Breasty pretty girl submits hardcore and bondage

Breasty pretty girl submits hardcore and bondage
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"easy pet" he said as she began to struggle. He held her arms behind her. her legs were held apart by the spreader, and he felt her stiffen as the dog started to taste her. She moaned and tried to back away but her Master was holding her in place. Sir please she said.

"he won't hurt you. I promise. let him taste you." Sir i can't. please. the dogs tounge was becoming aggressive and her body was betraying her. but her mind, she would batter her body's responses into submission using her mind. it was all she had. He felt her body become hard as she tensed her muscles, he mistaked it at first for her arousal. Closing his eyes, he listened to her body and became aware of her breathing.

It was labored but controlled. she was fighting her responses. fighting her passions, and desires. The dog became frustrated. she was tasting good, but something was wrong. "let go pet, don't fight it. your body belongs to me, and i want it to feel everything, i want it to feel pleasure, i want it to feel pain. Your body is mine, you are mine, and i will have what i want." he knew she was not resisting to be disobident, she was a good pet, and he knew how eager she was to please him, she had not refused any command from him.

The only time she would even hisitated is because of fear, or simply being naive and not understanding what he wanted her to do.

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This was what he was sensing from her right now. Her body had stiffened even more at the tone of his voice. He saw the tears and frustration as the dog continued to lap between the legs of his pet. The dog was being persistant, but he knew if he let her continue to resist, the dog would stop. He wanted to break down her inhibitions. He began to gently kiss her shoulders.

and smiled as the goose bumps traveled across her shoulders. He brushed his lips gently to her neck and nuzzled her. she felt the kiss and it startled her.

Her mind fighting to resist the feeling of the dogs tounge and her body's strong reaction to the loving kisses were distracting. She felt a lurch inside her. Her body wanted to give in, it had learned to respond to his touches, and his wants, Her body was no longer hers and no longer wanted to be hers. It longed for his touch, and ached for his attentions. It would fight for it. even if it meant rebelling from the mind itself. She felt something being wrapped it around her wrists.

There was a brief moment when the dog stopped its licking as she felt a slight tug on her wrists and her shoulders pulled back at a slightly different angle. she became aware of her back bending even further back. And then to her dismay, she felt her legs being opened even wider. She moaned as she became even more open to the dogs assault then she wanted. Her sense of balance shifted and she had a harder time standing. She thought she would fall, but her Master was back and she felt his body giving her support once again.

He wrapped the belt of his robe around her wrists. He knew that if he would need his hands to help her past this. He would use them to soothe and relax her as he teased her passions and desires to a fire.

He bent down to tie the end of the robe to the spreader bar. While down there he adjusted the spreader bar and opened her legs a bit wider. He knew this was not to her liking and this was confirmed as he heard her quietly moan.

She was struggling her lust, and she just lost another bit of her control and she knew it. He stood and noticed her about to stumble. He stood behind her took in her scent.

Sweat, fear, lust, passion, a hidden passion that he had been chipping peice after peice of her defenses to get at. He was very close to crumbling that wall.

He wanted to see her lose all control, and set that passion free and watch this little pet of his free and willing to be totally his.

Her brief relief from the sexual stimulus was shortly lived as the dog went after her again. He gained acess to her even easier and his tounge tasted her again. He focused on getting up inside even more. She moaned even louder and fought even harder to win over control over her body's lust and visibly began to shake as even more sensations of pleasure racked over her. He felt her shake and tense up yet even more. He again kissed her shoulders and slid his hands down over her body.

letting his fingers lightly caress and draw circles over her nipples. they were very sensitive. A smile crept over his face that told anyone watching he knew exactly what this was doing in her.

No NO No she cried inside her head. This isn't fair. Her mind was close to surrendering as it was. Now this. His fingers played and teased with her nipples and she moaned loudly as she tried to fight the sensations .

"Sir . please . " she pleaded and then yiped as the fingers began to pinch. "your body wants this, it's begging to be released from your control. it wants to give in to me. let it. You know you want to. your body will recieve pleasures you can't even dream of .

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" He felt her shake even more and smiled to himself. He gave her a light kiss behind the ear and felt her shiver violently. The dog was enjoying his taste now. This girl was begining to show signs of pleasure and he tasted it on his tounge as it continued to dive inside her. He took a step closer and began to get inside even more as his Master played with the girls body.

She was moaning and the muslces inside of her were starting to contract even more. This blocked him from sending his tounge deep inside of her like his master had taught him but he knew he would be reaching into her shortly, right now he was enjoying her body's resistance.

It was adding to her body's passion. She felt his tounge going inside. Her Master had begain to gently pinch and twist her nipples and she was going insane. she didn't think she could handle it anymore.


The tounge was snaking it's way inside of her and she could do nothing to stop it. He was going to make her give in. She was going to lose herself in his desires and he was going to own her completely and there was nothing she could do.

If he won this battle she would never be able to resist him no matter what he asked her to do. Her Master's hands began to skitter over her belly towards her pussy. she felt his fingers lightly touch her nakedness there and he dipped one finger inside the lips and it came to direct contact of the swollen clit.

She cried out her last plea . "Sir ." then gasped as he held her pussy lips open. "your mine, i possess you, your body listens to me now. Your mind is mine.


Your lust is there because i want it there. You will ache for my lust. You want to be used. You want me to focus all of my attention to your pussy and your passion. You want me to use your body in any way i can. you want me to tell you when to come. You want me to make you come. You want me to give you pleasure.

I own you. I posess you. " The dogs attention was drawn to her Masters finger and he went after the swollen button that at first was blocked by the hand that was starting to explore inside. But to his delight the dog watched as his Master held the pussy lips open allowing his tounge access free and clear.

She cried out once more as the dogs tounge attacked her clit sending jolts of pleasure thru her body. She surrendered to it. She had no choice, her body was being ripped from her controls and was taken by her Master. She no longer controlled her responses and each lap of the dogs tounge sent her further and further away from her former self and in the end her body was only waiting for her Masters word allowing release. His words were ringing in her ears, she did want this.

She wanted him to use her. Everything he was saying was true. She wanted to be his toy. A smile from him meant her whole world was perfect. She already ached for his hands . His cock.

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His attention. She thrilled at his touch. She was his. "Don't deny me, my pet. Give in and let your body become mine." His hand cupped her breast, ran his hand to her neck kissing her gently. He watched as the defenses came tumbling down. She leaned heavly against him and thrashing side to side as her body . his body fought for control of it's own needs and wants long neglected, repressed and denied. His heart pounded as he felt the muslces in her hips began to thrust her mouth open and sounding out his pets body's triumphs over the mind and letting him know that she was his.

Her cries nearly deafened him as they became screams. She was starting to stiffen and his heart pounded. She was waiting for his command to release. He had won. He felt as if he had won the lottery. He only needed to give her the word and she was his forever.

Her mind was buckling as her orgasm began to build. She was no longer able to even conltrol the speed in which it was growing.

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She was a victim of it. a slave to it. a passenger in her own body to the need that was overpowering her, surrounding it and taking over.

But it wasn't going to come. She had to wait till her Master allowed her released. Her Body was trained to only release at his word and she wouldn't recieve it till he gave it.

Proof to her overpowered mind that her body was no longer her own. "Pleeeaaaassssse . " said someone who sounded like her .

"Master . please let me come." she begged. The word Master rang in his ears and he was over joyed. She had always called him Sir, but this time it was Master.


He continued to hold her pussy open and widened her lips even more and with his other hand pinched her nipple as he prepared to give his lovely pet her reward . "Come for me." He whispered in her ear. Her body ceased the word and responded to the command. There was no hesitation. No thought to it anymore. She felt herself give in to the tide of absolute pleasure and rode her orgasm to the mind shattering climax. She was dying and being reborn all in one instance. Every nerve stimulated to such an extreme that her over worked mind was starting to collaspe.

She was seeing sparkles, spots . "when did he put in a disco ball" was the last half coherent thought she would remember and Her body took over completely. No use for the mind anymore. Her legs buckled as the dog continued to drink from her flowing pussy.

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Every lick would bring the succulent cream to his taste buds and he was hungry for more. but she began to collaspe and he was forced to back away as his master laid her down to the floor.

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Her legs splayed open infront of him and he approached the twitching moaning and continued to drink from this never ending well this girl had inside of her. He sat back and watched as his dog continued to drink in his pet. He watched as she rode her orgasms until she stopped moving. His Dog had drank his fill and now wanted to be satisfied in other ways. He would have to take care of him later.

Right now. His own needs had to be satisfied. He got behind her again and eased her up to a sitting position. he reached down and felt the swollen lips give way to his fingers. Her cum flowed freely from her pussy as he continued to minipulate the clit to another orgasm.

Her unconsciense form simply rode the orgasm to conclusion and she moaned consitantly. He slipped his finger into her tunnel and felt the muscles grab and release. She was still coming. Don't worry pet. You'll be taken care of. He released her legs from the spreader and scooped her up to take her to the bed room. He gently put her unconscience form on the bed and stood watching her.

He was smiling proudly as he saw her body twitch. Her body was still demanding more release. Sitting at the edge of the bed he reached out and slid a finger into her. He didn't move simply felt her body react to it.

Gently he slid his finger out and brought it up to his lips. She tasted so sweet. Reaching under her he lifted her slightly and placed a pillow under her lower back. He went to the drawer and took out the cuffs he had made for her. A few moments later he had her Spread out over the bed. He heard a scratch on the door and he allowed the dog back in.

The Dog moved straight to the foot of the bed and looked at his Master. "No boy", he said. " I think that's just a bit too much for her right now.

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Come on, i'll take care of you in a minute." The dog whined and padded out of the room. He took a blanket from the closet and covered her body. After standing at the door for a moment he went to the closet and pulled out a viberator. He didn't want her to even attempt to gain control over herself again.

There was a sadistic smile on his face when he left the room.