Sex am frühen morgen

Sex am frühen morgen
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Chapter 5 Freddy Freeman raised his fist to knock on Mary's back door and gave a little jump when it opened before he hit it. "Hi, Freddy," Mary said with a bright smile as she poked her head through the open crack. "We heard you change so I came to let you in." "Thanks, Mary," Freddy said, gripping the two black plastic bags even harder as he stepped through the doorway when Mary stepped back to open it even wider for him.

"I brought the magazines you and Billy wanted, there were a couple videos I thought you guys would like to I brought them along. I also got something especially for you, Mary." "Why, thank you, Freddy," Mary said, closing and locking the back door as soon as he was in. "Billy's waiting for us back in my room so why don't we join him? We can open your packages there, OK?" "Sounds great," Freddy said, following Mary's naked ass as she led the way to her bedroom.

Billy sat on the edge of Mary's bed and waved to his friend as he entered the room. "Get out of those clothes and get over here, Freddy. We have a long hot night of sex ahead of us." "While not the whole night," Mary said, sitting next to her brother and patting the bed on the other side. "After all, we do need to sleep at least in our mortal forms." "That's true," Freddy said, yanking off the last of his clothes before he plopped down next to Mary on the bed.

"Here Billy, I brought your magazines, there were a couple videos I thought you and Mary might like, so I gave each of you one. You have Sisters and Brothers, and Mary has Ready to Drop #5.

I also got Mary a selection of dildos," Freddy finished as he handed each of the twins a bag." "Mary may have beat you to that one," Billy chuckled as he accepted his bag and set it on the night stand after a quick glance at its contents. "What do you mean?" Freddy asked. "He means that I've been walking into sex shops in New York as Mary Marvel in normal street clothes and buying all my porn that way," Mary chuckled. "But, as large as my porn collection is, I've never bought myself a dildo because I was afraid of popping my own cherry if I got one.

But now that you've taken care of that I'm going to put these to good use." "Good," Freddy said. "I wasn't sure what kind of dildo you liked so I got a selection, there's a couple metal torpedo styles and a couple life-like plastic ones too." "I'm sure I'll enjoy all of them," Mary said, "at least when you boys aren't around." "But since we're here now, you have plans for us, right Mary?" Freddy asked, reaching over to give his friend's tit a gentle squeeze.

"Yes I do," Mary sighed with pleasure as Billy and Freddy played with her breasts. "You boys know what a DP is, right?" "Sure," Freddy said running his tongue across Mary's erect nipple, "that's when 2 guys fuck one girl at the same time." "That's right," Billy said, licking Mary's other tit as he continued Freddy's explanation.

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"Usually one guy fucks the girl's cunt while the other one fucks her in the ass or her mouth or some combination of her three holes." "Usually that's true," Mary said, letting her head roll back with a hiss of pleasure as the boys started sucking her tits. "But it's also a DP if the two guys fuck the girl in the same hole." Billy stopped sucking Mary's breast and sat up straight as he considered what his sister had just said. "Mary, are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" "I'm thinking that I'd like both of you to fuck my pussy at the same time," Mary chuckled.

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"I that what you think I'm thinking?" "Yeah, it is," Billy admitted. "Girls do it all the time," Mary said, "if you don't believe me I can show you the videos." "We've heard of it," Freddy said, taking his mouth away from Mary's breast and massaging it with his hand again. "You don't have to show us the video, we've heard of girls who fuck 2 guys at once in her pussy, but those girls have been fucking for years before they try fucking 2 cocks like that.

You've been fucking what, 5 maybe 6 hours? Do you really think you can handle both our cocks in your pussy like that?" "Cunts are more elastic then you guys realize," Mary said. "If things work out the way I want then my pussy stretch big enough to give birth in a few months. If my cunt stretch big enough for that, then 2 cocks at the same time is nothing. Besides, if I'm wrong and something goes wrong I can just change into my Marvel form and when I change back I'll be fine." Mary saw the 2 boys give her puzzled looks, "Come on, boys, don't tell me you haven't noticed.

How many times have you been caught by surprise and knocked out, tied up, and gagged before you can use your magic word. After struggling for several minutes to get out of your gag and suffering several more bruises and scrapes in the process you get the gag free and use your magic word to change into your Marvel form to save the day. Then when you're done you change back, and the bruise from getting knocked out as well as all the other marks you collected in getting free are gone." "I've noticed that," Freddy admitted.

"A couple times I thought I was coming down with a cold before I changed," Billy added, "and after I changed back I felt great. No cough, no congestion, nothing." "So we're agreed," Mary said, looking from Billy to Freddy and back again, "if I'm wrong and I can't handle both of your cocks at the same time then I'll change into Mary Marvel and change back to heal the damage, OK?" "Agreed," Billy said, looking at Freddy for support as he spoke.

"OK," Freddy said with obvious reluctance. "So, how are we going to do this?" "Well," Mary said thoughtfully, "if I'm going to take both of your cocks in my pussy at the same time I need the two of you to get me as wet as possible." "I think we can handle that," Billy said with a grin, shifting his hand down to finger his twin's pussy.

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"Freddy, do you want to eat Mary's pussy, or suck her tits?" "Her tits," Freddy said, stroking both of Mary's breasts and sucking first one nipple, then the other. "In that case I'll eat her pussy," Billy said, sliding off the bed to kneel in front of his sister's legs.

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"Open wide, Mary, I'm going to eat your pussy until it's flowing like Niagra falls." Mary obediently opened her legs so her brother could get to her pussy, but she was already getting so much pleasure from Freddy sucking her tits that she felt like she was having the hottest wet dream of all time.

As soon as Billy's lips touched her clit Mary went into her first orgasm and her brother started sucking up the pussy juice as it flowed out of her cunt. Even before Mary came down from her first cum Billy was sucking on her pussy lips like they were the best thing he'd ever tasted.

Mary could feel the combined pleasure of Freddy's tit sucking and Billy's pussy eating carrying her toward her second orgasm faster than she'd ever imagined possible. Billy felt Mary's thighs squeeze his head so hard he thought it was going to pop, but he kept working on her pussy, licking her slit, sucking her clit, and jamming his tongue as far as it could go in fuck hole. All the time he was slurping up his sister's juice as fast as it came out of her pussy and enjoying every drop.

Somehow he managed to move in even closer to Mary's cunt, sliding his nose up against her so he could get a good whiff of her clit while he stroked it with the tip of his nose and suck her pussy at the same time.

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While Billy worked on Mary's pussy, Freddy worked on her tits. He massaged her breasts and sucked on her nipples until they popped out hard and proud. As he sucked first one nipple then the other Freddy wondered what it would taste like when she started producing milk. He hoped Mary got knocked up soon, the sooner she got pregnant, the sooner her milk would come in.

"Oh my God," Mary groaned, "you boys are doing a great job. I've never come this much, this fast. I think I'm almost ready to take both of you and the same time.

One more time and I should be so wet you'll both slide in." Encouraged by Mary's words Billy and Freddy worked harder than ever on Mary's cunt and tits and her whole body exploded with sexual energy. Mary slammed into Billy and Freddy so hard that they were both knocked away from her, Billy sitting down on the floor with a big grin on his face, and Freddy falling back on the bed while he licked his lips. "Does that mean you're ready for the next step?" Billy asked as he got up from the floor.

"I sure am," Mary said once she caught her breath. "So what do we do now?" Freddy asked. "That depends," Mary sighed, "are you guys ready for the next step?" "I'm ready," Billy said, "right now I'm hard enough to drive nails." "Forget nails," Freddy chuckled, "I'm hard enough to drill pussy." "Then I guess you're both ready," Mary decided.

"You first, Freddy, get back here on the bed." "Like this?" Freddy asked, lying back on the bed so his head was on the pillow and his legs stretched toward the foot of the bed, he winced slightly as he adjusted his bad leg. "Perfect," Mary said, straddling her friend's hips and resting her wet pussy on his stomach. "Now hold it right there and I'll do all the work." "Can I at least play with your tits?" Freddy asked, reaching up to stroke Mary's breasts.

"You never have to ask about my tits." Mary said with a hiss of pleasure. While Freddy stroked his tits Mary raised her hips off his belly and shifted her body until his erect cock was aimed right at her drooling slit. Mary turned to look at her brother as she lowered her pussy down on Freddy's prick, both of them sighing with pleasure as it slid deep into her slit. "Right where it belongs," Mary groaned when her pussy had eaten Freddy's whole shaft.


"Your turn, Billy." "What do I do?" Billy asked, "as if I can't guess." "I'm sure you can guess," Mary giggled, "but just to be sure we're on the same page I'll tell you what to do. I'm going to lean forward over Freddy's body, you are going to get behind me, slide past my ass, and right into my pussy right along with Freddy." "I can do that," Billy said, positioning himself behind his sister and swabbing the head of his cock with Mary's juices.

Once his prick was coated Billy eased the head into Mary's tight pussy, made even tighter with Freddy's cock already buried balls deep in her fuck hole.

At first Billy didn't think he'd be able to fit into his sister's hole, but he kept working at it until Mary let out a squill of pain and pleasure and the head popped through Mary's tight opening.

"Are you OK, Mary?" Billy asked, concerned that he may have hurt his sister. "I'm fine, Billy," Mary said. "Keep going, now that the head is in you should be able to keep going." "Are you alright, Freddy?" Billy asked his friend.

"I'm good," Freddy moaned, "it feels weird with your cock rubbing against mine in Mary's pussy, but it's a good weird." "I think I have to agree with you there, Freddy," Bully chuckled. "Hold on, it's about to get weirder." Moving slowly so he wouldn't hurt Mary Billy started feeding his cock into his sister's pussy a little bit at a time. By the time Billy bottomed out with the head of his prick up against the head of Freddy's cock all three of them were breathing hard and ready to take a short rest.

"Ok boys," Mary said, once all three of them had caught their breath, "it's my turn to do all the work again. The two of you hold still and I'll do all the fucking by swinging back and forth with my hips and knees." Slowly Mary rocked her hips forward so the boys cocks slipped a few inches out of her stuffed pussy, then she rocked back until their cocks filled her fuck hole again.

Slowly at first Mary rocked back and forth, slowly picking up speed with every swing until she was fucking the boys almost as fast as they'd fucked her. As if having her pussy double stuffed wasn't enough, Mary's hard nipples slid across Freddy's chest with every stroke, stimulating her even more and pushing her toward a new orgasm with every stroke.


The last straw was when Billy started rocking in time with her, pulling all but the head of his cock out when she rocked forward, and shoving it all the way in her pussy when they slammed together. "Careful, Billy," Mary panted, "if you pull your cock out now we may not be able to get it back in in time." "I'll be careful," Billy promised, "I don't want to miss cumming in your pussy, or fucking you at the same time as Freddy," "How are you doing, Freddy?" Mary asked, she could feel her orgasm building with every stroke.

"I'm good," Freddy groaned, "but I'm not sure if I can hold out much longer I can hold out between you and Billy." "You're not the only one who's about to cum," Billy gasped, "I can't hold out either." "That makes three of us, guys," Mary gasped as her pussy and stomach both spasmed with her approaching orgasm. "Let it go, let's all cum together." "Go for it," Billy said, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Mary's pussy and holding it there as his cum spurted deep into his sister's double stuffed cunt.

Even as he let his load go Billy could feel Freddy's cock jerking against his as the other boy shot his load in to join Billy's. "Yes," Mary screamed as her pussy was filled with a double load of cum and exploded with pleasure. Her whole body went taught and her cunt slammed down hard on the two cocks in her fuck hole.

"Wow," Freddy said, giving Mary another kiss as she went limp on top of him. "Wow is right," Billy groaned weakly.


"I loved every second of our fuck, but I don't think I'll be able to do that again for a while. Not unless we change into Marvels, then we can probably do it all night." "I don't think so," Mary said as she caught her breath.

"Sure we could fuck the night away if we changed into Marvels, but when we changed back in the morning we'd be tired and exhausted because we didn't get any sleep as ourselves." "Good point," Billy conceded.

"So, what do you have in mind for our sleeping arrangements?" "I thought we'd all sleep together in my bed," Mary said. "It's big enough for all three of us, especially if we're very friendly." "Not a problem," Freddy said with a grin.

"I'm sure we can all be very friendly." Billy and Freddy pulled out of Mary's pussy and the three friends arranged themselves on the bed with Mary in the center, Freddy on her right, and Billy on her left. "You know, this is pretty boring," Mary said after a few seconds.

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"Any ideas," Billy asked hopefully. "Oh, I have an idea, if you guys are up to it," Mary said with a grin. "I think I can manage," Freddy said, grabbing Mary's hand and pulling it down to his crotch so she could see how hard his cock was. "Freddy's ready," Mary said, "what about you, Billy?" "Tell me what you think," Billy said, turning on his side so his hard cock poked her in her thigh. "Yes, you're both ready," Mary said happily.

"Freddy, you get on your left side like this." "OK, now what," Freddy asked.

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"Now you spoon me and slide your cock between my thighs and in my cunt," Mary told her friend. "That's perfect," she said a few seconds later when Freddy was balls deep in her hot pussy." "Now it's your turn, Billy," Mary said to her brother.

"I think I know what's coming next," Billy said with a grin as he rolled on his side and scooted in close to his sister so he could slide his cock into Mary's pussy right along with Freddy's.

"Perfect," Mary said with a satisfied sigh. "Now boys, if you wake up during the night and feel horney, don't bother waking me up, just go ahead and fuck away." "Whatever you say, Mary," both boys agreed. "Billy, could you get the light? The main switch is on your side." "Got it," Billy said as the lights went out. "Good night, boys," Mary said with a yawn, "sweet dreams, I know I'm going to have some wet ones."