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Sexy Chubby Harley Ann And Her Hot Body
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IN THE NAM My name is Norik Rugget. When I was just 20 years of age I made the choice to enlist in the Vietnam War. It didn't hit me at first the consequences of my actions and if I had the chance to change the past I don't know what I would do. To completely understand my story I have to start from the very beginning. The date was June 9th 1967. The war overseas was in full effect and new young blood was needed to replace the old in the fox holes of North Vietnam.

I was 20, young and eagerly waiting to show my parents that I was a man. I enlisted after my second year of school at the local college. My dad was proud but my mom couldn't stop crying.

Nothing changed when the bus came and picked me up at the community center to take me off to the army camp. On that bus were some of my old school buddies I played football with and some boys I had never seen before.

All looking as nervous as I was. I fell asleep on the bus so I never new how long it took to get there. It was still dark when we turned onto a dirt road and a pot hole woke me up. The bus jerked to a stop and the toughest looking guy I have ever seen in my life got onto the bus. His yelling made it difficult to see what he was going on about but I got some of it. Something about being shit, looking like shit, most likely are shit, yeah something like that.

We were told to unload and bring our bags to our units. That took no time at all. It wasn't long before we were called out again and yelled at once more.

Maybe I should tell you know life at the camp was nothing to special so I might as well skip time here. I was on a plane, a C-130 bound for Vietnam from California. Again due to my sleep I didn't catch how long it took to get there. The plane landed on a dirt runway. We only had about 5 minutes to grab our gear and head onto a Huey Helicopter waiting to take us into the jungle.

On that Huey was one boy from my town and new faces to learn. Each one held his rifle like it was their newborn baby. I had never seen some one hold and M-16 with such love and care. Now for those not quite down with military terms LZ is just a landing zone.

It was pretty quite. I was a soldier of Alpha Companies 1st platoon. I was here to replace the injured or dead, what ever it happened to be. I wasn't quite sure where we were. Close to Cu Chi I believe, a Vietnam town. The Huey dropped us off at brigade so we could make the hike ourselves to our location. Everyone was either wearing their full fatigues or just in pants and chains of ammunition across their chest.

Either way they all scared the shit out of me. I followed the boy I went to school with through the trees. I gathered he was just following some one else because we ended up at a small bunker settlement just behind the tree line well covered by dense jungle vegetation. I had my contact form telling me all about my duties as a soldier and of course my commanding officer who went by the name Fox which sounded pretty cool.

I read the names of the others in my platoon. No one I knew of course. My buddy and I parted as we entered the settlement. I really must have stood out because I could feel all eyes watching me. A bead of sweat trickled down my face. "lost boy?" asked a voice to my left. I turned sharply only to be facing a man who was a good 5 inches higher than me. Now I am 6 feet even so this guy was pretty big. "I am looking for Lieutenant Fox, know were I can find him?" I asked. I tried to make my voice lower to seem more tough.

It didn't work because they all laughed. "Yeah.

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I know where you can find, him" he replied back in a cocky like tone. "That tent there, best to call in. The LT hate to be disrupted at this time." he added.

I sized him up for a bit longer. He was well built and sturdy. His hair grown in more and his face scruffy like. His uniform stained with dirt and his boots were all worn in.

I must have really stood out as 'the new guy'. I gave him a nod and headed towards the tent. LIEUTENANT FOX "Excuse me, uh, Lieutenant? My name is Norik Rugget. Private Norik Rugget I was placed into your platoon." I called in. There was no answer right away so I was about to call in again but then a voice from inside told me to enter. I did of course and had a look around not seeing anyone at first.

There wasn't much to look at but I could see the LT behind the desk going through papers. Head down so I couldn't see the face. "sir" I muttered and saluted in my place. "your with me? Fine but lets get one thing out in the open. You listen to me, I don't want any bullshit slacking. What I say goes. You have a problem, to bad because no one else is going to listen to your complaints. " The LT snapped at me.

"yes sir, of course sir" I replied shakily. Then something happened I wasn't expecting. The LT looked up at me. The Lieutenant was a chick! I pair of tits. A female. What the hell was a girl doing as an LT. "shut your mouth" she spat. I was standing their mouth gaping and it must have annoyed her so I closed it. She stood up. She wasn't short or tall but a nice height.

I would say about 5'8. Her face was beautiful behind the dirt smudge on her left cheek. Her uniform looked a lot like the man I saw outside. Worn out and dirty. I could barely see the jungle print camouflage that was suppose to be there. The last button on her jacket was un done and her dog tags poked through.

The looseness of her uniform left a lot to the imagination and I found myself thinking what she looked like naked. She took my papers and looked me over. How the hell was I going to do this. Here I was in Vietnam and my commanding officer is a girl. That means no fun guy to guy talk about pussies and ass, just by the book actions. Then I thought about how maybe being the only women maybe she was like the platoon pass around. She helped all the guys. That was quickly wiped from my mind when she told me to get out and be ready to wake up in a few hours because they had night raid.

I nodded and saluted walking out. She had given me a form with my tent number. I found it quickly and through my stuff inside.

I walked back out seeing a group of men sitting by a fire. There were 5 of them and they were all laughing, each had a cigarette in his mouth. I walked over and they all looked up at me. "it's the lost boy" one called out and I noticed my friend who had pointed me to the LT.

"sit down boy" he told me and I did so beside him. "what's your name kid?" he asked. "Norik Rugget" I told him and he just smirked.

"I'm Ink" he told me. "Ink?" I asked. He laughed and rolled up the sleeves of his uniform letting me see that his entire arm was covered in tattoos of naked women. "trust me boy you'll be getting plenty of that over here. Girls line up to do us" he assured me. Well that was a relief since I hadn't had sex in a good 2 years since my last girlfriend and I split.

The others went in a circle introducing themselves. There was Simon, a tall lanky 30 year old man from New York City. Copper who must have been younger. His eyes seemed blurry and I new he had been smoking some serious shit. Talker, self explanatory. Last but not least was T. Now there are some people in life you just don't like when you see them and he was one of them. He seemed cocky and full of himself.

Apparently he had just transferred from Charlie Company. He had been apart of the My Lai Massacre that took place a few months back. Rumour had it that that platoon destroyed that entire village and left all dead. We exchanged stories about our past and so. I brought up the topic of the LT. "What about Fox" I asked. They all shut up and looked at me. "Don't be getting on Fox's bad side, she is already pissed about being here.

Our old sergeant was shot in the leg and sent home so they asked her to step in. Fox may be a women but she knows her shit. Being with us is like punishment. She is on parole for kicking some serious corporal ass when he called her a cunt." Ink told me. That didn't make me feel very good. A girl who could kill me. "just know one thing, you have Fox watching your back, its like having 3 inch thick steel bubble around you. She will watch your white ass" he added.

I laughed at that. "Now Fox, that's one fine bitch. Sadly she don't open up to us much. If you know what I mean. I would do her in an instant." Talker joked. "You do the lieutenant, its like doing the finest women in all of Vietnam. She is 100 points by our score and the list is out of 5." T but in. It wasn't to long after that before Fox came out and got us up and ready to go for our 1st so called 'night raid.' THE NIGHT RAID I picked up my M-16 I had placed next to a tree and walked into the line behind Ink and in front of Copper.

Ink carried the M-79 grenade launcher and Copper had the M-14.Simon was our sniper with the M-40 and Talker had it in for lying the claymores but he to carried the M-14. Fox, like me had the M-16 with a disgusting bayonet mounted. All jagged and un even. We walked through the jungle for what seemed like days.

No one spoke and you couldn't see a thing. I tripped over something and made a large 'thud' and broke the branch I had tripped on which also made a noise. Everyone froze and Fox came back, yanked me up by the arm and yelled at me about being a clumsy fucker and glared at my coldly. I must admit I was a little turned on seeing her so angry. After only a few seconds of walking we entered a small village. Everyone grasped their guns tighter.

"these should be friendlies" Ink whispered to me. I kept my eyes out as we entered the middle and several Vietnamese men greeted us warmly. I was glad to see them smiling. Fox was speaking to them, she must have spoken Vietnamese. They nodded as she spoke and she was even smiling herself. They took her by the hand and lead us all into a hut and lay down blankets for us to sit. There was a small fire and a pot over top.

They poured us all a cup. Fox was the 1st one to try it. "just tea boys" she told us and we all drank. They continued to speak but Ink tapped my on the shoulder and he, Copper, Simon, Talker and T all walked out of the hut. Their culture really was quite interesting. I liked what I saw. The tea was good to. Simon smirked "If Fox catches us were so fucked" he mumbled. "either way were fucked" Simon replied in a bitter tone but had a huge grin. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Shh, just don't say anything Rugget, enjoy" Talker told me.

I let it slide and soon I would be thanking them because behind a hut were 6 beautiful Vietnamese girls all giggling and whispering to each other. "thank you god" I head Ink say. The girls came to us.

"One for each" Talker called to the group of us. The average looking girl of the group took my hand and lead me to small clear patch just outside the village. She began to undress me.

My heart was pounding and I could feel my hard prick pushing against my uniform. It was long before we were both naked and I had her against a tree. She was gently sucking my cock while I held onto the tree tightly. Since it had been so long it took seconds for me to release my seed all over her face.

She leapt into my arms and we began going at it hard and rough. My 9 inch cock sliding easily into her all the way. She was wetter that any other girl I had fucked and definitely the loosest. I am surprised no one had come because I had that girl screaming and moaning with pleasure as I fucked her pussy harder and faster with every thrust. My mouth found her nipple and I began sucking on that biting lightly. Soon both of us lay sprawled on the ground covered in our own juices panting and breathing hard.

She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth got up, put on her clothes and left me there. I lay for a bit longer before I to got dressed and went back to the village. They had all been waiting for me. All the guys had huge smiles but Fox who seemed more angry then ever.

"Get your act together. NVA would love to pick you off and I am not saving your ass if you chose to go and greet them" she spat. She really could make you feel low. I nodded "yes ma'am sorry ma'am" She slung her M-16 over her shoulder and looked to the leader of the village.

She shook his hand and smiled then we headed back. "LT get what she needed?" I asked Ink. He looked to me "She got the location of tunnel system not to far away. Were going in now" We walked through the dense underbrush. Copper was at point clearing the way with the machete. I was getting rather tired when suddenly I tripped and fell.

I felt my ankle twist and in the moment I yelled out a good "FUCK!" Everyone froze and looked at me. Fox came to me and smacked me in the helmet. "Shut the hell up Rugget!" she snapped in a low whisper. "The entire area is filled with Viet Cong. You wanna kill us all?" she asked bitterly.

I was going to shake my head but I heard a sharp whizzing sound by my ear. A bullet from had just skinned Fox's leg and was deep into the ground.

"TAKE COVER!" Fox yelled. Everyone threw themselves against a tree. AK-47 fire seemed to come from all angles. I couldn't see anything but the sparks from the guns. I froze against a tree. I stayed that way even when I saw a stick grenade land at my feet. Fox dove, grabbed it and through it back. I didn't see where it landed.

My eyes were on Fox. "GET YOUR HEAD IN BOY!" she yelled. I clenched my M-16 and began to fire randomly. I had never been so scared in my life. This all seemed so wrong. Why were we here. This wasn't right. They are people just like us. They to are men who have wives and children at home.

Family and friends. In the end we were not that different at all. It was all over quickly. They had run out of ammunition and re treated leaving us to see the damage. We lost 4 that night. All grunts, new just like me. Their bodies cold and eyes open. Back home 4 un lucky families would be receiving a telegram.


I couldn't sleep at all. I don't know whether or not it was the bugs biting at my neck, the fact I just had the best sex I had ever had or that Fox had saved my ass back in that firefight. I had dozed off for a few minutes but woke to yelling and shouting from outside my tent. I didn't have a shirt on, just my pants and boots. I leapt out and looked at the crowd that had formed by the fire.

"YOU FUCKING PRICK! I DON'T NEED HELP FROM A SICK SON OF A BITCH LIKE YOU!" that voice was the LT's for sure. "Awe come now babe, its just a little fire fight. Unless of course women can't handle heat like that?" replied the voice of some man I had never heard before. As I got closer I could see Fox and another standing face to face shouting at each other. Well, at least Fox was shouting. There were some faces I didn't know. "Zyo I hope to god one of my bullets strays and ends up in your head" Fox threatened.

The man only smiled and grabbed Fox pushing himself against her "come on Fox. Let's cut this feud and what say you and I slip into your tent and I have a little go with you?" he asked. That didn't go over well because Fox's men all leapt at this guy and soon there was a full out brawl. The new faces seemed to back the guy up. Fox was pulled back by Simon and Copper. "I SWARE ZYO I WILL KILL YOU!" she screamed and as she was yanked back.

The man, the one she called Zyo only laughed. "Love you to babe" he called back. Fox stormed off into her tent and Zyo to another. I looked to Ink.

He always had answers for me. "I guess I should explain that" he asked. I nodded. LIEUTENANT ZYO "DIRTY" COLDI "That my friend is Lieutenant Zyo Coldi. Everyone just calls him 'Dirty' for obvious reasons. He is a real prick. He used to be T's old commanding officer. He was one involved in that massacre at My Lai. Little SOB that one is." Ink informed me in.

"Dirty was always one for spreading shit. Told everyone him and Fox slept together. You can only imagine how Fox handled that. That's what put her on parole in the 1st place. She went to punch Dirty but some no name corporal got in her way so she hit him." I laughed, it was pretty funny. "Best to keep this low. Fox hates to even hear his name. Get some rest kid. Big day tomorrow." he assured me. I walked back to my tent but this night was far from over. I awoke again feeling my throat dry and in need of moisture.

I walked out with my canteen and walked to a stream to fill up. I took a sip and looked over my shoulder to see Fox sitting against a tree looking at me. I swallowed the water and walked over to her. "Are you ok ma'am?" I asked. She looked up at me and stood up. "Lets go for a walk" she told me. I followed her lead but remained at her side as we walked around the perimeter of the settlement. "How old are you?" she asked me. "20 ma'am, 21 next week" I replied "Don't say ma'am.

So your about the same age as me" she told me. I looked at her. She looked young but I didn't think that young. "And you're a lieutenant?" I asked not realising it must have sounded rude but she smirked. "yeah, don't know what they were thinking" she joked. I smiled. "your very pretty" I commented. Now I was in for a lashing but she just smirked again. "Save the flattery. But thanks" she said. I smiled and turned thinking I heard a noise.

Soon I saw figured coming towards us. I saw Dirty's face and 3 of his men behind him. "Well well Fox, good to see you. Who is this? Just a grunt I see. You could do better. Let me guess, he satisfies you in ways I can't even imagine, right?" Fox and I both took a step back.

"Don't go anywhere. Were just here for some fun. Dirty grabbed Fox and put his hand over her mouth and pushed her against a tree. I went to throw him off but all 3 of his men held me down. They were about my size but still 3 against one, they had me down. All 3 of his men kept calling to Dirty to "Do her.

Fuck that bitch. Make her you slut." I struggled hard to get free unable to do anything. Dirty began to rip off her uniform and held her firmly against the tree. They came prepared because he was no binding her hand behind the tree and gagged her with a sock. He removed her pants and let them slide to her ankles. He undid his fly and took out his large pecker letting it slide around her dry pussy lips. "Try to enjoy it babe. I will try to make it pleasurable" he assured Fox.

They forced a sock in my mouth as well. I screamed at them but the sock only muffled me. One of the guys punched me in the face. My nose began to bleed and I shut up. I watched in horror as Dirty positioned his face over her pussy and let his tongue slide in slowly.

Her eyed had a look of up most terror and her gaze never left my eyes. We were fixed on one another. Dirty slide his tongue deep into her rubbing around inside as she began to get wetter he pulled away "Now that's more like it." He stood back up.

Once again his cheering squad egged him on and her got his cock just inches away from her cunt. He slide up all the way not even giving her time to react to his size.

Tears formed in her eyes but she never looked away from me. I wanted to help her but I couldn't. I had to watched as he raped her. He began to fuck her hard and deep all the way. With every pump she let out a slight yelp muffled by the sock. "Take it bitch.

That's it, take it all" he kept chanting in her hear. His seed shot inside her and I saw him slide out. He was sweating all over and he still had his hands on her shoulders. He untied her but before she could react he turned her over so her stomach was now against the tree and her ass out.

She couldn't see me now. To be honest I didn't want to see her face and how she would react to this and the pain she must be in. His cock rubbed against her tight ass pushing in slowly. "Holy fuck. It's to tight" he pulled out but made a second attempt. I couldn't help it but I was getting a little hard myself. Of course this was sick but my cock new what it liked. He braced himself and pushed it in. Fox tried to jump but he had her tightly. His pecker pushed in further and further until it was all the way up her ass.

"How do you like that slut? You like it up the ass?" He was playing some sick game with her. He slide out slowly until he was out all the way. Then he rammed her so hard I was sure she would tear in to.

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He cummed all over her ass and was ready to give her more as he pumped in and out of her ass hole. "Stop just please stop" I kept saying in my head.

He released once more and slide out. He untied her and through her against the ground "Tell anyone, and it will all happen again." he told us both. His men got off of me and they all just walked off. I could see Dirty having trouble with his fly. I turned my head to Fox. She was sitting, knees tucked in against a tree.

What was I going to do? I crawled over to her slowly. She stared at me for a few moments. Her eyes filled with pure fear and her breath was short. I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I went to her side and took her in my arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tightly. I tried to lift her but she struggled. "Can we just wait here for a bit?" she whispered in my ear. I nodded my head yes and sat against the tree with her on my lap. We stayed like that for a while.

Neither of us said a word. I didn't have my jacket so I couldn't offer anything to keep her warm. I collected her ripped top and gave it to her. She seemed well enough to go back to camp. I helped her along but after a few steps she was able to walk on her own. She was tougher than I thought. Still nothing was said until we walked into camp.

Because it was so late, no one was outside of their tents. I walked her to her tent and turned to take my leave. "Wait" she called to me. I stopped and turned to face her. "Will you stay with me tonight? I can't believe I am saying this but, I am scared of Dirty coming in on me." she asked me. I didn't know what to say at first. I stared at her for a minute. My god she was hot. Even though she was bleeding from a cut on her face and she was filthy she looked fine.

My silence seemed to be making her nervous so I walked up to her "Ok" was all I let slip. She smiled and walked in. I followed closely behind her. I sat down and she sat beside me on the cot like structure she called a bed. "God your bleeding" she spat as she stood up and grabbed some kind of cloth and poured some iodine on it and pressed it to my lip.

It stung like a bitch and I even winced. "Oh suck it up" she ordered me and I just looked at her and smirked. "I am sorry I couldn't help you." I apologized. It was eating me up. She lifted my chin and kissed me. "Just shut up" she mocked. I did just that. FOX AND I She pulled me down on top of her kissing me deeply in the mouth. If this was a dream some one wake me up now because this just seemed way to much to take in at once.

I didn't even notice that her hands had slipped down and were unbuttoning the pant of my uniform. My hands buried their was under her shirt which was already half off to start so it came off easily. Still she had on a ripped grey sports bra but that just came off to.

Her breasts were not that big but I blamed the fact that she must work out and therefore were not massive but they were nice. She took off her own pants and panties. Her combat boots were a bitch to get off. The laces took me over 5 minutes, but they came off.

My pants found there place on the floor and my boxers lay on top. It was slow at first. My hands were just under her ribs pressing her firmly against the bed as I sucked on her neck. My tongue slid down between her breasts and I began to suck on her stomach. I had never seen a women so fit before.

So firm and toned. Not to much muscle that it made me look bad but enough to add to her looks. Her head was pressed against her pillow and her hands clenched the side of the bed.

I slid down more skipping her pussy but licking her thighs and kissing them. Teasing her made me seem like the hot shot now.

She may have control in the bush, but in bed I owned. My tongue finally did find its place as I skimmed the lips of her pussy. I licked down into her letting my tongue lash against her clit. She yelped like I had heard her when Dirty had his was but this was my turn. This time she wanted it. She began to get wet. I could taste her sweet pussy juice on my tongue. I didn't was her to cum yet so I stopped returning my mouth to hers to give her a taste of what she was like. She seemed eager to return the favour and flipped me over quite hard so now she was sitting on top of me.

She straddled me, her knees up by my hip and her face kissing my chest. She seemed to have the same rhythm as me but she changed and went straight for me now swollen cock. Her eyes met mine briefly before she lowered her mouth onto the head. My mind was wiped clean as I felt her warm breath on my prick. I wanted her to take it all but she wouldn't play by my rules.

It seemed the tables had turned. She had me. I watched her as her tongue licked around the lead and her hand cupped my balls rubbing them softly. Her other hand was on my chest stroking up and down. I thought I may be to big for her to take in but she surprised me as she took every inch into her mouth and into her throat.

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Her head bobbed up and down but soon pulled away and she licked up my shaft. My cock began to swell a little more and she ceased. She wasn't letting me off that easy. She sat up on me and positioned herself right over my throbbing pecker. "Come on!

Come on!" I shouted to myself. I would never say it out load. She looked down to make sure she was clear then to me. Her eyes were piercing. The green just made her look flawless. She lowered herself taking just the head into her dripping cunt. After she got used to my size she let me slide up all the way into her. She gasped as it slide as far as it could. My god she felt amazing to be in. Warm and soft. She rose up and sunk down onto it. Her hands were resting on the back of her neck and her head tossed back.

She seemed to be loving it as much as I was. I held her firmly by the waist as she went up and down faster and faster. I watched as her tits flopped up and down with every bounce. It was amazing just to watch her. "Oh god fuck me" I blurted. She opened her eyes and smiled. "Are you sure?" she asked. "Please! Oh god please I need you to fuck me hard!" I begged. "Be a good boy, and I will do just that" she replied to my plea.

She began to fuck me harder, faster. She spread her legs allowing me to get deeper. I couldn't breath right. I was gasping as she fucked all the air out of me.

My cock began to swell once again and she noticed but for some reason didn't pull me out. Instead she continued to hump me but eased up a little. That was it. I cummed all up into her.

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My breath was cut short as I did so. She slowed down quickly and stopped. She to had reached her orgasm and collapsed onto my chest.

She slid herself off of my now limp member and lay on me. Her head under my chin and panting. I held her in my arms speechless. I had just fucked the lieutenant. What was more is that she let me. This was something the other men dreamed of. I lived it. She fell asleep in minutes. I was able to do the same.

She awoke first and got dressed. She must have put her blanket on me because I sure didn't. She woke me after she had dressed into her uniform. She must have ripped the buttons off the jacket because it wouldn't do up so she had to wear just a plain grey tank top underneath. I sat up looking at her smiling. I couldn't believe what just happened. No one was going to believe this either. Best they never find out. I would hate to get Fox in any kind of trouble. "No one is out there.

I think your safe to go" she told me as I hurried off to my tent to get the rest of my uniform and get some tasty C-Ration breakfast. I walked out of my tent and took a spot on a crate next to the scolding embers of the no almost dead fire of last night. I dug into my meal famished from blowing so much energy in the previous night. In Nam less than a week and already I have had sex with 2 women and been beat up by another soldier. Some week. THE DEATH OF THE L.T. Fox came out but ignored my presence.

She didn't want to make anything obvious about her being with me. In fact it seemed like she wanted to forget it. I could be blowing this way out of proportion which was something I did quite often. By this point others were coming out of their tents. Ink sat down on my left while Copper sat on my right. Both seemed to sleepy to say any word that made any sense.

They just sat and ate their meals. Soon Simon and T were with us as well. Ink broke the ice. "So where did you sleep last night brother? I went in to ask to borrow a razor and you weren't there" he questioned me. "Well, I uh" Suddenly there was a hand on my shoulder. "Few, safe" I thought as I turned I only saw Dirty. "Shit" I added. He was smiling at me in a cold sick way. "Yeah Rugget. Tell us where you were?

What's the matter? Scared to her Fox in trouble? Why lie to your buddies? I saw you come out of her tent this morning and I am here to warn you. Fox is mine. She will come around and if you make a move on my women.

I may just make one of my bullets miss its target and settle on your head" he whispered in my ear. I didn't know what came over me because next thing I knew I punched him square in the face.

He fell back onto the ground but rose to his feet rapidly and tackled me onto the ground. We rolled around exchanging punches and blows. It was a battle I was loosing badly. He kicked me off and before I could do anything he had pulled his .45 and had it aimed at my head. "You mother fucking - " he stopped the insults when he heard another .45 cock back to load a bullet.

This one was held by Fox and aimed at his head. "You little cunt" Dirty spat at her. "Put that fucking gun down and maybe I wont have you court-marshalled. It all happened so fast. I heard a load BANG and everyone froze. Dirty lay sprawled on the ground as his blood spread out around his body.

Fox stood their. Her gun now aimed at me. "Fox, it's ok. You can put it down" I assured her. She kept it aimed at me still.

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"Fox?" Copper mumbled. "You killed him" Ink said with a look of shock. T had gone up behind Fox. He kicked her in the back of her knees causing them to buckle and held her down. "Some one get me something to bind her with!" he yelled.

One of the men from Dirty's platoon undid his bootlace and gave it to T. T tied her hands and yanked her up. "You'll fry now bitch." THE COURT-MARTIAL OF LIEUTENANT FOX I didn't know what to do. If I tried to help I would only have my ass beat in to. Fox was only defending her men, me.

Once they hear her story they are sure to let her go. The next few days were brutal. We tried to hear what happened to Fox after she was court-martialled. One day I heard Dirty's men talking about how they had come up with a story about how Fox went after Dirty and the General believed them. I couldn't believe it. They took a bunch of grunts words over a lieutenants?

Who were these people? We had gotten a new officer to lead or platoon. A sergeant. Sergeant Leon Grady. He was alright. A bit old but he knew his shit and he let us relax more than Fox. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened to Fox then one night I heard she had gotten away from the officers who were taking her to a truck to be taken back to the US and ran off into the jungle.

Of course this seemed impossible and it was coming from that stoner boy Copper. We had just been released for our 3 day R&R at Saigon village. The boys were saying they should go to the 'Hoochie' as they called it for a little massage and nookie. It sounded good to me. I needed a massage. They took me into the warm hut. Beautiful girls in silk like dresses and robes greeted us. Only one spoke English so Ink explained what we all wanted. I just wanted to be in a bath alone for a while.

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The lady host filled up a tub with hot water and left me to my solitude. I undressed and got in. The water was great. Nice and hot. I lay there with my head titled back enjoying this period of relaxation. I was on brink of sleep. My mind was somewhere else and my head tilted back using a towel as a pillow to rest it on. I had my arms resting on the sides of the round tin tub. I thought I had fallen asleep.

I awoke suddenly feeling something on me. My eyes burst open only to come face to face with Fox. She had her hand on my mouth. "Shhh" I heard as she turned her head to look at the cloth that was used as a door.

"I have been following you guys for some time now. Its about time you all stop for a break. She turned to face me again. It was at that point when I realized she was naked and in the tub with me.

"Its important for no one to know I am here" she told me. "What if some one comes in?" I asked. She just shrugged. Nothing wrong with a shrug. I took her in my arm and kissed her.

She didn't resist my sudden take in initiative. She placed her arms around my neck sliding onto my lap. My hands slid under her ass and lifted her out of the water onto the side of the tub. Her legs were wrapped around me. This definitely was hotter than being in her tent.

The hot temperature of the water made my cock grow instantly with the help of the moment. I entered her quickly. She gasped and dug her fingers into my back. I was being a little more rough with her. Figured she could take it. Fox straddled me wrapping her legs around my waist as I pushed in and out of her now loosening pussy.

Her moans were growing louder and I worried some one had heard us but no one entered. My breath was cutting short. Just as I was about to cum she pulled away from me and sucked on my neck. I was relaxing a bit now and kissed her deeply. She turned her back to me standing in the tub facing the wall. She turned her head and kissed me on the mouth.

"fuck me" she whispered in my ear. I knew very well what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to take her up the ass right now. I didn't hesitate to grab her by the waist and slowly slide into her letting her tight ass loosen around my pecker. She let out a small yelp as I pushed it in further.

Her hands clenched the side of the tub. I forced my prick ass the way into her tight ass. She nearly collapsed so I paused before humping her hard. My hand slid around to her pussy and I fingered her rubbing on her clit with my fingers as I fucked her up the ass. I could feel her melting as she was about to orgasm. She pulled me out and took me in her pussy once more and I was quick to explode inside her.

"I want you Fox. I am in love with you" I told her as we were both out of breath. She looked up at me smiling and kissed me. I sat back down and she sat on top of me with her head on my chest. I held her tightly for a few minutes before I could feel her mouth on my cock suddenly.

Her head was under the water and her mouth gliding onto my now hardening prick. Her tongue licked up my shaft and around the head. Damn the girl could give some good head as she took all of me into her mouth. Suddenly I heard voices from out of the door. 3 men all in fine looking jungle fatigues with medals and stripes were all looking at me.

One of them looked to be about his mid forties. He was tall and well built. His eyes were fixed on me and his stare was not of kindness. The other was shorter and a bit more rounded. None the less he was just as scary. There was one who scared me the most.

Not only was the man huge. But he carried a 12 gauge shotgun over his shoulder. "WHERE IS SHE!" The largest one snapped. I was speechless. I was stricken with fear.

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Fox came out of the water looking at me smiling but saw my expression and turned to the men. She flinched about to run but she wasn't wearing anything. I held her in my arms holding her close to me. The men stared at us shocked taking aim with the .45's and the shotgun. One bent over and tossed Fox my jacket which she though over her shoulders along with the pants. She was caught and had no chance to run now. I stood up to protests but the man with the shotgun brought the buttstock down on my head and I was knocked clean.

I woke up in a daze, my head throbbing and clueless to where I was. It seemed I had been placed in a chair before a desk in some kind of hooch.

I rubbed the sore spot on my head. "Took a good shot there didn't ya." I turned to see who was there. It was the man that scared me, the one who had the shotgun. "Ya" I muttered back to him. "I only have a few questions before I let you go" he told me. I thought it best to answer honestly. "What was your relationship with Lieutenant Fox?" he said it flat out.

I hesitated. "She was always kind to me sir" I answered. "uh huh, and when she wasn't sleeping with you? Was she kind then?" he spat. That made me a bit angry but I answered "yes." He smirked as sat down at the desk.

"What actions did you two engage in?" he asked with a cocky smile. "We slept together" I answered in a snotty tone. His smile grew "What was she like?" he sounded like he was desperate to know.

"Is she being court-martialled?" I asked. He stood up and looked at me right in the face. "Fox killed another officer son, in these parts that's punishable by death. That's her fate and she chose it" he muttered. I didn't know what to say.

"Now get out, your buddies out there told me you had nothing to do with the murder." I walked out shakily. How could they want to kill her. Clearly word about her being rapped by Dirty was known. She would have told them. As I walked out Ink was there to great me. "How did it go? We told em you was innocent, I think they believed us. Well? Come on boy fess up." I looked at him.

"Their killing Fox" I told him. He looked stunned. "They is? But she was just saving your ass. You mean they didn't believe us?" I looked at him and shook my head. "Damn Colonel Carter's been looking for any way to get back at Fox. That corporal she beat up long ago was a relative of his I think." Ink murmured to me.

I guessed Carter was the man in the hooch who was interrogating me. "Damn if I knew you and the L.T. were that close I would have gotten in on that shit long ago." he joked. I didn't like the comment much since I cared for Fox deeply and making light that she was going to die didn't make it easier. I nodded and turned away from Ink. I didn't get far before I saw 3 officers leading some one into a vehicle in handcuffs. When I looked close I saw it was Fox. I had to stop this, it wasn't her fault.

I ran to the vehicle as they were about to drive off. "STOP WAIT!" I yelled. The driver looked to me. "Dammit man what is your problem?" he spat.

"Please, sir Fox is innocent" I pleaded. He laughed in my face. "Get away buddy it's a hopeless case" he mocked. I tried to jump in a get to Fox yelling to her but he kicked me out with his boot to the face. I went to hit him back but Ink was holding my back. If he had known the driver was going to be cheap, he wouldn't have done that because the driver struck me with his fist to the head while Ink held me. All went black. It seemed old, I woke up dazed but this time in a bed with white clean sheets.

Had I died? Had his blows killed me? Nope, a nurse was checking my eyes with a small light thing. "Gorgeous" she whispered in my ear. I stared up at her clean pale face. Her blue eyes staring into mine. She was pretty hot herself.

That white uniform and innocent look made her look damn sexy. Suddenly Fox stuck in my mind. What had I done.


I let them get away. I sat up quickly but I felt woozy and she pressed me back down into the bed. "Relax, you don't need to join your friends for a while. Your ours for now" I had been through so much I needed to relax but it just seemed to be the one thing I couldn't do. I had always heard rumours that the nurses in Nam were amazing and that doing them was like doing a model.

This one was willing to throw herself at me and I was going to let her go. I am a man, I can't do it. I looked around the hospital room.

It was just me and her. I think she intended for it to be that way. She crept onto my bed and pulled down the sheets. Her thick brown hair was let loose. All I had were a pair of boxers and those didn't stay on long. She slid them down and I immediately went hard on her. She took off all her clothes exposing her rather large tits.

Her sift hands stroked my body rubbing me down. I must admit it felt amazing. My hands slid under her buttocks and pushed her onto me as he kissed me in the mouth. Her tongue connecting with mine. She sat up on my face as both of her silky thighs were on either side of my face. I plunged my tongue into her moistening pussy. She groaned and looked down at me ""That's right soldier boy. I have been a naughty girl. Better teach me a lesson and do me." she begged said breathlessly.

I wasn't about to quit on her now. I kissed her pussy lips. She was defiantly getting wetter with her own pussy juices. She was rocking on my face as my face buried itself into her cleanly shaven pussy. My poor cock felt so neglected and before I had a chance to do a thing about it she knelt up turning over so we were doing the good old 69.

She took my dick in her mouth and let it slide all the way down her throat. There were no attempts or gags just right down. Her hands on my balls rubbing them gently. Just then the door of the room swung open.

Another nurse, this one a thin brunette as well. She stood their, her mouth gapping. The one on me looked up and smiled. "Come on Hallie, this one is hot" she said. Hallie looked behind her.

She moved closer to us removing her uniform and getting on me as well. Both Hallie and my un known began to caress each other and Hallie to the other girls nipple in her mouth while the other fondled her. This was really hot to watch. Then their attention turned to me. Hallie wasn't quite as good looking but she had nice long legs. I normally didn't look to these features but I noticed on these girls. "Your right Terra, he is a hot one" Hallie spoke.


So She had a name after all. Terra spread her legs and lowered her dripping pussy onto me cock so I entered her. She moaned sat squatted over me. Terra was now holding her cunt over my face and my tongue worked on her clit. I rocked my hips up and down for Terra while Hallie fucked my face. The 3 of us were now in a sweaty fucking frenzy. Terra began to scream for more.

"Fuck me soldier, harder. I need you. Don't stop O god you make it feel so good! Harder! I'm - I'm cumming!" she gasped breathlessly as she lay down on my chest while Hallie took her mouth in her own. The two were kissing while I finished Hallie off and soon she too fell after feeling her clit hit its limit. Then both of them needed to finish me off. Together they both took my prick with their tongues licking and sucking.

I had never had such good head in my life. "I'm gonna blow" I warned them but Terra put her mouth on it and as I blew she swallowed it all. She turned to Hallie and the two of them kissed again to share my seed in their mouths. Both of them then dressed and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks soldier" the both whispered in my ear as they turned and left.

I lay there thinking of what just happened. That was truly amazing. It must not have been an hour when the door swung open again. Thinking it may be my lady friends I sat up with a smile. My lady friends turned out to be Staff Sergeant Bradley of Delta Company. "You Rugget?" He asked. "I am" I responded. "Pack up your going home, orders up." he told me. I was shocked. My time in Nam was over and I was going home. I was packed in 5 minutes and on my way to the LZ. I looked to Ink, Copper Talker and Simon.

They had shown up to see me off. "Never thought you'd be out of here before me" Ink told me. I went to shake his hand but he gave me a massive bear hug. "Take care man" Simon told me. I nodded "You too guys" I replied as I got into the Huey. As I sat down one soldier eyes caught my own.

He watched me for a good five minutes. I could tell by his face he was going home with injury leave. "You were with Fox weren't you?" He asked. "Yeah" I said. "You hear about her being sent to California for her execution?" He informed me. I shook my head. "Do you know when?" I asked. "Not a clue" he replied. "Personally I think she don't deserve it. Dirty was an ass, no one took her side though.

" He said. I felt lower than ever. Then something popped into my head. I had to help her. She meant more to me then I thought. I had to stop her execution. I would go to California and find her. I had to. I owed her that much. I looked down out the door of the Huey at the jungle. I wasn't going to miss it. As far as I knew I was back in California sniffing the ocean. I had to get to Fox. I had to set things right. TO BE CONTINUED