Club Sluts Twerking in the VIP at Fantasy Fest

Club Sluts Twerking in the VIP at Fantasy Fest
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Chapter Seven At work the following day, Kevin noticed Mrs. Estevez bending over the files in the office and couldn't help looking at her magnificent ass and those long, shapely legs of hers.


Kevin stood in the doorway to her office admiring her shape when she suddenly turned around and said "Oh! Hello, Kevin is there something I can help you with?" Kevin smiled and said "No! I was just admiring the way you work, that's all". Mrs. Estevez chuckled and returned to her work in the file cabinet but this time she was bending over further than before and was giving him a frontal shot of her breast cleavage.

Kevin knew what she was up to and he felt a lump start hardening in his pants. This wasn't missed by Mrs. Estevez. Her gaze was locked on his crotch as his dick hardened and she smiled at him in appreciation.

Kevin closed and locked the door after him and drew the blinds. Mrs. Estevez watched him as he walked over to her desk and sat in her chair. He spread his legs, showing off his hard-on and reached down and squeezed it and gave it a few gentle strokes with his fingers.

Mrs. Estevez was transfixed by the sight. Kevin knew he had her where he wanted her and slowly zipped down his fly. He unbuckled his belt and lowered his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

His cock was fully erect now and Mrs. Estevez could only watch in amazement as Kevin wrapped his fingers around the shaft and slowly started stroking his dick for her pleasure. His free hand reached down and clasped his balls as if milking them and started to speed up his masturbation. He smiled with pleasure and moaned as his hand pumped on his raging erection. Mrs. Estevez was frozen to the spot, the look on her face could only be described as shock and pleasure mixed together.

Her eyes were glued on his crotch, watching his balls swinging up and down as his hand continued to pump his rock hard dick. She approached Kevin slowly and knelt down in front of him with her eyes glued on his cock.

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Kevin was starting to really get into his act now and told her to show him her tits. She immediately obeyed and unbuttoned her blouse and removed her brassiere, letting her massive tits fall free of their confinement. They fell out of her brassiere and bounced slightly as they fell. She grasped one in each of her hands and kneaded them, and gently rolled her thumbs over the erect nipples for Kevin's pleasure.

Her eyes were still locked on his dick as his hand pumped on it. The shaft was thick and the head was deep red and ready to explode. She looked up into his eyes and said "Does it feel good Kevin? I never thought it could be so erotic to see a man do that to himself. I love it Kevin. Keep stroking it for me, make it cum for me. Kevin was ready to cream now. The orgasm was fast approaching and his balls were rock hard and he felt the pressure building inside him, ready to burst his hot cream all over her beuatiful tits and face.

Mrs. Estevez must have had the same idea, because she inched her breasts closer to his pumping fist. Her face was flushed red with excitement and she was panting in lust. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips were glistening wet and crimson. Kevin felt his balls start to explode and aimed his cock at her tits. His hand stroked down on the shaft of his cock and the first jet of cream flew out and landed on Mrs.

Estevez' face. She gasped in pleasure, her eyes were wide with excitement as the sticky goo trickled down her face in a long creamy strand.

The second jet flew out, hot and thick and landed on her tits. She cried out "Oh! Kevin, it's so hot, baby it's so hot. Give me more, give me all of it. Her body was trembling with excitement as the thick jets of cream splashed out of him and onto her face and tits.

She was so excited by the scene and the hot cream that he was showering her with that she spontaneously reached her own orgasm. Her orgasm came without any physical touching on his part. Only the erotic scene that was taking place before her and her hands gently squeezing her breasts. She squeezed her thighs together as the waves of pleasure surged through her belly and she moaned in pleasurable delight at the sudden and unexpected climax.


Her eyes were rolled back into her head, the cream from Kevin's ejaculation continued to bathe her breasts and roll in glistening fingers down her beautiful tits like hot candle wax. Kevin was amazed that his teasing had gone this far. She wasn't complaining though and neither was he.

She looked like she'd actually cum while watching him. "Man! What a hot broad this was", he thought as he milked the last few drops from his now softening cock.

His hand relaxed it's grip and he lay back in the chair, set his head back and took a deep breath. Mrs. Estevez rose to her feet and said "Kevin, where did you learn a thing like that? Do you know that I actually came from watching you do that. When your cream splashed into my face and onto my breasts, the feeling was so deeply exciting that I actually came. It was completely involuntary Kevin. I've never had anything like that happen before." She explained that she'd get a hot towel for him to clean himself with and left the office for the restroom.

Kevin simply sat there and waited for her to return. Mrs. Estevez' trip to the restroom didn't go unnoticed. As she walked down the hall, her naked breasts swayed and bounced. Judy Callen had arrived at work a little early. She hadn't seen them but she had overheard most of their conversation, so she knew what had happened in the office.

She saw Mrs. Estevez enter the restroom. She paused a moment at the door and then entered. Mrs. Estevez was wiping the cream off her face and tits when Judy entered and she covered her breasts with her arms in embarrassment. Judy approached and turned on the hot water in the sink and placed a fresh towel under the stream.

Once the towel was soaked, Judy wrang it out and gestured for Mrs. Estevez to lower her arms, which she did. Judy gently wiped her breasts clean.

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The hot towel and the gentle rubbing brought her nipples back into full erection. There was not a word spoken between the two of them as Judy continued to rub her breasts and removed all traces from her face, and neck.

Judy reached out a hand and pinched her nipple and gently squeezed her breasts in her soft, gentle fingers. She looked up into Mrs. Estevez' eyes and said "Do you like that?" Mrs. Estevez didn't respond. Judy lowered her lips to one of her nipples and gently bit down on it and rolled it around between her lips. This brought a moan from Mrs. Estevez and Judy knew what that meant. She gently kissed her nipple and looked up into Mrs.

Estevez' eyes and said "Wait here.

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I'll get your blouse and brassiere from the office and come right back." Mrs. Estevez simply nodded in response. Kevin was still sitting on the chair with his pants down around his ankles when Judy walked into the office with the hot towel still in her hand.

He jumped up in surprise as she entered, but it was too late and Judy had seen everything.

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His cock was limp by now but still a sight to see as it rested on his hairy balls. There were still trickles of cum dripping down his balls onto his thighs. She approached him and said "Don't worry Kevin, here's a wet towel. Clean yourself up, I've got to get back to Mrs. Estevez. She handed him the towel, which he accepted in astonished disbelief. She turned and picked up the blouse and brassiere from the floor.

Kevin was wiping the cream from his cock and balls and Judy turned and watched for a second, enjoying the exposure and feeling a slight tingle in her panties. Mrs. Estevez was grateful for the return of her clothes and quickly got dressed. Her face was flushed with embarrassment and she couldn't think of anything to say to Judy except "Please don't tell anyone about this Judy".

Judy simply nodded her head and said "Don't worry". They both left the restroom and Kevin met them in the hallway. He looked at them both and said "Well! What happens now?" Judy was the first to answer.

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She smiled and said "I overheard your conversation yesterday in the hall while you were both rearranging the videos in the adult section. You really should try to be a little more discreet.

You needn't worry though, I can keep a secret and as long as I'm employed here no one will know a thing about the entire episode". Mrs. Estevez was shocked by what she'd heard. "You mean to tell me that you're going to hold this secret to guarantee your employment?

That's blackmail Judy". Judy just smiled at her and said "I know it is Mrs. Estevez". She turned and walked away out into the store. The rest of the day was very quiet. Kevin felt guilty and told Mrs. Estevez that it was his fault. She, on the other hand had felt that it was her fault and her responsibility to handle to problem. Kevin had stopped at the lunch room and was sitting quietly having a coffee when Mrs.

Estevez came in behind him. She sat down and said "Kevin, I don't think you should worry about this thing with Judy. I"ll think of some way to get even with that lesbian bitch. You'll see." All Kevin could do was thank her for taking all of the heat and said "What can you do to get even with her, Mrs. Estevez?" She just smiled and said "Kevin, after establishing our new relationship, I think it would be appropriate for you to call me Jean, Okay?

Let me tell you something about Judy. She goes both ways, if you know what I mean?" Kevin nodded his head in the affirmative. Jean went on, "I sensed her wanting me when she came into the restroom. I won't go into detail about what she did to me but suffice it say, she was enjoying touching me.

Now I have a friend who also goes both ways. The way I see it, if I can get them together here at work and capture it on video, then I'll have her where I want her." Kevin laughed and said, "My! My! Jean. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". They both laughed, which took the tension off the problem. Kevin said "You know I have a video camera at home.

I can set it up in the womens restroom behind the airconditioning vent and we can get the whole thing on video. Would your friend object to that?" Jean thought it would be a good idea. She felt sure that she could convince her friend, and all her friend had to do was get Judy into the restroom, lock the door and put the make on her.

She told Kevin that she'd let him know as soon as it was arranged. Jean reached over into Kevin's lap and squeezed his cock through his pants, and said "We might be able to get quite a charge from the video ourselves." Kevin smiled at her frankness and said "Are you ready to go at it again already?" Jean just laughed and said "No! No!

I was just preparing you for the inevitable. It would be nice to feel that thing of your's slide into me a few times before I go home to that dead cock between my husbands legs, but not today honey." They both quit for the day and went home.