GayRoom Massage Bait Gabriel Knight Pounded by Dimitri Kane

GayRoom Massage Bait Gabriel Knight Pounded by Dimitri Kane
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Kate's daddy leaned against the door of his big BMW waiting for the party to finish. It was just past 10.00pm and the evening was warm. His wife had asked him to pick up their daughter Kate and bring her home.

Out of the evening gloom, a young girl of 16 appeared smiling warmly. It was Kate wearing well.almost nothing. A short mini skirt and a tight fitting top with bare midriff. She was already over 175cm and her long, lithe legs; toned upper body, pert breasts, cascading blonde hair and her exceptionally pretty face made for an intoxicating combination.

In a word, she was hot. Kate leaned softly against Daddy and brushed his cheek with her lips. "Thanks for coming Daddy. I've had such a good time" She climbed in showing a great expanse of thigh. Daddy tried not to look. After all Kate was his daughter. They set off home. After a few minutes, Kate spoke in a hesitant voice "Daddy, can we stop somewhere so we can chat for a bit. I need to discuss some things with you" 'Sure' said Daddy ' and pulled off the road into a deserted truck stop.

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'Yes darling, what is it" 'Daddy.well.umm.all the other girls were talking about how great .um.oral sex is've never done it and I want to so much" Daddy was stunned at his daughter's words. Inwardly, he knew that he would be resentful of any guy having sex with his pretty darling daughter.

However, he had to stay balanced. 'Well Kate, oral sex is very nice, can be fantastic in fact and I am sure you will have your opportunity eventually" 'Yes but all the boys I know are such complete losers. I'm sure they have no idea. I would like my first time to be with someone experienced. She paused and then said quietly "Daddy, tell me what's it like when you and Mummy do it?" Daddy blushed from embarrassment and looked away.

" can't answer that because Mummy and I don't have oral sex. Um.she does not like giving oral and I stopped giving oral to her about five years ago. Kate gasped and looked at him in silence for a while "Oh, poor Daddy. That's awful. We're both in the same situation we both want it and can't find someone to do it with" The beautiful logic of what she was saying hung in the air and slowly sank into the minds of Daddy and Kate.

A sexual tension was evident before Kate spoke again very quietly. " you do oral to me please.please Daddy and I will give oral it to you. I will try so hard to make it nice for you. Please Daddy. I want to do it so badly. I want you to lick my pussy and I want to suck your big Daddy cock. Please Daddy, I want you to drink my cum juice and I want to swallow your hot sperm." She leaned across in her excitement and put one arm on his shoulder.

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Unintentionally, she put her other hand on her Daddy's upper thigh where his erection had been hiding. Her hand came down on Daddy's stiff cock. "Oh" she exclaimed 'Oh Daddy, is that your big fat cock? Is your cock stiff because of me?

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Oh Daddy, I love you so much and she squeezed Daddy's cock in her small hand. Any misgivings that Daddy might have had disappeared in that instance. Fuck he was so stiff and it had been so, so long. Yes, he would give oral to his horny daughter and his cock stiffened further as he wondered what her juices might taste like.mmm Also, he trembled at the prospect of her little mouth sucking on his big cock head.mmmm "Darling, let's go in the back" and watched in stunned silence as his daughter's cute ass and legs starred him in the face as she clambered to the back.

He followed her rapidly. "Kate your panties off honey" "Oh Daddy.if I was wearing any panties, they would be sodden by now". Daddy gasped, overwhelmed by what she was saying and sat there open-mouthed. Kate put her hand softly on the top of her daddy's thigh and slowly let her fingers travel over his cock.

His organ stiffened rapidly under her gentle caress. Slowly massaging his bulging cock head with her slim fingers, she said " Daddy, you make me so hot, let's be naughty together, I promise to keep this as our special secret." Seeing the glazed look in his eye, Kate continued "Please Daddy, please lick out my tight little pussy and suck my clit so I cum and then I am going to suck your cock and I want to swallow your lovely rich cream" Kate lay back on the long rear seat and spread her honey coloured thighs.

Daddy could not help but groan in admiration. Her pussy was totally bereft of pubic hair and already her fleshy, swollen lips had spread slightly.


He could see the moistness on her inner lips, so pink and inviting. In one slow, fluid motion, Daddy leaned forward and ran his wet tongue lightly across his daughter's soft inner thighs, kissing and nibbling as he went. He inhaled deeply and savoured the raw sex aroma of this beautiful young woman. Pausing for a brief moment to admire her glistening folds, Daddy ran his tongue lightly from the bottom of her pussy to the top in one slow, languid movement.

Kate moaned softly and arched her head back with her eyes closed, her hands reaching under her top to play with her swollen nipples. Daddy allowed his tongue to rest briefly at the top of her pussy lips before slowly extending the tip and burrowing deeper. With a small circular motion, his tongue wormed its way into her inner folds, receiving a welcoming sprinkle of delicious honeydew as he went. Daddy sighed contentedly as his tongue encountered the hard button of Kate's young clit. Then leaning forward slightly, he enveloped her clit in a slow circular motion, allowing the back of his tongue to brush over her little sex button very gently.

"Oh yes" Kate moaned, "that feels so good Daddy. Just there, just suck my little clit".

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Daddy could feel her heat building up and her slippery juices starting to seep out over his face and the leather upholstery. He was determined not to rush he wanted this first time to be memorable for Kate.

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Kate looked up, utter contentment on her face. She could see the lust and adoration on her Daddy's face as his hard tongue went to work. She was very happy that this was happening and knew that many more sexy romps lay before them. Perhaps there would be another opportunity tomorrow morning when Mummy went to see Grandma.

Kate was already very hot and knew that she would have a big orgasm soon. She leaned up and slipped off her top she was wearing no bra and revealed her swollen nipples that she rolled hard between her thumb and fingers. She opened her legs wider, much to her Daddy's satisfaction. Warmly cocooned between his daughter's legs, Daddy reached up with both hands and gently spread apart her puffy lips.

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He gasped with pleasure. Kate's little clit soldier was guarding the entrance to her love tunnel. Her walls were glistening with her juices and Daddy could see them slowly dribbling down to her tunnel entrance. He could not resist burying his face deep into her folds and lapping up her tangy nectar. Then, turning his attention back to her clit, he rolled the end softly between his lips and flicking it lightly with the tip of his tongue.

Kate moaned gently beneath him and thrust her pussy higher she wanted more, much more. She sensed she would cum soon and responded with a fresh trickle of pussy juice straight onto Daddy's probing tongue. Daddy attacked her clit more vigorously, sucking and tweaking, caressing and teasing, nibbling gently all the time. He could feel a faint tremble building in her loins. She was making soft cooing sounds and breathing in ragged gasps, Her trembles became spasms as Daddy continued to excite her clit he knew she was near to cumming so.reluctantly, he paused.

"Oh Daddy" she screamed, "don't stop, don't stop.I'm almost there". Daddy waited a few seconds while her breathing steadied and her spasms faded and then he started all over again. The response was immediate. Kate arched her body as her Daddy's tongue once more found her love button. Unbelievable sensations were coursing through her body. "Oh Daddy.oh fuck. This is so good.please .ooooh.never stop" Her spasms quickly started again, this time building to a more frenzied level. Her face was flushed and her nipples were as hard as two small bullets.

"Oh.Oh.Daddy.I'm going to cum.oooh." Again Daddy stopped and gazed in awe at the copious amounts of sticky goo seeping from her drenched pussy before starting over again. By this time, Kate was in the throes of a continuous, low-level orgasm. Every sinew in her perfect young body was stretched tight. Her face was shiny with perspiration. She craved release. In between her ragged breathing, Daddy heard snippets of words.

"" He could feel her orgasm building fast, He knew it would be big. Her tight little ass lifted off the slippery car seat as a long moan started deep in her throat. "Aaaagh.Daddy.I'm.cuummmming." she screamed.

"Oh.fuck" Kate thought as her pussy started to explode. Right at that instant, Daddy sank one juice-soaked, finger deep into his daughter's virgin ass and one more from his other hand straight into her gaping love hole, as far as her intact hymen.

The effect was electric. She squealed as previously hidden sensations engulfed her and a jet of cum juice squirted out of her pussy. "Oh.oh.fuck.oooohhh." she gasped As she orgasmed, Daddy could feel her puckered ass ring and pussy lips opening and closing on his fingers, trying to draw them in further. He had never experienced anything like it. His cock twitched and dribbled a dollop of pre-cum straining for release.

For several long minutes, Kate lay there, her blond hair matted with perspiration and her eyes glazed with sexual fatigue. Slowly, her breathing settled. She opened her legs wide so she could see her Daddy, his face inches from her pussy and saturated with her sticky cum juices.


"Daddy.that was the best. That was awesome. I'm the luckiest girl alive. I feel so horny.mmmm" Her eyes smouldered with lust as she continued "Daddy, I want it taste your hot sperm, every last drop." As she got up and reached for her Daddy's cock with a wicked smile on her face, she said "Daddy, you made me squirt and now I'm going to make you spurt.I'm going to milk you dry." Kate was desperate to see and taste her Daddy's sperm.

She had seen a few young boys ejaculate when she came them hand jobs though she had never tasted sperm. Also, her poor Daddy had not had oral for so long. It was so unfair. She promised herself she would suck her Daddy's fat cock at any opportunity in the future. She felt so alive, so hot and, as they reversed positions, her little pussy squirted a small stream of cum juice.oooh, she shuddered with delight as she reached for her Daddy's cock.

In the confined darkness of the car interior, Kate rubbed her nipples and hoped that they would be covered in her Daddy's sticky sperm very soon. She pulled down her Daddy's chinos, and giggled with excitement when she realised he was not wearing any underpants either. His fat cock sprang to attention, about eight throbbing inches with a large bulbous cock head.

She paused for a moment gazing in awe at her Daddy's large, fat, throbbing cock as she realised it was about three times her age. So many memories, so many experiences that she wanted her Daddy to tell her all about but they would have to wait. "Kate darling" whispered Daddy Kate noticed the tension in his face and was puzzled "The last time I received oral sex was over twenty years ago, before I married Mummy. This is like my first time all over again.

I just want you to know that I am the happiest person in the world right now.and I'll try not to cum too quickly" Kate blushed and quietly resolved that, although she did not have any experience, she was going to try her best to give her Daddy and lover the best blowjob he had ever received.

She leaned forward and massaged her Daddy's heavy, muscular thighs before reaching around and kneading his buttocks. Daddy groaned in had been so long for him. Kate leaned down and ran her little pink tongue softly over her Daddy's groin.

With the tip of her tongue, she licked a little droplet of pre-cum from his cock head, feeling glad when he moaned in satisfaction. "Ummmm.nice taste" she thought Kate ran her wet tongue up and down her Daddy's thick cock shaft and gently sucked on his balls.

She nuzzled down deeper and licked the little sensitive area just under her Daddy's balls.

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"Oh fuck" she heard him moan. The time had come. Opening her mouth, she opened her mouth wide and enveloped her Daddy's cock between her lips and gradually began an up and down motion, all the time her tongue darting out to tease and lick his fat cock shaft.

Her saliva dribbled down the length of his cock as she tried to take it in her mouth. Her right hand grasped her Daddy's cock firmly while her left fondled his balls and massaged his prostate area. She heard him moaning deliriously. Kate sensed he would cum soon. She could feel a faint trembling starting deep in his loins. His balls were tightening and his cock head was swelling. She readied her mouth to receive his first spurt she wanted to taste her Daddy's sperm so bad.

"aaaghhh." she heard her Daddy cry "Kate, I'm cumming." Suddenly a great creamy stream of sperm shot deep into her mouth. It was so delicious. The force of it caused her to withdraw her mouth in surprise. She gasped as she saw another spurt erupt from his cock and splatter over her face, then another and another.over her neck and breasts. Her pussy exploded again as another shuddering orgasm swept through her, juices pouring out over her Daddy's legs. Daddy pulled her down in a tight embrace and licked his cum juices off her pert breasts.

He pulled her face hungrily towards him and they kissed deeply for the first time. Both their saliva and the remnants of their respective cum juices mixed freely. For several long minutes, they lay there entwined in an intimate embrace, not saying a word as their breathing settled. The air heavy with the tell tale aroma of sex. "Fuck" said Daddy. "Yes, fuck," said Kate They chuckled and kissed passionately like the furtive lovers they had become.

They both knew they had crossed a threshold.