of here to live with my step mom, but when i had a chance a long time ago, i stayed. It was a secret of mine i never told anyone, i don't know why i stayed. Maybe it was duty to stay in this house and try and help my mom, some kind of misguided duty. Maybe I was just as fucked in the head as she was.

I had no idea. All i knew was i was still hiding in my room and she was out there. I had to find out what the rest of my experience here would be like from now on. I pulled myself up, sore as hell and stepped to the door. The house was dark besides one small light coming from the living room TV and another coming from my mom's bed room.

I heard music coming from her room as well. I started to walk toward her room. Memories from this morning felt like they had been years old yet still vivd.


What was i going to say? "Hey remember how you forced me to have sex with you and then i Hulked out and almost killed/raped you? Yeah were cool now right?" It sounded so stupid, it all felt stupid.

i considered just going back to my room and avoiding it for as long as possible but life had other plans. ". honey?" The voice from behind scared me so bad i almost jumped through the wall.

I spun to see the outline of my mom in the dark hallway. My heart was pounding a thousand miles per hour, and i was stammering for words. I finally muttered out a nervous "hey." ". i brought back some food for you and me." She said quietly. ".thanks." She looked down. Her voice was much quieter than normal. She had gotten off work not long ago. It was hard to see in the dark but I could tell she was wearing her normal bar tending attire, black v-neck t-shirt and dark skin tight jeans.

She seemed to be staring at me trying to see something. "Oh my god Zach what happened to you?" She said. She reached over and clicked on the hall light. The sudden light was blinding and had pulled a deep headache from the back of my eyes. I hadn't cleaned myself up yet so I still looked like hell and had quite a bit of dried blood on me. My mom came closer and inspected my face. Then the strangest thing happened. I looked past her eyes that were full of worry.

I sniffed the air and smelled. Nothing. Nothing at all besides her body wash and the smell of deep fried food. No vodka. No rum. No whiskey.

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She hadn't drank. I looked and noticed her pupils had dilated. She was sober. For the first time in a long long time she was up and functional wile not having drank a thing that I knew of. Could I have scared her strait? She held my face in her hands as she looked me over. "I'm okay." I said. "Zach. What happened?" She hushed. My head was killing me I didn't want to explain I just wanted to sit down. I guided her hands off of me and took a step back. I clenched my eyes shut then open again to try and alleviate the pain swirling in my head.

"Mom it's okay I just got into a small disagreement with someone. But don't worry, I won." I said as I did a small reenactment of my epic knee to the face I gave Hal. Unfortunately as I lifted one foot up off the ground I was all but guaranteeing that same floor would soon be home to my face.

Sure enough I was dizzy and I fell right over into blackness. The next thing I remember is feeling incredibly warm as I realized I was half submerged in water. totally naked. I opened my eyes and the world came back into focus again. I was in the master bathtub. Then I realized I was with someone.

I was laying back onto someone's chest. I smelled the familiar body wash and was still surprised to not smell liquor after it. I was leaning back on my mom. She had removed her jeans but still had her under wear and t-shirt on. We were in her deep master bathroom tub.

Her white legs enclosed me on ether side. I laid back with my arms out as she had one arm around my chest and another was gently cleaning off my head. I started to come around and remember where I was. I started to move but felt sluggish. "Shhh. Careful Zach, you might have a concussion and you need to relax I'm almost done cleaning this off." She said knowingly. He touch was gentle and as she wiped off my head. I felt compelled to try and stand or to get out but I still felt so dizzy.

Her words echoed in her chest as she spoke, "Why are you in here with me?" I slurred as I slashed water in my face to wake up. I felt her head come down. She rested her mouth closer to my ear. " you were too heavy honey, I had to brace you up so you wouldn't go head under." She said in a surprisingly light hearted tone.

I tried to move again but I slipped a little and my mom held me with both her arms. "Careful! You can't get up Zach, Not yet. Just wait, wait until you wake up more and I'll help you out." She said with genuine worry in her voice. I put my hands up in surrender and then slowly reclined again into her arms. An awkward silence poured into the tub. "How did this really all happen?" my mom finally spoke. "it. it wasn't . all me was it?" She sounded as if the words were killing her to say.

I debated what to say, this was a fragile time, as bad as I wanted to scream and yell and let her think that this was her fault, I realized if a shamed her right now she may just go back to the drinking. Maybe I could usher her into being sober more often? it was frustrating that I even had to consider it, she was suppose to be the parent here, but she wasn't.

even if I felt like a little child right now. ".no this wasn't you. I got into a fight at school. well actually it was a way from school that it happened." I said "You weren't at school today?" She quipped. "Ha, yeah like you can pull the responsible-mom voice with me?

Seriously?" I said. I realized how hurtful it might have been, especially if I wanted to encourage her to stay sober, guilting her might be counter productive. Even if she deserved it. I moved on with the conversation. "I found out Sara was cheating with Hal. We broke up, I confronted Hal and we fought." I decided to give her the shorter version of the story. She let out a sigh and kissed the top of my head. It was odd but comforting in a weird way. "Your head looks okay, it's going to hurt like hell for a few days." She said as she put her washcloth on the edge of the tub.

"You are going to have to lean over to one side so I can look at your lip. Okay?" She said flatly. I just nodded and moved over as she cradled me. It was still hard to move my head at all with out feeling dizzy. Mom grabbed a fresh washcloth and dipped it in the water. Then she lifted my chin with on finger so I was looking up at her.

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Her green eyes looked slightly pink like she was holding back tears. She let out a long breath. She leaned down and lightly pressed the washcloth to my lip, I winced slightly.

She whispered "sorry" as she continued to clean the blood. Her breath passed my cheek. I noticed her lips quiver. "I'm sorry." She said again as her face took on a look of pain. "I'm so so sorry. For everything" And with that she lowered her forehead to mine and began to weep.

She dropped the washcloth and held my face. I put my arms around her to help her in some way. She started to catch her breath as she squeezed her eyes shut. I wanted her to know it was going to be okay and at the same time I wanted her to leave. Her warm tears landed on my face as she got some control again but before I could speak her lips embraced mine. I don't remember her clothes coming off, just the black cloth melting away to her pale flesh as she pressed on top of me.

Her mouth hungrily consumed my lips and tongue. Water splashed around us as we pulled on each other. I pulled my face away. "No, we cant do this." I said between breaths. She eagerly tried to re connect our lips. "Zach take me." with one hand she pulled my face in and tenderly wetted my lips with hers. She hovered her mouth above mine ".

make love to me. Please." She whispered.

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She then continued to kiss me and press her body into mine. My head was spinning and throbbing with all the sudden movement. I tried to clear my head and think rationally, to break through my mental block like before. She wasn't violent. She was being tender. She was sober for the first time when she was doing this to me. I still had to stop this again. By the time she broke our kiss and began sucking on my neck it was too late.

I didn't notice her other hand had pulled her panties down. We were already positioned perfectly, all she did was roll her hips down and I entered her as she cried out a deep lust from her belly. Her warmth was a shocking pleasure. I let out an involuntary moan. She held me tight and put her face to mine once again. She kept saying "Its okay honey, its okay." between her moans. I held her tight, the mixture of pain from my head and pleasure that filled my chest with shame.

She kept rolling her hips over and over. "It's okay baby. It's okay." She moaned Her breasts swaying against my chest, and the water splashing and sloshing along with our rhythm.

I held my eyes shut as she kissed me again. She bit down on my lip lightly but it was enough to sting and open the small cut on my lip once more. I winced in pain but she didn't stop, she licked across my cheek and to my ear and buried her tongue deep in my ear.

I tried to get my breathing under control. The throbbing of my head and the rhythm of her hips humping and squeezing my dick became in sync for a moment. Then it happened so fast. In a flash my breathing was heavy, i dug my fingers into her back and started to thrust back into her with a hurried pace. She reveled in my trusts. She smiled and arched her back, stretching out her flat stomach and bouncing breasts. Then i released. My mom braced herself with one hand on the wall and cried out as she felt me cumming into her.

I don't know if she came or not and in that moment i didn't care. I moaned out in my orgasm with out even realizing it. i looked down to see where our bodies were joined together under the water. Our rocking slowed down and my mother collapsed down on me. she started to giggle to her self, then she looked at me with a big smile before kissing my cheek. And I just felt dirty. All the pleasure and lust began to escape me as it was filled suddenly with a cold draft of shame.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. A single tear escaped my eye. I couldn't process what had happened. I reached down and pulled her off of me by her waist.

She got up and sat her wet slender frame on the side of the tub as i pushed myself up and out of the water. "Sweetie? Are you alright?" She said as i stepped out of the tub and past her. I put a towel around my waist and fought back more emotion that was surging forward now.


"We cant do that again." I said with a shake in my voice. I never turned around i simply opened the door and went to my room. I shut the door, turned on some music and sat on the floor against my bed.

Then i cried. I don't know for how long. (Saturday Afternoon) I woke up with the towel still wrapped around me. My head was still killing me but just not quite so bad now. I did my best to block out anything from last night.

It took me some time to work up my courage to walk out of my bedroom but i did. The house was empty. I had no idea where my mom was and i didn't care.

I was disappointed with myself. But i couldn't think about it now, i had to just do better next time she tried something. I found a note on the table and my heart dropped at the sight of it. to my relief it simply said "Zach, waffles in the fridge. Love Mom." I looked at the waffles and couldn't bring myself to eat them, i just didn't want to touch anything she had touched right now.

I took an hour-long shower and got dressed. I checked my e-mail and my heart fluttered at the sight of a new message from Ali. "Hey sexy boy, So I'm still grounded :( even after all my pleading with my mom. But the good news is that i convinced her to let me come over tomorrow so you can help me with my "chemistry home work" so tomorrow ill come over and we can have some fun.

The bad news is that she is insisting that I go to church with her and she wants you to come along too. Something about feeling like you would need it with your mom being a crazy bitch and sara cheating on you. ( I told her about that btw) so expect a phone call from her asking if you want to go. And say yes! So we can hang out! How are you doing? Wait don't answer that or reply. Mom is checking my inbox and out box to see if im using the computer.

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So i hope you are well and i will just have to talk to you when i see you! Which im excited about! Yay! God im going to rock your world! I have a soccer tournament on tuesday and practice on monday so i dont know if i will be able to see you for a few days after tomorrow so we will make it a good one ;) hopefully i wont be grounded very long.

but when Sara hucked a plate at my head i tossed a vase back at her. And mom loved that vase so bad luck for me. Anyway ill see you tomorrow around 8 am! Kisses! Ali Candle." She was adorable and just knowing what i was going to able to do tomorrow afternoon made the wait almost unbearable. I could even suffer through a church service if I needed too.

And better yet it would just be more time to be with her. I just needed to stay focused enough to not think about last night and distracted enough to get to tomorrow. Saturday was a long uneventful day. I went on a bike ride down past the center of town. I passed the skate park where from a distance i saw a group of skaters and one guy with bandages covering his face. Hal's eyes where black and swollen. I couldn't help but laugh to myself when i saw him. Then i went up towards the park, to my favorite thinking spot.

It was up a big hill that i had to walk my bike up. I reached the lookout point and sat down in the heat of the after noon. I had cursed myself for not bringing food or a drink. Maybe i should have swallowed my pride and ate my mom's damn waffles. I looked out over the whole town and thought about where my life was and where it was going. I called my Sister Trisha, we hadn't spoken in about a month. I missed her a lot.

After that I went to buy something to wear for church tomorrow, I had been once but not since my dad was alive and I had nothing even close to formal to wear.

I bought a dress shirt with a thin pair of slacks that would look good with vans. I would get a shirt and pants but shoes were just to expensive, I drew a line there. Finally I returned home in the late after noon after stopping for a burrito.

I had other friends besides Hal but today I just felt like being alone. I showered of the sweat from the day and settled into my room with the Star Wars movies (original trilogy) when I got a phone call.

"Hello?" "Hey Zach it's Tracy." "Hey how's it going?" "I'm fine Zach, but I'm concerned about my daughter." "Ali told you about Sara?" "Yes she told me about yesterday.

And I was hoping that I was going to have to at least make Sara do the right thing and tell you herself but Ali told me she told you before I could take her phone away. The reason you haven't heard from them is because they are both grounded by the way. Zach I swear I came into the house and it was world war 3! they were screaming and yelling and they broke dishes and furniture! It took me 25 minutes just to get everything calmed down. But can I tell you something sweetie?" "Yeah go ahead." "I'm so disappointed in Sara for doing what she did.

You are a really great guy and I didn't raise her to be like that. So I'm sorry." "Hey, it's alright, it's not your fault." "Okay so understand that I understand if you feel awkward around us.

And I don't know where you and Sara are relationship wise. And I realize taking her phone away right as you find out about this might have been bad timing." "No it's okay actually. I needed the pease and quiet. It helps me proses everything." I pretended to sound more sad than I really was.

"Well that's good to hear, anyway my point in calling you was to invite you to church tomorrow. And before you say no! It will just be Ali and I. Sara is not going, it's low key, no pressure or conversions, I just think it might be nice for you to get out of the house, and it always just makes me feel better to go." "Sure." "Wait what?

You'll come?" "Yeah, why not? I appreciate everything you and Ali have done for me. You guys became like a second family to me and I don't want to loose that totally. Even if Sara and I never talk again." I said. I figured if I used this to my advantage I could stick around Ali without raising suspicion and ease into dating her so it may not be so hard of a concept for Tracy to accept.

She told me when to be ready and we said our good byes. A part of me always loved being called "sweetie" by Tracy. I hung up and got all the way to the end of empire strikes back before I passed out on my bed. Catching up on much needed sleep. (Sunday) I sat on a huge bed as Ali panted and lay next to me exhausted.

Her tan naked body glistened with sweat. "Never came so many times in a row. God Zach I can't even move right now!" She huffed. "Mhmm, me ether." Sara said as she rolled over next to me. She was completely naked as well. Her hair was a mess and she looked as if she had ran a marathon. "You two were fantastic! But unfortunately I'm still hard ladies so you two don't win this time." I winked as I teased them. Suddenly the door to the room opened. In walked Tracy, the girl's mom.

She looked shocked at what she was seeing. "What the hell is going on!?" Tracy shouted. Before I could protest or even cover up Tracy spoke again. "Girls, not even the both of you could wear Zach out? I thought I raised you better." With that Tracy popped her hip to one side and ripped open her dress shirt.

Her tan motherly breasts bounced as she cat walked to the bed. She stripped off her skirt and heels and crawled like a feline towards me wearing nothing but a silk white thong. The thong tightly wrapped around her child barring hips. Her auburn hair dangled past her blue eyes that now narrowed on my raging bonner.

"Hmm, I always thought you would be a tough one to satisfy. But now seeing my girls so worn out I think I might just need to use a special trick on you. I wanna see how long you can keep from coming when your dick is in my ass.

What do you think?" She said with an coy smile. Then a knock on my door woke me up. As hard as this may be to believe I was 10x the horn dog in my dreams than I was in real life.

Another knock and I opened my eyes finally. I really didn't want to come out of that dream. But the third knock snapped me back to reality. I looked around and saw a figure in my window. It was Ali beaming like the sunlight itself. She was knocking on the window, not the door. I sprung up out of bed because I remembered what day it was finally.

Ali and I were going to get some much needed alone time today. The only problem was that I slept past my alarm completely. She said she was going to pick me up at 8 and it was now 8:12. I ran to the window and almost tripped over hamper but I made it in one piece.

Ali was laughing at me already when I opened the window. "That was graceful!" She laughed. I didn't reply I just leaned out the window, grabbed her by the cheeks and kissed her as deeply as I could. ".god I missed you." I breathed. "Haha I missed you too, but we are late and you need to get dressed." Ali swirled her tongue around in her mouth.

". And brush your teeth, I taste burritos." She said still standing outside. "Sorry." I said as I pulled my pants and shirt on. "Was my mom home?" I asked as I tried to slip my shoes on. "No, I tried the front door but no one answered. Okay hurry and get out here! I'll be in the car out front!" She said as she ran off to the front of the house. I practically sprinted out of my house and to the car. Went to the back door and opened it to see Ali siting in the back.

"What no one wants shotgun?" Tracy said "No you get to play limo driver today mom." Ali joked. As she patted the seat next to her. I slip into the air conditioned car. It was perfect clear sky today. But it was still too early for it to be hot out yet, but it defiantly would be in a few hours. "Well you look nice today Zach." Tracy said from the front.

" oh thanks I didn't have much in the church clothes department." "Don't worry it's a pretty casual church." She reassured me. Even though it was casual both Ali and Tracy were stunning today. They both wore their hair down and had on airy sundresses. Ali's was yellow with white swirls and Tracy's was white with blue flowers. Both woman were well endowed so neither dress did much good at covering cleavage.

Tracy reminded her daughter to wear her sweater and button it up to stay modest. We arrived at a small sized building that didn't look that much like a church at first. People of all shapes and sizes went into the building.

I couldn't help but feel as if I would burst into flames when I walked in to the building. There was a large nice looking man was greeting people at the door. His face was red and he wore a green stripes polo shirt.

I greeted us with a happy "hello" and in I stepped inside.

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No flames. No old woman pronouncing me as the devil. So far so good. We walked in and several people said hello as we made our way to the seats. It was a large main room that had a small stage for a band and a podium that was off center.

We sat in the middle of the sanctuary. I gazed around the room and saw mostly small families and random older people. No one really close to my age that I could see. Tracy got up to get coffee and left Ali and I alone. "So I didn't think you guys we're church people." I said. "We aren't normally. My mom met some cute guy at work who came to the church.

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Cute guys are her weakness she always said. No sparks flew for them but my mom seemed to like the place and especially when she was stressed or felt bad about something. Coming here is calming for her.

I think she feels guilty about Sara cheating on you. She likes you and knows you mom is awful and she told me that she felt like you didn't need one more new thing to cause you pain." Ali explained. "So she came to church cuz she feels bad for me?" I said. The thought was sweet. Tracy felt like she needed to protect and help me.

But i hoped she didn't blame herself for the way Sara was. "Yeah she maybe feels like Sara being a whore to you is somehow her fault. I told her it wasn't but here we are. Maybe she will feel better after today. She seems like she always feels guilty for things." Ali said. "Like what else? Getting my mom fired? That wasn't her fault, she did the right thing." I said. "No I think she knows that had to happen. I'm talking about other stuff.

I have a bunch of theories." Ali said with a mischievous smile. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but you have my curiosity. What else?" I asked. Ali looked around the church. "Not here we should go somewhere and I'll tell you." She said as Tracy returned with her coffee. "Hey, mom? Can Zach and I see if the nursery needs any help today?" Ali asked.

Tracy sat and situated her coffee and purse. "Are you sure you don't want to hear the sermon today?" She asked. "We will see if they need help and if not we can come sit in the back and catch the service." Ali said with an innocent smile. ". Zach is that alright with you?" Tracy seemed to be weary of something. "Yeah it's fine with me." I said in the most genuine way I could.

"Alright go ahead." Tracy relinquished. With that Ali and I slipped around the people coming to find seats. I looked back to see Tracy watching us leave. She looked somewhat concerned. I wondered if she was suspicious of Ali and I. We left the sanctuary and down a hall. We passed kids rooms and Sunday school classes in session. We came to a room marked "nursery" and I paused in front if it but Ali quickly took my hand and pulled me further down the hall and around a corner. There were no lights on down this hallway and we kept going farther until the music of the service was just a faint echo.

We came to a door and Ali checked to see if it was open. It was unlocked so she pulled me in. The room was dark and unused.

It had an old couch, a piano and boxes covered with sheets. "What is this room." I asked. "It's one of the old classrooms but it was too small and far from the sanctuary so now it is just storage. Good news is that no one ever uses it on Sundays." Ali said as she locked the door and put a few boxes in front of it.

"Did you really need to block the door if you already locked it?" I asked "Ha it just is for security." Ali laughed. The room was dark except for the sunlight that came through the closed blinds. Ali spun on her heels and skipped to the couch were I quickly followed. I looked at her her blonde hair ran down a little past her shoulders to her white over the shoulder sweater that was buttoned up to cover up her chest.

It was almost a crime that such things needed to be covered up. She looked at me with her gray-blue eyes and smiled sheepishly. "What?" She asked. I was just staring at her with amazement. "Your gorgeous.

I was just taking the time to soak it all in." I said. Ali blushed and quickly leaned in to kiss my cheek. I got a fluttery feeling every time she did that. I hugged her tight to me and leaned back with her until she was laying on top of me. Then we kissed deeply. I brushed her hair out and away from our faces as she massaged my lips with hers. Her dress was as if she wore a tissue just barely enough fabric coving her but it almost felt as if she wore nothing at all.

She gently slithered her body over mine, running her hips in circles so that our special areas brushed each other. She dipped her tongue deep into my mouth. I unbuttoned her sweater revealing her soft tan breasts being pulled back by her dress. I pulled her by her waist so that her breasts were dangling in my face. I kissed her cleavage and up her neck to under her chin then back to her chest. My rock hard member was creating a tent in my pants so that when Ali slid down she felt it press against her.

"Oh hello my friend" she said to my dick. "What can I say you have him ready to go." I breathed out. Ali reached behind her then whispered. "Open your mouth." As I did she dipped her wet index finger in my mouth. I tasted her familiar pussy juices. "She is is ready too." She whispered. With that she unzipped my pants and practically tore my rod out of my boxers. I just watched as she pulled up her dress and slipped me past her panties and into her entrance.

Only the head was in. I smiled and asked if she was ready. She nodded and smiled then I put my hands around her waist again and slowly but firmly penetrated We both let out a deep moan and tried to quickly muffle it with a kiss. I peeled off her sweatshirt as she unbuttoned my shirt. We kissed each other from chest to shoulders to necks to lips and ears. She would give me playful bites and I pulled her hair just a little to expose her neck to lick it.

We had not even trust again since the original time because we were so carried away with our passion. Then Ali humped me sliding her tight slick pocket around my dick. I gasped at the feeling, she giggled sweetly seeing my pleasure. Then she humped again, and again, and again. Her dress covered our connection but it clung to her skin tight to show her curves as she grind down on me. With every grind her stomach rolled like a belly dancer and her breasts bounced playfully.

I reached and pulled her dress up slowly exposing her sexy hips, then her gorgeous belly then up to her soft breasts. Ali lifted the dress the rest of the way off of her, leaving her on top of me in full cowgirl position in nothing but a pastel yellow thong and a white strapless bra. She reached back and unhooked her bra and let her breasts free. The pleasure of her tight pussy squeezing me brought me closer to the edge.

Ali had her eyes shut with her mouth a gape as she panted between moans that she tried to keep quiet. I sat up and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.

Ali gasped and pulled me right to her. He hips thrust faster now and I returned thrusts to her. Our tender love making then became deliberate sex. We looked into each other's eyes deeply then I teased her other nipple with my tongue. She pulled me by the hair back and kissed me deeply. Her tongue drove to the back of my mouth.

I laid back down on the couch and Ali leaned in close. "I. huh uh. want you ah. to come." She said as she grit her teeth. I reached down and held her hips down against mine. ". You first baby." I said. With that I lifted her off the couch with my hips and then back down and I began to guide her movement on me. Then with my thumb I started to swirl her clit in circles she began shorter fasted humps. Then I thought of trying something a little weird but I took a chance on it.

I used my other hand and reached around to her round butt and worked just the a little of my middle finger into her ass. The stimulation from my cock and my thumb on her clit then the surprise of my finger in her ass was to much and Ali started to gasp in the beginnings of orgasm. Her sudden pleasure and flood of juices coming from her pussy took me over the edge as well. Ali shook and pressed down hard on my cock as my balls tightened. She grabbed both of my arms as she laid on top of me pinning my arms behind my head.

She pressed her face to mine, her hair tangled over my face. She moaned out "fuck I'm cumming! God just cum inside me I wanna feel it!" And that was it. I erupted in a wave of heat. I humped up as my cock blasted sperm into her tight pussy. She bit down on my shoulder as she felt the warm liquid pumping into her body. It felt like it took an hour to stop but both of us worked down slowly from our orgasms. We laid there not moving for a wile just savoring the connection we felt.

Our cum mixed together our bodies joined. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. Then Ali got up and stood as my semen dripped down her thigh. Ali looked down and laughed. "Well we need to get cleaned up before we can. Wait what did we come in her for originally?" She asked. "I think it was to talk about your mom." I answered as I started to put some clothes on. "That's right. Man I forgot for second where we were. I can't believe we just did that in a church!" Ali laughed as she put her bra and dress back on.

"Yeah, do you think we are gonna go to hell because of this?" I laughed. "Probably." A third voice said. Ali and I jumped and quickly saw that someone else had been hiding in the room.