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Teen Girl Vacuum cleaner masturbation
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Times had been tough since the family breakup and she did what she had to do to make ends meet. She spoke of how some of her dates were "professional" and since it was evident that she liked sex and needed money, then so what?

At least she was discreet. Early in life, she had been a runaway; a prostitute, so prostitution was by no means a new thing. Then, she married a smooth-talker who, like so many men, was a philanderer but, unlike many, not a good enough one to get away with it.

After his departure, Jenna had returned to using her abundant sexuality to augment her meager income. Brynn knew his mother's struggles and he believed that his own queer sexuality along with a twink-like appearance and an effeminate nature were probably less acceptable in society than a mother who sometimes sold her body. He liked that she had an active social life because that left plenty of time for him to do what he loved most---sucking cock.

There were good places for that like Placer Park or on campus where horny 20-something guys hunted for cocksuckers. When Jenna went out on dates, Brynn went out cock-hunting. While she was getting layed, Brynn was getting mouthfucked. He knew what she did. He hoped like hell she never figured out what he did.

He knew most of her "dates" because they usually picked her up at home. It wasn't long before he could tell which dates were "professional" and which were "romantic" because the professional ones seemed short on chick magnetism and many of the others were married. Did it bother him that some of his mother's dates were married? No, because it didn't bother him that some of his own were also. Males were horny. They had to fuck. They decided for themselves the matters of adultery.

As for Brynn, those matters were neither his fault nor his concern.

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One thing he knew about his mother was that she was not a cocksucker. Many times she had referred to the subject with twisted expressions. She spoke of cocksucking often enough that he wondered if she was trying to coax from him an admission that he was into that sort of thing. Jenna was popular and dated many men but it was one man that she favored more than the others.

His name was Sigmund, or Sig, and she thought of him as her "Friday night boyfriend".


Although he paid to have sex with her, she thought of it more as friends helping friends. She liked that he was entertaining, worldly, horny, lascivious, funny, harmless, owner of several local companies, and that he always had a new Lincoln.

He was in his 60's which perhaps made him seem less likely to abuse or more likely to be caring, like an attentive father which she never had.

Their Friday dates consisted of drinking and dining at The Savoy, then going to a second home that Sig kept for the convenience of sexual liaisons. After more drinking, bawdy jokes and, of course, fucking, Jenna sometimes returned home at 2a.m.; sometimes not at all. Either way, Friday's became Brynn's favorite day. But, on the Friday before Labor Day, Jenna and Sig insisted that Brynn join them at the Savoy, "just to be together for part of the holiday." Brynn resisted but Sig sent his daughter to pick him up.

Sandi was a pistol of a girl.


Twenty-two, wiry, thick, sassy-cut blond hair. She talked fast, smoked faster, and said "fuck" every chance she could, even when the word didn't fit the sentence. She drove a new Mustang and sucked beer from a can that must have been warm since it had been snugged between her thighs while she was driving.

She dropped Brynn off at The Savoy and he joined his mother and Sig. After dinner, Brynn found himself in a comfortable chair across from the older man while his mother was sprawled to his left on a sofa and sipping from a long-stemmed wine glass. He entertained himself with games on his cell phone and laughed at Sig's ribald jokes.

The older man not only wore a wedding ring, but he seemed to have no problem with family photos that looked down on a room that had seen it's share of lurid debauchery. In time, Jenna's words began to slur and then she passed out.

Sig sighed. "Here we go again." He made small talk while once in a while shaking his head at Jenna's demise. Beautiful girl," Sig said. "But hell, beauty doesn't amount to much when it's wasted." He spoke of his businesses and being away for several days and being horny.

He asked about Brynn's social life and studies and added a few salacious jokes and Brynn figured him to be a harmless and horny man who cared for his mother. Then, the man made a remarkable statement. "You know Brynn, your mother thinks you might be a little fluffy." Anxiety tingled the boy's spine.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to 'out' you. To be honest, I have a couple of cocksuckers on the side. You mother doesn't suck and sometimes, just gotta feel a warm, wet mouth." Brynn glanced at his mother. "Don't worry. She's out.

She'll never know." After a pause, Sig continued, "Ah, I get it. You don't want to admit with her here, even if she's passed out." He stood and went to Jenna carried her down a hallway to a door and lay her on a bed in a studio apartment. He left a twenty dollar bill with a note saying "cab fare". He locked the door behind them and led Brynn back to the comfortable chairs.

"Damn, I look forward to. . you know. . 'seeing' her. . Too bad because I know she needs that fifty-bucks. She could still wind up with it, I mean, you know, depending on how things go." Brynn fidgeted.

He found it hard to admit to cocksucking and besides wasn't talking about sexual things with his mother's boyfriend somewhat wrong? Like some kind of adultery? If his mother called this man "the closest thing to a boyfriend", then didn't that make it cheating? Sig came toward him. Brynn felt the tall man's big hands hands on his head and then the man's covered crotch against the side of his face. Brynn was frozen by surprise but also by anticipation.

"Yeah Brynn. I know what you like. Like I said, I got cocksuckers on the side. Hell, a man needs sex. Just like your mama needs fifty bucks. You and me could have some fun and she can still come away with that money. A man like me.


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. ahhhh yeah Brynn. . man like me needs. . Yeah. . ," he crooned while pushing slowly against the side of Brynn's face. "We need it, Brynn. We need it." After a prolonged pause he continued. "Your mama doesn't suck. Bet you do. Bet you're good at it. Bet your mouth would feel good as pussy right about now. Maybe better. Hell yeah, maybe better." Like falling bricks, it struck Brynn. Better! A better fuck than his own mother! A better whore. A better "girlfriend". Maybe Sig would want to fuck him more than he wanted to fuck her.

Damn! Spikes of lust pinged him. Better pussy. . than his own mother! He wasn't out to steal his mother's boyfriend; just prove that his throat was a better pussy—-and always available. He turned and buried his face in the man's crotch.

Yesssss! He would suck and he would give deep throat. A better pussy. A better whore. Those very thoughts sent sexual electricity throughout his entire being. "Ahhhh, so you want that fifty bucks, do you?" Sig laughed. Brynn's queer head continued to spin with machinations. Imagine—- The ultimate---getting his mother's boyfriend to ejaculate inside of him instead of her. Wouldn't that be the best?

He would get the sperm that was suppose to go into his mother! He loved his mother but the thought that her boyfriend would deposit his seed in his queer throat instead of her sent spirals of lust through him.

Yes! Having Sig ejaculate in him would be the ultimate validation. "Yeah baby, I knew you wanted it. Mmmmm, you take care of me, my cock takes care of your Friday night, and your mama gets her money. Everyone wins." He pushed his crotch in harder and continued his slow and lewd movements.

"She already suspects you're a cocksucker." Shivers of fear ran through Brynn. "That night she felt sick and I brought her home early. . Remember? Then, when you got there, your hair was mussed up and your eyes all dazed. Gave her suspicions." He continued to grind his hips. "You ever suck a man my age?" Brynn's head turned in a "no" response but inside, the man's slow and passionate movements had already seduced him. "Its not like those younger guys. We don't just hump and dump and jump in our cars.

We don't just fuck for two minutes, get off, and get the hell away before someone sees us with a cocksucker. Hell no. Take our time. Enjoy. Nothing like that feel. Feel of a mouth. Mmmm, yeah baby." He pulled Brynn up and led them to a back bedroom. Once inside, he locked the door and urged Brynn to his knees again. He stepped close, unzipped, and pulled out a seven-plus inch cock that was mostly hard and thicker than most.

Having a cock in front of his face made Brynn eager to suck and sucking made him eager to be mouthfucked. His mouth watered more than usual. What surprised him was the hardness of the man's erection. Brynn had imagined that older men didn't get that hard, but Sig's cock had and Brynn's mouth was very wet. "Suck, Brynn. Take it in that pretty mouth and suck it." Brynn did just that and Sig's eyes closed and his hips moved slowly. Mirrors lined the wall to Brynn's right and he could see the obscene and vulgar stance of the older man as he slowly pushed his hips and groaned with every slow thrust.

His mouth melded to the older man's cock and Brynn shivered with lust. "Ahhhhh yeah cocksucker!" the man cooed. Brynn sucked Sig's cock to his throat and pushed forward until it was clear that he was trying to throat the older man's erection. Sig sighed, "Yeahhh, good boy!" His hands went to the boy's head and he pushed his hips and pulled the cocksucker's head a few times until his hard cock began to penetrate Brynn's soft wet throat and he eased his prick all the way in to his balls and groaned.

He began to slowly fuck, going fully into the cocksucker's throat and then back up and then slowly back down and then slowly back up. He held the boy's head tighter and his movements increased and within minutes, they were engaging in something that Brynn realized was more than mouthfucking. It wasn't like those horny younger guys just humping him for a couple of minutes, which he loved, but it was more like. . like copulation. Like they were joined.

Yes---joined---like in sexual intercourse. That was it. More like they were copulating rather than just mouthfucking. Sig fucked him for nearly a half hour while stopping at times to keep from cumming.

And Brynn watched in the mirror and reveled in the reflection of that lusty older old man practically bent over him while slow-humping his head. In time, Sig's breathing went faster and his cock felt harder and it was apparent that the man was approaching orgasm.

Brynn's arms went around his panting lover and pulled his body in closer and the boy hummed with wanton lust. He wanted Sig to cum in him; deep in him. Without Sig's semen, none of their mating mattered. Then, just then, Sig rammed his cock deep in the boy's throat and began pumping his warm and thick jism deep inside while Brynn clung to his new lover and they achieved the mystical bond of adulterous oral insemination.

Brynn received it. All of it. Gladly. Each spurt became material evidence that he was a true replacement whore and that he could satisfy his mother's boyfriend just as good as she. And just the thought of it---Sig pumping jizz into him instead of his mother---had him quivering from the intensity of the exchange.

The man pushed in even more and finished ejaculating while Brynn held still and whimpered. It was the hottest thing he could imagine; receiving semen inside of him that should have been deposited inside his mother. He wasn't out to cause his mother grief, but the chance to get her boyfriend's sperm instead of her had been just too much temptation. However, as quickly as sexual elation had come, it also vanished in a wave of sudden and severe remorse. What had he just done? He loved his mother yet he had just had sex with her boyfriend!

He had just taken Sig's sperm and---and there was no way to reverse it. How could he have done such a thing? He didn't hate himself, but he was suddenly a long way from loving himself.

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Sig fell back to the bed and lay with his feet still on the floor. Brynn leaned against the wall with his eyes closed and his head filled with crazy conflicts. He loved that he had just been fucked in the mouth and he loved the thick jizz that oozed down inside of him. He loved that he had been a good whore but that was also the part of what he hated, that strong guilt that emanated from the knowledge of his traitorous act.

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After several minutes, Sig finally spoke. "Why don't you come on over here and suck my dick again?" Again? Was he kidding? Did he have no clue? It was betrayal! Pure and simple. Or, didn't that matter? "Come on, Brynn. Come suck my dick. You love sucking. I need sucking. Come on boy." He propped himself on one elbow and said, "Come on boy. You want your mama to have that fifty bucks, don't you? She does it more than once so you do it more than once.

Come on Brynn. Come on over and suck my dick.". Brynn was helpless to his own queerdom; helpless to the compulsion to satisfy horny males. Captive to the thought that if he didn't do it twice like his mother did, then he was only half the whore that she was and he would never live with that! He moved slowly and began sucking. Like a flash another light of new realization set in and with it came the thought: If sucking Sig's cock made fifty bucks for his mother, didn't that mean that Brynn was prostituting his mouth?

If so then it meant that he. . he was a prostitute! He hadn't even realized it before. A prostitute. He loved the sound of that. Would men pay to have sex in his mouth? He flashed his tongue and sucked slowly and softly on the man's hard dick. Sig's hips moved in response and he moaned and touched Brynn's head and encouraged him by thrusting his hips slowly at the boy's face.

He called Brynn a good cocksucker with a good mouth and Brynn felt warm appreciation from the older man, something he had never experienced with his long-departed father. After several minutes, the man pushed him away. "Get on the bed!" Brynn responded with, "Huh?" and wondered if Sig was thinking of anal sex which would be the end of an otherwise nice night of sex. Sig responded, "On your back." "On your back" didn't seem consistent with "up your butt" so Brynn did as the man ordered.

"Your head in the middle of the bed. Yeah, right where your mama's pussy is 'spose to be on Friday nights." The very thought of that---laying where his mother layed and his mouth where her pussy had been---excited him.

Sig stretched over the top of the cocksucker as if in a 69 position and he put his penis into Brynn's waiting mouth. The boy gasped from sheer excitement of being under the older man and of that big, hard, man-cock easing down into the softness of his cunt-throat.

Then, he felt the vibrations of internal orgasm---not genital, but internal. Sig was on top of him like how he got on top of his mother.

His stiff prick was going into Brynn's throat just like Sig penetrated his mother. And Brynn was laying where his mother lay before him. He was about to find out what it was like to lay under Sig like his mother did and be his whore like his mother was. The excitement was almost too much and he quaked with more internal orgasms. The man began to fuck. It was a slow fuck at first, barely moving. Brynn saw Sig's crotch above him and he watched the older man's cock going in and out and he felt the velvet and sticky tackiness of the man's balls as they came down to cover his face then rose as he pulled back for another slow thrust.

Brynn had been fucked in the mouth hundreds of times, but never like this! It was beyond anything he had imagined. Laying under a man. Laying with him as a woman. Guttural hums of lust and girlish whimpers arose in his cockfilled throat. And the man was. . well, it was like he was. . making love. That was it. He wasn't just humping a cocksucker like those younger guys did. This man was deeper and more passionate and Brynn's hands softly caressed the man's thighs like a lover.

Sig said being on top was the best of two worlds, like being on top of a girl but also fucking a mouth. It was making love to a woman while also putting dick to a cocksucker. After nearly twenty minutes, he began screwing with rhythmic persistence; strokes of passion, deep and meaningful. When Brynn glanced to the mirror again, he didn't just see a man deep-fucking a cocksucker's mouth. It was more like a man making love to a woman. Sig's eyes were closed and his face lost in some kind of cosmic wonderland.

This man was on top of him and inside of him. They were. . they were. . copulating. Connected. United. Hooked up to each other. Deep sexual union. Brynn wrapped his arms around the man's lower back, entwining the two of them together until they were tightly braided in a deep and intimate and perverse sexual union.

A few minutes later, the pace and urgency of Sig's fucking became quicker and soon, he was humping and there was a flap-flap-flap sound similar to what is heard in the normal mating of a man to a woman.

And after another few minutes, Sig was moaning and saying he was going to cum and how he was going to ejaculate in Brynn's whore-throat and Brynn moaned in agreement and they clung to each other and they mated together and. . the flapping sounds came quicker and . . Sig drove his rock-hard cock deep into Brynn and he spasmed and his hips jerked and Brynn saw the man's balls quake and felt his shaft twitch and he felt the 60-something year old man ejaculating in him; cumming inside of him; inseminating him; consummating their queer and passionate mating.

And all the while, Brynn's existence was in constant vibrations of internal orgasms, greater than anything he had known, and enough to cause his mind to lose touch with his surroundings. All that existed was the bond of their sexual union and Sig's rock-hard erection planting the seeds of his lust deep in the throat of a smooth, twink cocksucker. When it was over, Sig didn't pull out, not right away. His body went limp but his penis was not quick to follow.

He lay on top and his cock surged occasionally and Brynn lay under the bigger man, happy to bask in the serene aftermath of their wanton carnality. He wondered if it was fornication or adultery. Sig was married which made it adultery but Brynn and Jenna were not so did that make it fornication? As he lay under his mother's boyfriend, he determined it was both.

It was also betrayal but with Sig's cock still inside of him, he couldn't manage to care. They lay in the calm pool of consummation for several minutes while Sig said how good of a fuck it had been and how pussy-like Brynn's throat was. Slowly, the cumbersome older man pried himself from Brynn and he withdrew his spent penis from the boy's mouth and sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. "Helluva good fuck, Brynn.

Helluva good fuck." They talked for quite some time before Sig called Sandi to drive Brynn home. He said, "Your mother won't know. She won't be there til morning." Sandi arrived and before Brynn left, Sig said, "Next week, Brynn.

Tuesday." Brynn could barely conceal his excitement. Sig wanted to fuck him again! Sandi seemed high on something and there was no can of beer between her legs. She talked more than usual and before long she said, "Bet you're a cocksucker, aren't you? That's why daddy likes you. Femmie-boi. Daddy likes those kind of cocksuckers.

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He's so horny." Brynn couldn't respond. "You don't have to admit it," she continued. "I know. I know because I know my father. You don't have to hide it. I'm not going to tell anyone.

I'm just glad my daddy gets to fuck. Besides, I don't know no one that you know so who am I going to tell?" Brynn wondered what kind of family had a hedonistic philanderer of a father and a daughter who openly talked about him fucking cocksuckers.

"Yeah, my daddy fucked you. I can tell. All I can say is he's always horny and he's a good guy so he deserves it." Brynn met with Sig the following Tuesday and every Tuesday thereafter. Then the older man added Thursdays and said, "It's better for me because if your mama passes out on Friday's it don't matter so much 'cuz I already fucked you." Brynn lavished in the fact that he was more of a whore for Sig than anyone.

He was taking more semen from that man than anyone, including his mother who only took two loads a week and that was only on the nights she didn't pass out. In the meantime, Sig was fucking Brynn's mouth six to seven times a week. He had no intention of stealing his mother's boyfriend, but he had every intention of stealing as much of her boyfriend's semen as he could.

On some nights, he could barely fall asleep just from thinking about it all. A better whore. A prolific throatpussy. A swallower.

A satisfier. Always available. A great example of how cocksuckers please horny men. On some nights, he had to fuck himself in the mouth with a dildo just to detour his brain from all of those crazy and lustful thoughts. It wasn't just for himself that Brynn reveled in those things.

It was also for all cocksuckers everywhere. He was proving to one very horny man that when a man is horny, cocksuckers are who they should be seeing.

Cocksuckers love cock, love to suck, love to swallow semen. They are easier to get with and they don't play games or withhold sex like stubborn wives nor deny sex to get something they want. And, cocksuckers don't have to be wined or dined or wooed. There's no chance of pregnancy, no evidence of perfumes or female scents, no threat of blackmail by some gold-digging bitch, and never do men have to wear condoms. They can jizz in the mouths of cocksuckers and know it's received with eagerness.

Sig was right. Being on top of a cocksucker was the best of two worlds because it was like being on top of a girl and fucking pussy but it was also fucking a cocksucker in the mouth, cumming in a throat, and having his semen swallowed. Brynn's favorite "date" with Sig came over New Year's weekend, the year after Sig had taken Jenna to Las Vegas.

But this year, he took Brynn instead. Not only did he throatfuck the cocksucker a dozen times, but Brynn easily agreed to take uncounted loads from Sig's business attorney who had come along.

It was the hottest of weekends and beyond anything Brynn had expected---two horny men fucking him senseless in a Las Vegas hotel room---for three days!

Unbridled cock down his throat and swallowing, swallowing, swallowing. Over twenty loads of semen from two horny older ravagers. Brynn couldn't imagine anything more electrifying. Until he got home. Jenna had figured things out. She knew he had lied about attending computer club every Tuesday and Thursday. The fact that Sandi was driving him was her first clue. Initially, she wondered if Brynn was "boffing" that girl and wasn't as queer as she thought, but when he returned on a Tuesday night with mussed hair and puffy lips and she hadn't been able to reach Sig, she knew.

Her son was not only a cocksucker, but her boyfriend was fucking her son in the mouth two nights a week. Since she had not been able to reach Sig over the New Year's weekend, it was pretty clear they had gone off together for a three-day mouth-humping spree.

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When she confronted Brynn, the boy lied. But she persisted. "You were with Sig weren't you? In fact, you've been with Sig a lot lately! He's screwing you. Twice a week. You're a cocksucker and you're letting him fuck your mouth." Brynn's attempt to add more lies ended when a wiry blond girl emerged from Jenna's bedroom wearing Daisy Dukes shorts, a smile, and holding a can of beer.

"I already told her, Brynn. She already knows. My daddy's been fucking your mouth for months so might as well 'fess up." Brynn felt betrayed.

Ironic---feeling betrayed about being a betrayer. Jenna approached. Her face relaxed. "Listen Brynn, I don't fucking care that you're a cocksucker. I don't care that my boyfriend is fucking you. Sort of suspected already. I don't care if he's doing you 100 times a week. What I mind is you sneaking around behind my back. What I mind is you being out at Placer doing it in public with who-the-fuck-knows-who." After a lengthy conversation, it became clear that she also wasn't bothered it all and not even bothered that he was fucking her son in the mouth twice as much as he was fucking her.

In fact, she almost seemed relieved. She enjoyed Sig's company and if Brynn's mouth was keeping the man sexually happy and he was dropping $50 on her every week anyway, then what was there to complain about? Even though she understood all of those things, Brynn thought that she still didn't get it---the biggest point.

She didn't understand. Brynn had proven himself a better whore than her. But, he could never say that to her. Whenever Sig was especially horny, it was Brynn he called and not her.

He called Brynn because he knew the cocksucker wouldn't let him down or pass out and he could ejaculate in the cocksucker's throat as many times as he wanted. A better whore. That's what she didn't understand. He was relieved that it was all out in the open and the dark cloud of deceit had lifted. Finally, he didn't need to keep secrets or sneak around. He was a cocksucker and he could be proud of it.

He could lay with her boyfriend and receive his seed and never once feel like a traitor. She knew. She approved. Even more, she often drove him to Sig's place so the man could fuck her son in the mouth. She and Sig even talked about it---how long would he fuck and what time should she pick Brynn up, and so on.

The next few weeks were very exciting. Brynn lay with Sig often and his mother and Sig's daughter knew all about it and approved. And returning home and seeing his mother after getting fucked was such a "rush"! His mother would look at him and know that he had just spent hours getting fucked by Sig and that he was carrying multiple loads of her boyfriend's semen inside of him. As good as it was, strange times were coming and they would bring omen and challenge, enough to test any cocksucker.

Brynn felt pride that he was a good cocksucker and a good whore. Would he feel the same after the challenges that were approaching with Valentines Day?