Teen feet slave first time sex lescronys sons from mama bear

Teen feet slave first time sex lescronys sons from mama bear
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Zoey I looked at myself in the mirror for a third time and asked myself again why I was being so fussy.


It was only jake. Ok. First let me introduce myself. My name is zoey Jacobs. I'm fifteen years old, 5'8" 36B tits, shoulder length Hair that was dyed black with blue streaks in it.

My eyes are a light brown but I had black contacts on. I was currently wearing a blue black veil brides tshirt grey skinny jeans and gray converses. I looked myself in the mirror again. This is what I usually wore but I suddenly felt that maybe I should be dressed a bit nicer. Then the more reasonable part of my brain told me not to give a fuck.

Then I thought of jake. Jake was 6' with dyed white hair. He was pale and muscular. He had a tattoo of a shuriken on his neck which I thought was kind of cool. He usually dressed in all black and wore studded bracelets to hide all his scars. Jake had been my best friend since the fourth grade. We knew everything about each other. EVERYTHING. He had a 10 in. dick that all the girls I hung out with new about and I knew he got laid every few weeks. I suddenly felt a pang of jealousy.

Then I Felt a shiver run downmy spine.


Thinking of jakes cock I slid my hand into my jeans and felt my panties. They were drenched with my pussy juice. I felt extremely turned on so I lowered my pants to my ankles and moved my black panties to the side thinking I had enough time to masturbate before jake got here. I rubbed my pussy lips slowly. God I was so wet all of a sudden!!!As I started rubbing my dripping pussy I let my left hand drift upwards and lift up my shirt. I pulled my bra down and took a rock hard nipple between my thumb and index finger.

I pinched it ever so slightly and felt an electric shock course throughout my body. A soft moan escaped my lips. As I played with my tit I inserted one finger into my moist hole and slid it in and out slowly.

I found my g-spot and started massaging it. I stuck in another finger and moaned a little louder than before. Thankfully no one was in the house. I started to move my fingers faster as my orgasm started to build i took the breast in my hand and put it in my mouth and started sucking. The pleasure was building rapidly. I then put my thumb on my clit and started rubbing it as I massaged my g-spot. I was so close. After a few more seconds I brushed my nail against my clit and screamed "JAKE!!!!!!!!!" in sweet ecstasy.

Just as I saw a mane of shaggy white hair go through the door. Jake stared as me as I lay almost naked on my bed with my nipple hard and wet and my juices running around my fingers and on my thighs and sheets.

I was so tempted to stick my wet fingers in my mouth to taste my own cum but with jake standing there I didnt want to make this more awkward. It was then that I noticed the bulge in His pants. It was really big and then I looked up and his face was bright red. He bolted out of the room and I heard my front door slam.

Shit. I just scared my best friend away. Then I realized my fingers were in my mouth. My cum tasted so good. Sweet. Yet slightly salty.

Oh god what was going on?As I lay on my bed I could think of only one thing. How jake had just walked in on me masturbating. I slowly pulled my pants off. Then I pulled my panties off.

I rubbed them all over my cunt and got them saturated. I went into my closet and got some lacy black panties and put them on I put my pants back on and put my soiled panties in my pocket.

I don't know why but I felt like I should.

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I put my bra back on right and pulled my shirt down. I fixed my hair again and I walked out the door. Jake lived a few doors down. I walked over to his house and knocked on the door. I heard footsteps and jake opened the door. As soon as he saw me his face turned redder than a tomatoe and it was actually kinda funny. He tried shutting the door but I stuck the toe of my converse in the doorway to block the door. "can I come in?" I asked. "sure" jake muttered. He was trying really hard not to stare at me but he kept sneaking glances at my tits.

I smiled inwardly. I also noticed the bulge that was still in his pants. We sat down in his living room. Thankfully no one was at his house either. We sat in silence for a while which isn't something we normally do. Then he whispered"I'm sorry." I asked "Why?" confused. He said " Because I walked in on you playing with your cunt." I gave him a puzzled look. My best friend. The guy who got laid almost every other week felt ashamed that he walked in on me mastutbating?

What the fuck? So again I asked "Why?" He answered "Because you probably hate me now" By now this was mass confusion and my head hurt really bad. And I responded with " But jake you've had sex before and seen plenty of naked girls. Why would you be so sensitive about seeing me naked? I mean u and I have been friends for years so why should it matter?" And after a long pause he said softly " Because I've always wanted to fuck you" I was shocked. Had jake said what I think he'd said?

" You-you want to-fuck.me?" Jesus Christ I sounded like an idiot. He turned red and stared at the ground bash fully and nodded. I felt two things at once. The first feeling was shock because this boy that I had known since he was 9 and had shared everything with me now wanted to fuck me. It blew my mind. The other feeling was an uncontrollable lust to fuck my friend. I had only had sex once before and it sucked soooooooo bad. So I wanted to do it with someone as experienced as jake.

So what came out of my mouth next may come as no surprise to you. "Alright." I said. " But we're having sex in my room." the guy's face lit up like a fucking christmas tree. I walked out the door. I heard him follow me and as I walked to my house I had a million things buzzing through my mind. I was so excited. And then my moms car came around the corner and parked right in front of the house.God fucking dammit I thought to myself.

My mom couldn't have picked a more innopportune time. But I couldn't let her suspect anything. So I kept walking and turned to see if jake was still behind me. He was right next to me and as determined as ever. His stony face showed no sign of emotion. My mom got out of the car.My mom stood at 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair that was completely straight.

She had 34C tits and a slim figure. She had dark grey eyes which stared into your soul. She creeped the shit out of me. And it was no secret that she hated jake. She'd hated him since the 6th grade when he helped change my wardrobe to all goth. She looked at us in disgust. I wanted to kick her in the pussy just for the satisfaction and to wipe that arrogant look off her face. But instead I forced a smile on my face. "Hi mom! How was your day?" My mom worked for a travel company so she was always in and out of the house and I knew it would be maybe an hour or two before her next call.

She looked at me and jake and said "Hello daughter. Hello ingrate". Ingrate was for some reason my mothers favorite name for jake. I don't know why but it is. "My day was satisfactory and I just came back from Tokyo. I'll be leaving for London in a few hours." As if we were supposed to do something.

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My mother then grabbed her suitcase and hurried inside.As soon as the door closed I took my soggy panties out of my pocket and hid them behind my back. I turned to jake. "Open up." I said. He opened his mouth to question it and I stuffed the panties in his mouth and shut it.

He grabbed my wrist and I felt him grip it and he let out a loud groan. I looked down to see a wet spot on his pants. "Okay now keep my cum panties in your mouth and don't say a word. I want you sucking them until we have sex. He looked at me and nodded. We went inside and he sat down on my couch. I went over to get a movie. My mom decided to then walk up to jake.

"So tell me ingrate. What have you done this year?" jake looked at my mom and rubbed his throat to indicate he couldn't speak. My mom seeing a conversation would be pointless turned and left. I came back into the living room with a copy of Help! I was a Beatles fan as well as a goth.

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Don't judge. So I stuck it in my DVD player and turned the tv on. As we watched I saw jakes jaw movingI suddenly imagined my cum coated panties in jakes mouth. I heard my door close and a car start. As soon as I was sure my mom wasn't coming back I grabbed jakes face and pulled him in for a deep kiss. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and we to hue wrestled as my panties stayed in his cheeks.

My cum and our spit made such a fantastic combination that I almost came right then. But I had to hold it in. I pulled the panties out of his mouth and started rubbing myself furiously with them.

Jake stared at me transfixed. I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into my room. I got him to the edge of my bed and I pushed him as hard as I could. I pulled off my shirt shoes socks and pants until I was only in my underwear. Jake just at there with his mouth open.

Stunned by my ferocity. To tell the truth I don't know what came over me. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it off hard he'd already taken his shoes off so I pulled his pants and socks off. We stated at our half naked bodies for a while. And then I jumped on top of him and we kissed again.I felt his hands fumbling with the clasp of my bra so I helped him out. I ripped my bra off and stuck my tits in his face.

He took one in his mouth and started to suck on it. Ugh it felt so good! The took my rock hard nipple and swirled his to hue around it.

It sent waves of pleasure throughout my body and I wondered why I hadn't fucked this boy sooner. I used my toes to pull his underwear down and his dick sprang out. 10 inches of steel hard flesh ready for action. "Condoms?" he asked. "Fuck condoms. I'm on the pill!" I said. After a bit more of sucking my nipple he let go of my tits. He grabbed me around the waist swung me around and dropped me on my bed. He then grabbed my panties and ripped them off exposing my shaved flooded pussy. Jake lowered his face to my steamy cunt and asked "Are you ready?" I looked down and screamed "Do it!

Tongue fuck me!!!!!!!!"And then jake lowered his face into my steamy cunt. He licked my slit from the very bottom to the very top. But when he got to the clit he traced around it.

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The bastard was teasing me! And he moved back to the bottom. He got very close to my asshole and suddenly I wanted him to tongue that too. But I slowed my brain down. Pace yourself zoey. Then he started sucking my clit and I felt so good I almost came then but I wanted to see what else he could do so I held back with all my strength. He blew on my pussy and I let out a loud moan. To let him know he was doing great. Then he smiled and started to spell my name on my pussy Z-O-E-Y again and again.

I was so close I could barely hold it in. Then the bastard finished it. Something so simple. He nipped my clit and i sprayed his whole face and shoulders with my pussy juice as I screamed and screamed in ecstasy until my throat was raw. I lay on my bed and convulsed and held jakes head between my legs as he smiled into my twitching vagina.

After about five minutes I said in between gasps "My.turn.now." Jake grinned and got up. So did I. I pushed him down on the bed and I grabbed his cock.

I rubbed my hand on his shoulders and then my pussy to get my hand completely lubricated. Then I started pumping his dick. He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his heAd. I took his balls in my other hand and started fondling them. I heard a sharp intake of breath from jake. I smiled. Then I looked at his dick for a second and then took it in my mouth. Letting my throat expand. Even with my throat stretched out I could only take about 7 inches so he took the back of my head and shoved it down and I started deepthroating him.

I licked the underside of his dick and swirled my tongue around his head all the while fondling his balls. After a few minutes of this his balls tightened and his cum shot into my throat. I swallowed all of it and then leaned up on him and gave him a long sensual kiss. "Mmmm" he said. "Cum mix". I had to laugh. He smiled and then asked "are you ready zoey?" I looked at him and smiled.

Then I nodded and so did he. He kissed me as he positioned his cock head on my pussy. "Ram it all in all at once" I said. He knew better than toquestion me. I braced myself. Then I felt all 10 inches ram into my cunt and I screamed bloody murder. It hurt so bad but felt so good at the same time. I moaned. I started kissing him and he pulled out a little and pushed back in softly slowly getting faster and harder.

After two minutes I was moaning and he was grunting with the effort. After a few more minutes he was pulling out all the way and ramming it all back in. It felt so fantastic and I felt my orgasm building again and I started to rub my clit.

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We were too preoccupied to talk. All of a sudden he swiped my hand away and pinched my clit. The walls of my pussy clamped down on his cock as wave after wave came onto his cock and I was halfway through my second orgasm when he gave a loud grunt and I felt his hot juice enter my cunt.

We both lay on the bed. Breathless. Looking at each other and smiling. I kissed him. He slipped his dick out of my pussy. He kissed me. A long sensual kiss. "I love you" he whispered in my ear. "I love you too" and then we both slipped off to a dreamland in each others arms. *end of part one*

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