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Cutie babes wanted to fuck large massive hard pole
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19 year old Casey moved to trendy Miami Beach in the summer of 2011. She wanted to start off fresh. She came from a small farm town in the mid-west and wanted some adventure. She was a little naïve and had never been far from her town of 4000 people.

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She was what you would call a small town farm girl. She had really good manners and an accent that made her sound cute. If you heard her on the phone you would swear she could work as a polite sex line chat person. She looked just as cute when you met her. She had long blond curly hair and her legs went on forever. She was well over 5'9". She kept in shape helping her parents on the farm and was lean and firm.

Not an ounce of fat on her. She had a permanent tan from being outside all the time. Her breasts and ass rounded out her body nicely. She packed a suitcase one day without a plan and headed off. She flew by the seat of her pants.

Her trusty jeep would get her to where she was going. Once in the Miami Beach area she was in awe.

She had never seen so many different things. The people, buildings and night life. All extremely vibrant. She did not know where to start. First off though she needed accommodations. She checked the paper and found an ad for a room mate.

The ad looked good. It was to share a modest size apartment unit near the beach with another female. It stipulated that females need only apply that are trust worthy. Casey called the number. A happy and vibrant sounding girl by the name of Amy answered. The girls talked for a bit and then Amy told Casey where the apartment was and to come take a look. Casey found it quickly with her gps and parked her Jeep. The area was crawling with locals and tourists. It bordered the beach and many bars.

The night life was hopping. Casey went in an elevator up to the third floor. The apartment complex was set up extremely well. The building was built in an L shape around a large pool in the middle of the complex.

The front faced the beach and ocean. There were only 5 floors and probably not anymore than 30 units. All the units had entire front glass from floor to ceiling so the view was amazing.


Casey knew this area was out of her price range but went to look anyways. When Casey got off the balcony on the 3rd floor she was immediately met by Amy.

Amy was a beautiful girl who stood approximately 6 feet when wearing her 3 inch heels. Her hour glass frame was hugged by a tight black shiny cocktail dress. Her jet black straight hair fell halfway down her back. She had the darkest green eyes.

Casey got a shiver through her entire body when she looked at her. She was hot. Casey asked her why she was dressed up so sexy.

She told her she had been at an afternoon cock tail party. Amy told Casey to follow her and they walked down the outer hallway to the apartment. Casey could not help but watch her tight rounded ass move up and down as she walked. Casey had to snap herself out of that.

She had made out with girls before but really liked boys a lot more. The apartment was great. The main living room area faced the courtyard/pool area. To the right the ocean could be seen. The apartment had a large master bedroom and a smaller one off the main hall. The kitchen was open concept and flowed into the living room/dining area.

It was pretty high end. Dark grey granite counter tops ands and stainless steel cupboards. This place cost a fortune. Well out of Casey's budget. Casey thanked Amy for showing her the place but told her she could not afford to share the rent with her.

Amy told her to relax, sit down and have a drink. Amy asked Casey about herself and why she was here. Casey told her over the next 3 hours and several drinks that she needed a change and wanted to live life to the fullest.

She was tired of living in a small town where nothing happens. Amy told Casey she had a deal for her. Casey naively asked what it was. Amy told Casey that she was very well off from modeling through her teen years. Amy was now 24 and set financially for life as she had had a great investor and agent that had looked after her.

All Amy wanted was a housemate to kind of keep things clean and hang out with sometimes. Amy told Casey she would only want minimal rent in the amount of $500 a month.

Casey could not believe it. She said okay right away. She was so caught up in the area and new life and the fact that she could live down in Miami Beach that she did not even have to think about it.

Both girls got up and Amy said, "I guess we have a deal then?" Casey said ,"yes" all happy and gushing. Casey did not bring more than the clothes on her back with her and a small suitcase. She would have to buy herself things eventually. Amy welcomed her new room mate to the place. She told her to grab a piece of her bed as it was king sized and very comfortable. Casey agreed as she was tipsy from drinking that evening and very tired from the long ride. Casey stripped down to her little white lacey panties and bra.

Amy slept in the nude. It was just a habit and something she had always done since her teenage years. Amy slipped sexily out of her dress and let it drop to the floor where it crumpled into a pile.

She wore the smallest black string silk panties underneath and no bra. Her breasts were amazing. They stood there at attention. The perfect handful size. Casey could not stop starring. The girl was absolutely beautiful. Amy caught Casey looking. She asked her jokingly if she had wanted a picture. Casey turned away blushing and embarrassed. Amy told Casey to relax. Amy told Casey her body was hot and made for speed also. The girls went to bed. Casey was about to start her brand new exciting life.

In the morning the girls had breakfast. Casey awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. She put on a button up sweater and walked out to the kitchen. She could see Amy sitting out on the little balcony area with a coffee. She wore little boy shorts and a tight t-shirt. Casey joined her after pouring a cup and they talked some more. Amy old Casey she could find her a job in one of the bars for now. The tips were awesome down at the beach and she could probably bring home a thousand a week extra in tips.

She told her how the money flowed freely down here like water. Casey liked the idea and took her up on it.

As the girls sat and talked Casey noticed a man in a penthouse upper floor across from them. He was outside smoking a cigarette and reading a paper. She also noticed a telescope on the far end of his balcony area. Casey asked Amy who that was and she told her it was the owner of the complex, Ryan. Amy told Casey he was a bit of a pervert and watched people through the telescope.

Amy said that she had rented the apartment she was in for the past 3 years. She really wanted to move up to the top floor above where they currently resided as the view was phenomenal and the balcony was entirely private to that unit only.

Casey asked why she just did not pay to rent it then. Amy told her it was up to the creepy landlord. He only approved people if they did certain things for him or to him. Currently the unit was empty. As Casey talked and looked around she noticed a woman go out and sit with the man across the way. Casey asked Amy who the woman was and Amy told her it was the owners wife Angelia. She looked cute at least from far away.

A petite little thing with a darker complexion. Probably Venezuelan. Dark long flowing black hair to her ass and a thin body that saw the gym every day. She wore a white two piece bikini held on by skimpy strings on each side. Casey watched as she rubbed tanning oil on herself then removed her top to lay face down on a long lounger chair to get some sun.

Her husband ignored her and continued reading his paper. Casey again found herself a bit turned on and starring at the girl. Amy caught this again and asked her again if she was in to girls. Casey again embarrassed stammered nnnno. Amy told Casey it was ok to like girls a bit because down here anything goes and she would receive a real eye opener. Casey went on to tell Amy how she has made out with girls in the past and did like it. Amy told her she was cute and to relax. Later that day Amy took Casey to Andy's, a trendy downtown bar walking distance from the apartment.

She introduced her to Andy, the owner of the bar. Casey was easily hired as a server as she had had experience working in a restaurant most of her life.

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Her looks did not hurt either. She was told if she did well she might get a shot a bartending eventually. The uniform was hot. The girls wore black tight form fitting dresses, The dresses left nothing to the imagination and hugged every curve. They stopped about 2 inches below the crotch and if you bent down you could see panties. The shoe had to be black heels or sexy lace up knee high boots.

That could be the servers choice. The girls looked hot here. For Casey's first shift she met a ton of people. She had a hard time remembering their names but everything went well.

Amy was right about the money. It did flow like water. Rich people, famous and not so famous people frequented the bar. By the end of the night she had received $500 in tips. The place was amazing. After the bar closed the manager and owner Andy told everyone to stay and drink and party. This was a usual Friday night event. Come to think of it and every night event as Casey would find out.

The town was one big vibrant party. Casey was naive and not used to this style of fast paced life.


Her idea of fun previously would be going to watch Friday night football and then having a few drinks and watching a movie after that. Here everyone stayed up all night and had a blast. The bar had several lines of cocaine put out and the bartenders and a few severs took turns snorting.

Copious quantities of alcohol were also consumed by everyone. Casey was in awe. Andy offered her some cocaine but she kindly declined it. Casey drank so much that night she forgot what she did. At one point two other really cute server girls made out with her on one of the tables. Casey had her tight little black dress slipped up above her hips while making out with the two of them. One of the girls felt her up and got her really wet while the other played with her breasts and kissed her.

The bar video camera caught action like this all the time. Casey kissed back sloppily and groped the girls. She was wasted but enjoyed the after party. A bartender tried to fuck her but she had mind enough to not allow it this evening. She was eventually starting to get a few of her senses back by 5am and knew it was time to go home soon. Casey somehow stumbled home by 6 in the morning.

She had 2 days off before the next shift so she could recover. She was still so drunk she could not get the key in the door and this woke up Amy. Amy appeared naked when the door opened and she ushered her in. Casey apologized for waking her up but Amy was not mad. At about 4pm Casey woke up. She was in Amy's bed and naked. Her dress laid in a crumpled heap on the end of the bed. She did not remember what happened after coming to the door this morning. Amy was gone.

Casey did remember some vivid dreams where she thought Amy was having sex with her. She dreamt that Amy helped her to the bed and then undressed her for bedtime. Amy had the softest and fullest lips. She kissed Casey slowly on her forehead and then mouth. Her tongue darted in and out against hers and explored her mouth. The tongues touched and were ever so soft. The kissing alone made Casey start to get tingly and excited and then moist.

After that Amy slowly massaged her breasts and made her way down to her pussy. Amy's hands were not like a boys. Girls knew how to be gentle with each other. Besides that girls were soft and smelled really good too.

Her jet black hair rubbed and tickled Casey's flat tanned stomach as her head lowered destined for her hairless pussy.

With the softest and most experienced tongue ever she teased her clit first gently then with a little more pressure. The attention caused Casey to wiggle, squirm and moan. Two fingers ever so gently then entered her clit and the stimulation continued causing a massive orgasm. Casey imagined herself crying out and screaming for more. She was holding Amy's black hair with both hands.

She wanted to keep her mouth on her pussy and have it stimulated more.

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Was she imagining this? Casey was bewildered. Casey felt under the soft red silk sheets. They were wet. Had she been dreaming this and masturbating or did this really happen.

She was too embarrassed to ask.

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Casey stumbled out to the deck area after throwing on some shorts and a top. She was still obviously a bit drunk from last night. She sat down and drank the coffee she had made. Up across the way she observed the owner and his wife sunbathing. The owner waved at her. She waved back.

The wife saw this and her head shot up quickly looking towards Casey. She then laid back down. The man as usual read his paper and ignored his hot wife. Amy came out of the elevator and walked the open hall towards Casey.

Casey was embarrassed and still was not going to ask what if anything happened last night. Amy without missing a beat walked by her into the apartment and said, "someone had fun last night." Casey was relieved.

There was not going to be any problems. Casey felt as if the owner was eyeing her up anytime she went out onto the balcony.

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She liked the attention but was a bit leary about it. She went back inside and sat on the couch and started talking to Amy. Amy came and sat down beside her really closely. Amy put her arm around the back of Casey's neck and pulled her close to her. Casey was a bit shy and scared but needed attention as she had not had much in the past 5 months since breaking up with her boyfriend. Amy's lips were just like in the dream. Soft, full and firm. Her small soft warm tongue darted in and out of her mouth gently probing and making contact with Casey's.

Casey was trembling from nerves. Amy told her to relax. As Amy's lips and tongue worked over Casey's mouth her warm hands gently found their way under her shirt massaging her breasts by making little circles on her now hardened nipples.

Casey knew she was getting seduced by her room mate. The attention caused Casey to have feelings she had never felt before. No guy could ever treat her body even half as well as Amy did. The attention made her warm inside and excited. She could easily have an orgasm from this attention alone. Amy gently laid Casey down on the soft leather Italian couch and took the sides of her shorts pulling them down slowly.

They slid effortlessly down her tanned smooth long legs. Only her white lacy little panties remained to protect her moist and hairless pussy from being sexually ravaged by Amy's experienced tongue and lips. Amy used her lips to gently kiss around Casey's mound with gentle sucking on and around her clit. Her lips then gently kissed, sucked, and caressed her clit with more pressure. Amy's tongue slid gently between her pussy lips and moistened her.

Casey started to squirm but Amy used her hands to hold her down on the couch by her waist. Casey grabbed Amy's head and pushed it between her legs harder. A few more minutes of sucking and probing with her soft large lips and tongue caused Casey to cum twice. As Casey came the second time Amy showed a bit of her dirty side and shoved two lubricated fingers into Casey's tight little asshole. Casey moaned and cried out. Her body bucked and twisted like it was possessed as she experienced enjoyment beyond what she had ever had before.

Amy held her down tightly enjoying her work on pleasuring little Casey. Casey was a screamer. The whole floor could probably hear here. She begged for more. Amy treated it like a contest. She knew she could pleasure naïve innocent little Casey and make her want more next time. After about ten minutes Casey lay there covered in sweat and exhausted.

Amy went and showered. The girls were so involved in their little sexual act they had not realized the apartment owners wife had been watching them from her bedroom window. She sat on the edge of the bed and masturbated while she watched Amy pleasure and then eat out little Casey. As she watched she slowly massaged her clit and then pressed harder on it.

She did this through the softest white silk panties her husband had bought her.

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Her husband lavished her with whatever she wanted. What she really wanted though was love and attention. She lacked a meaningful relationship from him. All he did was fuck her like an animal.

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That was good enough for him, but not for her. As she watched Casey cum she made herself orgasm also. She knew Casey was coming from how she wiggled and bucked as Amy paid all that attention to her tight little pussy. She imagined herself being held down by Amy or even tied to a bed and getting kissed, massaged and then eaten. Unable to move freely and then having several orgasms.

She imagined going over to visit them and they would seduce her. First a few drinks then they would end up in the bedroom. She wanted Amy to be the dominant one and tell Casey what to do. The two girls would start kissing her and then push her down onto the bed. One of them would hold her down while the other tied her arms spread eagle. The ties would be soft and slightly stretchy. Once secured by her wrists the girls would undress and then take off her clothes.

They could be rough and pull or tear them off. She would lay there sprawled out, naked and innocent. She would try to resist but be overpowered. Amy would direct Casey to kiss her and play with her breasts while Amy would use that experienced mouth to eat her out like she has never been before. They could keep her there for hours.

Repeatedly stimulating her. Once done they would tell her to leave and if she told her husband they would release the video they made onto the internet. With that twisted thought a third large orgasm gushed from her. She had to go over and act out this fantasy somehow. To be continued&hellip.