Freude ist dreifach

Freude ist dreifach
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This Is a true story about the first time I shot up meth and had sex. I know drugs are bad so save the info for someone who gives a Fuck! The names of people are not there real names.

Hope you like my story(: We just got home after getting the shit. I made sure the door was locked and the A/C was on. Frank went strait to the bedroom and started getting shit ready. When Frank was getting it ready for us I undressed and covered up with my blanket. "baby I can you just once shoot up please BELIVE me you will not regret it!" Frank asked "Im kinda scared baby." "promise it wont hurt" "baby are you you ready?" Frank asked "yes I'm as ready as I can" I added trying not to be nervous.

"let me see your arms. Ok ready" he said. "your gonna wanna fuck all day and never want to stop.

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Oh hunnie BELIVE me it will be the best sex you have ever felt! My first time with you baby its so special!"added Frank I didn't feel the needle go in or go out. I had a RUSH of different feelings threw out my body that I never felt before.

I felt HORNY AS HELL and threw off the blanket. I felt as if I was on a cloud. Everything got real intense.

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I got really hot, tunnel vision and the sounds around me got really intense. It felt like you do when you pass out. It made me instantly wet. I instantly cummed all over.


All I wanted was to get fucked!! I grabbed my Vib and slid it in my wet pussy.

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Moaning and cumming instantly as I orgasm from my Vib. "baby you ready" as he was leaning over my body smiling. "Fuck me fuck me Frank!" I yelled I threw out my Vib. He slid his dick in me and began to thrust real fast. He was thrusting so fast It felt like someone was pushing the fast forward button.

I was cumming every couple of seconds. I kept having small orgasms that I used to when I was sober having sex. "ohh baby don't stop! It feels so great Frank!" i screamed as more cum came out. "you like this baby." Frank said. "doggy?! I asked He shook his head. As I turned around he rammed his 9" inch cock in my little pussy.

I never could handle doggy before this night. "Ooooh ooooo baby ahhh it feels wonderful" he had me screaming He grabbed me around the chest and I could feel his cock get deeper. Then began thrusting harder. All I could do was moan and cum. My body began shaking.

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I was at the full/big orgasm when he stoped ramming me. I could feel i was cumming a lot more!

My juices were pouring out of me. He was sucking on my pussy licking my clit and loved every minute of it. There was so much cum on his face when he looked up. "baby your juices taste so good!" Frank said with a big smile on his face. We must have been moving really really fast because the air mattress was almost flat! He took some cum with his hands and stroked his dick.Thinking to myself I thought damn his cock is even more huge!

His cock was 11" inches now.

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He pulled me to the edge of the bed. Putting my feet by his neck. I grabbed on to his arms. He rammed his huge dick in my cum dripping pyssy.

He was thrusting so hard it felt like I was cumin every second. My pussy felt like it was on top of the world. When he was thrusting he took his hand and was rubbing my clit. "baby baby I feel it coming" I said to Frank in between moans and my body shaking my breathing got more heavy and everything got real intense.

"what's coming?" he asked. He must have felt it coming. The next thing I know is I was squirting all over. He was down there sucking on my wet pussy. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it. It was so hard and big. I put my mouth over his dick sucking on his tip. He was moaning. He took his fingers and slid them in my pussy.

Ramming me with is hand.

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Then he threw me down. "I love you baby" he said " I love you too Frank" "ooh Frank!" I screamed when after he jammed his cock in me. "wait Frank I gotta go pee." I said "really baby why!" "I'll be right back promise!" I couldn't almost stand up. I tried to ran to the bathroom.

When I sat down i got a small all over body orgasm. It lasted for a while. When I got back in the room Frank was standing up. "come here baby." I walked over to him. "laydown and put your feetbehind your head!" he added Next thing I knew he was thrusting.

"fuck ohhhhh fuck!" I screamed "you like this huh?!

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You like it harder !?" Frank asked There was cun runing down into my face and back. I was moaning and cumming everywhere. Frank picked me up and threw me back on the bed. He put my legs to the side.


He started thrusting. He was moaning louder. "oh baby your pussy feels so good wraped tight around my dick!" "ahhh baby baby baby yes I love your tight pussy" " baby I think I'm bout to cum."Frank said He started moving faster and harder. I was cumming and moaning.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head. He was breathing hard.

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Then he let a big load go inside of me. "baby how soon can we go and fuck again?!" I asked "let me go get some water to drink and we can fuck agin." Frank said