Nickey Huntsman Gives Blowjob to Huge Dick Black Man

Nickey Huntsman Gives Blowjob to Huge Dick Black Man
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.************************ got caught****************************** I met Bob online and we met a few times at the adult Book Store for some bj's and hand jobs.


I was ready for some more though.really wanting to let go. I invited Bob over to our house one day, it was mid afternoon when he arrived. I greeted him at the front door dressed in pink pantyhose, black leotard, heels, blond wig, makeup completely dressed.When he saw me he pulled me close and grabed my ass and made out with me.


we went to the bedroom and he had me bent down sucking his hard cock. I was really getting into it, so much that I didnt hear my wife walk in(she came home early from work).All three of us froze.

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My wife started yelling what the fuck was going on, and How could I do that behind her back. She joined us and we had a great threesome. NOT!!!!! Bob got dressed and ran out of the house, My wife and I had a long talk about how in the past she agreed to do threesomes with other guys how she lets me dress up, is ok with me being bi.etc etc etc. she said it wasnt fair and thought we were in this secrets> .She told me since we now have no secretsshe would like to get in touch with her ex boyfriend and fuck him in front of me.

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I was excited to see her get fucked and I couldnt say no after she caught me with another guy. She told me it will happen next month when she gives him a call. She then told me This Saturday night we will have a quiet night just the two of us, and I can dress up for her.

Saturday night came around and she laid out a maids outfit she just bought for me to wear, black thigh hi's, high heels wig and all.

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when I was done dressing she had me come into the back bedroom and she was dressed in a tight black mini, no bra or panties, black thi hi's and 4 inch heels, she was finishing up her makeup.

She said since i liked dressing up she was going to do my makeup for me ( I was rock hard allready from the outfit i was wearing.this got me even harder).she put eyeliner, bright red lipstick everything on me. she told me since I was a maid I should clean the room, while she makes a call to her mother about next weeks plans.

I had the music on and was cleaning for about 15 minutes or so, I didnt even hear her come back in. I froze when I turned around and saw her standing there with her ex boyfriend and his brother.

They said they heard I was a pretty sissy maid and liked being a slut.

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My wife was standing there smiling. She then said to the two of them ( jack and pete) that her sissy husband likes to suck cock, they all laughed. Then my wife told the two of them to take off thier pants so I can suck their cocks till they are nice and hard and ready to fuck her in front of me.

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Pete came up first and I got down on my knees and sucked his cock. I was truely enjoying it and my cock got hard and was throbbing, they all noticed it and said look she likes it> Pete then had my wife on the bed on her back as he entered her with her legs up in the air. Jack brought me next to her on the bed and told me to watch a real man fuck your wife.

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While i was watching them fuck, jack put his cock in my mouth and told me to get him hard so he can fuck her next. My wife was moaning and really getting into it. Then Pete pulled out and shot his load all over my face.He then told me to lick him clean, as I did this Jack was now fucking my wife from behind doggy style.

Pete then went up and put his cock in her mouth. she was in heaven, the whole time Pete & Jack were telling her to tell me how good it felt to be fucked by real men .They must of fucked and sucked for at least 2 hours as I stood next to them watching, when they were done they got dressed and said to me I was a good little slut husband, then my wife showed them out the door.

She returned about 5 minutes later, and said I was pathetic with my hard on just sticking straight upinto the sky. she then laid down on her back with her legs open and told me to come here. I wanted to fuck her so bad. Just as I was to enter her she stopped me and told me to look at her freshly fucked cunt, and jerk off. It took me about 2 minutes to shoot my load all over her cunt,belly and tits. Biggest load I ever shot!!!. she kissed me and said no more secrets.OK?.and thats why I totally love her.

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