Sensational Jasmin craves to get backside fucked

Sensational Jasmin craves to get backside fucked
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My name is Alyssa, I have had a fantasy about being raped for a little while now, not real rape, but I wanted to be taken, I would choose when I was ready and see what happened, so, I had started walking down a riverbank path, where I had been told some girls had been attacked and I was waiting to see what would happen.

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I had been going for about 4 weeks now, but today would be my lucky day……………&hellip. I was walking down the riverbank path, hoping someone would come along who would force me to do whatever they wanted.

I am 5ft1 with long brown hair and brown eyes.

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Today I was wearing my school uniform, a white polo shirt, and grey skirt, pretty plain but I was on my way home from school and hoping a guy would see it as a turn on. As I was walking I saw a rough man, probably about 6ft coming my way, he looked strong, wearing jeans and a torn t shirt, he looked at me, and I started to feel a little weak. I started to feel nervous now.

Did I really want this? There was no-one else around if I didn't. The man came closer towards me and I started to panic, I didn't know if I wanted this. Then he passed and I let my breath out, only to feel him right behind me. I felt a knife at my throat and he whispered in my ear, "you will come with me or you will die painfully".


He pushed me in front of him into the trees on the side of the path, my fear was creeping up quite a lot. This was what I wanted wasn't it, why did I feel so scared? As he pushed me against a tree I felt his breath on my neck and he whispered again "are you going to make this easy or hard?" he asked "easy" I replied to him shaking a little "just tell me what to do and I will do it, please just don't hurt me" "if you obey me" he replied "I wont hurt you too much, now take off your top and skirt like a good little slut" I removed my polo shirt revealing my pink bra, then hesitantly I undid my skirt and allowed it to fall to the ground, revealing pastel pink panties.

I saw him studying me and felt very self-conscious, but a little turned on as he seemed to like what he saw. The conflicting feelings were confusing. "now the bra" he said. I slowly unclipped it and let it fall to the floor, covering my b cup breasts with my arm.


"take the arm away" he commanded and I did. He came closer and his hands roamed my body, starting at my tummy and working up to my breasts.

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It felt nice as well as disgusting. "do you have any idea what I am going to do to you?" he asked. "have sex with me" was my response. "Yeah" he said, "good guess, I am going to fuck you real good" he kissed me, then forcing his tongue into my mouth. I kissed him back, all the while wondering why I put myself in this position and whether I really wanted this.

His hand slid over my panties and he started rubbing, I started to feel a warmth growing from my pussy, I had felt this when touching myself before, but had never been with a boy before. "Undies off" he commanded, and I did. He put the knife to my throat again and said, "now is when you must really obey, otherwise things will get cut, imagine this knife raping you for starters" a moan escaped my throat but I nodded.

He told me to kneel and pull his penis out, which I did, then I began to suck it at his command, while he played with my hair and pulled it. He pushed my head down and made me gag.

Then he released me and I pulled off his cock and licked his balls, slowly working my way back up his cock. Teasing him as I went, I decided that since I wanted this I would try and make it good for him.

I teased his cock, working my way up to his head, then took him into my mouth again, sucking him.

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Then he roughly pushed me to the ground, roughly forcing my legs apart. Oh crap I thought its going to happen.

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He lowered himself over me and I felt his cock pushing against me, trying to get inside me. I was quite wet, something he commented on before pushing in. I cried out as he pushed in, then it started to feel really good, I felt myself getting really warm and tingly. He put his hands around my throat and squeezed a little, scaring me, then he released, and squeezed again, he did this a few times, each one for a little longer.

I knew I couldn't stop him and if he wanted to kill me I would be powerless to stop him. He thrust commenting on how tight I was and how nice it was to have a virgin. He started to thrust harder, pushing deeper inside me, tearing me a little, there was pain but the good feeling overrode it. I came just before he did, he pulled himself off me and as he stood up I could see him looking at my naked body, his cum leaking out between my legs. He looked at me as though I was a piece of meat, completely beneath him, and something in me liked that.

He warned me what would happen if I told anyone, and kneeled down putting the tip of the knife just inside my vagina so I could feel the steel and the sharp point poking me. He forced me to tell him my address and told me that he would be keeping an eye on me. He pulled his pants up and told me to be there at the same time tomorrow, he said if I wasn't there would be bad consequences. After today though I told him I would be there.

"That's good" he said "you are now my little slut and will always do as I command". I watched him go and reflected on how good it had felt.

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I was glad I had done it, even though I had been scared at the time. I gathered up my clothes and dressed myself, he had been good, there were no bruises around my throat.